Zhang Lao six woke up from a coma and seemed to be scattered all over. "Hey? I’m not dead! " The old man couldn’t believe himself, but he was aching all over and woke up. He wasn’t dreaming.

He groped his way up, and now he has fallen off Xiunv Peak. A valley at the bottom of the peak is full of fallen leaves for many years. He is falling off this pile of fallen leaves, otherwise he would have died from that height.
Zhang Laoliu looked at the rejuvenation grass in his hand and lit it up again in his heart, hoping to find a way to go out and save his son.
But when I looked up, it was surrounded by Hei Junjun, and the mountain Tianma was about to get dark, and the rain still didn’t stop.
Touching the steep cliff next to him, he tried, but there was no way to climb the cliff like a knife, almost at a 90-degree angle.
What should we do? How to go out?
Zhang Laoliu fumbled around and looked around. Now there is a small cave over there. I wonder if I can go out from there?
He thought about slowly holding the mountain wall and walking to the cave. He took a look at the mouth of the cave. It seemed that there was a little light in it. Zhang Laoliu was eager to save his heart, and he went in no matter what danger was inside.
The cave has just been very narrow, and after walking for a while, it has gradually become wider, and even the vision has become wider. Zhang Laoliu feels that the cave has a mysterious atmosphere, but he can’t say what it is.
The cave is getting wider and wider. It’s a hole in the sky. The air here is fresh and not as dirty as expected. The temperature is a little cold. Although the temperature is already low in late autumn, the temperature in the cave seems to have been soaked in deep winter. The more Zhang Laohan feels cold and shivering.
He curled up his neck and groped for the hole in the ground. The number of frost flowers has formed. Whether the wall or the ground is white, there is a cold light. What is the mouth of the cave that saw a glimmer of light? It is probably these frost flowers that reflect the light.
Soon at the bottom of the cave, old man Zhang was disappointed that there was no so-called exit. It seems that there is no way to get through here, and he wants to go back the same way.
But all of a sudden, the ground in front of us is risking light steam.
Zhang Laohan went forward curiously and took a closer look. He was surprised that there was a hot spring in such a cold environment.
Zhang Laohan looked into the hot spring. A figure appeared in the clear spring. He rubbed his eyes and looked carefully. It was good that there was a man lying in the hot spring. He looked like a young man in his twenties. His face was angular and full of masculine muscles. He was full of strength and fitness like a sun god. His head and eyebrows were lux red, as if a fire were burning. He just curled up quietly and held his legs, lying there motionless as if asleep.
A grotesque dagger was inserted in his heart, which penetrated deeply into the young man’s left chest like a snake, revealing that the handle of the dagger was inlaid with a sparkling red gem.
Is this man dead? What is lying in this hot spring?
Lao Zhang almost forgot the cold. He looked around the hot spring. No, he had to find a way to get out quickly. Xiaorong is still waiting for this life-saving grass! Zhang Laohan wanted to walk out of the cave by the original road.
But just after a few steps, I thought that the handle of the dagger inserted in the young man’s body was inlaid with such a big red gem, which looked very valuable and could probably change a lot of silver and food! I can get a better doctor for my son and improve my family life. Zhang Laoliu decided to pull the dagger out and take it away.
I’ve made up my mind. Zhang Lao Liu jumped into the hot spring and pulled to the young man’s side. He put his hands into the water and turned the young man over. How heavy!
The young man was lying on his back in the water with a handsome red knife-shaped eyebrows and a slightly ruffled face. The lines were as tough as stones.
Zhang Laoliu clenched his teeth and touched the handle Bi. He held the handle and pulled it out with a jerk. The young man’s chest was pulled out because of too much force. Zhang Laoliu even fell into the hot spring with the Bi. It is strange that this Bi actually "sou" went up in smoke. The old man looked at the swinging hand and couldn’t help but freeze.
Fortunately, it didn’t hurt to fall in the water, but the rejuvenation grass also fell into the water and floated not far from Zhang Laoliu. Zhang Laoliu quickly reached out and touched the rejuvenation grass, but before his palm could reach the fairy grass, he grabbed the grass first.
Zhang Laohan was shocked and looked intently at the water. The young man actually reached out and grabbed the life-saving grass of the old man. Slowly, he sat up from the water. He turned his messy lux head and hand to his head and revealed his face. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and a pair of the same lux demon pupils were radiant, which was very strange and terrible.
When did Zhang Laohan live to this age and see this situation? The body in the original soaking water has actually come back to life, and there are a pair of eyes that are not human lux.
The young man just sat in the water and looked at Zhang Laohan with a strange smile. He slowly opened his mouth and four fangs appeared in front of Zhang Laohan’s eyes, and his head slowly grew a sharp corner.
"Ghosts!" Zhang Laohan quickly climbed out of the water and ran frantically to the mouth of the cave, but he didn’t run more than a dozen paces. He felt a chill in his back. Looking back, he actually shot a column of blood from his back and the other end reached the mouth of the young man in the water. He actually sucked out his own blood.
Zhang Laohan "plopped" and fell down. He felt that he had vented his anger and didn’t get into the air. His eyes protruded as if they had been drained.
He tried to open his eyes and hold his breath as he watched the young man get up from the water.
The young man walked slowly to Zhang Laohan with a strange smile on his mouth. His voice was also very secretive and arrogant. "Thank you for understanding my seal. This’ broken magic sword’ has sealed me for three thousand years. I have to sleep in this hot spring all my life! I didn’t expect you, the old man, to untie the seal for me. It’s an act of god! To thank you, I give you eternal life and a young body? How about it? "
He gently crouched down to his fangs and bit his fingers, dripping his blood into the wound on Zhang Laohan’s back. Zhang Laohan was breathing hard with his mouth open, and he was rolling painfully. Slowly, his old body was slowly restored to youth, and his face became black like a young man. His mouth gradually grew fangs. He got up, his eyes turned bright red, and he bowed respectfully to the young man. "See The Hunger Temple! Please command! "

Du Xin son immediately chimed in after listening to the mysterious questions. "I also think it’s a trap. We’d better be careful. It’s definitely nothing good for Li Yonghao to see us. What can we talk about with him? What do you say? "

The cat took a look at the crowd and sank, "I think what would Ji Dong do if he met this situation?"
Wolf providence sink a way: "At the beginning, the young master once said that he would let Li Yonghao see us combine with them. There is no doubt that this foundation was established after the creation of the sacred island was released, and it can be said that this foundation is more stable after we killed all the dark dead guards and the dark heavenly beasts. Li Yonghao is the leader of the anti-cat organization. I am afraid he is also in a dilemma now. He will never hope that the dark cat will lead the dark army to unify the whole world. If that is not good for him, his most hope should be me." In this case, he is unlikely to help the dark cat set a trap to kill us because it is not good for his current situation. From the strength point of view, after all, the dark army is now superior to our light army, and if we are missing, the victory scale will be even more inclined, so I think this should not be a trap. "
The analysis of the wolf’s providence is obviously much more powerful than what Du Xiner said just now. It is true that the saints have nodded their heads. From the theoretical analysis, it is no good for Li Yonghao if he is annihilated. If there is no Frey, Li Yonghao may still have some hope for the dark secret, but Frey’s appearance will definitely smash him completely. He finally expects that the dark secret is not stupid. Even if he chooses his successor in cold blood, he will definitely choose his own son instead of possibly affecting his rule over the dark saint.
Yao Qian said, "I also agree with God’s will that Li Yonghao’s ambush on us may be very small, and let’s not forget that the red-violet skyfire may go out at any time. The most important thing for the dark cat is not our side, but the front line. If I were him, I would never leave the front line for a moment and I would always be ready to fight, regardless of his holy peak strength. He is the backbone of the whole dark army. If he does not doubt during the war, it will lead to a low momentum of the dark army and he will not be afraid of me if he wants to fight." If we don’t go to the front, the dark secret can even abandon the dark temple. It’s really impossible to deal with us at the important moment when the battle is about to be fought, and if I’m not mistaken, he will definitely calculate that we must have serious damage because of the dark guard, so I think we should go to see Li Yonghao’s secret and you can decide. "
The eyes of the cat quietly emerged from the eyebrows of the cat, and the light flashed without the cat slowly nodding and sinking. "Let’s go." Through soul induction, he could roughly predict the fortunes of the trip, and the result was obviously benign.
One day later
In the pub closest to the dark fortress, the heavenly saints are quietly waiting for them to come early. With the origin of the alliance against the cat, and the large amount of food and foam given this time, they can get accurate information before coming to the appointment place. Although they are short of Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, they have a certain understanding of the surrounding situation and have a little arrangement. After all, the heavenly saints are all strong with nine crowns. Their cultivation is not comparable to that of ordinary magicians with nine crowns, which makes their magic more cohesive than ordinary magicians. If the dark cat leads the heavenly saints to arrive here, they will be more attractive.
"Coming" The cat’s eyes moved slightly, and the eyes of the saints became sharp at the same time.
The footsteps sounded from outside the pub, wearing a black cloak and covering his head. Li Yonghao strode in and sat directly in front of the cat, which surprised the saints. It was Li Yonghao’s trip that he was alone, and he didn’t bring a dark saint, not to the pub, but to the city.
"Pavilion seems very confident," said the cat was light.
Li Yonghao’s eyes swept away and revealed a little surprise. He didn’t expect that there would be so many naked saints in front of him. He didn’t say the specific number of naked saints, but he soon relaxed because he didn’t see Ji Dong in the crowd.
"Didn’t Ji Dong come?" Li Yonghao asked lightly.
"I can represent him," said the cat. "He has other things to contend with. I think we will all have reservations about each other."
Li Yonghao’s eyes moved slightly and looked straight at the secret as if he wanted to see the mystery in his heart. It’s a pity that he wanted to get it from the soul Xiu Yuan’s eyes higher than his. He wanted to know if it was impossible. Did Ji Dong die in the Dark Dead World War I? This idea lingers in Li Yonghao’s heart, and his heart can’t help fluctuating with it. If Ji Dong is really dead, it will be bad for his plan, because it seems to him that Ji Dong can lead these light-hearted saints to compete with the dark cat.
"I don’t think we need to talk about it any more," said Li Yonghao, who had got up and was about to walk away.
The cat didn’t stop him, but he quietly watched him go out. His eyes were full of inquiries. Although Li Yonghao was strong, the overall strength of the saints was not comparable to that of the saints in the dark. Compared with their efforts, Li Yonghao could not run.
Li Yonghao walked all the way to the door and didn’t find any sound behind him. There was little magic fluctuation. You know, although he turned his back on the saints, he was extremely cautious. He always felt the changes behind him carefully. Li Yonghao turned around and looked at the cat and found that the cat was looking at him calmly.
"I need Ji Dong Yard. He’s still alive. It’s the basis of our discussion. He has shown me that you and I are in harmony, but without him, I think the plan is meaningless. I’m afraid you will have the same understanding yourself."
Listen to Li Yonghao’s words, the cat got up slowly and raised his right hand slowly and pressed his forehead. Li Yonghao clearly saw the cat’s eye emerge and the cat solemnly said, "I swear by the name of the cat that the holy king Ji Dong is still alive and his strength has increased or decreased compared with before. If half a sentence is empty, the light will overturn."
In an instant, a golden light flashed out of the cat’s eyes and didn’t
Li Yonghao is a discerning person and naturally recognizes that this is a contractual oath. It is impossible for ordinary magicians to make such an oath first. Moreover, this oath is said from the mouth of the light cat in front of him. Although he has no strong repair, the two continents of light and darkness are of great significance, but the dark cat is equal. I can’t help but believe Li Yonghao.
In fact, the oath of the cat was meaningless. Ji Dong was indeed alive and better than before. The problem is that they left Ji Dong but didn’t wake up. There was no Ji Dong in his oath to participate in the grand battle. It can be said that it was a word game, which made Li Yonghao have to believe in word games.
Looking at the cat Li Yonghao eyes finally some changes have taken place, the face is hard and the lines are soft, and many nods a way"In that case, I believe that we have a basis for peace talks. You should also know that we are a member of the dark five-element mainland. I never want our dark five-element mainland to be ruled by your light five-element mainland, so it is impossible for me to help you deal with our dark army. Our rebellion against the cat alliance is a dark cat. Although we are all human beings, in a sense, we belong to different races. Therefore, we have two first peace talks before peace talks. The basis must be to ensure my dark five-element at least. The second reason for the mainland’s security is that the dark cat must die. Only when he dies can I use my resources to unify the dark five elements of the mainland and improve the situation of the people’s misery. I can show our sincerity first. There is still a warehouse in the dark fortress with ordnance and grain. This time, the dark cat asked me to come here to transport these things to the front, but I can let you move the warehouse. Of course, you must give us resistance to the alliance of the dark cat to support the suffering people, and you must let me see that sincerity is to kill the dark cat. Everything will be much easier when the dark cat dies. With the strength of your light-and-dry saints and the strength of our dark-and-dry saints, with the help of twenty artifacts of light and darkness, it is possible for us to reproduce the grand occasion displayed by the holy island of the first generation of saints. Perhaps our strength is not as good as that of the first generation of saints, but it is not too difficult to create an array like that of the original holy island. It is not too difficult to re-isolate my dark five-element continent from your light-and-five-element continent, and peace will reappear. Our two continents can also avoid the death of civilians due to the battle
At this point, Li Yonghao paused for a moment before continuing to sink. "This is all I can show sincerity. I believe you can also feel my sincerity. Please consider it carefully."
Li Yonghao’s eyes looked at the secret with sincerity. The dark holy king looked very sincere and seemed as sincere as he said.
Cat quietly watching Yong-hao li slowly nodded "pavilion is really sincere, but how can we ensure that you can keep your promise after the dark cat was killed by us? Chapter six hundred and fifty Finally put out the red-violet skyfire.
Although the cat’s eye is not as sharp as Li Yonghao’s, it is deeper than him. Can you still keep your promise? When this sentence is asked, his whole temperament seems to have changed.
Li Yonghao said lightly, "I scared you to death. It is my sincerity, not my commitment. I never believed that I believe that the strength pavilion is still not as bold as Ji Dong. If it is Ji Dong, he will definitely not ask me this sentence. He will act and prove his strength. At that time, I have no chance to violate the rules."
Li Yonghao’s confession makes the cat frown slightly. The key is that he is right. He is indeed far less ambitious than Ji Dong’s master! You must wake up. Without you, a light saint is not a light saint.
Although I think so in my heart, the cat’s mouth is obviously unwilling to suffer. "In this case, we are also very sincere according to what Ge said, but the final result is not what we can guess now, and all the endings will have to wait until we really get to that day."
Li Yonghao slowly nodded, "Well, we’ll wait for that day to come. Take care, everyone." After saying this, he turned and walked away and disappeared from everyone’s sight.
Li Yonghao stayed for a short time from arrival to departure, and the answers of both sides were both in vain. It’s hard to say now. If the saints can really kill the dark cat, then everything may be possible. But as Li Yonghao said, it must be that the strength of both sides is even after killing the dark cat. Only in this way can it be possible to re-establish the sacred island as a barrier with the help of the saints of both sides like the first generation of saints. But is this balance really that easy to achieve? That is, when they deal with the dark secret, Li Yonghao and his dark saints are probably not in harmony. Without the support of the dark saints, it is obviously much easier to deal with the dark secret by isolating an individual. Of course, even so, he is still a holy peak and the overall strength is not so easy to compete.
The day after the two sides met, the Heavenly Saints had already visited the dark fortress again, but this time they were going to come in secret. Many Li Yonghao replaced the people guarding the last warehouse with himself, and he had little strength. The Heavenly Saints moved the last warehouse with the magic weapon against the cat alliance, and saved a large number of displaced civilians in the dark five elements mainland with these food.
In terms of governance, both Li Yonghao and the anti-cat alliance flash father-in-law are many times stronger than the dark cat. After controlling most parts of the dark five-element mainland, the anti-cat alliance effectively organizes people to engage in production and farming, and makes every effort to ensure that they can barely satisfy their hunger at this stage. When a new batch of food comes, the famine in all parts of the dark mainland will be effectively curbed. Of course, there is still a long way to go before the dark five-element mainland can recover its vitality.
Li Yonghao was very dark, and the saints were not in a hurry to return to the front line. He told him that the last warehouse of the fortress was moved during the rescue of the dark fortress by the dark saints, and there were more saints left than expected. He was leading the dark saints to hunt down and hope to clear these anomalies.
What Li Yonghao did can be said to be a perfect seam, and the most important thing is that the battle is about to be fought. It is impossible for the dark cat roots to leave the front line and come to the fortress to see the specific situation. He told Guangtiangan saints that they would not appear in the battle field in the early days of the war, so that the Guangtian saints could seize the time.
There is enough news for the saints of light, but they are not happy at all because their holy king has never returned
Red-violet skyfire is still burning quietly, but at this time, the whole sacred island is in a state of tension. No one knows when the red-violet skyfire will go out, but everyone knows that once the red-violet skyfire goes out, the war will break out. At that time, it will not be as simple as the loss of life. Everyone will fall into this war.
This sacred island will also be destined to become a huge game between the two sides of the meat grinder, which is the key to the victory of the sacred island. It can be said that it has laid the foundation for the victory. It seems that this moment has ended in the sacred island.
The atmosphere at night is very refreshing. Since there is no Wanlei to rob the prison, the environment of the sacred island has become better than before. I don’t know how much it is sunny almost every day, and even when it rains, the sun is still hanging high. This is all because of the red-violet skyfire. Dark clouds are forming in this sacred island.
Compared with the moment when it just burned, the gorgeous red fire curtain has become dim. Many people can see each other through the fire curtain, and some vague scenes are opposite. The magic of the ultimate killing skill is finally exhausted, and the fluctuation of the fire element in the air has become more intense. There is a layer of faint red halo in the sky.
At the same time, the strange sight attracted the attention of both sides. Although it was night, the army of light had immediately demonstrated its action. Ten thousand magic divisions first appeared on the battlefield. Every ten people were neatly arranged in a row, facing each other with red-violet skyfire, and one hand was on the shoulder of the other, and the five elements were in circulation.
The vision of red-violet skyfire tells everyone that it is about to change, and the dark army will naturally not be calm here
There is a man in front of the dark cat quietly facing the red-violet skyfire Frey, and behind him are tens of thousands of dark magic armies. Although the saints have done a lot in the dark five elements of the mainland, at this moment, the total number of dark magic armies gathered around the dark cat is still more than 40 thousand, and there are still hundreds of thousands to prepare for the dark magic army. One by one, heavy armored regiments with excellent war weapons form a solid phalanx. In a short time, both armies have made preparations for battle
Hum-red-violet skyfire suddenly shook violently. A layer of water waves came out from the guide, and a strong red moment lit up the whole sacred island, but it also rose slowly like a huge curtain. The fluctuation in the strong fire element drove his attribute magic element. The ultimate killing skill of the horizontal stalk sacred island for more than four years finally turned into a red cloud suspended to illuminate the sacred island, which also made the barriers between the two sides disappear quietly.
No matter whether it was light or dark red-violet skyfire, no one made a move at the moment when it disappeared. Both sides looked up and looked at the spread in the red halo. Both sides finally saw each other’s kind of cold gas surging out like a huge wave. Even the murderous look emitted by the original god-killing Prius was compared with the millions of dark light armies in front of us. Both sides had more battlefield troops than three million light and five elements, and there were more on one side of the mainland because they still had a large number of logistics personnel. In this respect, there were also many dark five elements in the mainland, but the six warehouses of the sacred island were destroyed by the original creation, accompanied by millions of
If you look down from it, you can clearly see that the Everbright Army and the Dark Army are completely different, just like two completely different worlds. Most of the places on the Everbright Army are swaying roots, and there are no plants, while the dark army is full of green creation at a glance except the army. All this is brought by creation.
The atmosphere of the two sides solidified as if to drop water, and the magic condensed by each other’s magic division was climbing several times. It really deviated from the balance, and the light army was suppressed. The rhythm of magic in the air here was much larger, and the overwhelming general sharp coercion made the light army feel breathless there.
The commander-in-chief of the light Coalition forces, the equal king Ji Yunsheng, is at the front of the team. His face is ugly and even his breathing is unstable. Not all the generals around him are good. The magic division and the Presbyterian church are strong, and everyone’s heart is beating faster. Don’t say that there is a situation in which millions of troops confront each other. No one in their field has ever encountered this kind of atmosphere. It can be said that they are all immersed in a grand and vast pressure, so that everyone is in a daze. This situation also appears on the other side of the mainland. This is also what happened. After the disappearance of the red-violet skyfire on both sides, no one started work. To put it bluntly, they are all in a daze. Yes, millions of troops are in a daze.

They were originally scheduled to get up early the next day to take photos in Yunshan, but for some reason, Zhao Gan and her friends both suffered from insomnia that night, and they were still awake until a little early in the morning.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door in the middle of the night, and someone was singing the children’s song "Little Rabbit Darling" outside. Both little girls were startled. The girl who walked with her called Su Shaodan ran to the door to ask who it was.
But got no response.
They didn’t rush to open the door. About half an hour later, a police officer called them and said that suspicious people had just fled outside, hoping that they could open the door and cooperate with the investigation.
Zhao Gan and Sue shallow a listen to is the police, and the opposite accurately called out their names as soon as they lost their guard and opened the door.
The door opened and their first dreamland began.
Finally, Su Shao found that the problem broke the dreamland.
But when they came out, they found that the outside had changed long ago, and there were mutants everywhere. Sue’s shallow power was aggressive, and she stumbled out of the hotel with Zhao Gan.
But when they escape, they don’t know where to go next. They can run and hide and be forced to move forward with their eyes wide open.
Zhao Gan’s power is hidden, which can be integrated with the surrounding dreamland to the greatest extent, and can not be discovered by mutants and other humans. It is as offensive as Mao Chengcheng’s power, and it is not as advantageous as Fang Yin and Qin Yougui’s power, which can maximize and strengthen itself.
Suitable for escape
And Zhao Gan also put this escape skill into full play, hiding in Izumo Town, avoiding many mutants, sweeping a large amount of materials from the mall and planning to run away.
Just as she was about to leave Izumo, she met a group of people.
The other party is a normal human.
She came to meet reinforcements by herself, but she saw the other side kill other people who escaped from the dreamland. The man rummaged for something and finally seemed to find nothing, and scolded him in a low voice.
She had never seen such a scene. At that moment, human beings were more horrible than mutants in her eyes.
She was scared silly.
Desperately fled to the back of the square rockery, but stumbled upon the unfinished construction site, the light city.
It’s very different from the ground world
No horrible mutant, no suffocating purple-gray smoke, and no human who wants her life.
I don’t know when clusters of white flowers will grow in the small corner of the city of lights.
The grains of rice are like clusters, much like the stars all over the sky, but they are much more fragrant than the stars all over the sky. It is the kind of reassuring sweet smell.
It’s ridiculous to be peaceful here. Compared with the outside, it’s a paradise in troubled times
Zhao Gan thought that she had found a wonderful place. She camped here and spent nearly half a month relying on the materials she had found before until she fainted because of long-term mental strain.
Then Fang Yin found her curled up in the corner.
Zhao Gan’s expressive ability is very good. Try to make her experience clear in short words.
She took a deep breath and explained, "I woke up in a daze for a while, and I didn’t know that it had been so many days until I was held. You were with those people who killed me before."
That’s why she reacted so violently, struggling and crying.
Fang Yin turned to look at Qin Xu and found that he was staring at Zhao Gan. He didn’t find Fang Yin’s sight and didn’t want to talk.
So Fang Yin can ask herself, "What about the girl who is traveling with you?"
"She is shallow, she was taken away." Zhao Gan held the water bottle and said this with some tears in her eyes. "I don’t know how she is now."
Zhao Gan’s experience these days is too much beyond Fang Yin’s cognition.
Whether it is able to disperse the dense fog and white flowers or start work on their own kind, human beings have never met Fang Yin before and suddenly realize that Li Xing is just the tip of the iceberg in this fog.
Chapter 25 Mystery Games
I was taken away, that is to say, I have left Izumo Town, and I don’t know where those people who took Su Shallow came from. Being in the fog, China and India can’t manage so many things. I didn’t worry too much when I learned that Su Shallow is no longer in Izumo Town.
Fang Yin looked at Zhao Gan with a dignified expression and said, "But there was no white sea of flowers around you when we found you."
"How?" Zhao Gan looked surprised. She put the water bottle in her hand and sat up straight. "I was in the sea of white flowers. I think they should have dispelled the dense fog. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be alive today. Why not?"
Fang Yin first guessed whether Zhao Gan was too weak and caused her to have some kind of hallucination.
Qin Yougui suddenly asked her, "Have you ever experienced a second dreamland?"
"What second dreamland?" Zhao Gan looks at a loss, and some can’t understand what they are saying.
I cann’t believe I haven’t had a second fantasy?
Fang Yin and Qin Xugui glances saw doubt and shock in each other’s eyes.
The situation in Zhao Gan is really special
All the members of Li Xingzhong, Zhao Yi and Qin Yougui, have been compiled into a book. After everyone came out of the dreamland, the longest foggy period was only seven days.
It’s not that no one has tried not to open the door after the seven-day epidemic period, and the most consequence of hard resistance in the fog is direct mutation with no chance of survival
That’s why they have to enter the dreamland honestly every seven days. The reason is that if they enter the dreamland, they should be smart. There is a great possibility of survival, but if they don’t even enter the dreamland, they will die.
But according to Zhao Gan’s account, it has been far more than seven days since she came out of the first dreamland.
But she has neither experienced the second dreamland nor alienated.
Nowadays, I’m sitting here and just being treated by Zhao Yi, and I’m looking at them with vacant eyes.
There are thousands of questions in Fang Yin’s heart, and there is no way to ask them all at once. I can answer Zhao Gan’s second dreamland question first, while Qin Yigui went upstairs to find Zhao Yi.
He handed Zhao Gan the Li Xing handbook in his bag, and then gave her a general introduction to the running rules of the world after a heavy fog came.
Zhao Gan looked at him with a puzzled nod.
Looking at her Fang Yin, I couldn’t help thinking of the other day. I didn’t expect that after only a few days, he had already started teaching these things from a little white who knew everything.
Just then, Zhao Yi suddenly pushed the door and came in. Fang Yin looked behind her and found that there was no Qin Yigui figure behind her. It was Qin Yigui who changed posts with her.
"Much better before the hazy brain is not very clear, but now I don’t feel that way." It is obvious that Zhao Gan believes more in Zhao Yi. When she came in, she smiled and leaned forward.
Zhao Yi nodded and stretched out his hand to help her sort out a broken hair on her temples and then gently rubbed it off. She had just rubbed biscuit crumbs.
"If you are better, take us to the sea of flowers you said later. Let’s have a look. When I saved you, I didn’t find any white flowers around. What you described is very strange. You have to figure it out, okay?" Zhao yi pushed the frame on the bridge of the nose gold-rimmed glasses peach blossom eye smilingly asked.
Zhao Gan has no opinion. Darling Qiaoqiao nodded his head.