Qing Liu perfunctory said.

"By the way, is there an Audi A6?"
Huang Xigang hesitated for a while and said with some embarrassment, "Brother, I’m not him because Yoko’s parents said that this wedding car must be Audi A6 at the last time."
"What do you mean my parents said?" Yoko gave him a white look and said, "It’s because when my second aunt’s sister got married, the man took over the Audi A6 float and Mercedes-Benz. My mother didn’t ask you to say that I married you. Did my mother ask for anything from beginning to end?" Not just this one request? "
"Okay, I’m wrong, okay?"
Huang Xigang hurriedly reckon with.
"Ha ha you can rest assured that Audi A6 must have"
Qing Liu smiled gently.
"Thanks, brother."
Huang Xigang raised his glass and gave him a deep look. He said, "Let’s not talk more about this glass of wine." He raised a bottle of beer and gulped it down.
Three people to chat while drinking beer Yoko can’t drink, accompanied by a cup of tea.
Qing Liu noticed that Huang Xigang and Yoko seemed to be in a relaxed mood, and he decided in his heart that since he promised to help, he would do it beautifully.
After sitting for more than an hour, Qing Liu got up and left. No matter how Qing Liu refused, Huang Xigang and Yoko insisted on sending him upstairs, and then they climbed upstairs and went home.
In order not to delay Huang Xigang’s two things, the next day, Qing Liu guessed that two people should give them a call and lied that they had arrived at the train. As soon as Huang Xigang heard it, he was in a hurry, saying that Qing Liu was not interesting enough and didn’t even say hello before leaving, so that he could wait for the train and his horse would ask for leave to come and see Qing Liu off.
Qing Liu hurriedly made up a lie, saying that it was a temporary emergency and had already checked in. Huang Xigang couldn’t come when he heard it, but he didn’t come over but scolded Liu Qing.
Before anyone from Bombardier spoke, Liu Si called first.
"Liu, you told me to do things before. You can just send the information about the private jet you want to buy back to my mailbox."
Liu Si walked over and said that this is finally a debt to Qing Liu.
"Dr. Liu did it so quickly?"
Qing Liu had some accidents. It took only one day to call Liu Si, and it was actually done with the most troublesome approval and filing.
"That’s natural. I dare to neglect the things entrusted by General Manager Liu?"
Liu Si said half-jokingly, half-seriously, but he knew very well that Qing Liu and Sue’s master Li Lao were very good for Qing Liu, and Qing Liu was still Li Lao’s "savior" in a certain name, but this identity was very unusual.
"Ha ha, Dr. Liu came to tease me again, so thank you. I’ll buy you a drink if you come to Yulong Village."
Qing Liu hey hey smile.
"Liu is right. I also have a thing here."
Liu Si coughed a few times when he heard drinking.
Liu Qingyuan intends to hang up and hear Liu Si’s words. Naturally, he can’t hang up. He can’t kick down the ladder. "What did you say about Dr. Liu?"
"Can you get me some dragon wine?" Liu Si hey hey say with smile "I don’t drink mainly for others".
"Isn’t there a Dragon Wine Direct Store in Kyoto?"
Qing Liu asked, "Can’t you buy it?"
No, it’s a good topic. Liu Si is full of complaints and says, "Liu, have you never been to a direct store in Beijing? Tell me about yourself. You can also afford a private jet. Can’t you have more stores in Kyoto? "
"Kyoto city has tens of millions of people, but you have a shop. Do you think you can buy it? Let me tell you, although your direct store is open every day, whenever you go, it is always the word’ out of stock’. Don’t you think this is funny? "
I heard Liu Si grumbling and complaining that Qing Liu had a few quick laughs and said, "I really didn’t know this. I knew that all the drinks sold there were reserved. Can’t you book them?"
Liu Si a sneer said "reservation? I have been there several times. The first time, the clerk said that it had been booked for three months. The second time, it was even more exaggerated. He told me that Dragon Wine Zun had been booked by all departments this year. Jinlong Wine is still slightly better, but it will take two months to get the goods. Do you think I should make a reservation or not? "
"Do you know that your direct store in Kyoto has been called’ the most awesome store’, not to mention ordinary people, even ministerial-level people used to have no goods in Kyoto, so there is no one to speculate on antiques and stocks. Everyone has speculated on a bottle of dragon wine, and now it has been fired to more than a thousand dollars, and a bottle is still valuable. If someone says it is sold, someone will buy it immediately!"
Qing Liu listened to a big sweat. "So exaggerated?"
"exaggerated? It’s no exaggeration. I’m telling the truth. "
Liu Si complained, "Otherwise, a few bottles of wine that you and I specialize in are worth talking to you?" As he spoke, he lowered his voice and said, "Besides, Liu, you also know that people in Kyoto love one side. It’s not a problem for me to ask you for wine. It’s worthwhile to drink a few pieces of wine for personal feelings!"
"Ahem, I know."
Qing Liu coughed a few times and thought for a moment and said, "Dr. Liu, how about this? When you deliver the goods to Kyoto this month, I will say hello to Zhang Yifan and send you ten pieces of dragon wine specially. Will you let him keep this head office for you?"
"Only ten pieces?"
Liu Si secretly pleased words in my heart is filled with some abandon "too little? Well, how about a hundred pieces like this? "
Qing Liu said directly, "Then you might as well kill me!"
Chapter one hundred and sixty-two Rob business
Dragon wine is not like Jinlong wine and Julong wine, which can be sold directly by filling.
Longjing wine is the highest-end wine in John Lone. Every time the grain is fermented to produce wine, the most essence contains the most powerful power of the earth. If you can fill ten pieces of Dragon wine and five pieces of Jinlong wine at a time, it will be good if you can produce half a piece of Dragon wine, that is, three bottles of wine.
Moreover, after filling, it should be put into the wine cellar to let it ferment naturally and slowly for a year before the taste and taste can reach its peak.
The dragon wine in Qing Liu’s hand was actually in the wine cellar last year. When the dragon wine was advertised by CCTV, it was praised by Su Guoqiang as "national brand" and "high-end liquor" in the previous paragraph. The scarce production and high price made the dragon wine be sought after by those expensive people.
It is reasonable that the "one wine is hard to find" in Kyoto is so exaggerated that even this year’s quota has been booked.
After more than half a year’s sales of dragon wine in the wine cellar, there are actually not many goods. Liu Si will need one hundred pieces in one bite, which is simply to kill Qing Liu-even the land god can’t change so many dragon wines for him!
"Ha ha, Liu, don’t pretend."
Hear Qing Liu so simply neat words Liu Si hey hey say with smile "I know your hand must be in stock … well, that’s too much for one hundred pieces, then ten pieces? How about this request is not too much? "
"You said too much?"
Qing Liu snorted the same sentence "You might as well kill me."
"Seventy pieces?"
"Sixty pieces can’t be less!" Liu Si has a toothache.
"… fifteen pieces!" Qing Liu sighed and said, "Dr. Liu, don’t bargain. There really isn’t that much. Otherwise, would I be reluctant to rely on you and me for a few drinks?"
"All right, fifteen pieces, fifteen pieces."
Liu Si’s heart is full of joy and flowers. Don’t mention a dozen pieces of dragon wine. Even if you can get one, it’s absolutely eye-catching!
Actually, Liu Si was content to get three or five pieces in his heart. As a result, Qing Liu finally gave fifteen pieces, which made him laugh.
"Liu, you have to understand me."
Liu Si (turn smilingly said, "this wine is coming, and it’s not for me to drink. Isn’t it for you? Are you really that easy? It doesn’t mean anything, does it? "
"Forget it."