"No problem. I’ll try to stall them. You just have to do nothing to tear down the tower."

When heshy was sent to the road, King Ning of the spring was also resurrected. He rushed to Dalongkeng at the first time, hoping to make amends.
A Shui Long Hang put a real eye into the pit and then quietly watched ES fight Tai Long. At this time, the female gun trick has turned for the better, and he didn’t mean to release it.
However, when ES found out that the Knight Ranger appeared in their highland again, everyone in ES immediately became very anxious, especially in Longkeng, where there was a water eyeing up.
ES is not afraid of being robbed of dragons. They play wild and skate shoes and pull spears. If they can all be robbed of dragons in this way, ES should really lose. They are afraid that Lucian is stealing from home, but there are super soldiers.
Chapter 54 Unwilling
"IG chose to steal the house again. This step is very good. Is there a chance to steal it this time?" Remember to be puzzled.
"That’s really not certain. It depends on whether ES can knock out Dalong. If we can take Dalong and strengthen the effect of returning to the city, we may have a chance to catch Lucian before tearing down the base."
Guan Zeyuan frowned and his tone became ambiguous. At this critical moment, he did not make a prediction, but kept his eyes on the blood volume of Dalong.
"ES didn’t hit the dragon as fast as expected, but it didn’t hurt to have three front rows to carry it."
"But now ES has to race against the time. If you slow down, their family may be gone, which is very stressful for the players."
Guan Zeyuan looked at the ES players with pity in his eyes, but he played so humbled when he occupied such a big advantage. Who can argue with this?
But when Dalong had 3,000 blood left, heshy had pushed down a front tooth tower in ES, and the pressure on ES was even greater.
Just resurrected from the spring, Ning Wang and others rushed to Dalongkeng, and the situation became unfavorable to ES. Looking at Dalong with less than 2,000 blood, Ning Wang couldn’t catch up with it. He made a big move at Dalongkeng.
Xiong Xiong was startled, and when his hand shook, he pressed the punishment. In an instant, Xiong Xiong’s heart suddenly cooled and he felt that it might be bad.
"Two thousand blood! Ning Wang is big! Tai lung is dead! Who is Dalong! " I remember shouting at the commentary desk, but I soon found out that Dalong belonged.
Ok, LkeN also shook his hand with Xiongxiong, pulled out his spear and punished him. Two high-level injuries killed the dragon with little blood volume and finally took the dragon.
However, how to retreat is a problem. It is reasonable to say that ES located in the blue side should be easy to retreat, and it is easy to return to your home through the wild passage.
But time waits for no one, and there is a god of death at home.
Heshy has demolished the last incisor tower at this time, and there is not much time left for ES.
Therefore, they have to go back to the city and defend their homes quickly with the help of the bIG dragon BUFF, but the ig people behind them will not give them a chance
Ah Shui took one look at the progress of heshy’s tower demolition and immediately felt confident. "Stop them and heshy will soon be demolished."
"Brother Shy’s batch of cattle in the trough really stopped these grandchildren quickly and never let them go back."
Ning Wang also glanced at the progress of heshy’s demolition when he heard Ah Shui’s words, and immediately saw the dawn of victory, so he angrily rushed to the fleeing ES people.
"Rush! Victory is just around the corner! " Sapphire also shouted. At this time, he didn’t line up in the back, but rushed to find the trace of ES people.
At this time, I was driven away by IG, and ES was in a hurry. If it wasn’t for an extra tower-tearing death at home, ES taught IG to be a man in minutes.
IG, these four people are not ES five opponents. If it were him, maybe an ES center field and a charge IG four-person formation would be broken up.
But now it’s not the same. ES waits for no one. Everyone is in a hurry.
In the end, 369 and Xiongxiong decided to stay behind and stop chasing IG four people to create opportunities for the remaining three teammates to return to the city.
Calista and Lux hid in the blue BUFF grass and returned to the city, while their left hands were more anxious. He flashed directly from toad over the wall to avoid the sight of IG and others.
In the end, Cong left his hand and went back to the city. The double team of Blue BUFF was easily interrupted by a big move by Ah Shui, and by the way, it was smashed by a big move by Nutan.
The battle in ES semi-wild area is very fierce, but the camera has turned to ES Highland, where fighting is the key to winning or losing the game.
When his left hand returned to the spring, heshy had torn down the last front tooth tower of ES, and the holy gun ranger kept shooting at the base crystal with two guns.
The left hand is very distressed. This shot is not to hit the base crystal, but to hit his heart. Looking at the blood volume, the left hand of the base crystal is dripping blood.
Dao Mei stepped on hot wheels and hurried out of the spring to save the endangered base, but after seeing Dao Mei, heshy chose very wisely.
It’s like the king of Qin circling the column. It’s happened many times in this game that the holy gun ranger circumvents the base crystal to avoid Dao Mei.
It was a one-to-one victory before the third peak matchup between the Ranger and Dao Mei, but now Dao Mei has to bear the cost of failure in this contest.
In the end, the Holy Gun Ranger and Dao Mei Imperial PK did not win or lose, but the ES base crystal exploded in front of Dao Mei.
Dao Mei didn’t lose in the 1V1 one-on-one hit, but Dao Mei lost the whole game. At the moment when the base crystal exploded, his left hand was white and bloodless, and his eyes seemed to lose a light.
When the game was finally fixed, Dao Mei’s record was 935, and the reward was as high as 500 yuan. If it was a one-on-one left hand, he was confident that he could kill heshy alone this time, but the final result was that he lost.
"heshy shot the ES base crystal with two shots, so let’s congratulate IG on their unexpected victory in the game again by stealing the house!" Remember to yell with passion
"The two games ended so dramatically. This two-game match is really something. If you miss the audience, I strongly recommend watching it again. Okay."
At the end of the game, Guan Zeyuan’s expression was a little subtle, especially when IG stole the house again and won. However, compared with the commentary on the stage, ES players were even more sad. They could not accept the ending of being stolen twice in a row.
His left hand just looked at the screen, and even when the IG people came to shake hands, he didn’t respond until Xiong shouted his left hand and got up silently.
The left hand is very unwilling. It’s not that it’s stolen, and it’s also very unwilling to lose, but the final result is that it’s beaten by ES.
Competition is a winning and losing arena. Here, the outcome is discussed.
The left hand looked bitter and walked to him. heshy looked at his face and smiled. The left hand was even more bitter. Ning Wang patted his left shoulder and told him not to be sad.
Looking at the stage and bowing to the audience, IG everyone shook their heads with their left hands, and their eyes became more determined. He has not tasted the champion yet, and it is not yet time to be depressed. Sooner or later, he will also get the highest honor for professional players on the podium.
Chapter 55 Falling equipment in a row
IG lounge is so quiet that you can’t see the excitement after the victory. If you don’t know, this is ES lounge.
Yun Ge sat in the corner of the lounge with his chest in his hands, and coach Mafa sat not far from him, and then he didn’t play in koi fish for half a year.
193 Sitting beside Su Xiaolou, the two people got better as soon as they didn’t know what they talked about after the week. Maybe there should be Yun Ge’s credit in it.
When the players walked into the lounge talking and laughing, they felt this strange atmosphere again, and even they were not at all concerned about these things. heshy felt something was wrong in her heart.
Ah Shui feels even more obvious. First, he looks at the expression manager Su Xiaoluo and coach 193, and then he looks at the coach calmly and leisurely, as if nothing had happened.
So Ah Shui obediently returned to his seat and didn’t say much. Banana Wolf and Baolan learned to find a place to sit honestly.
A group of players have Ning Wang, who seems to be reckless. He walks up to Yun Ge and smiles very much. "Brother Yun’s game today is really exciting."
"heshy finished stealing the house in both games, otherwise it would be really hard to win." Ning Wang touched his head and seemed wanting more. He actually felt that the game was over too soon, so he didn’t enjoy himself.
Yun Ge looked at Ning Wang grumpily, pressed Ning Wang’s shoulder and let him sit in the chair, then prepared to say a few words to the players.
Suddenly, a series of messages flashed in front of Yun Ge’s eyes. Before BP was over, Genting suddenly appeared in the background.
[The team won three consecutive victories and won the winning streak award (one out of three)]