What’s more, some colleagues from the same county magistrate actually urged Wen-xuan li and Wei Zheng to fall into a trap.

"Two adults this king county magistrate is really too much, so don’t give two adults face officer advice horse king county magistrate dismissed for investigation and see if the king county magistrate is really poor …"
"That’s right. The horse will be dismissed from the county magistrate for investigation …"
The first feeling when I saw Wei Zheng here was that this embarrassing king magistrate was not superior to others, and it was probably a very rare official in a big dynasty.
When Wei Zheng showed interest in this county magistrate, he also looked embarrassed and embarrassed. Li Wenxuan had to ask Wei Zheng, "My Lord, what do you think we should do …"
Wang Peng, a county magistrate, will never make a rash decision without really knowing it.
Wei Zheng, who is aiming at Li Wenxuan’s question, just replied with a flat face, "I am a military commander, not a civilian. Besides, this is your magistrate’s office, so you can handle it yourself. I won’t have any opinions …"
Li Wenxuan nodded thoughtfully and decided in front of his eyes, "Since all the adults have this idea, let’s dismiss Wang Daren first … I will report this matter to the court for a resolution …"
Wei Zheng returned to Company commanders mansion with a full harvest after the banquet.
However, what puzzled Kelly Y Zhou and others was that the first thing Wei Zhengkou did was not ask about the harvest tonight, but that the banquet was attacked by a group of colleagues and Wang Peng was dismissed.
"Strategist, what do you think of this Wang Peng king magistrate …"
"Wang Peng king county magistrate …" Zhou Yuanmeng one leng before Bai Weizheng asked what it was?
Wei Zheng stared at a thoughtful face and replied, "General Wang Peng gave me the first impression that he is an honest official … and he is also a talented and honest official. Because we have such talents in big officialdom, we will be squeezed out by our colleagues more than falling into the well …"
Weizheng nodded and turned to Zhang Wu and asked, "Lieutenant Zhang, the longest time you stayed in Datong, you must have heard about this king county magistrate. How do you recognize it?"
Since Wei Zheng gave the generals of Datong Prefecture a bad breath and bowed their heads to the magistrate’s adult, Zhang Wu has recognized this company commander from the bottom of his heart. Not only that, but when he saw the excellent equipment of the Tiger and Leopard Army, he was jealous and he had an impulse to join the Tiger and Leopard Army directly. So far, he has not met a good opportunity.
Zhang Wu didn’t hesitate and conceal the Wei Zheng problem. He replied very readily, "Your Excellency General Zhou said that Wang Daren’s county magistrate is the best among all county magistrates."
"As far as I know, this king magistrate still lives in the county government kitchens, unlike his magistrate who bought a house in his own jurisdiction just a few months ago …"
Wei Zheng nodded his head and affirmed that "the eyes of the people are discerning. If this king magistrate is a good official, it will prove that this king magistrate is indeed a capable and good official."
"For such a good magistrate yamen, if he doesn’t crowd him out, it will just leave us Company commanders mansion."
Speaking of which, Wei Zheng directly asked Wei Zheng, "Strategist, do you think about whether there is any good position for this Wang Peng in Company commanders mansion? Since he has been transferred to the county magistrate’s position, I will pull him to our Tiger and Leopard Army in the name of Datong Company commanders and ask the court to give him a level that is better and more suitable for his official position. We will work."
After counting all the official positions of Company commanders mansion, a deputy official position of his own slowly appeared in Kelly Y Zhou’s mind
Wei Zheng was ordered by the court to be the general commander of Datong Prefecture. It is time for the Tiger and Leopard Army to send troops to Wei Zheng as soon as possible. Thousands of soldiers were also appointed by the court. Zhou Yuan, the strategist of Tiger and Leopard Army, was ordered by the court to assist Wei Zheng in commanding the Tiger and Leopard Army …
In the face of Xuanfu envoy, there is also a fellow Xuanfu envoy who assists Xuanfu envoy in supervising the military inspection of wages …
Therefore, this Xuanfu envoy’s tongzhi position appeared in Kelly Y Zhou’s mind. Not only that, Wei Zheng just gave himself one when he entered Datong House, and it also came to Kelly Y Zhou’s mind.
Wei Zheng gazed tentatively and asked, "How about the general’s five propaganda envoys knowing each other … Isn’t it necessary for our tiger and leopard army to resettle the refugees in Datong House after entering Datong House … There is absolutely no problem for the king magistrate to manage a county to resettle tens of thousands of refugees in Datong House and let them go to wasteland?"
"My idea is to ask the court for a XuanFuZhi tongzhi position to give the king magistrate a sign to be in charge of the resettlement and reclamation of refugees in Datong. In addition, since the king magistrate is a valuable official, all the expenses of our butch army can also be handed over to him to manage, so that the king magistrate is willing to join our butch army …"
Wei Zheng’s eyes lit up and he affirmed, "Let him manage refugees and wasteland first. If he really has the ability, I will drag him into the Tiger and Leopard Army because there are too few scholars in our Tiger and Leopard Army."
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four XuanFu TongZhi
The backyard of Shanyin county in Datong has just been removed from the post of magistrate. Wang Pengzheng is sitting in the backyard of the yamen and sulking.
Although he has been back for several days, the news that he was transferred to the county magistrate has been reported to the county government and the whole Shanyin County, but Wang Peng’s heart is filled with all the unpopular ideas
As time goes by, this idea becomes stronger and stronger …
"What you want to be a good officer …"
"Why is it so difficult for Dachao to be a good official …"
"Don’t we really have a great court decayed to the point where we can’t even be a good official …"
Wang Peng’s face has changed with various ideas, and the gray-haired old housekeeper quickly walked into the kitchens. After looking at Wang Peng with a face of heartache, she quickly said, "Someone outside the master’s government is looking for you …"
"Looking for me …" Wang Peng’s face directly showed a look full of surprise.
Because since the news that he was dismissed from his post, Shanyin County is the so-called "people go for tea", and no one has come to visit him again.
Now I suddenly heard that someone would visit me at this time. Wang Peng’s unpredictable face flashed a smile and ordered the old housekeeper with a face of excitement. "The trotters invite people in …"
Soon the old housekeeper led Wei Zheng, Kelly Y Zhou and Zhang Wu to appear in the government kitchens.
A few days ago, Wang Peng met Wei Zheng and Kelly Y Zhou at dinner, but he didn’t see them clearly. At first, Wang Peng didn’t recognize Wei Zheng, the Datong company commander, and he didn’t see his direct company in the future, that is, Kelly Y Zhou, the messenger of Datong.
However, because Lieutenant Zhang of Zhang Wu has been in Datong Mansion for almost two years, the county magistrate of Wang Peng is still very familiar with Zhang Wu.
After seeing Zhang Wu among the three people, Wang Peng quickly got up from his seat and said respectfully, "Officer … No, it’s no longer a county magistrate. Right people have seen General Zhang. I don’t know what General Zhang is doing here …"
Glared at the front without expression of eyes, Wang Peng said with a face of dissatisfaction, "Didn’t Wang Daren have long eyes? Not only did I come to our Datong Sobee adults and Xuanfu envoy Zhou Daren, but I haven’t come to see Wei Zongbing …"
"Company commanders’ adult …" Wang Peng suddenly one leng didn’t respond at the moment.
It was not until Wei Zheng sat down in the back hall with a smile that Wang Pengcai suddenly woke up and hurried to the front of Wei Zheng with a respectful face and said, "The right man didn’t know that the company commanders’ adult came to my humble place and neglected the company commanders’ adult. Please forgive the company commanders’ adult …"
Wei Zheng waved and said, "All right, sit down. I’m not here today to bother you."
Then Wang Peng directly stared at Kelly Y Zhou with a pair of puzzled eyes and ordered, "Zhou Daren, you first announce to Wang Daren that Company commanders mansion has just sent a message …"