The trunk of this plum tree is criss-crossed with cracked stripes, which means that it has gone through all the vicissitudes of life.

The old brown branches bend like heads held high to the sky, and most of them stand in the sky. This ice and snow cliff top looks very proud.
After the seal is released, the plum blossom tree has a strong vitality, and the branches and bones are about to bloom.
Xiao Xun seems to have come for this plum tree because there is nothing else at this peak except this old tree.
Sure enough, Xiao Xun hopped all the way to this plum tree and pointed his paw at the old tree.
It seems that this vigorous plum blossom tree in the eyes is the extraordinary treasure of this celestial world.
"This tree should be a good treasure. School sister also felt it." Zhao-yang Xia also nodded seriously.
Lopunny’s little brother didn’t seem to have much reaction when he found him. He immediately jumped to the root of the tree and dug up two little paws.
Baiyun Tower looks a little funny. The fat rabbit is enough. Delicious Lingguo seems to have no bottom line.
I don’t know how deep the roots of such a big fairy tree are, but I don’t know how long it will take to dig with this fat rabbit’s ability
Besides, it is enough to forge a magic weapon and break two branches.
"Brother Yi, this plum tree …" Ziyan seemed to find something and suddenly said.
And ZiYan mind figured it out, and the white boss also sensed that it was wrong, and ShenJiao immediately urged him to look at the plum tree.
The plum blossom tree seems to breathe gently around the body, and the rhythm is getting faster and faster.
Chapter six hundred and forty-seven Mei Laoxian Weng
Tree demon? Or a tree fairy?
With a wave of his hand, the big sleeve of Baiyun Tower pulls back the fat rabbit who is crazy about digging roots.
Planing people and feet …
If the tree fairy really wakes up and sees the bad behavior of the fat rabbit, it is estimated that the rabbit will be melted in an instant.
Although I didn’t feel evil thoughts, Baiyun Tower was ready.
Hiding behind him, the nine-handle spirit weapon method sword reveals a heavy cloth, and the sword domain Rijinlun has made a faint shield to block the three people.
It has been frozen for more than 3,000 years, and there are still creatures in Kunlun Fairyland. Even the senior teacher and sister have deceived them. It is really a fairy means.
Just now, although I don’t have a good eye, I feel that this plum tree is really an ordinary fairy tree.
The fluctuation of the fairy tree became more and more violent.
The eye of the sky is speckled with fragments like crystal snowflakes floating out of the snow in Fiona Fang for more than ten miles
Soul fragments!
The smell of Baiyun Tower is very familiar, but before it was awakened by the fluctuation of plum trees, these fragments were no different from ordinary snowflakes. No wonder the elder sister Qingchi didn’t even notice it.
These snowflake fragments did not directly sink into the plum blossom tree, but all merged into the Kunlun order in the palm of Ziyan’s hand.
Ziyan raised my hand and gently threw Kunlun to make it hang in the air, absorbing these glittering and translucent snowflake-like pieces.
As the last snowflake disappeared into Kunlun, a bright white awn bloomed.
A dazzling crystal appeared in the order of jade and ice clearing Kunlun
It’s not like a wave, but it’s a bit like Kunlun Chengzhong to Xianjia.
Just a moment’s hesitation, Ziyan stretched out her fingers and pointed to Kunlun to make a little bit of the true spirit suddenly emerge into a white streamer and escape into the plum tree not far away.
Just now, the Kunlun order has changed its appearance, which is not only clear for a few minutes, but also gives a colorful fairy light.
When the three were amazed, the plum blossom tree seemed to have spirituality, and the branches of the tree trembled.
A cloud rose in the’ Teng’ land, and the huge plum tree dissipated, showing an old man with a fairy wind and a strong spirit.
Plum blossom trees have emerged!
The old man wore a brown fairy robe with a small piece of plum blossom branches inserted obliquely in his hair bun.
The waist and back are slightly bent, and holding a plum blossom stick is full of extraordinary momentum.
This just a taxiing breath stunningly Baiyun Tower felt a strong sense of oppression, but the sense of oppression disappeared with a flash of fairy light in front of him.
It turned out that Xia Chaoyang’s protective fairy light was directly covered by the imposing manner and spread by itself.
However, the old man’s breath was put away immediately, and he was not in a hurry to look at the three men first.
It seems to be an eyesore to look at the snow, ice and fairy soil that have been planed in a mess.
The old man frowned slightly and gave the plum blossom staff a gentle meal. The fairy soil and the ice and snow returned to their respective places and returned to a neat snow surface, which was satisfactory and nodded.
"Laozhang …" It seems that I’ve been used to miraculous things recently, and Xia Chaoyang, next to the teacher elder sister Qingchi, salutes directly with confidence.
"Little old son ….." The old man who spoke the plum tree taxiing looked up and couldn’t help but blink and almost kneel.
However, after careful identification, I realized that I was dazzled and worried, and I quickly returned the gift with my staff.
Before the three of them could react, the taxiing old man had already recited "Visit the Little Master" and stood still and made a gift.
However, Ziyan’s flicker was not worshipped by the tree fairy.
It seems that it’s one of our own again. The Baiyun Tower was carefully induced and then sword domain’s nine-handled spirit sword was hidden again.
"Laozhang needs to pay attention … the younger generation is the master of the Kunlun outer gate, but it is not the master of the Kunlun celestial world." Ziyan replied indifferently.
When the old man got up, he didn’t insist on saluting, but said, "The young master used to be the master of the outer gate, but now he has become the master of this Kunlun celestial world."
Seeing Ziyan’s puzzled face, the old man went on to say, "If you don’t believe me, you can find out the Kunlun Order in one hand."
Ziyan smell speech looked at the palm of the Kunlun Mountain, which was full of five-color glow, and made it feel like a spirit. Find out the massive information and get into the mind.

Emperor Su Yonglin personally came forward to talk with local and foreign businessmen, and talked cordially about big business policies, which had a very important influence on businessmen in this area.

Su Yonglin’s doing this is also a long-term consideration for Fujian
As the saying goes, Fujian mountainous areas are sparsely populated, and the potential of grain agriculture is limited.
At present, when the population is limited, it can still maintain a fairly stable agricultural situation. However, with the increase of population, the contradiction between small population and large population in Fujian will inevitably emerge in the next two or three decades.
People have more land, but there is not enough land to support so many people. By then, they can accommodate a large number of employed people. Overseas trade is a panacea to absorb this surplus agricultural population.
It is Su Yonglin’s habit to look at three steps one step at a time, especially when Su Yonglin has given his eyes to the future, he will also add the future situation development, so that he can draw a quite good conclusion.
Sometimes Su Yonglin will lament that if he doesn’t know the future development of the world situation and the direction of some well-known world, how can he take every step in the face of the big situation?
However, I don’t know how to carefully lead this country and a large group of people to take every step without making mistakes before the historical development.
It is estimated that there are immortals who can do it.
But there are no immortals in the world
No one can make mistakes, and no one can go all the way with the country and the nation without any setbacks.
Strictly speaking, Su Yonglin belongs to an absolute special case among human beings. He is now where he is-taking the country all the way forward without making any mistakes, and other countries have accumulated prestige comparable to God.
He has repeatedly stressed that there is no god and there is no such thing as heaven, but no matter how he says he is willing to believe others, he will believe him eventually, no matter how he denies the fact.
He doesn’t want to exercise such a simple and thorough force, but he can do it if he wants to.
This state of affairs is necessary when the situation arises. Su Yonglin needs a hand when the country is still unable to move around well.
However, this state is not normal. Su Yonglin believes that he must leave this country with a functioning law, which is comparable to the problem of carrying out the revolution to the end.
Su Yonglin can sigh that some people devote themselves to the pursuit of personality cult, but some people don’t want personality cult, but it goes hand in hand and runs through.
But the road has reached this point, and he has no way out and is unwilling to have any way out.
He must take the country on the established track, create new production, break the shackles of productivity development, and keep the country from retreating into the abyss of invulnerability.
If people are willing to regard him as a god, look after him as a god. It is better to believe him than to believe those bloodthirsty and greedy monsters.
He won’t ask for anything from other people, and he won’t intimidate him. If people don’t believe him, they want rolling in the deep.
Su Yonglin’s victory in Fujian Road, while Zhao Yucheng and Zhang Yuejing also galloped forward.
They are resolutely fighting against the exhibition of local centrifugal forces, the official power of the Song Dynasty, on Guangnan East Road and Guangnan West Road
Guangnan East Road and Guangnan West Road belong to Lingnan area in a broad sense. After the Lingnan area is further divided, Guangnan East Road and Guangnan West Road are divided.
This land belonged to the real meaning for a long time before Sui and Tang Dynasties, and it was finally recognized by the Central Plains Dynasty as an important and indispensable land after many wars and population migration.
During the Song Dynasty, the Golden Guards collapsed in the south of the Yangtze River, and the turbulent Lingnan area became a refuge for a large number of people from the Central Plains and the south of the Yangtze River because the society was relatively stable and stable because of the five ridges.
This wave of population migration to Lingnan has brought advanced production technology and cultural knowledge.
It is also funny to say that every literary leap in Lingnan area in ancient times seems to be due to the war in the Central Plains, and the literati in the Central Plains fled to Lingnan to escape the war, thus making Lingnan develop passively.
Few emperors in peacetime are willing to invest resources in Lingnan.
In the Southern Song Dynasty, Lingnan area has already experienced a series of infrastructure projects, such as water conservancy projects, and it is still quite large. Lingnan area is more than self-sufficient in grain and can be sold to Fujian and Vietnam.
For hundreds of years, if Su Yonglin wanted to take Lingnan, it would be a real subsidy of 10 billion yuan. Su Duoduo needed various financial transfer payments to develop and build Lingnan.
However, nowadays, conquering Lingnan area is not a tens of billions of subsidies for China, but a lot of good things can be gained from Lingnan area.
In particular, it is the same for Lingnan to forge ahead as the logistics base in Southeast Asia and the southern part of Sichuan and Sichuan. In Su Yonglin’s strategic plan, these are all places where logistics bases can be attacked from all sides after development.
In quality, this is no different from the immigration strategy of the Han Dynasty. It is a policy to make the border area a logistics base for the army to attack.
But this era of great powers has become different because of the emergence of different ideas.
It’s a pity that Su Changsheng has worked hard, but it hasn’t come to a great destruction. Before the Southern Song Dynasty, the Fuxing Association was extended to Guangdong and Guangxi. At present, the Fuxing Association was transferred and developed after Guangzhou was ceded.
But the strength of military physics is not something that can be stopped casually.
In June of Hongwu, Zhang Yuejing and Zhao Yucheng took the thunderous action and quickly entered Lingnan area by mastering the Wuling Passage respectively.
Zhang Yuejing led the elite main force of the first corps to break through Yan from Zhounan and enter jing jiang Prefecture, and then swept Guangnan West Road in three ways from Jingjiang Prefecture.
On the other hand, Zhao Yucheng led the reorganization and completed the elite main force of the Seventh Corps from Nan ‘an Prefecture, Jiangxi Province, to Nanxiong Prefecture, then attacked Shaozhou, and then divided the troops into two ways to carry out a sweeping and fierce strategy on Guangnan East Road.
In September, the elite of the first corps of Zhang Yuejing has captured jing jiang Prefecture, Rongzhou, Yizhou, Zhaozhou, Liuzhou, Xiangzhou, Xunzhou and other state capitals, and captured nearly half of Guangnan East Road in lightning speed, destroying the local Song official forces.
Local Song officials resisted to a certain extent, but the intensity of resistance was relatively low, and the local cities and military facilities were generally dilapidated and short, and the defense was seriously insufficient. They were defeated in the face of the strong attack of the army
However, due to the vast area of Guangnan West Road, Zhang Yuejing did not move so fast.
Compared with Zhao Yucheng’s seventh corps, the action is very gratifying.
With the help of the Marine Corps of Nanhai Navy stationed in Guangzhou, Zhao Yucheng led the main force to break through Shaozhou, and then easily broke through Yingde House, which easily ate 2,000 Song Jun, and then got through to Guangzhou, and got the Nanhai Navy to transport goods from the water to meet the needs, and got more abundant material support.
At the end of October, the South China Sea Navy helped the Seventh Corps to win Guangnan East Road almost by sweeping, and finally it only encountered stubborn resistance from the local Song Jun and the landlord armed group along the state.
Then he was bombarded into slag by a fire of the Seventh Corps to assist in the war.
Song Jun was defeated like a mountain, and the front of the army was sharp and sweeping.
In November, the ten-day army killed Chaozhou Su Yonglin and personally led the main corps, a victory meeting of Chaozhou Sanhekou Salt Field.
After a bitter struggle, Su Yonglin launched support to Guangnan East Road at the end of November and entered Chaozhou.
Chapter 1346 I miss Uncle Yuting, too
Su Yonglin ended his inspection in Quanzhou in mid-December and then led the main force of the army to South Chaozhou.
Su Yonglin soon led his army through Chaozhou and Huizhou, and finally arrived in Guangzhou, the southernmost city of this big country.

Li shopkeeper couldn’t get up and said, "Miss Xuan Xue, in your heart, you will always be the master of Xuan Xue."

Think of Li Mengyao and Tianbaoge complex and their father-daughter dispute. The shopkeeper Li is also entangled. This big family is just thinking more about this and that!
Li Mengyao’s eyes flashed a trace of relief to help Li shopkeeper. "Li shopkeeper, please remember your friendship and dream Yao forever."
Li, the shopkeeper, sat on Li Mengyao’s head and looked complicated. "I’ve already heard from Tianbaoge’s helm that you suddenly disappeared. Now the whole Dagan country is looking for you. It turns out that you went to Yunfu Sect. I remember that you didn’t like to fix the truth. To be honest, the whole Li family is optimistic about your talent. It’s a pity that you didn’t go to practice. I didn’t expect you to go this way!"
Li Mengyao was silent for a moment and said, "I was also forced. The place where I wanted to find someone never appeared again. But it’s such a big day. Where is the best place for me? I came to Yunfu Sect, so I entered Wuyiren Gate. The master was very kind to me. You see, I am now on the seventh floor of the gas refining period."
Boss Li nodded. "I can see that you can repair the seventh floor of the gas refining period in less than one year. What is your skill?"
"It’s the waterinfo tactic", "Li Mengyao said.
Li shopkeeper surprised, "This waterinfo tactic is the best achievement method for Yunfu women’s practice. It seems that Wu Yiren also values you very much, so I’m relieved to tell my master."
"Li shopkeeper!" Li Mengyao interrupted the shopkeeper Li, and his face sank like water. "Please keep a secret. I don’t want people to know my whereabouts. Just pretend you didn’t see me. Do you hear me?"
"What?" The shopkeeper Li was puzzled. "My Lord is very worried about you and the Li family. Are you worried about you doing this?"
Li Mengyao coldly a smiling face is disdainful expression "Lee family worry is me or worry about their interests in Tianbao Pavilion? I’m not that cheap to exchange me for the position of the Li family’s Tianbao Pavilion. My fate is in my own hands and no one can control me! "
It seems that I remembered the Li family’s complexity, and the shopkeeper Li was silent for a long time before saying, "Miss Li, you should know that your fate was doomed from the moment you were born. Isn’t your elder sister and second sister taking this road?"
Li shopkeeper said that the road is marriage, and a family lives by selling women. How much has the family fallen to? Li Mengyao dark sigh but face is more cold "li shopkeeper you don’t want to my elder sister second sister don’t they lesson is not profound? Do you know what kind of life they lead? A man doll, a family dedication tool! "
Li shopkeeper silently said that everything Li Mengyao said was true, and the weak side could compromise on the strength. Although everyone knows the scenery of Li Tianbao Pavilion, who is the largest shareholder, the second shareholder and the third shareholder?
Tianbao Pavilion was jointly founded by four big families, namely, Qiansun Zhao and Li. The control power of each family is also uneven. The money family occupies half of the shares, and the Li family in Sun Jiahe occupies the last part. In order to protect their own interests, the Li family has to win over marriage and kiss each other in many ways. This is Li Mengyao’s escape from marriage. The Li family wants to dedicate Li Mengyao to the Zhao family. Zhao Jian Li Mengyao naturally disappeared when he didn’t discuss the marriage with Zhao and Li, and Li Xuanxue, the branch of Tianbao Pavilion Xuanwu City, also knows these news. It is not clear that the shopkeeper Li will go further.
"Miss Li Tianbao Pavilion, it’s not that you don’t know the situation. Leaving the Li family at this time is equivalent to pushing the Li family into the fire and water!" Li shopkeeper still don’t give up YouZi persuade way
Li Mengyao said, "I want to fix the truth and make me a strong man. Who can look down on the Li family casually and hope to come again?"
"It turned out that the big lady played this idea." Li shopkeeper finally went to Yunfu Sect in vain. "But it is impossible to be a strong man without a hundred years of practice. These times make the vicissitudes of the whole day worse. How can a small Yunfu Sect set off a storm in Tianbao Pavilion!"
It’s no wonder that shopkeeper Li said that Tianbao Pavilion was so powerful that Li Xuanxue knew it was the tip of the iceberg, but it was this corner that was enough to destroy Yunfu Sect. This is also the reason why Tianbao Pavilion established a trade store in Zhongzhou and was prosperous and unbeaten. Only then can shopkeeper Li control a branch store, and the whole Zhongzhou like Xuanwu City is even more unknown.
Li Mengyao looked misty and said, "Who can say what will happen in the future, but I know that I am doing well now."
See the shopkeeper li also want to persuade Li Mengyao added, "well, shopkeeper li, you are deeply indebted to me. Li Jiahao is kind to me. Watching me grow up hurts me. I know this, but you also know that I haven’t received too much favor from Li Jiatai since I was a child, and I didn’t have the most basic share of the Li family. I am alone now, and I don’t want to be controlled in the future."
Boss Li sighed. He naturally knew that Miss Da was a maverick and was not intimidated by others, so he would no longer say what nodded to show that he knew.
Look at the shopkeeper Li like this. Li Mengyao’s heart is also uncomfortable. After all, blood is thicker than water. Seeing that his family is going to suffer great disasters, but his own ability, Li Mengyao, has a heart-wrenching pain. However, it is unacceptable for you to talk about it yourself if you want to exchange your happiness for family happiness. This lesson should not be profound!
Li Mengyao thought that almost all his younger brothers in his family were intoxicated or coquettish. Even a few middle-aged elders in the family department looked at their eyes strangely. This is the last thing Li Mengyao can’t bear to make progress by relying on Yu Yin, and Weifu is a waste! Scum!
What’s more, they are not as good as Lin Luo, the ogling and clumsy guy. That guy is few and honest, does not hide his own nature, and is diligent in spiritual practice and has his own opinions. Li Mengyao suddenly shook his head. How can he think of this? It’s really cranky.
"Well, boss Li, I won’t say much. I hope you can keep it a secret." Li Mengyao got up and said.
Li shopkeeper’s face changed several times before he finally nodded. "Okay, but you should be careful outside!" "
Li Mengyao should say with smile, "This place is much safer than Tianbaoshan in Zhongzhou. At least I don’t worry that someone will sell me. Don’t worry, shopkeeper Li, I’m very safe."
"Oh, by the way, what is that Lin Luo and you?" Li shopkeeper suddenly remind of the look dignified and asked
Li Mengyao one leng yes what is this Lin Luo and yourself? Cousin? Cousin? Brother and sister? Or … Li Mengyao shook his head and whispered, "Friends!" Say that finish pushed the door and left.
Looking at Li Mengyao’s gentle and graceful figure, shopkeeper Li chewed the word’ friend’ repeatedly and then his face showed a meaningful smile.
Chapter 2 It’s all women who cause trouble
When Li Mengyao went to the lobby on the first floor, Lin Luo was haggling with the man, and the angry expression made some shadows in the original heart. Li Mengyao suddenly became clear as if all the grievances in his heart had vanished.
"What? This condensate Dan only needs a lingshi, but you don’t send two condensate Dan. Isn’t it too overbearing for you to do business like this? " Lin Luo rightfully way
That guy almost didn’t fall down with a black line. It was really hard. Dude has never seen such a hard bargain to cut to the death. This is!
"Distinguished guests, we don’t bargain here. It’s just a preferential treatment for large energy."
Lin Luo turned his eyes and wanted to continue bargaining. At this moment, Li Mengyao came over and said to Lin Luo, "This is not a bargaining place. When did you see that it was cheap here? Let’s go. Don’t make a fool of yourself!"
Lin Luode went out of Tianbao Pavilion with a big stack of yellow paper and bought a condensate Dan. But he didn’t ask Li Mengyao Tower what to do. This made Li Mengyao appreciate it. Unlike some petty people, he felt that he had to tell the whole story behind his back. Suddenly, a magnetic baritone came behind him. "What does this young lady want to buy?" I will buy it for you. "
Lin Luo and Li Mengyao looked back together and saw a white man with a folding fan coming from the stairs. He looked at Li Mengyao with a fair smile in his eyes and made no secret of his love. The white man was a monk in the construction period. He looked energetic and young, but his expression looked a little fake.
Fan is really a good ornament when killing people, but it can be used as a weapon in front of women. When it is hot, you can look at the elegant fan with a cool breeze. Lin Luo is also considering whether to buy one with you. After all, it is also a must-have for walking around the Jianghu to kill people and steal goods!
Li Mengyao glanced at the man coldly and then turned his head and walked away.
Fan Zheng and then a trace of shame and anger flashed in his eyes, even if you gave him a dirty look and gave him a cold sentence. Nothing hurt him more than seeing him. Fan Gong took two steps forward, and his belt jingled a little. This sound made Lin Luo’s ears move. He remembered that he had heard this sound on the second floor before, and Lin Luo was sure that this was the man in white. Lin Luo’s eyes were shining, but he did not stop Fan Gong’s footsteps.

【 Attribute Dark and Dragon 】

"Grade Platinum Six Stars"
[Vulpix Silver Fox]
【 Attribute Wind, Light, Gold, Wood, Water, Fire 】
"Grade Platinum Four Stars"
I lost it! Two white gold beasts!
Liu Yuan was shocked after seeing the information of the Black Dragon and the Kyubi no Youko Silver Fox.
This is the first time he has seen a platinum pet beast, let alone two platinum beasts.
Compared with these two people, Qi Ling … What a rotten fish and shrimp!
But what surprised Liu Yuan was that the two men had not moved since they appeared.
That seems to be very mindful of Hao Renhe and Uncle Li around Liu Yuan.
Hao Ren patted Liu Yuan on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Xiao Lu, you are really unlucky enough to be stared at by them and I don’t know what to say."
Liu Yuan showed an ugly smile than crying.
Dean Hao, can you stop …
I’m an honest man. Do you and I want to be stared at by these crazy people? I was forced!
Look at yourself and pass by. Finally, Dean Hao Ren in front of you.
I don’t know that Liu Yuan suddenly felt a strong sense of security.
Dean Hao Ren combed his sparse hair and suddenly asked, "Xiao Lu, have you ever heard of Yongjiang?"
"Yongjiang said?"
Liu Yuan is puzzled. Hao Ren suddenly wants to ask this question.
And ….. What did Suijiang say that I didn’t know?
Looking at Liu Yuan’s puzzled expression, Hao Ren suddenly looked up to the sky.
See the original sunny Wan Li days suddenly become overcast.
A large number of dark clouds completely enveloped the entire orphanage.
With a huge thunder and heavy rain falling from it.
Liu Yuan looked at the sudden change of weather and seemed to feel something shocked. He looked in the direction of dark clouds.
At the same time, Hao Ren chuckled again.
"Xiao Lu, Ji Jiang … there are not nine rivers from the beginning. At that time, there was a river here."
With the sigh tone of Hao Ren, the clouds above the orphanage suddenly swelled up.
"roar! ! !”
With the roar of the sky, a white slender dragon suddenly appeared from the dark clouds and circled directly to the top of Hao Ren’s head.
Hao Ren looked at the 20-meter-long white slender dragon above his head and said with a smile, "Long time no see, old chap."
White dragon looked at Hao Ren with a light in his huge eyes.
In a second, the white dragon roared again.
The river next to the orphanage immediately swelled up, and a large number of fierce beasts from the river appeared in the Lijiang River.
But what shocked Liu Yuan was that these fierce beasts did not rush in the direction of the Yangtze River after landing, but rushed directly in the direction outside the Yangtze River.
Because there is a huge tide of fierce beasts rushing in the direction of the orphanage
Hao Ren looked at a dull face and looked at Bailong Luyuan. He smiled and said, "Olivia, it is alive and said … the Dragon King of Jiujiang."
"Is your dean I pet beast … and old chap"
But it’s just that you’ve been doing it for a long time. This moment is paving the way
You just say that you are Yongjiang, so just say it! Laugh to death!

The evolution of Imperial Heaven has accelerated. In a blink of an eye, the years have passed, and the wives have been bred one by one, including the former world and the world’s new Cai Feng Wangshu’s natural demon dragon spirit (crystal diamond dragon) …

Yutian’s eyes narrowed slightly. "If you can, then leave!"
People have also woken up, and they are all avenues.
The 360 billion legion has also awakened, all of which are mixed with 12 yuan.
At this moment, Yu Tiandao is "detached when it is broken!"
① ⑤ [Outside] The Sage of Confucianism and Taoism (Fang Yun)+Panlong (Lin Lei)+The Record of Immortality (Lingtian)+Fighting through the Sky (Xiao Yan)+Wu Dong Gan Kun (Lin Dong)+Stars Change (Qin Yu)+Douluo Mainland (Tang San)+ )+Ascending to the Nine Heavens (Chu Yang)+Perfect World (Shi Hao)+Dionysus (Ji Dong)+Different Immortals (Jun Mo Xie)+Seven Boundaries Theory (Lu Yun)+Beautiful Wu Shen (Lin Feng)+Ordinary People Cultivate Immortals (Han Li)+Saint.
Chapter 156 Foreign countries
Out of town!
"Really coming?"
Shocking words with a touch of disbelief only to see this big fellow face with a wry smile.
A man came out and said, "Here we are … It seems that we are the ones who know. Imperial Heaven turned out to be the creator of this great Tao, who was once the top outside the country."
The two men felt that it was Pangu and God’s rebellion.
Pangu smiled bitterly. "The will of the circle is controlled by me, but now it seems that the circle has a master all the time, and that is the Imperial Heaven!"
"Yes … this circle should be the vision he created over the years, not all of which indicate that the ultimate strong man has been resurrected and then reincarnated and rebuilt the Imperial Heaven. It should be to create the reincarnation of the circle and then re-cultivate into the field!" God inverse said slowly
When two people talk, the energy of terror appears.
Shaking outside the domain, the whole domain shakes outside the domain. How big is an ordinary lake outside the domain? There are several chaotic sizes.
Now the whole field is shaking, and the whole field is shocked.
In an island practice, Lingtian rushed out of Yongsheng Avenue to accompany him.
Ling Tiandao "What’s the matter?"
The reincarnation Taoist appeared in a hurry and said, "Dear, this island is expanding as if it were going to evolve, and the Panlong world, we note that Lin Lei has been born!"
Ling Tian heard the words, his eyes burst and the sun and the moon fell to a small town on the island. The population of this town is not large, only a few million people, but only one child was born.
The purple gas spread faintly filled the coercion, but the coercion was fleeting, and then the purple gas merged into the island, and then the island rose faintly.
Ling Tiandao: "It turns out that the birth of Lin Lei means that this Panlong continent, HarmonyOS Avenue, has also given birth to this Panlong continent, which will eventually become a domain with the growth of Lin Lei!"
Lingtian muttered to herself, but the sky shook in the distance and the purple and golden light came.
Terrible emperor people sway and oppress heaven.
The reincarnation Taoist exclaimed in horror, "What is this smell? How can the emperor’s coercion be so powerful!"
Ling day eyes filled with xing xi way "imperial day? Emperor Avenue? Ha ha … "
Lingtian soared into the sky and rushed into the distance.
There is an island here, which is the size of chaos. It burns here and is full of strong fire avenue. It is a paradise for practicing fire avenue, but now the sky is here.
Imperial Heaven came here alone to send out terror.
Imperial heaven "ha ha ….. foreign emperor is coming …"
Imperial Heaven laughs at heaven, this familiar breath, this familiar environment, this familiar energy … This is the foreign land, and this is the foreign land that Imperial Heaven used to be.
Terror energy burst accompanied by the roar of the heavenly laughter.
The clouds in the sky are constantly shaking.
I think it’s a little shocking to want to come to the foreign land. It used to be great that Yutian is now reappearing in the foreign land, especially the memory of Yutian has not been blocked, and there is no way to block it because Yutian is reincarnated and rebuilt into the foreign land.
Extraterritorial will also don’t know, if you choose to just drop purple and golden light to lead the royal sky.
This is a reward for the detached person to enter the foreign country, and it is also a reward for the foreign country.
The horror energy falls and transforms the celestial body, which is like baptism.
The length and strength of this baptism represent a person’s qualifications and accumulation, as well as the strength of the road to understanding.
Ling Tian entered the foreign baptism and let him enter the avenue from the third day of the avenue to the tenth day by himself.
Now this baptism falls, the Imperial Heaven laughs and wantonly devours this horrible energy. The Imperial Heaven naturally knows what it is, and the purple and gold energy is swallowed up by the Imperial Heaven and accumulated in circles.
"Roar …"
The heavenly roar, the flesh, the gods and the gods both broke through the avenue, the quadruple heaven avenue, the quintuple heaven avenue and the sixfold heaven …
If the extra-territorial consciousness has emotions, it is estimated that you want to scold your mother now, and the Imperial Heaven is simply several times stronger than others.
This is also a law outside the country! Entering a foreign country to get a foreign baptism is based on one’s accumulation and the strength of the road.
For example, if a circle is detached only because of the aging of the circle, then this person will be baptized and die, that is, from the triple day of the avenue to the quadruple day of the avenue, that is, the increase of one day.
If you accumulate some strong energy and rely on your own energy to escape from the base, you can enter the avenue five days, and if you are stronger, you will enter the avenue six days!
It’s normal for a strong person who understands the extreme road to accumulate a lot of money and then be baptized by the will outside the country and directly enter the nine heavens of the road. Of course, the more extreme roads there are, the more the increase will not be. For example, Ling Tian understands two extreme roads and enters the road. Only baptize according to one person’s strongest extreme road. If your extreme road is super strong, you may be able to enter the road by yourself through baptism. Of course, this foundation all means!
Compared with these imperial days, I have experienced a baptism, knowing that if I devour these energies, especially the imperial days, I will realize that it is a great way to the emperor’s road and the road to the dead!
I once understood that the Great Tao experienced a baptism, and the Great Tao was deduced by the Imperial Heaven to the height of 99 days. This kind of extraterritorial will of the earth avenue was baptized according to the most powerful Tao, but now the extraterritorial will doesn’t know how to choose baptism. The Great Road is the ninety-nine heavy road. Although it is now sealed against celestial bodies, the extraterritorial will can feel the ninety-nine heavy earth of the road.
Nai, this kind of baptism continues, and it seems that the extraterritorial will has not encountered this situation.
Imperial heaven devours baptism energy, which is the gentlest and most powerful energy. Earth energy impacts Imperial heaven and enters the avenue for ten days without stopping, and instantly rushes into the avenue for eleven times.
At this time, the foot island is full of changes, and the eyes of the Imperial Heaven are slightly narrowed. "Fighting the mainland … Burning Heaven Avenue Xiao Yan didn’t expect you to be born just now!"
Chapter 157 Talking to Ling Tian
Extraterritorial extreme variation
Heaven came to attract poor baptism.
Purple and golden energy has been swallowed up, and the sky has entered the avenue.
After entering the tenth fold, the baptism energy finally dissipated.
Extraterritorial will chooses silence, the most powerful Tao law chooses baptism intensity, but the strongest in Imperial Heaven is the greatest Tao. After all, Imperial Heaven once cultivated the greatest Tao to the 99th avenue, so how can the extraterritorial will choose to raise Imperial Heaven to the 99th avenue?
Imperial day eyes slightly narrowed way "avenue ten heavy? This baptism is really good, especially with his two extreme ways. The emperor has already grasped the opportunity in this field. "
Words fell to the ground, raging on the road of terror and fire, then faintly burned his 3 thousand road, and then fell to the ground and turned into strange flames
Imperial heaven eyes shining way "is this a different fire or three thousand different fires? Is this the evolution of the mainland as Fang Yun said? Is this the land of ZSZSZSZ?"
Imperial heaven said to himself, his eyes fell on this island.
Now this island is fused with an extreme fire energy, and it is clear to Heaven that this is the extreme avenue of burning heaven.
Yu Tian’s eyes fell on a small town, and a young cry came from this town, "Whoa … whoa …"
This crying word is to remember Xiao Yan.
Imperial day chuckle "Xiao Yan turned out to be Xiao Yan! Haha ….. The emperor came to a foreign country and met a big chance. This foreign country will once seal the memory of the extreme strong, and then reincarnate it. It is to shape the world that they have experienced and let them reincarnate. Now the emperor is Xiao Yan who has experienced the fight against mainland Xiao Yan resources … "
I have to say that I am really lucky. I have heard Fang Yun tell myself about the changes outside the country, but I just came to ZSZSZSZ to break the mainland.
Who was Xiao Yan who once created the extreme power of burning heaven avenue? Yutian and Xiao Yan are not bad, but when Lin Lei calculated himself, this guy also made moves. Xiao Yan wanted to turn Yutian Avenue into his own extreme inflammation. After all, Xiao Yan was able to burn 3,000 avenues into burning heaven avenue, and naturally turned to burning extreme avenue into his own extreme flame.
Although I don’t know how Xiao Yan died later, now Xiao Yan wants to kill him and get rid of his enemy in the future.
The idea of killing the sky sounded, but I felt a touch of vicissitudes in my mind. "You have drilled but you have also experienced hardships. Your memory has never sealed these extreme strong people, and you can’t sacrifice them. You can rob them of their resources but you can’t hurt their lives."
The vicissitudes of life words sway in the sky, and the eyes shine. This anger has raised its right arm and has already shone on the Emperor’s Avenue.
However, the words fell on the right arm of the Imperial Heaven and the energy was dissipated.
Imperial heaven "extraterritorial will … Don’t you have emotions? I know that your breath is the will of the outside world! "
"No … I’m a foreign will but I’m not in the mood, but the extreme strong can die and wait until they recover their memory. They can’t die until they recover their memory. They can’t wait forever for the general trend of 3,000 extreme strong to gather together to evolve 3,000 large domains and 3,000 strong to fight the ultimate road, so you can’t kill them now. If you want to kill them, wait for the future!" Extraterritorial will swing
The imperial heaven is annoyed, but the horrible energy of heaven makes the imperial heaven know that he is not an opponent of the extraterritorial will, and even if he used to be a ninety-nine-heavy avenue, he can’t hurt the extraterritorial will.

Elder Wang Ji is also a little unhappy, although he knows that Lord Xuanbaoge has given in.

"no! This level of prescription should at least give 70% resources! "
"Don’t go too far!" The owner of Xuanbaoge finally got a little angry. "It’s already given you 70% resources to sign the contract. Don’t even think about it."
The table was shot by Xuanbaoge. "Bang!" loud
"good! Five percent is five percent, but I demand seventy percent. "Jiang Feng suddenly said at this time.
He has confidence in his prescription.
The resources will naturally go up when Dan Fang sells a lot.
"Seventy percent! ? Whatever! "
If the owner of Xuanbaoge comes, he won’t trust to divide it into 70%, then it will be divided into 70%. Once the sales are lost, it will naturally be asked by Xuanbaoge.
Elder Wang Ji is anxious to say something.
But Jiang Feng waved directly to stop Wang Ji’s elders from secretly suffering. Even if this Dan medicine is more than ten percent, it is definitely a huge sum.
Master Xuanbaoge was so hasty.
"That’s all! That’s all! Five percent is five percent! " Elder Wang Ji took back the elder’s order and was unwilling to look at the Lord of Xuanbao Pavilion. "You will regret it, Lord!"
Xuanbaoge Lord didn’t speak.
At this time, everyone was in uproar.
I can’t believe that Jiang Feng actually signed the contract, which surprised everyone, even if it was because Jiang Feng entered through the back door.
Damn it!
Damn it!
The atmosphere in many people’s hearts can be resisted, but the other party is backed by Elder Wang Ji.
Of course, whether Jiang Feng backed Elder Wang Ji or Elder Wang Ji backed Jiang Feng is clear in their own hearts.
"Hey hey!" The former betting youth was excited from ear to ear. "Ten thousand fairy stones! You are not allowed to go back on your word! "
Han beside him was dumbfounded for a while and didn’t know what to say.
"tricky! It’s just opportunism If you don’t have Elder Wang Ji’s affirmation to sign the contract! " Han was saddened.
Young men really don’t care about these "ten thousand fairy stones, I hope you won’t go back on your word"
Han gave young people a bold stare, dismissive "had been at ease! I’ve been walking in the Jianghu for so many years and I haven’t broken my appointment. "
Han took out a bag directly.
The young man’s face is hazy after the inspection.
Although I didn’t get the favor of Xuanbaoge this time, I got 10 thousand fairy fine stones, which is definitely not a small sum.
"Wait a minute!" Han Shi was unwilling and turned to the young man and said, "I’ll make another bet with you!" "
"I’ll bet ten thousand fairy stones that these three prescriptions will be framed within half a month."
"I don’t think so." It must make sense that young people are not stupid and can be guaranteed by Elder Wang Ji.
And he has seen Jiang Feng’s true story.
"I bet with you that I also bet on ten thousand fairy fine stones." The young man waved it before he just got the fairy fine stone.
I was so angry that Han gnashed her teeth but could endure it.
The conference will soon be over.
All the alchemists dispersed separately and Jiang Feng had a stretch. Although the situation was unexpected, he finally signed the contract.
Feeling behind being photographed, a girl appeared before Jiang Feng.
It was the woman Xiaomei who accosted him in the front seat.
"I didn’t think! You actually signed a contract with Xuanbaoge! " Xiaomei is incredible and Jiang Feng is happy at the same time.
"I didn’t expect your master Wang Ji to be so deep!" Xiaomei obviously also recognizes that Jiang Feng can sign the contract by relying on it.
Claiming to be Xiaomei’s sister and daughter also came together.
Twisted graceful posture constantly toward Jiang Feng ogling at his side man has been ignored by him.
"The little friend really all that glitters is not gold. I don’t know if you are qualified to invite you to lunch together. I was rude before! ?”
Jiang Feng took a look at the woman and ignored her.
This kind of woman won’t be at ease when he sees more roots. "If you have any trouble in the future, you can come to Xuanbaoge to find Elder Wang Ji and he will help you with small things."
"ah! ?” Xiaomei is curious about Jiang Feng.
I didn’t expect Jiang Feng to give him this gift, Elder Wang Ji. That’s everyone’s fear.

Thought of here Han Tianhao can no longer sit still.

Although he has achieved the same success as lk Dream, the game they are in contact with is a dream after all.
Lk is the king of command in the dream.
Four kings and one king!
In all this, there is really nothing wrong with what Mike just said
Although Han Tianhao believes that in a few months or half a year, he will certainly be able to break through to the highest level of the fantasy Westward Journey command. After all, he still can’t lk this command, and Han Tianhao is also sincere.
Everyone stunned eyes, he said to lk
"Ge should be the elder lk commander of the oldest urk group from China?"
This words from Han Tianhao mouth say everyone around froze.
These people come from different countries, but they are all fantasy westward journey players. It is naturally clearer for a team like the old urk, because that is the last goal that everyone pursues together!
Although everyone is now aiming at the country, I can’t help but raise my respect when I hear that lk turned out to be the strange conductor of the old urk.
It is the respect that rises, and at the same time, everyone has an idea.
Lk, what will be Mike’s team leader? Isn’t he a country!
Perhaps also guessed everyone’s idea lk turned his head and said lightly
"yeah, I’m lk"
"This time, I came here in my personal capacity to help Mike and old urk, and I am also in China."
This remark sounded that all people, including Han Tianhao, completely overturned their doubts. For some reason, he lk didn’t need to lie to them.
"Then this time, I will trouble lk predecessors."
Han Tianhao bent over lk and said that this time he gave a big gift.
And lk also put away his frame but mouth or light way
"Well, it’s okay. Mike and I came here because we are friends, but I will also help Mike once, that is, when we finally compete with the dreamer team."
When I heard lk, everyone in the room frowned. Many people thought of what if lk was released in the most critical battle. And if it’s really Shenwei’s level, the hardware Mike team is not as good as the old urk!
Ignore what you think lk light said
"This time, both the elite and the brave should have no ability to gank the dreamer team, including Han Tianhao, and your Piao Ni Ma team. You should not deny this, right?"
Hear lk so hit the nail on the head to say these words Han Tianhao is nai nodded his head.
Indeed, when facing the team living in a brothel, he can win naturally because they are better than their opponents in hardware and command, but when facing the dreamer team, he dare not say so. The reason is that Han Tianhao himself knows that their Piao Ni Ma team is not a bit different from the dreamer team in hardware or command.
Also Han Tianhao point after the head lk continued
"And the world of truth and power is the same."
"After all, these devices abroad are very short, although the official side has made some preferential treatment, but after all, they are also limited, and now the dreamer team commander in the country thinks that although the strength has not yet returned to its peak, it is not Han Tianhao that you can deal with."
"The new urk and lazy family in Shenwei are not the only ones you can deal with, but the third team in Shenwei."
"Of course, I also want to say before here that even if I command Mike’s team, I don’t necessarily dare to say that I can defeat the dreamer’s team. After all, since this discussion came out from them, they must have some strategies to deal with the enemy, even saying that they may have already made sufficient preparations."
"But although I can’t guarantee to win, I will try my best."
Lk reviewed a week or so after saying these words and then light way
Of course, you can choose not to believe me, but you can’t help it. I’m Mike. Please come here. I’m also responsible for Mike.
Lk voice down the whole room fell into silence.
And Han Tianhao also took a deep breath and said
"lk predecessors, we believe in you"
Chapter four hundred and fifty-two Guard dignity
LK nodded faintly and then got up from his seat and said to Mike
"Call me back before the game, and I’ll go around Korea first."
Mike nodded his head, and he was really flattered that LK could come this time. After all, it’s not for everyone to be invited by the old Murk.
And LK walked to the door is like thinking of what turned to Han Tianhao a line of people said.
"But this competition is a great test, and you don’t feel at ease. After all, the dream of our country is already perfect, and it’s not long before you have your own talents. You don’t feel at ease. You still have to face the dream 3S championship that is comparable to the S-class competition six months later."
LK finished this sentence and left of cutting.
And Han Tianhao and others are also a thoughtful expression on their faces.

A series of explosions suddenly rang out in the forest. Because the three of them attacked and broke, the leaves fell down and flew like a tree. The posture of Maomao was broadcast by the dark part of Muye, which was particularly surprising. It was a group hiding across from Maomao!

Two rebellious people have recognized their identity. The strangest thing is that their clothes are equally extremely sensitive. Siying immediately knew that they were members of the same organization.
"Shu Mao’s strength is really good. A spiral pill can be so effective elsewhere. I think Watergate can laugh when he knows it!" Lei Ying is the only ninja who has ever played against Watergate. Naturally, he knows that the spiral pill of Watergate ranks first in the list. The spiral pill of Ninjutsu can be said to be an indispensable ninja for forging the great achievements of Watergate. Although the limelight is covered by his other ninja, people who know Watergate a little know that the spiral pill is Watergate talent, and Fei Raytheon is strictly speaking, he inherited it from the second generation, which is not exclusive to Watergate.
"Earth Dun Earthquake Core!"
Jiao Du finally put up with the flying debris-he was just a scorpion with a broken tail, but slowly he found that Shu Mao’s other hand actually attracted the flying debris in the air, and these debris were blown out again, directly forming an attack cycle, while his left hand was damaged by a spiral pill, causing debris, while an unknown ninja pulled these debris closer to him, while Shu Mao’s mouth blew out some wind and directly used those flying debris as an attack method!
This endurance rhythm directly stunned Siying, and it was the first time they saw such a coherent attack!
"He’s really a master just because of the wind!" The shadow of the earth praised him. He figured out that this tree is really a enchanting figure. Unfortunately, it was found a little late. Now there are not many people who can clean up! If I had found out earlier, Tuying would have killed him anyway.
"Did you find out? Each of his escape doesn’t look like a mature ninja, but it’s no less powerful than those mature ninjas. This is the most incredible place! "
"No, the most incredible thing about him is that he controls you. See? The debris around him never touched himself-even the blown debris was just blown out without external force! This is really quite a terrible control. I have never seen such control. "Shui Ying, a woman can always find things that others can’t find.
And the wind shadow was completely silent. At this moment, he was thinking about what Shu Mao said to Tuanzang. At this moment, he was confused by these words!
"Do you have such means? Let’s stop wasting time and make a move directly! "
Tuan Zang can’t stand the attack of Shu Mao. Although he is immortal, it’s really annoying. Ah, the head of the regiment directly channeled the dream.
After Meng Kuang appeared, his big mouth directly sucked the debris around him into his mouth. When Shu Mao saw Meng Kuang coming out, he knew what kind of moves he wanted. He immediately stepped aside and left the front of Meng Kuang’s mouth.
The horns and scorpions also hurriedly walked away, and the debris in the air disappeared directly and disappeared at the same time, as well as the frivolous dust of the broken trees. In a short time, the forest was sucked out of a barren land by Meng Xiao.
Tuanzang saw that Meng Xiao didn’t remember anything and sent him back. At this time, both Scorpion and Horn entered a state of fighting.
Scorpion summoned three generations of wind shadows on the big screen. The three generations of wind shadows were seen by all the audience. Those people were crazy at this moment. They couldn’t find the three generations of wind shadows and were made into puppets!
And his audience is full of interest. Obviously, they don’t mind watching the enemy like this for revenge.
The audience in the arena all saw a few shadows before they dispersed, and there were some programs late, but they didn’t expect it to be like this. Now the arena is boiling completely, and those who heard the cheers or were notified came out from the stalls from the downtown area and went straight to the arena. Soon the high platforms around the arena were full, even the roof was full!
Corner is played to complain directly into the disgusting tentacle mode, and four hiding masks are behind corner separately.
Jiaodu took the lead in launching an attack, and the wind-escaping mask blew with the fire-escaping mask, and then the wind and the fire merged together to form a huge fire wave to attack Shumao!
"Feng Shui evasion Feng Shui gun!"
Shu Mao sent out Feng Shui Ninjutsu for the first time. At this moment, he finally bloomed with great light. The spiral water gun directly looked at the large-scale fire escape, chopped a waterway directly from the fire waves, swallowed the surrounding flames directly with rotating momentum, and an unstoppable posture directly thought about the two masks at the corner.
"The corner flash is a powerful endurance that your two fragile masks can’t resist!" Similarly, the most immortal scorpion still knows something about the method of immortality in Jiaodu.
The horns heard his words and went straight away, and the two masks stopped their evasive attack and jumped up directly!
"Sand and iron attack!" The sand iron spit out from the mouth of the three generations of wind shadows directly turned into a huge shield-like object and came to the front of the water gun, trying to block the water gun!
Who knows that at this moment, a huge water gun burst from it, and a lux gun-shaped fire dun directly hit the sand iron. The ultra-high temperature directly melted the sand iron into liquid, and the castration did not decrease, and it directly ran away from the three generations of wind shadows behind the shield!
Scorpion saw that the situation was wrong and immediately contracted the chakra line in his hand to directly measure the three generations of wind shadows and pulled it to his side. The musket directly hit the ground. Even though the arena was far away from their fighting place, everyone could hear the dull explosion!
At this moment, everyone was attracted by such gorgeous but powerful gun ninja and forgot to breathe the silence in the arena! The silence is not only the scorpion and the horn in the arena, but also the skunk and the shark in that corner!
"Shu Maojun, so you are already so powerful?" He knows what the ferret is thinking. He still remembers that he gave Shu Mao a kaleidoscope! If the tree is in a kaleidoscope, does it mean that the battle will be over soon?
"It’s really amazing. Who would have thought that such a huge water gun department could hide a powerful fire escape gun?"
"I’m afraid it’s not that he hid in it, but that he used the force to play. Those fires absorbed by the spiral water gun formed the musket we saw just now!"
At the same time to make such a guess and Shui Ying!
"What do you mean?"
"Otherwise, this kid will be able to master the boiling dun. You know, the boiling dun quality is water dun plus fire dun, but you see if those waters are boiling just now! So this is because he absorbed those fire escape effects! Instead of him releasing fire! "
"So that’s it!"
When Tuanzang reappeared, it had become extremely embarrassed!
And scorpion now found that his three generations of wind shadow puppets could not control those sand and iron samples! Scorpion instantly thought that the fire escape just now may have affected the sand iron! (Thermal demagnetization effect! )
And Jiao Du looked at Shu Mao very seriously, and he was a little angry at the same time. What? Because just now, when he dodged the attack of Shu Mao, his lightning mask was directly chopped up by Shura behind Shu Mao!
That’s right. Shura actually kicked the ball and hid it. With those strengths, he flew directly to the Leidun mask, and gathered chakra to suffer and cut off the Leidun mask directly, so that the angle would lose a life! to be continued
Chapter 7 Second Selection War (2)
Jiao was angry and thought that if the scorpion hadn’t saved him just now or the scorpion puppet didn’t have that huge shield to block something, he might be burned to ashes now! All corners can now be said to be surprised or angry, and of course there are some fears! At this moment, this person who has lived for nearly five generations has truly felt the death threat!
The atmosphere at the scene was particularly dignified, and the depressed feeling made the ninja who participated in the assessment of forbearance dare not get close to it, and those ninjas could observe the situation at the top of the tree. A kind ninja actually raised the platform and looked at the contest from a commanding height.
"Carouhy, you said I can still have hope? Seeing him attack, I feel that he and I are two people from the world! " Lifting the platform soil layer is naturally black soil.
"I don’t know, even if I’ve never seen such a burst attack on Uncle Lei Ying than the teacher, maybe it can reach such a level, but it’s far less self-possessed!"
Women are just surprised that they were noisy to death just now, but now they have become a good sister!
"Hey, I really don’t know when it will be the end, brother. He is really amazing!" Naruto hands holding the back of the head of the earth to protest.
"Say yes! Brother Shu Mao’s attack made me know that my fire escape was really like Mars. No wonder he didn’t teach me to fire escape. It turned out that I didn’t even have the qualification to study! Maybe that’s why he wants to help me find a teacher!
I must learn that Shu Maoge is on fire! "Sasuke decided at this moment that he would arrange for Shu Mao to complete his study. The first thing to do when he came back was to learn Ninjutsu from Shu Mao.
"Shu Maoge’s medical endurance is also quite powerful. I don’t know if it will!" This is KINOMOTO SAKURA’s idea.
"It’s a good thing that we didn’t talk to Shura, or if those things floated out a little, we would be turned to ashes!" Ino summoned the lovely gills to help the deer pill and said
"I didn’t expect him to meet Brother Shumao and fight with others. It’s not easy for those people to take a complete blow from Brother Shumao!"
"Well, anyway, I just want to eat. I want to catch Brother Shumao!" Ding Ji, this is to eliminate food as a tree!
Another direction

"Well, this is Mr. Wen Sheng, a great painter, and also a creative person in the world." The host introduced the old man in the stands

The old man stood up and smiled at the audience.
"The last one is also a great man …" The host looked at the screen.
One minute and two minutes, another girl with black hair and a mask appeared on the screen.
"Hello, everyone, I’m Nangong Xiaoxiao. I didn’t expect to participate in the evaluation of the Moon Cup with Qiu Xue Ji, and I was scared to eat a cold noodle to calm down." The dark-haired girl turned around and ate it.
"…" Audience
"Ha ha ha Xiao Xiao is really interesting. Is that Qiuyi Building?" Autumn snow ji laughed.
"Mmm, it’s delicious." Nangong Xiaoxiao mumbled.
"Ahem, let’s introduce a theme. This time, the theme is Nangong Xiaoxiao’s teacher. Please look at the big screen." The host looked at the tablet in his hand and said.
All the audience and players looked at the big screen and two words appeared.
The future!
"This time the theme is two hours in the future!" Zhuzhiren boulevard
A group of contestants wore closed earmuffs so that they could be quiet and play their painting level well.
Yunxuan is the same.
All the contestants were quiet to draw.
Two hours to draw and associate can be said to be very hasty.
Qiu Xueji and Nangong Xiaoxiao are both live broadcasts, and you can clearly see the situation here, including the paintings of each player.
One minute passed, and an hour and a half later, Yun Xuan put on his painting tools.
Two hours later, everyone left the drawing board.
Grading and evaluating the painting from the first contestant.
The player’s interpretation of the painting directly affects the painting score.
Yun Xuan doesn’t have much opinion about other people’s paintings. He is number 15.
"The seven-point summer calendar player scored seven points, and the first one was over five points!"
"It’s another seven-point summer calendar player tied for the first place. A player from Beijing, Bai You, painted the earth."
"The third-ranked wild player draws a future life score of 6 points!"
A player came to Yunxuan more than an hour after his introduction.
Looking at the big screen hanging city and abandoned ground Wen Sheng three people some don’t understand.
"I’ve thought a lot about the future, but I think it should be the closest to the future. As we all know, resources are limited and the roots of environmental protection can’t be strict. Sooner or later, resources will be moved, and the ground of human life will become a problem in the future." Yun Xuan said seriously
"Environmental protection in the future? Interesting "Wen Sheng nodded his head.
"This player’s angle is very special but meaningful," Qiu Xueji commented in silence.
"Yunxuan, you really didn’t let me down" Nangong Xiaoxiao smiled.
The host of "Please give a rating" is a little confused.
Wen Sheng three people took it out at the same time and scored three 2 points.
"Yunxuan players draw a total score of 6 points in the future," the host was surprised.
Yun Xuan’s eyebrows are wrinkly, but then a smile appeared on his face. Is it a point?
All the players’ scores are ultimately the primary intelligence scores.
The host of "Please give a rating" looks at the big screen, and so does the audience.
The primary intelligence score plus the judges’ score is the real first.
"This is impossible!"
"Is there a problem with primary intelligence?"
"92 points. How is that possible …"
Even the three judges were shocked when the primary intelligence score came out.
Score the first Yunxuan player to draw "Future" with 92 points!
The second summer calendar player scored 72 points for painting "Tai"!
The third-ranked white player painted "Earth" with 72 points!
Unexpectedly, the six-point cloud Xuan instantly turned into 152 points.
The original tied for first place has become tied for second place with 142 points and one point difference!
"What is this?" Wen Sheng frowned and suspected that there was something wrong with primary intelligence.
"Yunxuan player" Future "drew the ground phenomenon through delicate techniques, and calculated the ground condition according to the primary intelligence, which is in line with the human high-tech era." The primary intelligent mechanical sound started.
"this is a painting that truly represent that future!"
The audience couldn’t believe it when the primary intelligent voice fell off the stage.
Predicting the future, drawing this … how is it possible?
Wen Sheng suddenly realized that this is based on the potential value judgment, which represents that the painting "Future" has definitely become a scene that may become a reality by primary intelligence.
"The latent value … is really fierce. It seems that this time we are mistaken." Nangong Xiaoxiao applauded.
"I also have a problem with my primary intelligence. I’m sorry, Yunxuan player, you are very good." Qiu Xueji said seriously.
"Old man, I’m so old. Yunxuan congratulates you on becoming a new generation champion of the Moon and Moon Cup." Wen Sheng wry smile way.
This is the case with the Xingyue Cup. There have been several times in the past, and this kind of counterattack has made the players become the first.
It is very reasonable for primary intelligence to explain the real future. Is this something that ordinary people can describe?
Its significance is to remind people to protect the environment, and secondly, the painting level is superb.
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Chapter 56 Lord’s adult name
"Congratulations to the host for winning the first prize of the Xingyue Cup and upgrading the random bronze skill level!"
"Ding-dong, congratulations to the host for reaching the advanced level of hacking"
There are two sounds in Yunxuan’s ear. You need to go to a hidden place to get the reward.
"This time, the champion of the Xingyue Cup is from Yunxuan, Fangyu City, and his" Future "will become a representative." Host Avenue.
The audience gave a hand.
"Congratulations!" Wen Sheng came from the judging panel and gave Yunxuan the gold medal.
"Thank you" Yun Xuanwei bowed and admired the man who created the world.
"This Xingyue Cup is over, please leave in order." The host said with a smile after watching the award.
Xingyue Hotel in half an hour.
"Yunxuan, your" Future "is priced at millions by primary intelligence. I wonder if you have any intention to sell it?" Wen Sheng hesitated.
"if you want to buy it, 7 million is ok." Yunxuan smiled.
"It’s Akiyuki who asked me to buy her. She has a special identity." Wen Sheng shook his head.
"No problem, I have no interest in collecting what I have drawn." Yunxuan nodded his head.

After all, they are all practitioners. Give them a hand if you can.

"We can’t take care of ourselves, and we still have the heart to take care of others. Once one of us can’t hold on, the other one will die!" Many people hesitate to refute Jiang Feng.
People continued to fly, and the ancient inscription never looked back and kept flying to the front.
With so many whipping boys in the way behind him, his journey is obviously very smooth.
"Everyone is fighters help each other but go further. If you don’t help yourself, how long can your body energy last! ?”
Pang Zeyin also shouted "Bang!" Blow a skyfire snake to save a pale fighter.
Otherwise, many people hesitate.
Now there is not much time to think about it. After all, their reasoning is consistent with each other, which really improves a lot of efficiency.
All the way, many people struggled to resist.
A good distance from the exit is not too far. After some efforts, I finally saw the dawn and ran towards hope with my last strength.
"swish! Hey! Hey! "
Many people rushed out of the ancient road and gasped.
The head-on breeze refreshed them a lot.
Inside, the skyfire snake is unwilling to shoot outward, scaring people to hide again and again.
A good skyfire snake can be born in flame. Once it leaves the flame, it is like carp dehydration without attack.
"Damn … I let you kill … let you kill!" A fighter heart gas but blunt before motionless skyfire snake severely stepped on a few feet.
It was not until I stepped on my head that I was willing.
"all right! Is everyone okay? ?” Gu Ming didn’t know where he came from. "I didn’t expect this to happen. I have some Dan medicine here. Let’s take it to restore the immortal energy!"
He took a porcelain vase out of his arms.
At this time, all the injured people are grateful to DeDehua Longgu Dan medicine, but it is very rare.
They have no idea
They wouldn’t have died so badly if Gu Ming hadn’t given them fruit trees and flowers.
"Wu Yun just now is you save! I still flatter the ancient inscription! " Pangze walked to come over from the side.
He’s covered in blood. Obviously, he’s just been through a big war.
"Everyone can see that you came up with an idea to save them, but you don’t know that human feelings are nothing before interests!"
"Then why don’t you get Dan medicine! ?” Jiang Feng looked at Pang Ze curiously.
Pang Ze shook his head and showed disdain. "I still have to stick to my own bottom line in some things. I can see that you are a friend compared with that hypocritical ancient inscription!"
If they choose Jiang Feng, it doesn’t mean human nature.
If you want to leave Hualong Valley by yourself, then they won’t have it.
Gu Ming soon came to Jiang Feng and handed Pang Ze one of the two Dan medicines in his hand.
"Thank you!" Pangze hard stuffy brain nodded.
Although he doesn’t like the ancient inscription, he doesn’t want to offend him in person.
"I didn’t expect you to get here …" Gu Ming stared at Jiang Feng face vaguely bad.
Especially the thought of Jiang Feng emitting purple fire.
But also let his heart like a cat scratch.
"This is your Dan medicine …" Gu Ming took out a Dan medicine from his arms, but his hands slipped and fell to the ground on purpose.
"Sorry to get dirty … please pick it up!"
At this time, everyone looked at this side and knew that the ancient inscription was ugly for Jiang Feng.
"Are you? ?”
Jiang Feng looked down and took a step directly to Dan medicine, which was directly mixed into the soil.
"I appreciate your kindness …" Jiang Feng raised his foot and was dismayed. "I’m sorry … Dan medicine is dirty for you. Please take it back!"
Jiang Feng directly turned and walked to a tree to repose.
Gu Ming was livid and looked at Dan medicine. He didn’t pick it up or his fists were clenched by him. "Hey! Squeak "
"How can this Dan medicine be so precious?" Wu Yun immediately to pick up Dan medicine sleeves wiped.
Is to ease the embarrassing scene at this time.
But everyone can see that Gu Ming’s eyes on Jiang Feng are getting colder and colder.
After a long time, the human spirit has recovered a little.
Wu Yun, who was previously saved by Jiang Feng, leaned in toward Jiang Feng and looked at Jiang Fengzheng’s eye closure.
A silver needle suddenly appeared in his hand and plunged into his neck.
The cold light sparkled, and everyone didn’t react. I didn’t expect Wu Yun to suddenly start work
Jiang Feng suddenly opened his eyes and disappeared in a flash.
Wu Yun frightened to disgrace andao a bad it’s a pity that it’s too late to hold the silver needle arm directly by Jiang Feng firmly.
"Hey!" Directly by him should break off.
"Ah …" Miserable roar shocked everyone.
In Wu Yun, the whole person feels that the neck has a strong force, as if being caught by iron tongs and abruptly being Jiang Fengqi.
Root has no resistance strength.
He came here to get the ancient name of the fruit, although he was slightly higher than Jiang Feng, and he mastered the fairy energy root method.
Not Jiang Feng opponent nature is taken for granted.
"What do you want! ?” Jiang Feng cold voice from the ear to frighten Wu Yunshen tremble.
Chapter 766 samaritans
One side is resting, Ponze also opens his eyes, and the scene just happened is naturally perceived by him.
"Don’t you forget who saved you before! ?”
There are fighters aren’t said