At the moment, several mid-congenital fighters look strange because it is hard for them to imagine what kind of idea Xu can come up with.

Can a young man in his twenties turn the tide at this time?
Although Xu has helped Hengshan Sword Sect turn the tide many times, the time is different.
This time is different from the past. Can we still turn the tide?
Or does he like to be the savior and feel like grandstanding?
Baihe Ali asked, "Can you tell me what your idea is?"
Xu shook his head and said, "Only when everyone completely trusts me can this method succeed. I need everyone to completely trust me!" "
Xu said it very seriously, so everyone has got serious.
Is there really a way to get everyone out?
Mr. Liu has come out and patted his chest. "If you can get everyone out, even if you are a junior, we all trust you!" "
Xu said, "Well, if you absolutely believe me, you must promise me two things. The first thing is whether it is the younger generation or the older generation. I hope that everyone, men, women and children, will listen to me. It must be completely obedient to me, and there must be no disobedience!"
Chapter seven hundred Two conditions
But it is hard to accept the first condition.
There is nothing wrong with Xu, who is indeed the head of Hengshan Sword Sect, but he is a fighter in the early stage of congenital, and Hengshan Sword Sect is only a small force, but there are many top forces, including six fighters in the middle stage of congenital, and I don’t know how many others are in secret.
If these people are at Xu’s disposal, that’s not true, but it’s not easy for them to respect the imperial edict in every word Xu says, even if it’s fart.
The stronger people are, the more arrogant they are. These people are obviously very arrogant.
How can they not follow Xu’s orders at all?
Cried the crowd broke into a noisy.
"Why can he break such an iron barrel-like cold iron array in the North Sea?"
"He’s just a fighter in the early days of birth."
"He was able to turn the tide of Hengshan Sword Sect because he came with such strength, but now he is just a weak person here."
"Six congenital mid-term fighters can’t do things he can do? A joke? "
"And why should we listen to you for everything?"
Six congenital mid-term fighters did not take the lead in refuting, but gathered together to look at Baihe Ali.
Shili Baihe can be said to be the most powerful of these forces. Although Baihe Ali has the same realm, there are still several others, but Baihe Ali is more representative.
The other five congenital mid-term fighters all hope that Baihe Ali will make this decision.
Baihe Ali narrowed his eyes and looked at Xu. "Are you really sure of your ability?"
Xu said, "Is it still a war when there is a 100% chance of winning? How can I be 100% sure that everyone has broken this simple and rude North Sea cold iron array? "
Baihe arreton paused. "But you have a plan, right?"
Xu Dao "Yes"
Baihe Ali said, "Can you tell me your way and listen to it?"
Xu shook his head and said, "This method is absurd. If you say it, no one will be willing to cooperate, and there will be no possibility of going out."
Baihe Ali paused again and then took a look at Baihe Ferry.
Baihe ferry nodded with sincerity in his eyes.
Baihe Ferry is very confident that it has just made friends, and now it seems that there is really no other way. If we wait for them, they will be better. Those half-step innate fighters will be starved to death and die of thirst. If they don’t let them die, they will really kill others and use other people’s flesh and blood to maintain their own lives.
Human nature is selfish, and no one can guarantee that tragedy will happen.
Baihe Ali suddenly looked at Xu seriously and said, "Your first condition is that I promise you on behalf of everyone. Whoever dares to resist is all right for us."
Even Li Baihe Baihe Ali is willing to listen to many words. What else can others say?
Now it seems that survival is the only thing to fight for.
Master Liu stepped forward. "Little brother, you just said that you have two conditions, but I don’t know what the second condition is?"
Xu hesitated for a while, but after all, he said, "The second condition is that someone in the place tells me where hidden weapons is."
Hearing this, the field immediately caused an uproar.
No one can believe that Xu should say such childish things.
Although this is the era of hot weapons, guns must be fired by hand, but hidden weapons is different.
Tangmen in the middle of Shu, also known as Tangjiabao Tangmen, is a family-style Jianghu sect, which enjoys a reputation in Wulin. hidden weapons’s family hidden weapons and Poison have lived in Shu for hundreds of years.
If you meet Tangmen, you will never know where their hidden weapons came from.
They hidden weapons sent out their hands, but they touched the machine spring, but their legs sent out, but their feet sent out, but their tongues sent out. There was once a strong man in the Tang Clan who was nicknamed "hunched and chased the soul and killed the arrow"
This hunched and soul-chasing arrow is not hunched at all, but it is handsome and imposing. All this nickname is because when he hunched over, it was the time when his enemy died. Because he hidden weapons was actually fired from the back, it was impossible to prevent.
No one knows how he launched this hidden weapons, but there is no doubt that this hidden weapons is very powerful.
It is precisely because no one knows so much about these hidden weapons secrets that hidden weapons people can always be hard to guard against.
Compared with hot weapons, Wulin people prefer to make hidden weapons and Wulin people think that firearms are too restrictive and really interesting.
For concealed weapon masters, the hidden position of hidden weapons’s launching mode is almost as important as their lives, but now it is possible to know the secrets of all concealed weapon masters. Isn’t this going to kill others?
A master of concealed weapons is a person who is unwilling to let people know his secret in hidden weapons.
This second condition will be so hesitant.
When the second condition is promised, the fryer will only be inside the Beihai Cold Iron Array.
"Does he really know what he said?"
"Is he a fool?"
"Does he know that hidden weapons is a life for a concealed weapon master?"
"Do you think anyone will understand him?"
"Isn’t this guy mentally ill?"
"He doesn’t know anything about Wulin? How did he become the head of Hengshan Sword Sect? "