"Or let off steam and make slaves"

Several women snickered, and Xia Zhu felt that her heart had fallen into the dust, and Liu Yao couldn’t listen to it. She was about to pull her back in the past.
"Nothing" Xia Zhu took Liu Yao to one side with a wry smile.
"Xia Zhu, I can see that your husband is very kind to you. It’s not what they say." Liu Yao was angry
"It’s all urgent people who are angry with them, and they don’t know whether they are happy or not." Xia Zhu replied.
"So what are you happy? Heart? " Liu Yao is worried
"I am very happy and heart-warming." If Xia Zhu continues to laugh, it will make people feel more distressed for her.
Liu Yao sighed, although Bai Yinting said that all aspects of the conditions were very good, but it was too cold. Compared with reality, she hoped that Xia Zhu could be with Qu Lu, but it was a pity that some people missed it.
"Xia Zhu, why do you hurry up here? One is you."
Someone came over and told her Xia Zhu to go over and get ready for the stage. No, that person should do her own performance and get her due reward.
Because Xia Zhu is a sand painting performance place, mainly a large-screen projection place, her position is actually a side platform, which means that the audience can’t see her easily
This can also make everyone pay more attention to her sitting face. Bai Yinting will come today because she is not at ease with Xia Zhu.
Besides, of course he’s coming to join his wife’s performance. Who doesn’t know that he and Xia Zhu are in school?
However, seeing that Xia Zhu’s interpretation is an imperfect love story, Bai Yinting is somewhat unhappy. Is this a hint?
After the performance, Bai Yinting quietly left and went backstage to find Xia Zhu. He didn’t ask too much about the sand painting performance before.
For Bai Yinting, it doesn’t matter what Xia Zhu can perform. He doesn’t need an excellent woman, but a woman who can make him feel comfortable.
But this sad love story made Bai Yinting feel uncomfortable. He must see Xia Zhu now or his heart will go crazy.
When I came backstage, female students took the initiative to come over and say hello to him. Bai Yinting ignored them. His indifference made those girls feel the pressure and it would really suffocate with such a man.
A few minutes later, Bai Yinting finally saw that Xia Zhu had four more programs to show at the finale, but it happened that at this juncture, her female model in the couple costume suddenly vomited and had a stomachache, so she couldn’t attend.
I can’t find a suitable candidate to replace Xia Zhuhao and volunteer "or I’ll do it"
Former Yan Ningxuan asked her to sell her instead of a female model, and now it seems that everything is destiny takes a hand.
"Wait a minute" Bai Yinting walked past.
Xia Zhu looked back and saw that he was a little surprised. "Why are you here?"
"Are you going to wear a pair of clothes with him?" Bai yinting dissatisfaction, pointing to one side of the male model.
The male model suddenly sweated, swallowed a mouthful of saliva, moved back a small step, and dared not come out.
"It’s no way out. Besides, it’s to show that you don’t think too much." Xia Zhu couldn’t come when she pouted.
Bai yinting grabbed the male model who had changed his clothes, and almost said, "take off your clothes for me."
Chapter 51 Love is a generation
Xia Zhu’s eyes widened when he heard Bai Yinting’s words. Looking at him strangely, he didn’t want to go on the catwalk with her, did he?
"Bai yinting, what are you doing?" Xia Zhu thinks this is inappropriate.
"Hurry to change clothes, didn’t you say you were nervous?" Bai yinting didn’t care if she took the male model and went to change clothes.
Xia Zhu’s eyebrows are twisted into a knot in one’s heart, but Liu Yao is envious. "Xia Zhu, your husband is jealous and handsome."
Ah, Xia Zhunai sighed, and Liu Yao helped her to make up her makeup, do her hair and get everything ready, just to show them.
To tell the truth, Xia Zhu was particularly concerned when she saw Bai Yinting’s dress. She used to hold Bai Yinting’s arm. "Are you sure you want to come with me?"
"What else am I dressed like this?" Bai yinting is more used to putting his hand on Xia Zhu’s shoulder.
"But isn’t it a bit fall in price for you to do so?" Xia Zhu took him to Houtai District.
"Yes, but I can’t accept you cuddling with other men." Bai Yinting is really a jealous altar.
"Uh," Xia Zhu rolled his eyes. "There is no cuddling at all. It’s just a show."
"You’ll have" Bai Yinting bad smile.
Before Xia Zhu could react, she was brought to the stage by Bai Yinting. Her heart was beating wildly. That sentence and his meaningful smile made her feel guilty.
Because I don’t usually wear high-heeled shoes, today I wear them temporarily. The former female model prepared high-heeled shoes, and Xia Zhu walked unsteadily. It was ugly to watch her swing from side to side.
When they appeared, everyone in the venue was amazed. Soon, many people took out their mobile phones. This is the first show of the president and his wife of Shengrui Group!