It won’t be long before you become a high-aged spirit.

Thought of here Jiang Feng smiled a.
I didn’t count dozens of them in one breath. Anyway, 50 pieces are enough to exceed the part, and Jiang Feng didn’t care.
When I received a paragraph,
There is no problem in ripening spiritual objects.
Aside, Pang Er is also stunned. This small one is really dead, and it is still a big death.
Chapter 141 The day before
Time passes quickly. Book Network ()
There is still the last day before the assessment day at the beginning of the month.
Jiang Fenggang has just come out from the Apocalypse Pearl, and all the spiritual objects have been ripened. It will be delivered almost today, so everything will be perfect.
Thought of here Jiang Feng face with a complacent color.
At this time, the door was suddenly seen by a young fighter breaking into the room.
Look like a human being
"Tian Shan’s adult asked you to go there immediately before the examination this month," said a young man commanding.
Fat two heard the words and retorted, "Isn’t there supposed to be another day before?"
The young fighter was dismissive.
Directly said, "Don’t some things need Tian Shan’s adult to report to you personally?"
"If you don’t go, then when the performance processing results are as your own choice," said the young fighter, striding away here.
Jiang Feng had a stretch.
Waved at Fat Two and said, "Let’s go! Come with me and have a look. "
Fat two leng one face some hesitation, but finally a cruel decided to look with Jiang Feng.
Soon they arrived at a room.
There is a long table with many fighters sitting on all sides, and Jiang Feng, the most square person, is no stranger.
He is the first elder who has had conflicts.
Not only is he alone, but three or four people are sitting next to the first elder, all of whom are high-ranking elders in heaven.
The atmosphere became very dignified at the moment.
Tian Shan saw Jiang Feng’s bad tone and immediately waved and said, "Now that I’m here, sit down quickly and personally inspect the chief elder today. If anything goes wrong, I’ll quit."
At Tian Shan Jiang Feng.
Did not refute the last position to sit.
The owner of the Magic Hunting Hall gently coughed, "In recent months, your turnover has decreased a lot, which is a great loss for our Heaven and our Magic Hunting Hall."
The Lord of the demon hunting temple said that he looked at Tian Shan here.
After all, he is the second in command here and the second in charge of the demon hunting temple.
Tian Shan is responsible for everything in the Hall of Hunting Demons.
Tian Shan cleared his voice.
Eyes of great significance to the chief elder nodded his head.
"Recently, the number of our magic hunting halls has slipped. In the final analysis, it is because of the twelfth squad."
The chief elder was puzzled and asked, "What does this mean? ?”
The other side didn’t hide it and said bluntly, "The 12 th team took a lot in name but couldn’t finish it, which caused some teams to miss it."
"oh! ?” Chief elders said "there is such a thing! ?”
The chief elder’s sharp eyes fell on Jiang Feng without anger and self-respect.
Tian Shanqian has made a good investigation.
Until today, none of Jiangfeng Column has been completed.
See how this little guy can hide.
Jiang Feng didn’t panic, she pursed her lips and said directly, "Our twelfth team was only established a few days ago, and it can’t be said that the completion in recent months is less than our head."
"If someone deliberately makes trouble, then our twelfth team is definitely not for nothing." Jiang Feng said bluntly.
"Hum!" Tian Shan cold hum a directly.
"Don’t quibble that it’s not your fault, but you also account for most of it."
Tian Shan said that he paused here with a grimace of a grin. "Let’s see if this month’s performance can be clear. If even the most basic performance can’t be guaranteed, then I think the twelfth team will be dissolved!"
Chief elders smell speech nodded his head.
"Then report it!"
First of all, an old man with white hair and vicissitudes of life got up and said slowly, "This month, our first team completed dozens of pieces and completed the highest guarantee."
I heard that many people nodded.
Fifty pieces are indeed the highest guarantee
Say that finish, the old man sat back to his position.
The chief elder was satisfied and said, "Good! Work hard in the future. I will never treat you badly in heaven. "
Hear the praise of the chief elder
Many people around you are envious.
Soon someone got up and reported the number of times they finished this time.