Smell speech Yu Yilie is staring at the strange tree in front, but it gives him a conscious illusion.

As if a tree demon stood quietly waiting for its prey hook.
"Do you think that big demon is this big tree?" Yu Yilie inexplicably guessed and said
"It’s impossible for a tree to become a demon. Without a thousand roots, even consciousness has not formed. Don’t worry, I’ll find out first!" DiYang tone certainly explained immediately soul body light to the tree.
Seeing this, Yu Yilie no longer said anything, but looked dignified and stared at every move ahead. If something happened, he must have run away for the first time.
I can easily find Yin Lingmu, but I don’t want to go deep into the lair of the big demon in the purple mansion. Anyway, Diyang is a Yin Lingmu, and there is no problem that he didn’t want to escape from his roots.
While Yu Yilie didn’t notice a strange twisted tree beside him.
But I saw a humanoid monster covered with black and green cuticle coming out from a little bit, with a big mouth and faintly visible dense green mucus, and at the same time, my thick arms held his breath to him and approached him a little bit.
Unconsciously, the danger is quietly coming to Yilie Youzi, watching Diyang approach the thick and abnormal trunk.
When DiYang got into the tree hole, he realized that something was wrong behind him.
He has been running his magic to protect himself, and he didn’t feel cold all the way, but at this time he actually felt a little hair on his vest and stood upright. I don’t know if he was cold or alert
Consciousness looks back, but behind it, there is a breeze.
"Strange how always feel something behind him? Why is it suddenly windy for no reason? " Yu Yilie wondered to himself that the bottom of my heart was inexplicable and tight.
Have they been discovered by the big demon? ! Are you hiding in the dark and preparing to give them a fatal blow?
Or what small animals are not afraid of hiding in the dark and peeking at them?
After all, if they were found by the big demon, they might have been chased all over the place. Where would they hide in the dark and sneak attack?
"Pavilion Master ~ Come in quickly ~" Diyang’s figure floated out of the tree hole and waved to him while calling him in a slow tone.
Yu Yilie couldn’t help but look at his expression when he saw this. There should be no danger in it, and Diyang also found something.
When he moved, he swept forward lightly and followed Diyang straight into the tree hole.
At this time, a pair of miserable white eyes in the tree where Yu Yilie was previously located once again stared at these two guys and got into his lair. It actually showed a trace of pride.
Fortunately, I didn’t eat that food before, which will definitely scare away another food, and the other one should be more beneficial and delicious to it.
Once again, it emerged from the trunk, grinning and walking quietly to its lair.
If Yu Yilie shows up, he will surely see a rather funny scene.
I saw a monster nearly a man’s height, black and green, covered with layers of horny things.
Hands and feet are longer than the head, but the eyes are square, the nose is two holes, the face is set, and the mouth is still dripping with a drop of green liquid.
At this point, this guy actually found the hiding kitten like a hide-and-seek, and quietly went to catch them step by step.
Chapter sixty-four Mandrill
Spacious tree hole Yu Yilie is intoxicated and bathed in two green lights, unaware that the crisis is coming little by little.
And Diyang is exaggerating that a mass of green light greedily devours the light emitted by green light.
I don’t know how many years this tree heart has been bred, but there are two groups of bathed green spots in Yilie, and I can feel a strong vitality, alcohol and aura into his body a little bit.
But judging from the rough wooden bed here, there should be something living here.
Thought of here Yu Yilie couldn’t help but suddenly be surprised. Is this the purple mansion’s big demon nest?
"DiYang! Stop dawdling! This must be the monster’s lair! Get rid of the tree heart before it comes back! " Yu Yilie hurriedly mouth press a way
DiYang smell speech is also return to absolute being, hurriedly put his soul body covered in a struggling to pull.
But at this time, Yu Yilie suddenly felt that there was an extra shadow. I couldn’t help but jump and look back.
"Hahuo ~ Huo ~ Ow ~ Woo ~!"
I saw a burly figure standing at the mouth of a tree hole, and my hands kept pounding my chest, and my mouth gave a strange and vague roar.
Just there will be two people to the mouth of the tall tree to block most of it, and its plan has finally succeeded!
Now let’s see where these two prey can go! This is called the way to heaven, but not the way to hell.
"ah? ! This is over! Diyang, what kind of monster is this? !” At the sight of things behind him, Yu Yilie couldn’t help but immediately retreat in horror.
And Diyang tried his best to break the green smell speech and couldn’t help looking into the hole of the tree.
This look at him is not the same in shock hurriedly huddled up to escape behind Yu Yilie.
"The cabinet master seems to be a mandrill who likes to eat the essence of creatures and prefers to devour their souls to grow stronger. What should I do if I look at this spiritual wisdom and fear that it has been cultivated to the foundation period?" DiYang some fear his ear and said
"What should I do? ! The strength of the enemy and me is very different. I won’t move if the enemy doesn’t move! " Yu Yilie quickly took the moon blade out of the front of her body and said in a low tone at the same time
Foundation period? I don’t know how powerful it is. Can he compete with one or two by practicing four layers in the middle of his birth?
Even if he can’t get the phantom cloud posture, can he walk away?
He won’t worry if he can escape from the tree hole and stay away from this strange forest.
"Ow ~ ho ~ ho ~"
The tall mandrill was too scared to move when he saw two prey. He couldn’t help but roar with excitement and wanted to have a full meal two strides ago.
Feeling the slight tremor on the ground, a little closer to the monster, Yu Yilie couldn’t help but jump wildly in his heart, and a layer of fine sweat came out from his forehead due to nervousness.
"Come! One step and two steps are now! " Yu Yilie’s heart secretly calculated the sudden body movement when he was close to a ten-foot range from Mandrill.
When he stayed where he was and dissipated a little bit, a cold light suddenly appeared behind him!
"Hey ~!" A strange crack sounded.
See mandrill back was immediately scratched a foot xu long gouges where whole pieces were missing a green liquid suddenly emerged.
"ouch!" Mandrill immediately roar a pain.
But when it angrily turned around and waved to catch it, it only caught a ghosting image.
"It seems that this big demon is so much!" Yu Yilie corners of the mouth with a chuckle.
After a test, Yu Yilie suddenly felt confident in his heart. He wanted to leave immediately after a blow, but now he seems to want to take something away!
The figure flashed in Yilie and went straight to the edge of the tree hole and stepped on the tree wall several times.
Then he jumped up and went straight to the heart of the tree!
Look at the half-figure mandrill again silly and white. This flexible food can’t help but roar and run to the tree heart.
Yu Yilie is secretly feeling that this guy is more stupid than that. He ran to the heart of the tree and his arms stretched strangely and quickly to catch him!
"Shit!" His heart suddenly a clot mouth low shout a.
"drink! Give me a break! " Yu Yilie, the feeling be nasty, hurriedly threw the moon blade into a low drink in the export.
Is his body to plunge at the same time will be in the hands of the blade to throw an arc angle to avoid mandrill hands to cut off a tree heart.
"poof ~" a light ring tree heart suddenly fell.
"DiYang! Go quickly! " Yu Yilie fall to the ground at the same time see successful not immediately critical drink a way.
"ah! Ow! Hey! " When mandrill saw this, he couldn’t help roaring.
At this time, it really wants to crush the hateful monkey, but the tree heart is cut off and tangled, or it reaches out to catch the tree heart. This is its baby!
At this time, a dark gray light mass unexpectedly wrapped the tree heart and ran to one side before it.
Seeing this, it couldn’t help blushing and roaring, but instead opened its mouth and made a strange and long low noise.
But I saw that Diyang was about to return to his body shape and immediately stopped uncontrolled, and the direction was backward. It was the big mouth of the mandrill!