If you kill them, it will certainly include those high-ranking bureaucrats. If you kill them, wouldn’t the impact be terrible? When the time comes, the court will investigate it …

Ah, the imperial court … is gone, isn’t it?
Until now, many people didn’t realize that the imperial court, which kept pressing their heads to behave, was gone, and it was wiped out by the Guangfu Army.
In fact, this piece of land left in the Big Jin Guo can still maintain its rule. Doesn’t that mean … they are the imperial court?
"Daikin capital didn’t which come of senior dignitaries! Do not kill from the commander! !”
ACTS ChanHeXi roar loud to solve the army finally bound.
He probably all military personnel realize that although the current situation is at stake, there is no doubt that they are the real days, they are the real rulers, and those old nobles are nothing.
So in this case, those original unscrupulous people in Chang ‘an who wanted to leave your city were killed by the army.
When the army is bound, it can seem a little weak. They can’t fight back, scold or talk back. It’s not terrible, and they don’t see any threat.
But don’t make the army really weak and deceivable. The army is a completely violent machine, which directly reflects the will of the ruling class. The command of the ruling class will lead to extremely terrible destructive power.
However, this is not the most terrible army. The most terrible army is the ruling class itself, and the original ruling class is smashed into a terrible military and political situation.
In this way, the army is absolutely terrible, and all the imperial courts have tried to contain the army in the five dynasties and ten countries.
At first, ACTS Chanhexi planned to associate with Chang ‘an people in the normal rule mode, but in return it was chaos and order.
In that case, he’s not pretending, he’s showing his cards, and he’s going to be the only ruler
Although it is a little late to make this decision.
At this moment, those who are attacking the Jin army to set up the city gate defense line still know nothing about it. They don’t know that the feelings of being single and happy have changed greatly.
Wang You, a wealthy Han businessman, is one of them.
He is taking three wagons with his own nurses to prepare to rush out of Chang ‘an and take refuge in his hometown.
One of the three carriages is a family member, and the other two are valuables stored at home.
A few days ago, it was said that the terror recovery army had conquered Tongtong and was coming to Chang’ an. He packed up his family property and wanted to go back to his hometown to take shelter from the victims of the military disaster.
However, like him, many people crowded into the street to leave Chang’ an, but a street was blocked, and it was so full that it was impossible to move.
Moreover, the government in the city also ordered that it is not allowed to leave Chang’ an without authorization during the war, and it must be allowed by the government to leave.
However, there are too many people who apply for permission, and many people can’t get permission at all, and the pace of recovering the army is getting closer and closer.
Earlier, it was reported that people were constantly breaking through the city gate and had successfully escaped. This news stimulated people to March forward and attack the blockade line.
But the team is still so bloated and slow.
Wang You was sweating profusely, but there was nothing he could do to get dinking to continue to protect the team outside and get into his family’s car.
In the car are his wife and a pair of young children.
At the sight of him coming in, his wife, Li, was in a hurry and asked, "What happened? How far is it from the city gate? "
"I saw the gate early in the morning, and I kept moving forward. I haven’t got to the front yet, but there is no end in sight."
Wang You took his wife and handed him a towel to wipe his face. Looking at his sleeping wife and legs, a pair of children sighed. "It’s bitter for you to run with me. I should have known that I shouldn’t have brought you back to my hometown. It’s better than now."
Lee shook his head.
"You’re busy, and I won’t rest assured if I don’t take care of you with you. It’s not your problem."
Wang You shook his wife’s hand and nodded slowly.
"Always stay in the car and don’t come outside. It’s hard to say that there are many people and messy eyes in the car."
"Yeah, I see."
Lee looked at Wang You tired and looked distressed. "Let’s take a break. It’s not like we can leave for a while."
"Forget it, I’d better keep an eye on it outside, or I won’t be at ease leaving the city gate. Maybe I’ll give those soldiers a little something, or they won’t let people go. I’ll take care of these things. Don’t worry."
Wang You patted Lee’s hand and turned the car.
Lee can also sigh and silently watch Wang You leave the car and then gently stroke a pair of children who have fallen asleep, somewhat sighing.
They gave birth to people who were not really lucky in such a chaotic era.
Although the family is rich, there is no shortage of money, and flowers have never been hungry or cold since childhood. It is natural to meet the prosperous times.
But it happened that it was in troubled times.
In the troubled times, the dynasty collapsed, the soldiers and horses were in chaos, and everyone was in danger, so it was very difficult to protect themselves. What should be done to get through all this safely?
What should the children do if they can’t get through a terrible thing in troubled times?
Lee thought like this and gradually felt sleepy. As soon as he closed his eyes and leaned back, he just fell asleep.
I don’t know how long it took before a scream woke her up.
Listening to the screams of men and women in her ears, Li was very frightened. She shook her hands and lifted the corner of the car curtain, so she glanced at the outside and many people fled in the opposite direction.
Before she could react, the door was beaten forward and Wang You got in.
"go! Let’s go Come with me! ! Don’t stay in the car! "
He pulled it up and before he woke up, his daughter held her in her arms and ran outside the car.
Lee was afraid, so she took her daughter and followed Wang You to the outside of the car. She didn’t see that the situation outside was simply chaos.
Many people ran back in horror and screaming instead of running in the direction of the gate, as if something terrible was chasing them at the gate.
"Let’s go! !”
Wang You held his daughter in his hands and let Lee follow him with the stream of people before he could react.
"Where are we going?"
As Li ran, he asked, "What happened?"
"Kill people! Killed someone! The soldiers in the city killed people! Run! Go home! !”
Wang You can’t say more. He keeps urging Lee to run home together. He wants nothing but a pair of children.
It is God’s mercy that a family of four ran back to the city home smoothly, patting the door and staying at home. The old servant was surprised to knock on the door and let the family of four in.
When the house was in shock, the husband and wife took a breath and sat down.