The preparation is not complicated. Boss Zhang thanked him again and again, so Xia Xue Car and Zhou Xiaolong returned to the advertising company together.

When sitting on the stairs, Xia Xue also asked Zhou Xiaolong, "Hey, how sure are you that your cow blew?" !”
Zhou Xiaolong said impatiently, "Oh, don’t worry about the little things!"
Entering the door, Xia Xue saw a guest in the company. Xiaoya, an intern, was accompanying a couple.
But when Xia Xue saw the two men clearly, his eyebrows tightened immediately.
Zhou Xiaolong asked, "What’s wrong?"
Xia Xue explained that "that couple is the landlord who always comes to trouble me these days, mainly because they want high rent. In fact, they are all partners with the company next door and want to crush our company. This couple is very difficult."
Seeing that Xia Xue entered the door, the landlord and his wife immediately got up and the landlady said first, "I said that prices are going up every day in the summer, and the rent can’t be high. You can’t blame us."
Xia Xue retorted that "it was agreed that the lease term would be three years and the monthly rent would be three thousand yuan, but now it has not reached five thousand yuan in three years, which is completely against the rules."
The landlord said, "But we made a verbal agreement at the beginning, and manager Wu next door wants to rent this house, and the price is very high. You can’t help my husband and wife making money in summer!"
"Come on, Xiao Xia, you’re so young. If you think our rent is expensive, you can find another local company and don’t delay our husband and wife from making money."
Zhou Xiaolong quickly understood that it was probably the big advertising company next door that colluded with the landlord to squeeze out Xia Xue.
He said that the landlord came out from behind the chair. He was thin, but his abdomen was surprisingly large, like a pillow was stuffed inside, and his face was sallow.
Zhou Xiaolong, the younger brother of Xuanmen, was proficient in medical skills. He immediately judged that the landlord’s liver was diseased and it was very serious
"I said you’d better not be so grumpy, uncle. I advise you." Zhou Xiaolong said seriously, "You can eat whatever you want when you go home now, because I have seen that you are afraid that your life will not last long."
When the landlord heard Zhou Xiaolong, he dared to curse himself and immediately flew into a rage.
However, the landlady worried that her husband would be angry and hurt her health and put her husband back in the chair.
The landlady turned to Xia Xue and said, "I said, Xiao Xia, who is this child and how can he curse?"
Xia Xue is also embarrassed. She doesn’t want to move from Longteng Building.
Because it is very troublesome for the company to move, it not only costs a lot of money, but also takes a long time to operate in a new place without customers and resources to slow the company down.
The Xia Xue company can’t change the place now. She doesn’t have that much money. There is still one year left in the lease, and she has already given the money to the landlord.
At the moment, Xia Xue wants to persuade the couple to leave, do a few cases and earn some money before considering moving.
But I didn’t expect Zhou Xiaolong to say something like that to the landlord. Isn’t this sincere to intensify the contradiction between the two sides?
To avoid Zhou Xiaolong talkative Xia Xue ruthlessly stare at him low warned "little dragon, you stop talking nonsense! ! !”
Zhou Xiaolong still has a face or expression. He straightened his chest and said to the landlords, "I didn’t talk nonsense. When I spoke, they naturally knew that he was sick and very serious. I’m afraid he wouldn’t last for half a year without treatment."
Xia Xue more nasty want to cover Zhou Xiaolong mouth.
But the opposite male landlord came together to ask, "Do you know medical skills? !”
"Yes, are you a doctor?" The landlady also asked
"Don’t worry about whether I’m a doctor or not. I’ll ask you if I’m right if you have liver problems."
"Yes, yes, yes, you are right!" The landlord nodded quickly.
"If I can get you back to health, will you drive us away at high rent?"
The couple looked at each other and looked at the little boy in front of them. Although he was young, his hair on his head looked like a Taoist.
Since ancient times, heroes have been teenagers. Is it true that today I met an expert who can help them cure diseases?
"Brother, you really have a way? !” The landlord tried to ask
"Of course, Xuanmendi never talks nonsense."
"Then how do you treat me? !”
As the saying goes, the landlord has been troubled by the disease and went to many big hospitals, but he has not cured him.
In fact, the couple just want to give the rent to the company next door to earn a lot of money to continue their treatment. They don’t want to get rid of Xia Xueshi before the lease expires.
If someone says it can cure this disease, the landlord would like to have a try.
Zhou Xiaolong said to the landlady, "Go downstairs and buy a bottle of old vinegar, and then I will treat your husband."
The landlady was hesitant to leave her husband alone, so Xia Xue asked the intern Xiaoyalou to buy vinegar.
The landlady took out 100 yuan and gave it to Xiaoya, who told her to buy the most expensive kind of mature vinegar.
There is a supermarket at the bottom of the building, and Xiaoya soon bought a bottle of authentic mature vinegar.