As the saying goes, sharpening the knife is not a mistake. The woodcutter thinks about it. Su Yonglin decided to turn around and go to Dongguang County to make some supplements and adjustments.

Before he sent someone to Dongguang county, he asked them to prepare hot water and ginger soup for the soldiers, and then prepared some horse feed for the war horses, and then went to Dongguang county with the army
Dong Heguang, the commander of Dongguang, is Xiao Guojun’s practice. After receiving the order, he acted with the instructor item and soon got everything ready for Su Yonglin.
After Su Yonglin arrived in Dongguang County in the shortest time, Dong Heguang arranged everything properly.
They prepared hot food for the soldiers to eat, and then handed the cooked ginger soup and dry clothes to the soldiers, and prepared some hot water for the soldiers to wipe their bodies and change clothes.
While the soldiers were resting, Dong Heguang and Xiang arranged for the defenders to take their horses to rest and eat to supplement the horses with concentrated feed so that they could have a good rest.
In addition, they made the illness worse and the fever worse. More than 100 soldiers stayed in Dongguang County to rest, and arranged reliable doctors to treat the soldiers and put everything in order.
During the break, Su Yonglin pursued Xin Qiji with him, and Geng Xingwen, deputy commander of the samurai camp, and a group of officers discussed the movement of 8 Jin J.
The map Su Yonglin marked the known route of Jin Jun and found that Jin Jun took the north-east route.
"This route passes through Jingzhou and Cangzhou, and then through Qingzhou dialect, it reaches Daxing House, that is, Yanyun can be said to be the safest route to return to the north at present. There is no garrison of our army here, and Jin Junnan did not go here."
Su Yonglin pointed to the map of Qingchi County, saying, "We have stationed troops in Qingchi County and Nanpi County in Cangzhou, and the vast areas are in a state of clearing the field, except for a few docks and castles."
This situation is very suitable for the gold thief to flee north. They probably chose this road. If we want to chase them, we have no choice but to speed up and we can’t expect him to be intercepted by our army. "
Geng Xingwen frowned and asked, "So he can certainly be intercepted and destroyed?"
"Not necessarily, but compared with our pursuit of this road, he is two ways less. If he continues north, he is likely to hit our people head-on."
Su Yonglin said, "I’m not sure what will happen then. I hope they can stop those desperate thieves."
Xin Qiji kept looking at the map when Su Yonglin spoke. When Su Yonglin finished talking, Xin Qiji pointed to the map.
"Su Shuai, I, let’s chase the gold thieves all the way. It’s easy to know where there are garrisons and where there are no garrisons. Obviously, they will avoid Nanpi and Qingchi. It’s very likely that they have been to Yanshan Mountain. journey to the south is almost unblocked. It takes enough horsepower to reach Yanyun in a few days."
Su Yonglin looked at the map and nodded his head.
"That’s true, but I think this is the ideal state. We still have some things to consider."
Xin Qiji looked at Su Yonglin.
"You mean cavalry status?"
"pair state"
Su Yonglin said, "Even if there is enough food for one person and two horses, we still feel difficult in this rainy day when it rains and travels. There are also soldiers who fall and break this sick horse. In my case, there will be more gold thieves.
This is a gold thief. Is there enough grain there? When we attacked, we found the gold thief eating. What does this say? It is said that they may not be fully prepared when they escape, and they will slow down their escape because of various problems. "
Everyone thinks Su Yonglin is right.
"So I’m afraid it won’t be very difficult for them to go to the North Yanyun in March or February, but it should still be there for us to take a night off to keep our spirits up."
Su Yonglin went on to say, "As far as the eyes are concerned, it is not impossible for us to stop them before they enter Qingzhou. Although Yanyun may have been turned upside down now, I really don’t want to let Yan Hongliang go."
Everyone knows that Su Yonglin hates Yan Hongliang.
So Xin Qiji made a suggestion
"In that case, it’s better to speed up the March by alternating ways."
"You said"
Su Yonglin looked at Xin Qiji.
Xin Qiji nodded slowly. "Generally speaking, cavalry mainly relies on horsepower to rush for a while, wait for the horse to run out of physical strength, rest for an hour or two, and then rush for gold again. It should be faster if the thief has two horses."
Our army doesn’t have two horses, but we can make up for the normal speed by manpower. When the horses are tired and slow down, we will stop riding the military horses. At the normal speed, we will lead the horses to walk forward and slowly recover their strength while moving forward. So Su Shuai is like this? "
Su Yonglin considered a moment and nodded his head.
"At present, there is no other way to do this. Of course, if necessary, even if the horse is killed, don’t pity that we have captured about 100,000 war horses. Are we very rich and white now?"
Su Yonglin said this sentence, and all the officers around him were full of laughter.
It is indeed foreseeable that the Guangfu army will be able to fight in the future. They never dared to imagine a rich war.
After a night’s rest, the Guangfu army kept up its spirits. After breakfast the next morning, it took a break to replenish dry food, horse supplies and rain gear, and then officially set off.
The target is directed at Yanshan County.
Chapter 46 Kill a thief! !
Along the way, Su Yonglin led the chasing troops, sometimes with horsepower and sometimes with manpower, and the horseshoe and iron footboard increased the endurance and rush time.
Then he took advantage of the advantages of garrisoning the city along the way. Nanpi and Qingchi counties asked the city garrison to give him food and some supplies to supplement.
With the troops ready to pursue, they can eat hot food and drink hot water immediately after arriving in Nanpi and Qingchi, and they can also change dry clothes, shoes and socks.
The garrison troops in the two cities are also very intimate in pursuing the troops and preparing a lot of ginger soup to drive away the cold.
During the pursuit, the injured and sick soldiers were replaced equally by the defenders of the two cities, and the injured and sick soldiers were left in the city to recuperate. The elite soldiers in the city were transferred to the pursuit troops to participate in the pursuit.
With this constant supply, Su Yonglin ensured the nutrition and health of the soldiers and horses in the pursuit force to the maximum extent.
So the chasing troops went to Yanshan County to prepare for the final battle at the fastest speed and in the best condition
God helps those who help him. On the evening of his arrival in Yanshan County, the news came that the trace of 8 Jin Army was found in Yanshan County, and the scale of 8 Jin Army was not small.
Su Yonglin was overjoyed when he heard it, and then forced himself to calm down to calm his pounding heart, and made a comparison between the strength of both sides.
The size of 8 jin j is absolutely 2,000 cavalry, but it seems that morale is low. Some nomads from 8 jin j are resting in Yanshan county, while others are camping outside the city.
Boy, don’t forget to echo inside and outside?
Su Yonglin seems that this is probably Yan Hongliang’s arrangement.
He must live in the city, and he can keep out the cold and shelter from the rain. He must also arrange some soldiers to guard outside the city to meet and prevent the Guangfu Army from raiding.
So it’s really difficult to eat 8 jin j in one breath.
However, this state of 8 jin j must be scary. They have so many cavalry that they are afraid to rush over, which is probably a great deterrent for 8 jin j. Maybe they didn’t fight 8 jin j and collapsed themselves.
It’s not the first time that Su Yonglin has encountered an elite army without good discipline and organization. Once frightened, how can it collapse into a sheep?
So Su Yonglin called Xin Qiji to his side and decided to split up with him.
"You lead troops to attack from south to north, let the gold thief pursue us from south to north, and urge the gold thief to flee to the north. I lead troops to ambush the north of the city, and when the Jin army escapes to the north, it will be killed, so that he can’t escape!"
Xin Qiji was very excited that he had a chance to capture the Emperor Jin Guo alive with Su Yonglin.
Anyway, the other party is the emperor of Xu Jin Guo.
Before the state of Jin, it was indeed a shame that the overlord of East Asia was all-powerful, and the Zhao regime in the south was all other ministers in name.
It is a milestone achievement for the Guangfu Army to capture such a hegemonic emperor alive.
From then on, the Guangfu Army will soar for nine days, and no one or force can stop the Guangfu Army from turning around beautifully.
The Central Plains will recover all the troops, and they will certainly build a glorious country and let this glory shine as brilliantly as the whole day!
Xin Qiji’s ideal can also be implemented and realized. He has been fighting for nothing!
So he accepted this life with excitement, and Su Yonglin split his forces while the night was dark and windy.
He led 1,000 cavalry to fly around the south and prepare to launch an attack from south to north.
At the same time, Su Yonglin also took people to the north of the city to prepare, ready to intercept and escape, and Jin Jun gave them a wave of secondary injuries.
The action is scheduled for early morning and dawn.
Yan hong yiying didn’t realize that he felt very tired and miserable, and he probably thought the soldiers were equally tired and miserable.
In rainy days, the camping cold wind is rustling and the humid air is directly cold, which is super double. Although the rain has almost stopped at this moment, a few drops of stars are still unwilling to fall, but the cold air is still cold.
I stayed up all night, and when Yan Hong Yiying woke up and was ready to lead the team to continue to set off, I found that many soldiers could not afford the high fever and had no way to move on.
"What’s going on? How did this happen? "
Seeing that many soldiers were lying down with high fever and couldn’t get up, Yan Hong Yiying was a little anxious and quickly asked a few army doctors.
"In recent days, the weather has been very cold and rainy, and many soldiers have been caught in the rain, wet and cold, and there is not enough cold protection, which has caused a large number of soldiers to fall ill."