"He said that these old people who followed the chairman from Jiangnan to the north have a circle that they can connect with each other and try not to miss anyone."

Tian Jue narrowed his eyes and sneered, "But what’s interesting is that I didn’t know about this circle from beginning to end, and outsiders rarely knew that it had never happened around me, but it was true."
Kong Maojie leng leng.
"Is there such a thing?"
"You don’t know. It’s understandable that I came here with the chairman from Jiangnan. As a result, I don’t know that I am also excluded. Besides, I want to know whether the founding fathers in the army know this thing.
If it involves administrative and judicial groups, it’s better to deal with it without so much concern, but if there are also military personnel involved in the army and there are also interference, then the army and the Privy Council will be involved and things will really be made big. "
Tian Jue said Kong Maojie immediately swallowed.
"So something really will happen."
"Yeah, something big will happen."
Tian Jue sighed and said slowly, "After all, this thing is actually what happened in all dynasties, and it won’t make people feel strange, but it is different because it happened in all dynasties. The nature of this thing is even more serious.
This is not a group of old bureaucrats, that is, it was first worked out with a group of people from Chairman Bei. Now I don’t know how big the scope is, but anyway, this time it will definitely kill people. "
Chapter 139 Let’s fight.
Kong Maojie seriously wanted to think that if things really get to that point, I’m afraid it’s another big cleaning.
"I’m afraid it’s not as simple as the dead. I have a hunch that this time the movement will not be smaller than the previous two rectifications and the cleaning of the court. If we know that something so big has happened, it’s not just those who did something wrong … we’re afraid we’ll have to bear some responsibility."
"Isn’t this inevitable?"
Tian Jue wry smile way "we tube DouChaYuan DouChaYuan is stem what? Show the first thing is DouChaYuan "
"mainly blame me"
Kong Maojie said gloomily, "You have been in charge of this project in the Yellow River all the year round, and I am mainly responsible for showing it. I didn’t know these things. Obviously, someone blindfolded me and blocked my ears, but I didn’t know it."
"It’s no wonder that what you really are is too sharp-edged and high status. How dare they do these things if they don’t cover your eyes and plug your ears? If it is necessary to contact the feelings of old comrades in circles, it will be a big problem if this circle is for them to communicate with each other. "
Tian Xuan walked slowly behind his hands. "It’s not that I haven’t noticed over the years that I didn’t think the problem so seriously, and I didn’t expect Qiao Feng to do such a thing, and there were people around him who did more than he did."
It seems that this is not what one person thinks, but rather what an interest group does. At the beginning of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the chairman told me that there were four major factions, namely Shandong, Yanyun, foreigners and Yuan Cong, which were in chaos.
After two purges, we succeeded in disintegrating the chaotic situation of the four major factions together with the old bureaucratic era, but only now have I discovered that maybe the situation is not as simple as we thought, maybe our success is a factional struggle.
This circle of Qiao Feng’s is not the one that included all our comrades in those years. Yuan Cong only sent a small group of people from Jiangnan to the North following the chairman. If they say it, they really mean Yuan Cong … including me.
From their point of view, it is obvious that judging which circle a person belongs to is based on the depth of seniority. According to this classification, it can really divide everyone into a correct position to facilitate them to divide the enemy and the enemy. "
Kong Maojie thought for a sneer at.
"If according to their division can be divided into more pie, from Jiangnan Beiyuan to calculate a victory after the recovery army and before the recovery army can calculate a pie after the founding of the People’s Republic of China and after the founding of the People’s Republic of China.
One, two, three, four yuan, winning the victory, winning the army, recovering the army and the newcomers after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. What’s the difference between this and the former Yanyun foreigners in Shandong? "
Tian Jue follow sneer at.
"Of course, there is a difference. There is a fifth school, that is, we who are squeezed out and unappreciative, and the stones in the toilet are smelly and hard. This is a good thing."
Kong Maojie smell speech first leng leng then revealed a wry smile.
"I don’t think it’s a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a bloody affair …"
"It’s a good revolution, and it’s not a dinner party. Some people don’t want to live in peace and stability, but they want to pursue something they shouldn’t pursue. Then don’t blame us for doing something they don’t want to see."
Tian Jue took a deep breath and raised his hands and slowly clenched them into fists. "What if they isolate me and crowd me out?" I never thought that I would go to the revolution with them to reform myself. How can such a person be regarded as my comrade if he is shameless and complacent? "
"Enemies. They’re enemies."
Kong Maojie nodded his head and smiled. "I heard the chairman say that we should be brave in fighting against the enemy instead of giving in step by step."
"Then fight, no matter who he was before, he will be my enemy from now on!"
Tian Jue strengthened his belief and together with Kong Maojie started their own war.
At this initial moment of struggle, the first thing they need is to sort out their own departments and find ghosts.
If people don’t know, they will never believe that Douchayuan didn’t know anything during the whole incident.
If the whole Douchayuan people are being kept secret, then Qiao Feng and others are not very strong in political skills.
Ghosts must be ghosts.
Both the official department of the imperial court and the organization department of the Renaissance Association have very real personnel, but this kind of power is definitely not a restriction.
Not only does Duchayuan have the duty of supervision over the official department of the imperial court, but it also has the duty of direct supervision over the organization department. The Ministry of Supervision of Fuxing Society should also conduct a wave of inspections.
There must be ghosts in Douchayuan and the Ministry of Supervision, otherwise these two lines of defense cannot react in the face of such an obvious exchange of interests.
Qiao Feng’s arrogance and some people’s anxiety just prove that there must be their collaborators in these two departments.
Tian Jue is busy with the Yellow River Project, and Kong Maojie is unable to support himself alone. One or some people in these two departments have completed their identity and position change.
And when and how did this change come about? It is worth discussing that both sides cooperated with each other and compiled an information cocoon room for Kong Maojie.
There is still no response from Qiao Feng. No further answer was given to Tian Jue’s interrogation. He was silent and defeated.
Fan Jiang was arrested and imprisoned, and his family was put under house arrest together, which was equivalent to an alternative protection, but his knowledge was limited.
Qiao Feng doesn’t believe in taking the initiative to find a door to Fan Jiang, although he boasted a lot of things, such as someone who spent a lot of money to ask me to put his brother in a key position.
However, these boasting ambiguities have no specific direction, and they cannot be investigated as evidence.
The lack of a breakthrough is very depressing. Tian Jue doesn’t know what happened and suddenly thought of a key point.
"I remember Qiao Feng got married while working for the Su family. I went to his wedding and had a daughter. His daughter was several years old in the north. Isn’t it time to get married after all these years?"
Also feel very depressed Kong Maojie blinked and suddenly realized what Tian Jue meant.
"You mean … his in-laws?"
Tian Jue nodded his head.
"I’ll go to the civil affairs department’s file room and check his marriage. Maybe I can find out something."
Chapter 1391 Learn from past mistakes and save lives
Tian Jue himself is the master of the ordinary department.
At that time, the biggest duty of the Ministry of Civil Affairs was to make a clear statistics on the family and marriage of the members and record the case in detail without any omission.
In those days, Su Yonglin started a rectification movement, introduced the monogamy of the Renaissance Ministry, and gradually "kidnapped" non-Renaissance officials by exporting this rule to the officialdom, and then further influenced the people.
However, to put it bluntly, most people are actually not qualified for concubinage, and they have never experienced the feeling of concubinage. It doesn’t make much difference to them.
It will not be long before the scholar-officials and old customs are gradually eliminated and criticized, and it will be logical to abolish the concubinage system forever. One thing is a convention and then it will be confirmed by law that it will not cause waves.
Moreover, the group that wants to adhere to this system is highly coincident with Su Yonglin’s enemy group.
this is interesting
No matter what marriage they talk about and what position their in-laws hold, it is absolutely the best way to embody the nature of a revolutionary.
Tian Jue followed his intuition and went to the Civil Affairs Department of the Ministry of Civil Affairs to find out the marriage information of some renaissance members in Zhongdu.
At that time, the simple and concise audit rules have now become the iron law of the whole Fuxing Ministry
After the big cleaning, Su Yonglin strongly urged the members of Sports Renaissance to report their marriage before and after, and only after they got the real approval documents can they get married or maintain their marriage.
So Tian Jue easily found the Qiao Feng family marriage documents.
From it, he found Qiao Feng and his wife’s marriage registration documents and approval documents, as well as Qiao Feng’s daughter Qiao Jiajia’s marriage registration documents, which were examined and approved by the Ministry of Education.
Qiao Jiajia’s husband’s name is Lu Zhengqing. He is ten years old, and he is a trainee in the cadre training class of Zhongdu Renaissance Association. He will graduate in one year.
And Lu Zhengqing’s father’s name is Ludian-Zuo Yidu, the imperial court Douchayuan, is thirty-six years old.
Ludian was born in qingyuan prefecture, a land-lost poor peasant who wandered in his early years and later became a salt factory in Sujia.
Su Yonglin taught him to be the first group of awakened people to follow Su Yonglin’s revolution in the north and east of the mountain. He was the first group of instructors in the army with rich political work experience.
Although he was late in literacy, he was talented and learned things quickly. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, he entered the cadre training class to study legal and other professional knowledge. After graduation, he was selected to be an official in DuchaYuan.
Four years ago, at the end of the great purge, I was promoted all the way because of my merits, and finally I was promoted to Zuo Wudu.
Judging from his resume, Ji is all due to the credit, but because of the credit, he is also a regular credit. The promotion where there is nothing bright is also a step-by-step promotion
The pattern of the Metropolitan Court is that the Metropolitan Court is led by Zuo Du Yu Shi, Zuo Fu Du Yu Shi and Zuo Shu Yu Shi, which is mainly aimed at officials from both capitals and the central government.