When the meal arrived, students came in groups of three and five, and the restaurant soon became lively, and they almost finished eating.

"You wait here for me to get to the car first" because it is not convenient to park, the car is a little far away.
"I’ll come with you!" Ye Lingshan got up from his position.
"Are you sure your feet can still walk?" JiNaRui glanced at Ye Lingshan high heels.
Ye Lingshan embarrassed smile or took JiNanRui arm "then I’ll wait for you at the door"
Although it’s autumn, it’s still quite hot. Plus, it will be the highest temperature at noon. Ye Lingshan squints and looks a little lazy.
Xing Sisi saw the door at a glance. Ye Lingshan was held by her friend arm in arm and walked on without responding.
Xing Sisi’s other two roommates don’t know Ye Lingshan, but she and He Zhenmei do.
As we get closer, we can’t avoid He Zhenmei, and we also see Ye Lingshan.
He Zhenmei now saw Ye Lingshan’s face change and touched Xing Sisi’s arm. Xing Sisi was calm now. "I saw it!"
He Zhenmei doesn’t like Ye Lingshan either, but Ji Nanrui’s words scared her that day, so she didn’t dare to expect anything. After all, they are married now.
Ling Ye Shan doesn’t want to trouble Xing Sisi. Both of them can’t solve their personal grievances in this life, but there will be too many personal grievances outside, so there is no need to disturb everyone’s silence.
Xing Sisi saw that Ling Ye Shan didn’t mean to talk to her, and she was also a bit heavy to walk in.
When she crossed Ye Lingshan and walked into the restaurant, she really stopped. "You order first and I’ll be right there."
Xing Sisi’s eyes fell on He Zhen’s beautiful body. He Zhen’s beautiful eyes flashed "Sisi, don’t go."
Xing Sisi’s eyes flashed with a surprise and she smiled quickly. "I’ll be right back."
Things have come to this. Is there anything worse than this?
Even if she knew Ji Nanrui before her, even if she liked Ji Nanrui first, what does it matter? If Ji Nanrui likes to marry her, it’s just that she is obsessed with her.
She hung down and shook hands, then went out and walked beside Ye Lingshan. "I have something to say to you."
Ye Lingshan looked at her with a partial head and nodded "OK, what do you want to talk about?"
It seems to be menacing, but now even my sister doesn’t want to scream.
Xing Sisi looked up at Ye Lingshan. She was shorter than Ye Lingshan and wore sneakers, so she was more than ten centimeters lower than Ye Lingshan. She had to hold her head up when she spoke.
"You know what I want to talk about." Xing Sisi’s eyes were aggressive.
Chapter 562 You be gentle!
Ye Lingshan rubbed his brow and sighed, "Miss Xing, I think you are being ridiculous."
She came here specially to talk to her and said that she knew it. Please, she’s not a worm in her stomach. How can she know what she wants to talk about?
Xingsisi sneer at "I make fun of it? Who is the troublemaker? "
Ye Lingshan didn’t look at her eyes and looked at the traffic in the distance. The expression was somewhat absent-minded. "Xing Sisi, if you are not so fake and lofty, you may not be so annoying. Since you don’t want to talk, get out of here and don’t bother me with this stepmother face."
"Ye Lingshan, don’t go too far!" Xing Sisi bit his lip and looked at Ye Lingshan angrily.
Ye Lingshan sneered, "How can you blame me too much?"
Is it her who is looking for trouble?
Xing Sisi looked at Ye Lingshan with a cold expression, but his expression was contemptuous, just like he was a Tianshan Snow Lotus.
Xing Sisi really looks good. This ice muscle, jade bone’s good skin and everyday people are as pale as chrysanthemums. It is really pleasing, especially men.
Isn’t Ji Nanrui attracted by her temperament at first?
If this sister of hers is really fighting so hard, she may not hate her so much. It’s a pity …
A bitch is a bitch!
Xing Sisi saw Ye Lingshan’s naked contempt in his eyes, and his chest became more and more depressed. "There is nothing wrong with you striving for your own happiness, but why do you want to harm Ji Nanrui? Is he going to marry you just because you like him?"
"I am evil?" Ye Lingshan was angry and smiled. "You are ridiculous. Xing Sisi, when will you change this problem?"
"It’s not you he likes!" When Xing Sisi said this, his confidence became more and more contemptuous than his eyes.
Her meaning and expression tell her that the person Ji Nanrui likes is her Xing Sisi, not her Ye Lingshan.
Ye Lingshan was angered by her. "Xing Sisi, I really don’t know where you come from to say this confidently. Ji Nanrui doesn’t like me, a beautiful young lady who loves him. Do you like you to be petty and unlucky?"
Xing Sisi was choked by Ye Lingshan for a long time and couldn’t speak. It took a long time to hate and hate. "You just got what he was proud of."
Ye Lingshan bowed her head and glanced at her gently. "If you think like this, it will make you feel better and feel free!"
Xing Sisi’s face flushed. Obviously Ye Lingshan said this to her heart.
"Now that I’ve finished, leave before I want to embarrass you!" Ye Lingshan has been looking at Ji Nanrui’s parking direction just now. Why hasn’t it come for so long?
"Do you think it will be held fast to get people by hook or by crook?" Xing Sisi’s words are really vicious.
Ye Lingshan was angered by her and reached out and slapped her. "I don’t keep it well. This is my business, but with me Ye Lingshan, you won’t have a chance."
"What is it that you dare to say such a thing to me? You look and eat, including that you can talk to me here. Ye Jia gave me Ye Jia for so many years, but he raised an unfamiliar baiwenhang. What makes you think you can take Ji Nanrui away from me? Is it because your face is bigger than mine? But what if your face is bigger than mine? "
Xing Sisi was ridiculed by Ye Lingshan, blushing and trembling. "Ye Lingshan, you are too bullying."
"Bullying people? I just bully you. What can you do with me? Before, you still had self-esteem and were different from those coquettish bitches outside, but now I find that you are really different because you are not coquettish and a bitch! "
Just like her mother who hooked up with her father, she is a bitch in her bones.
She didn’t know that she had a mind to seduce JiNanRui.
It’s not that she suspects that JiNanRui will have anything with her, but that she is afraid of disgusting herself.
"Ye Lingshan …" Xing Sisi stretched out his hand to slap Ye Lingshan when he was about to fall, but his hand was caught.
Ye Lingshan looked up at the person in front of him. Who is it?
She just scolded Xing Sisi and really didn’t notice when he came over.
When Xing Sisi saw that it was Ji Nanrui, her eyes turned red and she bit her lip and started to cry.
She broke away from JiNanRui’s arm and turned her back on him without saying a word, waiting for someone to coax her.
Ye Lingshan is the so-called stretched out his hand and grabbed JiNanRui arm "how come it took so long? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time."
Ji Nanrui didn’t say anything. Ye Lingshan noticed a bag in his hand. "What is this?"
"For what?"
"The foot doesn’t hurt?" JiNaRui didn’t good the spirit gave her a look.
Ye Lingshan has packed a box with a pair of shoes, white sneakers, which are not pretty but not ugly.
"You bought it for me?" Ye Lingshan holding the box and smiling at JiNaRui.
"Change it!" Ji Nan Rui Dan said that her feet must be worn out after walking in high heels for so long. It would be easier to wear a new pair of shoes.
Ye Lingshan looked at Xing Sisi with his back to them and shook his arm. "I can’t bend over to change my skirt."
Ji Nanrui looked at Ye Lingshan’s skirt and missed the knee. It’s really inconvenient to bend over.
Take the shoes from her hand and squat down in front of her, let her sit on one leg with her hand on her shoulder.
When I took off my shoes, I saw that her foot was broken at the back and was about to bleed.
Ji Nanrui took out a band-aid from his pocket, put up her wound and then deal with it.