Because the new life is too comfortable, and the good day is too comfortable.

The members who arrived in the grassland revival used all the skills to tie up tribal leaders, and marched in the grass-roots herdsmen’s groups to call on everyone to throw all kinds of rotten and smelly things at them, scold them and pour anger at them.
Then hang them in public and let their bodies fly in the wind.
After being captured by the army for a short time, the herdsmen at the bottom of the two tribes did not feel that they were prisoners.
Together with the army, they criticized the greedy tribal leaders. Suddenly, they didn’t think the army was horrible, but they felt that the army had avenged them and had a little gratitude.
With this floor, mobilize them to help build grassland and pastoral areas, and things will be settled.
We need to tell them that they have been naturalized and become Chinese people, and they will enjoy the benefits of a country’s policies on grassland herders and really implement them, so in three to five years, the grassland will fly big flags everywhere.
They will sincerely recognize themselves as the country recognized by the Chinese people.
In the future, China will be able to train a wider grassland and a larger number of cavalry, increase the number of cavalry stationed in major corps in northern Xinjiang, increase the number of horses and make it easier to cultivate improved varieties of war horses.
Sometimes it may be necessary to grasp the core contradiction and stir it up a little.
Chapter 143 People are waiting for people wherever they go.
In two months, China successfully solved the present and future border problems.
The country’s northern Xinjiang is unprecedentedly stable, and it is foreseeable that there will be no large-scale military operations in the northern Xinjiang in the future.
And this is also after the east and west line soldiers created enough stability before.
On this basis, Su Yonglin will not affect the overall situation if he prepares to launch the Korean campaign after Hongwu has entered the spring for ten years.
Relying on the production and construction of strategic materials in Liaoyang and Heilongjiang provinces for several years, the crusade and annexation of Korea was completed.
Therefore, Su Yonglin didn’t make any elaborate plans to deal with Korea. He sent someone to send a letter to the capital of Korea to tell the military commanders who have mastered the force at present to let them give up their resistance and accept severe punishment from the country.
Now, if you give up resisting the severe punishment of the receiving country, you can still get some preferential treatment for the prisoners, but if you persist in resisting the big army’s crusade, they will be completely liquidated.
After usurping the throne and becoming the king of Korea, the supreme power of Korea was run by Zheng Zhongfu, Li Yifang and Li Gao, the three main initiators and organizers of the mutiny. All three of them discussed to maintain a superficial state of military, military and political harmony.
Because every one of us really wants to be the one who has the sole control of one thing or two, we can do whatever we want.
However, this kind of harmony can’t last long, because only in the first month of the three people’s co-governance, a contradiction that is difficult to reconcile has caused some minor disputes among the three people
Li Gao wants to kill Wang Xu and Wang Yun and make himself the king of Korea to make a complete coup.
His reason is that if we don’t completely solve the Korean Wang government, once the military administration is unstable in the future, it will be difficult for everyone to encounter cruelty. If people outside the country don’t obey them, they will fantasize about fighting under the banner of Qing Jun, which is definitely not what they want to see.
Why don’t you just do it all at once and get rid of Wang Yun and Wang Yi together, and replace the Wang family with their own people to be kings, so that no one will liquidate them.
Even if they want to liquidate, they can’t find any Wang family to continue to be the king of Korea. Without this banner of righteousness, how can they liquidate?
This is called solving problems from the source.
Li Gao was very happy and proud to tell Li Yifang and Zheng Zhongfu his plan.
Li Yifang and Zheng Zhongfu are opposed to such a big negative idea.
They actually feel that what they are doing now is a gross violation of the law. It is everyone’s last bottom line not to harm the royal family. If this bottom line is to be broken, everyone really has no way out.
Li Gao agreed on the surface, but secretly felt that Li Yifang and Zheng Zhongfu’s courage was inadequate, so he decided to leave them alone to complete this earth-shattering coup.
Then his plan was leaked.
Li Yifang and Zheng Zhongfu joined hands to make his national politics in Korea change from a three-legged system to a two-legged system.
When Su Yonglin’s letter was sent to the city, it was the time when Li Yifang and Zheng Zhongfu joined hands to govern the country. When they read Su Yonglin’s letter, the color turned white, and a feeling of "dying to death" surged in my heart for a long time.
The country is coming true, and the country really wants to play with them, and their plan to hide the sky from the sea has failed
If the country really comes true to them, these Korean professional military commanders have absolutely reason to believe that they can’t even support the army for a month, and they will definitely easily sweep through Korea and let them die.
But surrender …
Can we ensure their safety and family safety?
Can you ensure that they will not be settled by the country?
At present, they can’t come to this conclusion.
Zheng Zhongfu and Li Yifang called high-ranking military commanders to discuss this matter, and then came to the conclusion that the plan with the highest support rate was to abandon Korea and flee in the direction of Japan, so as to protect the family.
Because a few years ago, before the demise of the Southern Song Dynasty, many dignitaries or wealthy businessmen in the Southern Song Dynasty were afraid of the liquidation policy of the country. It is said that life is not bad now by fleeing through Korea.
Some Japanese activists seem to appreciate that some of them have designated a place for them to live in, and some of them are officials to let them continue to live in Weifu.
It is said that cows and horses are always cows and horses, and people are waiting for people everywhere, even second-class citizens, and their lives are not what cows and horses can imagine.
It must be very happy for these people to continue their lives before they are asked to live their lives.
Li Yifang and others didn’t have any ideas at that time, but now they immediately thought of this road when faced with the brutal threat of the country.
"We can’t beat the powerful army, and there are many terrible firearms. We are not opponents in the field or defending the city. We are not opponents in forced confrontation. Maybe we will lose in less than a month, and we should plan ahead."
Cai Yuan, a meritorious soldier of the mutiny, has been afraid of the country for a long time, and has denied that Korea has a country to fight against. He may strongly advocate escape and call on everyone to flee to Japan to stay warm and stay away from Korea and the country.
It is impossible for overseas countries to pursue the past, so that everyone will be safe. When the time comes, they may be able to get along well and continue to thrive in Japan.
Zheng Zhongfu is too old to support Cai Yuan’s idea. He believes that there will be no good place to stay in Korea against the country. He thinks it is better to escape.
However, in the prime of his life, Li Yi still has a trace of anger in his heart, and he is greedy for power and does not want to give up his fantasy of resistance.
"If the army attacks Korea, it is not familiar with Korea’s climate and terrain, but we are familiar with Korea’s climate and terrain, and hundreds of troops can fight to give up so quickly? Since we took office, we have been humiliated and oppressed by civil servants. How long will it take for us to lose our family dog once we stand up and turn over? "
It’s hard to say, but that’s what it means.
We’ve been kings for half a generation, and it’s hard to turn over and make decisions. It hasn’t been a few months since Weifu, and the big boss in East Asia is coming, which is not too unbearable
"We have managed to dominate the political power of the DPRK, but now we have to surrender our power without resistance?"