The other is Yi, the perfect lover in her heart.

Holding a sword hand for a long time did not move.
Huang Jun’s game sound is still so gentle as if every word is full of spoil. "Since you can’t stop, go to bed early. Aoer will forget everything when he falls asleep."
When I heard this sentence, Ziyun Ao suddenly felt heavy eyelids.
Will you forget all the unpleasant things when you fall asleep?
Will you also think of things you forgot?
Ziyun proud eyes light suddenly a ling.
There must be something wrong. 64 Chapter 64 Snow City 6
What? She suddenly wants to fall asleep! ?
The sword in Ziyun’s proud hand was cold and cut into the bed, and suddenly it was filled with smoke.
The bed was hacked by Xuanbing Sword.
She will never allow herself to fall into hypnosis.
Due to the broken bed, Huang Junyi suddenly fell to the ground. He supported his body and frowned faintly. He looked at Ziyun’s proud eyes without impatience, but there was nai, "What’s wrong with you, my proud son?"
Her eyes were cold. "Your roots are not games-"
"you’re just a phantom in my imagination-"
Each other leng leng inexplicably looked at ziyun proud "proud son, do you have a fever? Let me feel your pulse quickly. "
Ziyun proudly ignored the emperor’s indulgence and gentleness.
She can’t indulge herself!
"You are my imaginary illusion that you are a puppet … you are not real! How can yi tie the chicken’s hands? It’s because my heart is hurting me that you can’t display my skills, and even I can’t avoid falling to the ground. "
Huang Junyi still looked at her in confusion. "The proud son, what’s the matter with you? Why do you always say something puzzling? "
Ziyun proudly ignored his tender feelings, holding the Xuanbing sword with increasing strength. "It’s a natural disaster, but it’s been so long, but you have no reaction. The only explanation is that you are Byakki Smoker, and the reality should be to completely reverse the world and destroy it, so you can leave here!"
"Aoer, since you want to leave me so much, I have already said it. Come on, I want you to cut my throat and I will be hurt by you." Huang Junyi closed his eyes and pushed the choice to her.
What a heartbreaking scene it is for the teenager to close his eyes quietly and wait for her sword to pierce his throat.
Ziyun proudly fingered Ling Ling, even though he knew that the other party was fake, but he had the same face and the same sound as Yi, how could she easily get it!
"If you can’t, just stay with me and don’t go anywhere. Just sleep well and all your troubles will disappear." Huang Junyi sighed lightly. It seems that it is so difficult for her to understand what is wrong with herself.
If you want to leave him, kill him with a sword. If you want to stay, put the sword to sleep. How simple it is!
Ziyun ao, don’t be bewitched by his voice!
He is the spirit in the mirror. If you stay here and close your eyes, you won’t be able to tell the difference between reality and good dreams when you wake up. You will stay in the mirror forever until the end of your life.
And Byakki Smoker will come out and experience your life instead of you.
Are you willing to let others enjoy the game, give you warmth and enjoy your family and friendship, enjoy your life and your glory? With this false illusion! ?
No …
Can’t stay here!
Can’t indulge!
Ziyun’s proud eyes suddenly shone like a flame in generate.
At the same time, the flame arrow sends out a bright light and is ready to move with hot power
It was the flame spirit who told her it was time for her to do it!

"I don’t know who shot him, but he died inexplicably anyway. His territory immediately fell apart and was divided up by several forces."

"Could it be that he deliberately released false news and gave up his territory to protect his high strength and then made a comeback after mastering the sword of hades?" Duanmuming guessed
"I thought so, too, but I soon dismissed the idea." Speaking of this, Han Wentian took a sip of tea and sold it. If Duanmu Ming asked him in a hurry, he would definitely sell Duanmu Ming and ignore him.
"The weather is good today!" Han Wentian looked out of the window in the dark and couldn’t see his fingers. He said to himself
Duan Muming said grumpily, "Where can we see the weather now? Don’t blame me if you don’t say it again! "
"Good" Han Wentian smiled and then the topic continued just now, "I saw the sword of hades in another person’s hand"
"What person?"
Han Wentian didn’t speak but rushed Duanmuming to reach out his hand.
"What do you mean?"
There was no response, but the finger moved.
"Afraid of you," Duanmuming threw two small boxes to Han Wentian. "Take two pills of Dan medicine inside and you and your wife will be cured."
"Ha ha, I wish it had been so early." Han Wentian looked down on Duanmu inscription, and his wife couldn’t look at it and pulled his sleeve. Han Wentian nodded and returned to seriousness.
Duanmuming and Ruer smiled at each other. "Now it’s time to talk."
Han Wentian nodded. "It’s not very strong to get the sword of hades, but it’s strange that he can master the sword of hades, even several monarchs are no match for him. But this man is deeply hidden, and the vampire king also blocked the news. The specific situation is not clear whether this man snatched the sword of hades from the hands of ethereal gods or not."
Duan Muming was silent for a moment and slowly asked, "With this man’s help, maybe the vampire king can rule the whole underworld?"
"Not before I left." Han Wentian gently picked up his wife’s hand and put it in his big hands. "But it’s not far from that day." Mrs. Han felt her husband’s affectionate heart moved regardless of shyness, and a warm current flowed with her husband holding his hands.
Ruer looked at Han Wentian and his wife Duanmuming with envy, but her eyes narrowed slightly and she stared at the living room outside. At that time, it was quiet.
It took Duan Muming a long time to breathe out a sigh of relief. "The general trend of the underworld has been decided. It is estimated that the underworld has unified. This time, it is very powerful to intervene!"
"Do you know this man?" Han Wentian also woke up from the warm atmosphere and asked
"Even if know? Ha ha "Duanmu Ming suddenly inexplicably laughed. Others looked blank and even Ruer didn’t know what he was laughing at.
"That man is a demon who has gone to the underworld. The nickname is Earl. This man is a vampire. If there is no accident, it will definitely control the vampire king and unify the underworld. But it is not so easy to base there …?"
"Since the underworld is unified, what can’t be controlled?" Han Wentian is not white.
"Don’t forget that there is another natural enemy in the inferno, and that natural enemy will not sit idly by."
"protoss?" Han Wentian eyes a turn "you mean the underworld also have protoss agent is it …"
"Yes, that’s him!" Duan Muming sneered and said, "This is still what you told me."
"Oh," Han Wentian suddenly realized, but he squinted at Duan Muming. "Don’t you feel a little uncomfortable? After all, he has some with you but secretly with you. "
Duanmuming shook his head. "It’s just a pole that can’t hit relatives. What’s so sad? Besides, it’s not the first time that I’ve been betrayed by relatives, and it’s nothing. "
Duan Muming was a little disappointed, and everyone knew it was hard to say. Ruer gently held his hand and comforted him silently. Actually, Duan Muming himself didn’t make them so disappointed as if he were sad.
"It seems that the day when the underworld attacks the underworld is not too far away, and the underworld has also appeared. If there is no accident, I am afraid it will fall into the hands of the underworld." Duanmuming seems to say that there is nothing with his roots
"You don’t sell? I’m afraid inferno won’t be so easy to conquer the demon world if you make moves. "
"Even if I don’t make moves, others will make moves." Duanmu Ming turned his ring face to Gherardini and looked away. "Don’t be cheated by the young master. The young master has sent many people to the demon world." He also took a white look at Duanmu Ming.
Duan Muming hey hey smiled. "This is not my nonsense. People I sent were protecting their castles and didn’t mean to fight."
"What if they enter your territory?" Han Wentian said with a smile
"Then you can’t blame me. Of course, you have to teach them a hard lesson." Duan Muming said with a sly smile that two people smiled at each other tacitly. Two bad guys thought of a place where Duan Muming had to keep his objective position out of his own identity, but secretly helping a weak person also hurt.
"Master, I’m afraid you don’t want to help this time." The voice sounded that Europe came up from another room with Xu Shui and Angry. Xu Shuier met something and Duanmuming said it again. Han Tianhe Ruer’s face has changed a little.
The remoulding people have never appeared and the world has never stopped, including Duan Muming, many of whom are remoulding people and even artificial people. But listening to Xu Shuier’s experience, this yin Confucianism has reached an extreme. If he is not contained, I am afraid that the whole world will go crazy because of him!
It’s scary to think that you can constantly devour others, absorb others and transform people!
Duanmu Ming was about to burst in from the outside. "Young Master, it’s not good. Something happened to the Xue sisters!"
"Something wrong?" DuanMuMing shout up frowned "how didn’t feel they have different shape? Besides, didn’t I give them an escape sign? "
This time Duanmu Ming was really anxious and never showed a strong breath. I firmly subdue the opposite Juan. If it wasn’t for his fit, I’m afraid he would have collapsed. In the same room, others also felt the soul-stirring spiritual storm. In addition to Duanmu Ming’s woman, there were Han Wentian and Xu Shuier, but Han Wentian took his wife’s hand and Xu Shui’s hand, and there was no gaffe.
Ruer didn’t get a frontal attack on her side, and she was also the strongest. When Ma pulled Duanmu Ming’s hand, Duanmu Ming immediately woke up from her rage and took back her breath.
Although the whole process lasted for a very short few seconds, several people have been shocked by the powerful power displayed by Duan Muming, especially Xu Shuier, for the first time, she had a desire to be a minister.
"I didn’t expect you to have reached this point." Han Wentian said with a wry smile that Duanmu Mingnai smiled with a wave. Now is not the time to discuss it.
"What’s the matter?" Duanmu Ming came forward to inform Juan and asked him about it. At the same time, his eyes showed a trace of apology. Although Juan was shocked by his powerful breath, it was also because of his love for his woman. Duanmu Ming would behave like this if he thought about it. Of course, Juan would not be angry with him.
"Master, because the Xue sisters are closely attached to you, we have been surrounded by the Xue sisters. Ten minutes ago, the Xue sisters’ dormitory seemed to be invaded by something, and then the early warning device inside lost contact with the outside. We wanted to rush in, but we met a strange barrier that could absorb power. After three minutes, we broke the barrier and went in, and there was already a trace of fighting in the whole dormitory."

"I’m going to L.A. for business." The old man made no secret.

"I’m going to Los Angeles, too!" Green slave is laughing …
Ps: The rules for planting grain in the city have been changed by one number. Those who can deliver it once a day can plant dozens of fertilizers, and less than ten chemical fertilizers can be sent to the fans list.
233 panic-whipping method
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It’s late.
A face of plain and low-key carriage in the road slowly before.
Car Zi Xuan snuggled up in Duguying’s arms and slept soundly.
However, Duguying is sleepless and frowning with a heavy face.
The soldiers in their hands have almost arrived in northern Xinjiang, but the snow mountain situation is not happy.
The venerable Baili of Baili clan died at the hands of Master, and the virgin Baili Xuan died at the Qing Temple, while Baili Xuan’s elder brother Baili Yunxi not only took charge of the deity of ice and snow for the high priest, but also took charge of the Chinese University.
Baili Yunxi actually removed the throne of the kings of the dugu royal family in the ice and snow temple!
The carriage jolted gently, but Zi Xuan frowned, but he didn’t wake up. He continued to be quiet with a small hand around him.
Duguying carefully put away the secret letter in his hand, and now he can send it to his confidant. Nothing else can help him. The desertion of the army has been blackened.
No one will remember how the high priest found the lucky people one by one, and he didn’t know that he was working hard to keep this plateau from being invaded by the Chinese.
I will remember that he abandoned the army and made De Yi lose his clock in vain.
It seems that this will be a tough battle and it must be iron!
Think this eyes sharp across the scar handsome face cold evil color more and more, the bosom person seems to perceive the strange didn’t wake up is hug his hand tighter.
It was such a subtle movement that it calmed the rage in his heart.
At this moment, however, the carriage slowly stopped.
"I won’t go in front of the guest officer. Go by yourself!" The driver is low outside the curtain.
“?” Duguying is also asked in a low voice for fear of waking up the person in her arms. It seems that Xuan’s son is getting more and more sleepy, and he is so distressed that he is willing to disturb her sleep all the way.
"There are a lot of bandits cutting diameter in front of the guest officer. We all send them here a few steps away. There is an inn. Why don’t you stay for one night before you go?" The driver kindly woke up and kept his voice low.
Duguying carefully put Xuan’s son in a warm place and put a thin quilt on it for her, so she withdrew.
Looking ahead, there is a lantern with high lights. The word "inn" is very clear
"This is not a road? If there will be a diameter cutter? Then the post was changed into an inn? " Duguying asked incredulously
"Guest, you haven’t been here for a long time, haven’t you? After the war, many official roads in the north have been like this. The great grandfather of China hasn’t been rectified here so soon!"
"The inn man?" Duguying understood at once.
"If you don’t know it when you are young, wake up the guest officer and keep an eye on it." The coachman looked cautious
Dugu Yingxin sneered, but took an ingot of gold and handed it to the coachman. "Leave the carriage."
"This ….." The driver is hesitant.
Duguying didn’t say much, but she threw the whole bag of silver to him.
The coachman was so happy that he repeatedly said, "Don’t drink tea in the guest officer’s shop!"
Duguying’s lips flushed with a sneer, and he drove slowly to the second front. He was very careful and had no bumps at all.
Car Zi Xuan is still asleep soundly, without alert and anxiety.
It was agreed that he would protect her and she would protect the children.
After a while, the carriage slowly stopped in front of the inn. This is an inn converted from a post. The door of the inn is open and seems to be waiting for guests to come, but the store is one person.
"The guest officer is sharp or staying in the hotel?" A young man with a small two appearance quickly greeted him.
"Shh …" Duguying squints at a face of evil confusion.
"What’s the matter?" The bartender asked inexplicably.
"Wife and children are asleep" Duguying is also low.
The bartender nodded again and again and said, "Is the guest officer sharp?"
"Well," said Du Guying, then the car went to the store.
The bartender saw the carriage with a sneer in his eyes and turned to go in.
As soon as I got started, another small two greeted me, not as tall as the one behind me.
Duguying saw his one eye and sat with his back to the door.
"The guest officer fatigue all the way to drink a cup of tea first, and what dishes will be sent by the horse later?" He said respectfully and poured a cup of tea for Duguying.
"Just copy a few side dishes and a pot of wine." Duguying said with a smile that when she picked up the tea, she raised her hand, and the tea in the cup suddenly went straight to the door like a sharp weapon and went straight into the throats of the men who came near the carriage.
So sad that I couldn’t even shout, so I went straight down and didn’t even scare the horse.
Two small two immediately dumbfounded.
"Not immediately? What are you still doing? " Duguying eyebrows asked.
"Yes, yes, I’m going!" Two small two panic nodding nasty then toward the fire room.
A smile appeared on Duguying’s lips, turned around and looked out the door. His wife and children slept soundly.
It’s time to hurry, but I can’t bear her to rush around and think for a moment, or go out to the carriage. It’s not bad to delay one more night, is it
However, when he lifted the car curtain, the whole person was instantly stunned
one person
"Xuan son … Zi Xuan …"
Kuang Kuang courtyard suddenly all a fear at a loss to look around is a person.
Just now, the attention root has never been away from the carriage root, and no one is allowed to approach it.
How could this happen! ?
He lost her again.
It’s like this again. I have it around but I easily lose it! 、
"MuZiXuan …"
Suddenly there was silence.

Watergate quickly said, "Everyone stop practicing and stop practicing."

Everyone opened their eyes and looked at Yan. At the same time, Naruto’s left eye suddenly burst into white light. Not only Naruto, but also others, where they shine, gave them rings with their fingers.
Naruto quickly checked it and found that it was the black pearl that he put in the room. Naruto immediately realized that it was preparing to send them to another world, and the door was about to open.
Naruto quickly said to his friends around him, "It’s time to take out your black beads quickly." Then Naruto took out his black beads, followed by a flash of white light and Naruto was directly sucked into the white light and disappeared.
Chapter four hundred and fifty Begins in another world
There are not only humans in this world, but also dwarves, winged people, elves, orcs, monster beasts, demons, dragons, and one of the most mysterious races, Tatan, which disappeared in a branch of giants thousands of years ago.
These nine ethnic groups rule the pale blue continent, which is very huge, more than 50 times that of the Huoying world. Among them, a huge land occupies 10% of the world and 20% of the ocean.
There is a lot of aura (natural chakra) here, and the average life expectancy of creatures is very long. It is no problem for humans to live a hundred years old easily. If you practice, it is no problem to live a 200-year-old when you first enter the world.
Because most people are addicted to cultivation, the technology here is not developed and still stays in the era of the Middle Ages of the earth, but the destructive power of the practice here is not inferior to that of the modern science and technology of the earth, so it can be said that the development direction is different
In the human world, there are three empires occupying the eastern part of the mainland, and the neighboring two ethnic groups of the Elves often have wars. The three human empires are the oldest Tianheng Empire, the first Zhou Empire and the later rising Ao Yun Empire. Among them, Tianheng Empire is the strongest, Zhou Empire is the weakest, and Ao Yun Empire is the weakest. After occupying most of the land in the eastern part of the pale blue continent, there are three hundred neighboring principalities of the Elves, large and small. These three hundred principalities are also called chaotic by the three empires, because wars often occur here.
Chaos often leads to wars to destroy the state, and because of the poor public security here, thieves run rampant and no one manages them.
Ao Yun’s three great empires of mankind are the centenary of Ao Yun’s imperial emperor Duanmu Feng, who was enfeoffed all over the empire. Duanmu Feng’s birthday has been returned to the capital one after another. Duanmu Feng has three big ones in the queen’s family. Now it is too named Duanmu Gan, the second king, Duanmu Fei and the third king, Duanmu Tian, among which san huang’s Duanmu Tian ability is the most outstanding. Ao Yun Empire is flowing everywhere, he said.
It can be said that the Ao Yun Empire can have today or it was only by san huang that it stabilized the Ao Yun Empire. Three years ago, when there was a drought in Ao Yun, the people were in dire straits. The general of Tianheng Empire even led an army of 500,000 troops to invade the southern border of Ao Yun Empire, and the garrison commander was killed. The southern border was immediately chaotic, and it was ready to receive the whole proud Yunnan territory and then take the whole Ao Yun.
The imperial court of Ao Yun was suddenly in chaos, and even the emperor Duanmufeng of Aoyun Empire was desperate. He was only thirteen years old when he was in charge. san huang Duanmutian turned the tide and led 100,000 apocalypse cavalry to the south alone to fight against 100,000 fighters, connecting 500,000 troops.
Duanmu Tianshen made a risk and was personally led by 10,000 fighters. Even the grain and grass were attacked. Because of underestimating the enemy, the grain and grass were not guarded, and 500,000 troops were burned. The next day Duanmu Tianshi continued to fall 30,000 fighters. Even the army was attacked by Duanmu Tianshi. When he was introduced into the canyon fire attack, his ranks were less than 300,000.
As soon as I got out of the canyon, it was a plain. I just escaped from the fire and was raided by a hundred thousand fighters in Duanmutian. At this time, even the soldiers were exhausted, and after a night without sleep, food, sleep and hunger, they rose up and resisted, but that was the opponent of the hundred thousand cavalry who had saved their strength and the apocalypse.
The people of Ao Yun Empire believe that no one can move Ao Yun and Ao Yun Empire because of the World War I, when Duanmutian was in Ao Yun, and no one dares to move Ao Yun’s thoughts again.
Duanmutian was also sealed because of this war. The king of Chu was in charge of the thirteen States in the south and became a proud cloud empire. At the age of thirteen, he sealed the king.
Today Duanmu Tian also set out from the south to the capital. In addition to the 10,000 apocalypse cavalry, Duanmu Lian, the fifth princess of the Empire, was born by Emperor Yun Guifei of Ao Yun. Duanmu Tian’s half-brother and sister came to the south a few days ago and now just returned to Beijing with Duanmu Tian. Duanmu Lian is fourteen years old and three years younger than Duanmu Tian. I hope to stick to Duanmu Tian since I was a child. It is also because I haven’t seen Duanmu Tian for a long time.
At this time, Duanmulian sat in the sedan chair and complained, "I’m not going back. How long has it been since I came out? I’m going back again, third brother. I want to stay in the south for a few more days."
Sitting next to Duanmu Lian, Duanmu Tianban raised his face and said, "I knew you were fourteen years old and still wanted to play like a child. My father would be unhappy if he knew."
Duanmulian rose and said, "I don’t care if you’re unhappy. It’s like you’re afraid of your father since you sealed the queen."
After hearing Duanmu Lian’s words, Duanmu Tian sighed slightly, "Your sister, you don’t understand that I’m not afraid of my father. I’m just avoiding it. At that time, I was impulsive and caused my brother. Now I’m in this passive situation. To be honest, I’d rather not be sealed. I’d rather have no light in my life. My brother was too young."
Duanmulian heard the sadness in Duanmutian’s tone and knew the difficulty of Duanmutian. He suddenly asked curiously, "Do you regret it, brother?" Do you regret pacifying the southern border? "
Duanmutian shook his head after hearing this and laughed. After laughing, Duanmutian was full of lofty sentiments and said, "I don’t regret it. If I have to do it again, I will still lead an army to pacify the southern border, even though it will be suspected by my father and feared by my eldest brother. But I won’t regret that Tianheng Empire wants to annex me. If Duanmutian doesn’t want me, he can’t step into my Ao Yun border."
Duanmutian looked at Duanmulian with latosolic red eyes and said, "Sister, did you see the terrible situation in Yunnan at that time?" Those Tianheng soldiers are all animals. No, they are not as good as animals. They are just a group of demons in human skin. They are not human beings. I will kill these animals as bad as everything, and I will not even give them surrender. "
Looking at Duanmutian’s crazy look, Duanmutian was a little scared. She had never seen such Duanmutian. Now Duanmutian is like coming out of hell. Duanmutian is afraid to say, "Brother, don’t do this. I’m afraid, afraid."
Hearing Duanmu Lian’s words, Duanmu genius quickly put away his murderous look and rage, took Duanmu Lian’s hand and said, "I’m sorry to scare you. I’m really sorry if I want to do this together, I’ll think of the terrible situation in the south at that time and I can’t control myself to scare you."
Duanmulian shook his head and said, "No, I can’t blame my brother for thinking that Tianheng Empire is not good. I can imagine my brother. You must have seen something that made you very angry. Otherwise, how could you get out of control when you think about it? You can rest assured that your brother and those people have been killed by you. Now it will be better if you manage the south."
Duanmutian said with a smile, "Well, everything will be fine. When we are strong, I will let them pay back the debt of Tianheng Empire sooner or later."
At this moment, there was a sudden loud noise, Duanmu Tianhe looked at the sky, and suddenly a crack broke out in the sky, releasing a thunderbolt, just like Duanmu Lianhua was afraid of hiding behind Duanmu Tianshi and peeking at the sky.
Duanmutian looked at the sky in disbelief. Although his strength has reached the middle of the mortal realm, he still can’t understand such a vision. He knows that this is not a natural formation, but a person. But what kind of realm does it have to be for a person to do this? Duanmutian can’t understand it, and neither can people around him.
Listen to the guards around him and ask, "Your Majesty, what’s going on?"
Duanmutian shook his head and said, "Wang can’t understand it either, but it must not be formed naturally, but people don’t know what kind of power can do it. Even Master Wang’s heavenly heart Taoist can’t do such a vision of heaven and earth."
At this time, a figure appeared from the crack, and Duanmulian curiously pointed to the figure and shouted, "Look, brother, look, there is a person appearing from the crack."
In fact, Duanmu Lian woke up, Duanmu Tian had already seen it, and when that figure appeared, the cracks gradually healed, and the vision was no longer there. Duanmu Tian said to the guards around him, "Let’s go and have a look at the boulders."
The breccia replied, "But is there any danger to your report? It’s better to let Xiao take people there. Your report and the princess just wait here."
Duanmutian frowned and said, "That’s a lot of nonsense. The king said to go and see together."
Breccia suddenly frightened and bowed down, saying, "I dare not be humble."
Duanmu Tiandao "Cut the crap and let’s go. No one blames you."
"Yes, yes, I know. Let’s go," said the breccia hurriedly.
Naruto looked at this strange world and felt that the world was natural. chakra said to Kyubi no Youko, "Kyubi no Youko is really rich in natural chakra."
Kyubi no Youko said, "Well, this world is natural and chakra is really rich. If you practice in this world, you will make rapid progress."
Suddenly, a huge roar sounded and Naruto hurried to look behind him and saw a huge black tiger eyeing him. The huge black tiger was emitting black flashes, and Naruto was curious to see Hei Hu Hei Hu watching Naruto carefully.
Hei Hu saw that this human being was not afraid of himself, and Hei Hu still felt danger from this human body. Hei Hu let out another growl in his anxiety and said, "Who are you? I will feel danger from you. Who are you?"
Naruto suddenly became curious when he saw Hei Hu suddenly speak and asked, "You can talk?"
Hei Hu replied, "Hum, I’m the seventh-order Dark Cloud Tiger King of Warcraft. Of course I can talk. You haven’t answered my words yet. Who are you and what will appear on my site?"
Naruto dug his ears and said, "You’re too noisy. My name is Naruto Uzumaki. You say you are the seventh-order demon king of Warcraft. How can you talk? There are many other talking Warcraft like you in this world?"
Hei Hu replied, "You human beings are really interesting. You don’t even know this common sense. After entering the seventh order, Warcraft can refine the bone stuck in your throat, and of course you can speak. Of course, we don’t like to say that your human language feels like bird language. If I am not interested in you, I won’t bother to talk nonsense with you. Well, I have answered your question. Now it’s time to answer my question. How did you come to my site?"
Naruto suddenly didn’t know how to answer Hei Hu’s question. He could say, "Well, I’m not sure that there was a flash of white light at the moment and then he came here."
Hei Hu couldn’t get the answer he wanted, and suddenly he was furious. "Man, you are challenging my patience. Now I don’t care how you appear in my site, then you have to die, dark thunder." Hei Hu suddenly spit out a black flash from his mouth and hit Naruto.
Naruto hurriedly hid and stared at Hei Hu. "You are too barbaric."
When Hei Hu saw Naruto easily escaping from himself, Lei suddenly became furious and said, "Hum, no matter who you are or how you came here and broke into my site without my permission, then you should be prepared to die. Well, it’s really deadly for humans to break into my site again."
Duanmutian saw them when they entered the valley, but Naruto didn’t pay much attention to it. Duanmutian found that the man who suddenly appeared from the valley was fighting with the black cloud and the tiger king, and it was only then that he remembered that this was the site of Warcraft in the seventh order.
See the black cloud king tiger use thunderous Duanmu Yun quickly said to the side breccia "protect the princess Ann I’ll solve the black cloud king tiger" and Duanmu day rushed out from the Luanjia, silver gun in his hand will be shot to strike the thunder department.
Duanmu Tian was just about to attack the black cloud and the tiger king when a stereo suddenly said, "Since you want to die yourself, it’s no wonder that I am mini spiral shuriken."
Duanmu Yun saw Naruto stretch out a finger, and then a yellow energy appeared in the finger. The energy turned into two tiny arms, and then Naruto’s finger appeared like a dart. hidden weapons, hidden weapons hit the black cloud and the tiger king suddenly became bigger, and then the black tiger king was cut in half.
Duanmu Yun never thought that the seventh-order Dark Cloud Tiger King of Warcraft would simply be killed by people. At this moment, he remembered the former vision and thought to himself, "What is the realm of this young man? Is it so horrible to pretend to be a young old monster? If it is act young, I should be able to see some clues, but there is nothing false about this young man’s appearance. This says that this appearance is the appearance of this young man. What is this Uber?"
Naruto solved the problem of the black cloud and King Tiger came to the body of the black cloud and King Tiger. After Naruto collected the body of the black cloud and King Tiger, he came to Duanmutian and held out a hand and said, "Thank you for helping me. My name is Naruto Uzumaki. Just call me Naruto."
Duanmu Yun also held out a hand and smiled with Naruto. "My name is Duanmutian, and I didn’t really help Naruto. Do you have any place to go?"
Naruto shook his head and said, "No, I just came here and I have no purpose. I came here to practice."
Duan Muyun said with a smile, "Hehe, that’s great. It’s my father’s birthday in a few days. Naruto, if you don’t mind, come with me to have fun."
Naruto is in urgent need of this world information to see that Duanmutian’s clothes are not ordinary people, so he is the best person to find out information, so Naruto readily agreed to Duanmutian’s invitation and went to the imperial capital of Ao Yun with him

"You can put me at home. I know how to protect myself from touching those dangerous things." Chenli’s expression is very serious. "You can’t just give people doors, you can’t go to fire, you can’t climb windows, you can’t touch them casually. I just watch it here."

Qingchen hooked her lips and joked, "Hey, our children in the school are very sensible."
"Just let me stay here. I don’t want to go to kindergarten." Chenli looked at Qingchen with great expectation.
Unexpectedly, Qingchen turned down "still no, you have to go to kindergarten for a day today"
"Why don’t you let me stay at home!"
Qingchen smiled deeply, "because even if you know what to touch and what not to touch, I still can’t trust you."
Chenli angrily said, "Cousin, you have changed. You are just like my cousin now!"
"What’s the same?" Chen Chi Yin is also faint to make Chen Li quiet immediately.
Qingchen asked him patiently, "Why don’t you want to go to kindergarten?"
"It’s so naive," Chen Li replied. "They just teach them some living habits and how to play. I don’t want to go surfing."
"Then how about playing with Ruirui?" Qingchun Chunchun is good at seduction. "You see, if you go back to China, you will see Ruirui very rarely. Don’t you want to cherish being with this good friend?"
A child is a child after all. After thinking for a while, Chenli finally agreed, "Well, just one day."
Chenli promised to go to kindergarten, and Qingchen was a stone in his heart.
Chenchi asked Chuningzhao to help him say that it was easy to agree to Chenli’s past in a kindergarten.
So today, in Chenli, I went to kindergarten with Ruirui in a Chuningzhao car.
When I left, I said, "How about pretending to have fun even if you think the teacher teaches those things too much?"
Otherwise, Qingchen really doubts that the teacher will say "chat" with a look of disgust after talking about something.
That would be awkward.
Chen Li saw Qing Chen begging himself and agreed, "Well, since I’m my cousin, I’ll listen to you."
"How lovely!"
Qingchen didn’t come to watch the news last night, so she went to bed. At this time, she finally watched the news while humming a song and watching her mobile phone. She felt that life was really comfortable and pleasant.
"By the way, I’m going back to my dad tonight. Do you want to come?" Qingchen hasn’t been to Qingfu’s place for a while. She wanted to go back before she came, but Qingfu said that the restaurant business was good recently, and she didn’t have time to talk to her when she went back.
How can "going" to Chenchi miss such an opportunity?
Especially this is a very formal visit after being met by a green father.
Green morning saw Chen Chi agreed, so there would be no more talk. Anyway, Green Father now knows that she and Chen Chi don’t worry about anything themselves.
I didn’t know until I went to the TV station Qingchen that Fei Song had gone through the formalities today.
Fei Song’s return to the news channel of the former Industrial International Channel can be regarded as a return to his old line, and Fei Song has accumulated a lot of contacts after staying there for some years. Maybe there will be better development when he goes back this time.
It’s a pity that Qingchen thought of Fei Song leaving like this.
If you don’t know that Fei Song likes you, the Youth Morning Club has always regarded Fei Song as a very good friend. After knowing that Fei Song likes himself, Youth Morning deliberately alienated Fei Song.
Qingchen knows that his reaction will hurt Song Fei, but he can’t give him what he wants and will continue to let him have unnecessary thoughts?
Long-term pain is better than short-term pain, but it may really hurt people.
Actually, people are selfish. If Qingchen doesn’t like Fei Song, he can’t give him what he wants. Fei Song should not continue to fall in love with herself because she thinks it is also a kind of trouble for herself, so she will hurt Fei Song cruelly.
But that’s the reality
People’s feelings are really a mysterious thing. Qingchen and Fei Song were already very good friends in college. Fei Song didn’t say that Qingchen really didn’t find it dull.
She never thought that Fei Song would like herself, perhaps because she really never had a crush on Fei Song.
Before I met Chenchi, Qingchen never thought about what it would be like to like someone, but when she liked Chenchi, Qingchen felt that there was such a person in her life that she could be tempted.
I feel very lucky to like Chenchi.
Qing Chen wants to be in a trance and hears someone calling himself to turn around and find that the person behind him is Chai Weiwei.
"Sister Wei Wei?" Qingchen was somewhat surprised to see Chai Weiwei. I don’t know how this man came to see himself again.
She should draw a boundary between Chu River and Han River with herself, and don’t go back and forth in this life, which is to come to find herself again.
Chai Weiwei’s big red lips look particularly aura. She replied faintly and said, "I have something to tell you. Do you have it now?"
Chai Weiwei’s eyes wandered around and said, "Yao Hui will be back soon" after making sure there was no one else.
"What?" When Qingchen heard the name Yao Hui, it took a little while to digest it.
"Her child didn’t keep the miscarriage and was going to come back after a break."
Yao Hui left the TV station to have a baby because she was pregnant with a business tycoon’s child. Perhaps she also expected that her mother would squeeze out the business tycoon’s official position with her child, and then she would dream of seeking a rich wife.
However, things didn’t work out, and it was discovered by the main office that Yao Hui was a mistress. When the business tycoon went out, he took a group of people to punish and push Yao Hui, and finally the child failed to keep the abortion.
Yao Hui has been in the hospital for a long time and almost recovered soon, so she is going to set up a viewing platform.
The business tycoon huotang legally is a very powerful woman, of course not. Yao Hui’s life has been very bleak recently. If there are still children in his stomach, it will be all gone. The business tycoon is also a proud person. Yao Hui and huotang legally have a direct falling out, which is a disgrace to him. Therefore, Yao Hui is now temporarily thrown into the cold house by the business tycoon, and her husband has repeatedly promised that he will just play with Yao Hui and never take it seriously.
What can Yao Hui do? It’s just that she revived after crying. Anyway, she also believes that her charm will be slightly seduced after this period of time, and that business tycoon will come back to her sooner or later.
I have been recuperating in the hospital for a long time, and finally I will recover my body. Since Yao Hui can’t be a rich man for the time being, she can come back to work without having children now.
Taiwan’s overall attitude towards Yao Hui’s return is still recognized. Yao Hui is also a good host, especially Yao Hui is a business tycoon. Although they are embarrassed now, there is still no official division. Who knows if the business tycoon is in contact with her in private?
But Yao Hui’s return is a great threat to Qingchen.
"Although Yao Hui is coming back, you also know that the programs in Taiwan are saturated in the near future and she is not suitable for being an anchor live news station. She still can’t sit still. How can she get back to the audience as soon as possible?"
"Everyone will know this news soon. I just didn’t mean anything to say to you before. Think about it yourself."
Chai Weiwei really seems to have left without any other meaning, leaving Qingchen to think about it herself.
Section 15
Chai Weiwei’s news today really gave Qingchen a wake-up call. If Yao Hui really comes back, Qingchen will certainly be hit again if she finally consolidates her position.
In particular, Yao Huilai is Qingchen. Now Qingchen, the host of this program, is still worried about whether Yao Hui will want to get this program back when she comes back, so she has conflicts with herself.
Qingchen squinted and worked hard to pull this program from the end of the ratings to the top few now. If this Yao Hui wants to enjoy it after she comes back, she will never agree.
No matter what Chai Weiwei wants to tell herself, no matter what her heart is, Qingchen is slightly more vigilant. Many people know that they robbed Yao Hui’s position, even if they explained it later, they don’t know how many people believe it.
However, this woman suddenly went to have a baby and threw the show away. She was ordered to come to the rescue when she was in danger, and she worked hard to make achievements, so it is impossible to let this show slip away from her hands.
No, this program has brought her much benefit, even if it is worthy of her hard work, she should keep this program in Qingchen.
There is no second watch today, everyone. Happy 52!
☆ haper 74 Reasons for divorce

It is worth noting that Orpheus’s appearance is a petite black-haired girl, which is quite unexpected.

Soon after, with the first opening ceremony, the contest between Lilias and Cangna finally began. The result did not seem to be unexpected. Although Cangna worked hard to lay out the layout, the absolute gap in strength still made her lose to Lilias.
However, just when Cangna was frustrated by the implementation of the dream law, Lilias made a move that surprised many demons. She took Jimongli as the main identity to support Cangna’s ideal and set up a RaingGae school that treats everyone equally.
When asked about his sister’s behavior, Sasakes smiled and said that her sister had grown up and it was time for her to deal with the Jimongli family.
In this way, it represents the support for Cang Na’s desire to send a camp, which has two big families, Jimongli and Sidi, and then there are two demon kings, so that those old-school demons can’t help but be silent.
At the end of the younger generation RaingGae, Ye Yu suddenly pulled the black song and hurried over at the venue.
"What happened to Ye Yu?" Looking at Ye Yu’s bringing black songs here, Sasakers knew that something important must be happening.
"The next game is Lilias against the Astalotts, right?" Ye Yu said and frowned slightly.
"Where’s Elias? She’s not already in, is she?"
"That’s right … what’s the matter?" Sasek asked.
"Hurry over, it’s a disaster trap!"
Say such a thing is the black song Sazex stared at her with some suspicious eyes, while Ye Yu nodded on the other side.
"The Astalotts have taken refuge in the evil group, and it is Wali who sent this news. Although he doesn’t know what his purpose is, I don’t think he has any reason to deceive us."

Leah’s vision recovered from the dazzling flash of the magic circle and she opened her eyes.
This is a simple open space.
Columns must stand side by side at intervals … It’s made of stone. Look around, there is a huge temple entrance at the rear.
That’s because of the architectural style of temples in Greece, and suddenly it was found that none of them were destroyed, showing that it was just built and it was as white as ever.
It seems that this is the position, but I waited for a long time, but I didn’t wait for the referee to start ordering.
"Strange," said Leah, frowning.
Just when Lilias and her family were puzzled, the Rubik’s cube array opposite the temple appeared!
What would be that position? Does it mean that this competition is a close-range melee? ?
Lilias has a sense of crisis! Family members are also ready!
But there is more than one magic circle! With more light in the surrounding area, it appears as if it is to surround Lilias and others!
"Not the Astarot coat of arms!" In the alarm of Leah silk.
Yuuto Kiba, Genova and Irina set up swords.
Himejima Akeno hands thunder scurrying at the same time said.
"All magic circles have nothing in common, but …"
"Department is the devil’s magic circle and if I remember correctly …"
Lilias wrapped herself around the red aura and cast her grim eyes around her.
There are a lot of demons emerging from the magic circle! The member came on stage with overflowing murder and hostility! At the lilias and others surrounded by passionate blunt come over!
"As far as the magic circle is concerned, these are sent by the old demon king who defected to the’ disaster group’." Li Yasi said with serious eyes that there are hundreds or even thousands of enemies in front of her, and the situation is not optimistic
"The hateful false demon king’s blood heir Jimongli disappears here!"
Surrounded by demons, one of them defied Elias! Sure enough, for the demon who supported the old demon king, the current demon king and his relatives are both eyesores.
Many demons get together to launch magic bombs, although they are all intermediate demons, but the number of volley people is not underestimated, right?
However, just before their attack was launched, hundreds of people were demonized to ashes in a red ripple full of destructive power.
"Brother … brother?" Look at that figure that suddenly appeared in front of him, Li Ya Si said in surprise.
"It’s a good thing to catch up." Sasakers breathed a sigh of relief after easily destroying the demons in front of him.
"Brother, how did you get here?" Li yasi strange said
"Well, it’s a long story. In short, the’ disaster group’ tampered with the game."
"Ashtarot secretly joined hands with the old demon king faction to take refuge in the disaster group. Ye Yu got the news and came to inform us, but it seems that when we entered here, the other side launched a strong boundary. Now it is estimated that it is a mess outside, and it seems that sending the array is also random!" Sasek said distressfully.
"You go back to the temple first and leave it to me here." Looking at the surrounding area, it is flashing to send the array sign. Sasakes hurriedly said.
"I know, brother." Li Yasi nodded and immediately retreated with her family. She wanted to attack Li Yasi and his party along the way. The Ministry of Demons was ruthlessly crushed into pieces by the breath of terror and destruction.
Chapter 34 Behind the scenes
As Sasakes said, the entire stadium transfer array was distorted to varying degrees. The original came in with Sasakes, and Ye Yu was sent to a strange place.
"Oh, I didn’t expect to see you here, soldier Jimongli?"
A little disturbing sound rang from the beginning, and soon an elegant figure slowly emerged over his head.
"I didn’t introduce myself at the party that day. I think you are no stranger to me when I am in charge of the Diodora Astalott family?"
"My family has gone out of the demon king, but it’s really hard to help the old demon king and his family to go out of the demon king’s adult."
Ye Yu crooked a little funny to say so.
"Maybe it’s because it’s boring to be the master and it’s more interesting to be someone else’s dog?"
Ye Yu said so casually that Diodora’s face suddenly became ferocious
"Hum just a soldier what do you know! A mere devil is nothing compared with Orpheus’s adult! Look at the strength I have now. After I got the’ snake’, my strength is getting stronger and stronger. Even surpassing the devil is not difficult! "
Diodora spread out his hands in the middle of the movie and laughed so arrogantly, and then a black energy slowly appeared and began to surround him.
"Rumble rumble! ! ! !”
Black terrible energy burst is several times stronger than before, and fluctuations emanate from Diodora.

Limu Lou’s punch in Christina’s country suddenly cracked, and Christina vomited blood. Lola quickly reached out with a hand and a black sword appeared in her hand, and saw Lola flicker in the country and boxing strength, swinging out of the world with a sword.

Suddenly, the boxing strength and the country were separated, and then the boxing strength was repaired and returned to Limu by the original road, and Christina’s country cracked and restored to its original state
It seems as if the punch collided with the country just now. After all this, Laura put away her black sword and came to Christina and asked, "Are you all right, Tina?"
Christina braced herself and came to "I’m fine? Thank you, Lola. "
Laura laughed. "It’s okay, that stinky little guy is not here. I promised him to take good care of you. Besides, we are still righteous Jin Lan sisters. You are a little stranger when you say this." Say that finish, you will press your hand on Christina and help her heal.
After all this, Laura turned to Liam Lou and said, "Limu Lou, are you crazy? Do you want to kill Tina?"
Limu Lou also calmed down at this moment and hurriedly waved his hand. "No, no, Lola, listen to me. I really didn’t. I just didn’t like her, but I didn’t want to kill her. She deliberately angered me. I did that."
Laura also knows that Limu Lou is not really mean and impulsive, and that’s just to scare her so that she can control her temper. After seeing the effect, Laura said, "Remember not to be impulsive again, okay?"
Limu Lou bowed his head like a child who made a mistake and said, "I know."
This contrast makes Kakashi and others look a little overwhelmed. It’s really hard to accept how Jinx was so clever just now.
At this moment, Limu Lou suddenly ran to Daitu’s side. Looking at Daitu Kakashi curiously, he was startled and hurried to Limu Lou’s face and said, "What are you going to do?"
Limu Lou, who has just been lectured, hasn’t woken up from being dominated by Lola for a while and heard Kakashi ask quickly, "I don’t have any malice. Don’t worry, I’m just curious about him. He is our dragon clan, and he is the red dragon king. Am I right?"
Kakashi didn’t know what Limu asked these people to do, but he didn’t feel hostility from Limu’s exposure, so he nodded his head. "He accepted the red dragon from the dragon clan to come to Long Mai because of the strength of Long Mai."
Limu Lou felt that he didn’t know where this place was when he came over from where he is now. Now it’s only after Kakashi said so that he reacted, "There is indeed a Long Mai here and it’s a fire. Long Mai, it’s no wonder that I just collided with the Sao Fox country with one punch and it didn’t ruin it. It turned out to be protected by Long Mai. Hahaha" After that, I was embarrassed to burst out laughing.
Christina heard that Limu Lou once again said that she was a coquettish fox, and suddenly she wanted to argue with Limu Lou, but she just got up and touched the injury, so she had to sit down again to look at Limu Lou, who was talking with Kakashi.
Laura laughed. "Okay, okay, don’t be angry. I’m so angry that heartless guy doesn’t know. It’s not like you don’t know her personality. Why don’t you ask her for it?"
Christina stared at Limu’s dew intensely. She never thought that her country could not stand Limu’s dew. Christina gritted her teeth and said, "I’m not willing."
Laura seems to know what she said she was unwilling. "I’m not willing to stop being unwilling, but what can I do?" Limu Lou is different from us. She’s as horrible as Tian Mi. Maybe Tian Mi never told you. Limu Lou is also a jealous person from heaven. She was envied by heaven as soon as she was born, and it’s even more horrible than Tian Mi. Heaven’s direct punishment didn’t hurt her. "
After hearing Lola’s words, Christina really realized Limu Lou’s horror. She was surprised to see that this girl was brought by Tian Mi to join their team and told them about Jin Lanli Mulu.
Chapter four hundred and sixty Limu dew and day Mi biggest secret.
Christina was a little surprised to see that Limu Lou knew that Limu Lou was very strong, but she didn’t expect to get such a horror. In Christina’s cognition, the gods are now sealed, and Tian Mi is the most powerful in the world. Even if the gods are not sealed, Tian Mi is also the top strong in the world. But I didn’t expect that this Limu Lou would be stronger than Tian Mi, which made Christina somewhat difficult to accept. In her opinion, Limu Lou is strong, but she should be strong. It is Lola Christina who has to believe this.
Christina asked, "Laura, are you sure you’re right? Is this Limu Lou really better than that bastard Tian Mi?"
Lola said with a wry smile, "I wish I was wrong, but the fact is how horrible she is. If I can’t stop three moves in front of her, she will kill me. Of course, she made efforts before."
Christina was surprised. "How could you just push her back with your sword? How can you not pick up her three strokes Lola? Will you be a little self-deprecating? "
Laura said, "Tina, don’t doubt that I feel that I have never made a mistake. Limu revealed that she was really that powerful before, and I was able to push her back. That was because I used the power of Heaven to seal the power of Heaven in my sword just now, and Limu revealed that the goal was not me. I made a profit, and the power separated you from her, but it didn’t push her back. This is a four-to-two-pound play and she didn’t make any effort."
Christina was surprised after hearing Laura’s words. "You said she didn’t make any effort?"
Come and nodded. "Well, she hasn’t made any effort since she met Tian Mi. It’s strange, isn’t it? Seriously, I’m not only curious about you, but it’s also true. I asked Tian Mi that she can endure even heaven because it seems that Limu broke the rules of heaven. Now she shouldn’t appear in all these worlds, but she will be rejected by heaven when she is here."
Christina wondered, "Rejected by heaven?"
Laura nodded and said, "Heaven repels God because of the main road. God created a rule at the beginning of a very special world, which evolved all the rules of the main road. This rule is the so-called heaven. You can think that there are 50 unchangeable rules in the main road, and God created one rule to evolve the main road, but this rule has a rule, so he can evolve 49 kinds of laws, because there are already 50 rules in heaven.
Christina was a little surprised to hear that this is the biggest secret of all worlds. I didn’t expect Laura to know and how well she knew it. Can this not surprise Christina?
Laura ignored the surprise that Christina continued, "Heaven is on the contrary to the evolution of Avenue, but Avenue is also evolving Heaven, and Avenue has obviously evolved more successfully because Heaven is the fruit of the evolution of Avenue."
This time Christina was really shocked and shocked. "What did you say, Lola? You said that Tiannian Avenue evolved into a natural fruit."
Laura nodded her head. "After the avenue evolved out of heaven, let this evolved rule of heaven enter reincarnation and then reincarnate into the place where the sky is now dead. Because heaven is a rule of heaven and earth, there is no life, but he has emotions to see it, and it will be jealous if there is life. At the same time, it will also destroy the laws of heaven and be rejected."
It took Christina a long time to digest this explosive information before asking, "What about Limu Dew? Is she also derived from the avenue like Tianzhu? "
Laura shook her head for five times and said, "No, but it’s also the rule that can’t be put in when Limu dew is heaven and avenue, that is, there is no way to escape to Limu dew because there is no such rule in heaven. This is the biggest secret of heaven and avenue. These are all days. It should not be wrong for Mi to tell me after knowing her own strength and Limu dew’s strength."
At this time, Limu Lou ran over and said, "What are you talking about so much?"
The sudden appearance of Limu Lou startled Christina and quickly said, "What didn’t you say?"
Limu Lou took a suspicious look at Christina and said, "You’re not going to speak ill of me, are you? I knew you were such a sly fox."
Christina heard Limu dew this mindless words suddenly angry cold face said, "I said I didn’t say anything. Believe it or not, I don’t care about you." Then Christina cold face didn’t go to see this 250.
At the same time, I thought to myself, "Is this IQ guy really the embodiment of Avenue Law? With day Mi that bastard is a gap day by day. "
Laura smiled and laughed. "Limu Lou, don’t be ridiculous. We didn’t speak ill of you. I told Tina that you were a secret with Tianzi and didn’t say anything."
Limu dew wondered, "I’m a secret with the day? Oh, you said this. It’s nothing. Heaven told us not to break the rules. Heaven won’t do anything to us. In fact, who will have nothing to do is to break the balance of heaven? I live in this world myself. It’s really a fuss. "
At this moment, a figure came out of the passage again, and the bearer was ten meters tall and muscular, wearing armor and short blond hair. After seeing Laura and Limu Lou and Christina, he laughed. "Hey, how did some beautiful women arrive early?" Well, the third brother hasn’t arrived yet. Hehe, it seems that I’m not the latest. "
When Laura saw the bearer, she smiled. "Why are you here, Alcide? Did God send you here?"
The giant named Alcide laughed. "Yes, I was fighting a huge fish in the sea. Suddenly my third brother sent me a message and gave me a coordinate, so I came over. Why hasn’t my third brother arrived yet?"
Laura laughed. "It should be soon. Since he attracted us all, it is impossible not to appear. Wait, this moment will appear. It should wait until Lao Liu comes, but Lao Liu seems to be in the pale blue continent. Did he run to the pale blue continent?"
Christina said, "No matter what that bastard does, I’ll take the dragon spirit out of Long Mai here first." Then Christina pointed her finger at Long Mai and a black magic gas came from Christina’s finger and went straight into Long Mai.
After listening to Long Mai’s underground anger, the earth trembled slightly as if something was coming out, but it soon became silent as if nothing had happened just now.
Christina laughed and said, "Hehe, you are smart enough." Then Christina withdrew the magic gas and saw that the magic gas was wrapped in a pure dragon gas. This dragon gas burst into a dragon gas that was different and more pure.
Christina looked at the dragon spirit in her hand and smiled, then put it away and laughed. "Well, this time the goal has been achieved. With this purest dragon spirit, Avril Lavigne’s strength will increase a lot."
Lola laughed. "Well, just wait until the sky shows up. There must be something in this little room, otherwise it won’t bring us all together."
Christina is quite disdainful. "I want to see what this bastard is up to."
At this time, I have been immersed in absorbing the dragon spirit with the soil, because Christina brought a lot of pure dragon spirit with her when she pulled out the most pure dragon spirit in Long Mai, which greatly increased the speed of absorbing dragon spirit with the soil and accelerated his speed.
See soil suddenly opened his eyes and burst into a very strong breath, followed by soil scales behind gave birth to two huge wings, fangs in his mouth became longer, and his head gave birth to two dragon horns. Soon the soil swelled to 15 meters, and the soil roared upwards, and Yi Long uttered a dragon’s inflammation, which turned into a red dragon.
Lin and Kakashi, who were guarding Daitu, suddenly got a fright when they saw Daitu become a giant lizard they didn’t know. Lin was worried about looking at Daitu nervously and said, "What’s wrong with Daitu? What’s wrong with you?" Lin was so anxious that she almost cried.
Kakashi is relatively calm, afraid that Lin will get too close and be accidentally stepped on by Daitu, and will quickly pull Lin back. "Be careful, Lin, now we don’t know what happened to Daitu. Let’s wait until we figure it out."

"Just now, I cleared his breath and cried. The breath has passed."

An Yudan nodded, still worried. "After all, he was born almost two months ago and looks so weak. Will he be okay?"
"The princess is not too worried about letting the maids who are experienced in taking care of babies take turns to look after him day and night, and pay attention to the fact that Xiao Gong’s body is cleaned and kept clean. Be extra careful when cleaning up. He is too weak, so he must not be too strong. It is not necessary to touch such fragile places as eyes, nose and mouth."
"And it’s best to have a doctor check on him every morning and evening to make sure he’s true."
"Good, good …" An Yudan smiled and shed tears involuntarily from her eyes. She hastily raised her sleeves and wiped away the tears. "Thank you for curing too much."
"Princess is polite"
Cure too much put the baby back in the basket and handed it to An Yudan, who carefully reached out and caught it.
An Yudan looked at the basket and moved lightly because of crying. Tears flashed in the baby’s eyes, which was a little sad and a little lucky.
Liang Wu patted her shoulder gently to appease.
An Yu Dan looked up at him and squeezed out a smile.
When Qin Yuan turned and walked out of the room, Liang Yannian saw his one eye and hesitated for a moment.
After Qin Yuan left the room, he strode to the gate, as if to leave Liang Yannian and trotted out to call him "Taidian, please stay."
Qin Yuan’s body stopped at a pace.
Liang Yannian saluted her at his side before chasing, and then said "Taidian".
Qin Yuan sighed and turned to face her. "What do you want?"
"I have something to say to Taidian." Liang Yannian looked into his eyes. "It’s from my home in sister."
Qin Yuan leng eyebrows tiny cu.
Liang Yannian added, "This is not a place to talk. Please come with me to sister Jing Courtyard, where there are sister and Xiao Fei. I said that you may not believe it, but Xiao Fei has been with sister. If you have any questions, she can ask whether it is true or not."
Qin Yuan looked at Liang Yannian.
Her face was tired and bright, and her eyes were covered with a layer of red blood, and her eyes were slightly reddish. There were also tears flashing in her eyes. She should want to cry, but she tried her best not to shed tears in front of Qin Yuan.
Qin Yuan took a sip of his lip. "The palace should help you believe what you said."
"In that case, please come with me."
As the night deepens, the dark clouds gradually disperse after the wind surges up.
In the second half of the moon, a little light silver moonlight slowly shines on people.
When the blue flare burst, Bai Qi immediately sent someone to the palace to find out the news. Only then did the talent return to the house to inform Miss Liang Jiaer that Liang Zhaoxin had committed suicide in Weiyang Palace, and was shocked to hear that Miss Liang Jiada, Liang Jiaoyue, was born prematurely.
I waited anxiously for a long time before I got the news that Miss Liang Jia gave birth to a baby boy. Fortunately, the process was difficult but the mother was safe in the end.
It’s a rough night tonight
Bai Qi told Bai Juan and Qiu Huiye all the things about Su Wangfu. They sat in the room and looked at each other with emotion. Just hearing this kind of thing made them feel heartbroken. It was more sad than talking about this kind of sad thing about Su Wangfu.
I didn’t expect so much to happen in just a few hours this evening.
They know that everyone has a life, but they still sigh and feel sorry.
Qiu Huiye sighed and shook her head and said, "It’s a pity that Miss Liang Jiaer seems to be only seventeen if she remembers correctly."
Bai Juan and patted her hand. "It’s inconvenient to go to Su Wangfu to disturb you. Go to Su Wangfu to comfort them and see if they need any help."
Qiu Huiye nodded "good"
Bai Qi looked down at half the tea cup in front of her, her eyes narrowed slightly, and her fingers reached out and stroked thoughtfully on the edge of the cup.
Bai Juan and Bai Qi looked different and asked, "Qi Er, what are you thinking?"
Bai Qi recovered from her thoughts after listening to Bai Juan and her words. She looked up. "Dad, do you think what happened recently is a little strange?"
Bai Juan and touched Hu. "It is really strange in terms of the timing of things. Since the Southern Yan Mission entered Beijing, something has been happening."
"First, the emperor suddenly handled several old ministers, then Miss Liang San was poisoned in the palace, and you and Lu Tiao were assassinated in the Xia Dynasty Festival. On the other hand, there was actually a’ hidden dragon’ organization in Southern Yan. Now Miss Liang Er died in the palace, and Miss Liang Jiada almost hurt her life because of premature birth."
Bai Juan and sighed, "All the people involved in these things are the root of the palace and our white house …"
"It’s with Wang Dianyou."
Qiu Huiye turned to look at Bai Juan and frowned, but her eyes couldn’t help showing some concern.
Bai Qi thought for a moment and suddenly lowered his voice. "Dad, do you think these things will all come from the hands of the emperor?"
Bai Juan and Qiu Huiye are all one leng.
Bai Qi added, "Or the emperor plays an extremely important role in these things. How could those things happen in this Kyoto city without him? Some even didn’t notice it in time. Who else in Kyoto except the emperor has such a thing? "
Bai Juan and frowning lips sip into a straight line Bai Qi’s remarks are speculative but reasonable.
It is very likely that this is the case.
To some extent, both the Su Palace and the White House are concerned about the Wang Dian, which will involve something more or less 17 years ago, and the emperor will never allow it to be revived in those years.
Thinking about this, Bai Juan and the eyebrows screwed together and his face became more dignified.
Bai Qi blinked and thought and suddenly changed the subject. "Dad, do you think the emperor is too temple?"
Bai Juan and one leng hurriedly cough two "ahem …"
He glanced at Bai Qi and frowned, "Qi Er is cautious."
"There are three of us here to talk about?" Bai Qi bluntly looked Bai Juan and her eyes. "My daughter wants to know what she really thinks in her father’s heart."
Bai Juan and "…"
Bai Juan and his hands were placed on the tablecloth, which was wrinkled and showed the vicissitudes of life. His hands were slowly clenched into fists. He looked at him with his lips pursed, but Qiu Huiye didn’t answer bluntly.
This question …
Actually, it’s not easy to answer
Bai Qi did not urge to wait quietly.
Qiu Huiye reached out and carefully covered Bai Juan and lightly pressed his fingers on the back of his hand.
Bai Juan and looked at Qiu Huiye again before turning to Bai Qi. He asked, "Did Taidian ask you to ask me?"
Bai Qi frankly said, "I want to ask myself."
Bai Qi winked and added, "My daughter wants to know which side you will choose if the Emperor Taidian falls face to face in the future."
"This …" Bai Juan sighed. "I … I don’t know how we foreign ministers can interfere if their father and son face each other?"

Mr. Jiao suddenly smiled and leaned close to Ru Xiaonan. "Do you think teachers are not as good as green ink?"

The other side laughs at absolute beauty but can feel a murderous look.
RuXiaoNan Yu Jingqi all stay leng there.
Sir, where exactly are the details?
"It’s … it’s okay …" Ru Xiaonan shivered and shrank her shoulders. "I’m here to read, not to seduce Mr."
Hearing this, Mr. Jiao couldn’t help but look at her carefully and turned cold. "I don’t care what you’re here for, whether you want to seduce the teacher or seduce the teacher secretly, you must abide by the teacher’s rules and not fight in the school!"
RuXiaoNan low head corners of the mouth can’t twitch.
How much do you want to be seduced by female students?
After some training by Mr Jiao, both of them finally returned to school honestly like two plague chickens.
In addition, the sadness and joy in the school set off a heavy atmosphere.
Mr. Jiao’s elegant folding fan knocked on the desktop, and then he stopped and was relieved.
"Today, we have a new student here, and everyone can know each other well." Mr. Jiao evoked a loving smile from his lips with a radiant smile.
All eyes were attracted by Mr. Jiao. In the past, even more girls learned to be shy, and it was like being unable to extricate themselves.
Ru Xiaonan looked around and felt that everyone here was abnormal. No, there was a person with a black face like her, even if she was bathed in Mr. Jiao’s loving light, her face was cold.
Yu Jingqi tilting his head to hide his face and despise his expression.
Mr. Jiao gently shook the folding fan in his hand and came to Ru Xiaonan with a smile. "What’s your name?"
"RuXiaoNan" RuXiaoNan brittle answer nice children’s voice jiao soft end twirling as if falling into a honey pot.
Mr. Jiao’s face is even more smiling. "Teacher Jiao Zilai will be responsible for teaching you piano and chess from today."
"Ah?" Ru Xiaonan looked blank. "What are you calling?"
"Teacher’s name is Jiao Zilai"
"Why do you ask me? How can I know your name?" RuXiaoNan said confidently.
There was a sudden silence in the school, and even Yu Jingqi looked at her with incredible eyes. Is this girl really coming to learn? She is coming to die!
Chapter 11 She was sent by Jiao Zilai’s enemies to torture him, right?
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Everyone in the school looked at RuXiaoNan dumbfounded.
This girl … is crazy? How dare you talk to Mr. follow focus like that?
You know, Mr. Jiao’s temper is notoriously eccentric in college, and he has to peel off his skin if he dares to provoke him to die.
Mr. Jiao’s face is still smiling, but the whole person is petrified.
"Say it again, the teacher’s name is Jiao Qilai," he said faintly.
RuXiaoNan felt the evil wind behind her. At this time, if she was still a fragrant raccoon, her hair would probably stand up.
Why does this smile look so horrible?
Looking at kindness is more amiable than gentleness, but there is a chilly feeling.
"Call what?" Ru Xiaonan moved her little mouth and almost cried, feeling "Don’t ask me, I don’t know."
Yu Jingqi, don’t look away. He really can’t bear to look again.
"The teacher’s name is JiaoQinLai! Listen clearly! "
The school suddenly roared like a landslide.
Birds living in the courtyard are frightened, flapping their wings and flying away in a panic. Rats are squeaking everywhere in the hole in the corner.
In the school, it’s like being hit by a shock wave, blowing a whirlwind on the ground and blowing everyone’s hair and clothes in the same direction.
When the high winds come and go, even the people can’t breathe when the school calms down again.
Everyone trembled and held their own piano eyes to show their respect to RuXiaoNan.
The establishment of Baihe College for so long can make Mr. Jiao so angry that students can probably count it in one hand.

It turns out that Heilian’s secret book is pity son stealing, and he wronged Ziyun at the beginning.

He admitted that he was stubborn and pedantic, and never really thought about other people’s position, but his daughter …
His only treasure was just like this. He died before his eyes.
And he can’t be weird.
He will jade flow son slowly in his arms glassy-eyed "ziyun proud is long-term wrong at the beginning wronged you sorry …"
With that, he suddenly yelled, and the whole body became pieces, such as dust, and disappeared in a gust of wind.
"Husband-"Ziyun proudly called one.
But he has disappeared.
And never come back.
"The truth of the matter came out. Ziyunchen and Yuliuer colluded with General Lan to frame Ziyun proudly, which led to all the tragedies later."
Long overdue, Zi Xuanye saw everything on the spot. There were so many people at the scene today, but I didn’t expect things to develop like this!
Ziyun morning is this game to blame?
"Dad" Ziyunyao was relieved to see that he was finally willing to come. She waved Zixuanye "Let’s take my sister home."
Whatever the truth is, she will always be her sister.
But …
Purple XuanYe coldly smiled a "things have been clear about the morning son that is to blame! Father is really ashamed of her! "
Six Kings and Taidu Ziyun Ao’s Ziyun Morning has lost its value. If you don’t offend the Six Kings, they said, "Chener is really a waste. You will be proud but didn’t expect it to be a shame!"
Ziyun ao is a little tired of listening. Tell him to shut up! "After all, is his daughter! How can you fall like this! "
"What daughter? I, Zi Xuanye, don’t admit that there is such a daughter. From today, Ziyun Chen cut off her father and daughter from me, and since then she has been with me!"
Then he waved his sleeves and left! It’s as if that person is not himself at all. He didn’t look at it again if he didn’t throw garbage!
Everyone can’t believe that even Ziyunchen’s father doesn’t want Ziyunchen!
Although I deserve it, I still feel so miserable.
"You don’t take care of her, I take care of her!" Ziyunyao Zi Xuanye roared behind him, "I really didn’t expect that my father, who I worshipped for fifteen years, was such a villain!"
But Zi Xuanye paused slightly but didn’t stop.
Ziyunyao felt that the whole person was shaking in the wind. The truth came out. My sister deserved it. Even my father tried to escape responsibility and cut her off. Didn’t it kill her? She deserves to be punished, and she has been punished. Why should they do this to her?
"I’m sorry for my sister. If you’re not satisfied with me, just come to me for trouble. Since I chose to take care of her, I’m ready to be excluded." Ziyunyao said and picked up the incomplete Ziyunchen. "If you want to find her trouble, just come at me. Chapter 7 Never leave."
Ziyunchen sobbed that she was no longer concerned. As a result, she admitted that she had it coming. She really didn’t want Ziyunxi to escape the law …
She used to live by herself to see Ziyun Creek Field, but at this moment, she suddenly felt that everything was no longer important, because she had forgotten to cherish Ziyunyao, the best sister in the world …
I didn’t expect that time has changed and her life has become like this. There is another person who is willing to leave her!
Not a word was said in Ziyun’s pride.
Although I thought Ziyunyao was very annoying before, she was the most sincere, and she decided that things would always be done, and it was just what she did for herself.
How many people in the world can really never leave? Ziyun Chen couldn’t do it, but Ziyun Yao did it.
I don’t know how long it took Ziyunyao to hold Ziyunyao in her arms before Ziyunyao slowly said behind her back, "The past grievances are so broken!" Said to break the silver needle.
Ziyunyao remembered that once Green Crocodile Pond himself said the same thing and cut off Ziyunchen.
But at this moment she couldn’t help meddling in her affairs.