Jiang Feng also watched them.

In some accidents, there was a girl who was very handsome, and the contrast between the five big and three thick men around her was too great.
They talked about it in succession, and the international rivers and rivers have already spoken.
"Since you are my hands, don’t talk to each other. I don’t want to see unpleasant things happen!"
See all suo suo head silent.
Jiang Liuchuan nodded with satisfaction and said bluntly, "Let’s go!"
A line of people rushed to the front.
After a while, a group of people came to the mining area, which is a magnificent mountain towering into the sky and threatening.
When they came, the mountains were already full of people.
With tools in their hands, they are diligent in digging mountains and mountains, and they are full of holes in their eyes.
"this is your tool!" Jiang Liuchuan gave Jiang Feng them a hoe.
A group of people dispersed on their own to find the right position to dig the ore.
Jiang Feng didn’t act immediately but looked at the mountains.
"Outside! Brother, do you want to dig with me? "See a young Han looking at Jiang Feng and grinning.
Jiang Feng thought for a moment and nodded at random "but! No problem! "
Hearing this, the young Han suddenly got excited and walked with Jiang Feng and said, "Jiang Feng brothers, you really defeated the younger brothers! ?”
"Then it is said that my master can deal with them easily!" With a proud face, he has heavy dark circles in his eyes.
Obviously, I didn’t sleep well all night before.
"How can you have a woman here?" Jiang Feng doubt asked.
Young Han leng a look toward the nearby MuYuqing glanced at the little muttered, "Jiang Feng brothers, don’t hit her. Pay attention to her. She’s a sworn brother. It’s just experience to come here."
Jiang Fengwen suddenly realized.
So that’s the way it is. When he shook his head, he didn’t want to get into trouble at random.
"The Jiang Feng brothers are here!" The young man suddenly stopped and waved at Jiang Feng. It was a deep mine.
The young man has a proud face.
"It’s not that I said that my eyesight is very sharp. I dug up not ten pieces of ore from this mine. Brother Jiang Feng, you must dig a lot near you!"
Jiang Feng glanced at the mine and didn’t speak.
He doesn’t have the heart to hit young men. This mine is a virtual hole. It looks powerful and powerful, and the number is not much.
I’m afraid it will be difficult to dig up ore in the future.
"hey! ? What is this! ?” Jiang Feng suddenly found an abandoned mine with a puzzled face.
Looking down the eyes, the young man shook his head
"This is an abandoned hole. A fool said that something was dug in it for half a month and nothing was dug. As a result, he starved to death!"
Young Han said here can’t help but shook his head.
"At the beginning, I lent him four pieces of ore to save his life. The ore was dead and I didn’t get it back!"
"Then I’ll dig this!" Jiang Feng corners of the mouth slightly raised.
"ah! ?”
Young han froze a face of incredible "you want to dig this! ? You mustn’t … You can’t dig anything out of this abandoned hole. You can’t have anything if you look around with a weak spiritual force! ?”
Jiang Feng ignored his diameter.
See Jiang Feng determined to dig young han repeatedly shook his head! Since you want to dig, I won’t stop you.
"hey! It’s time for you to show! "
Jiang Feng unceremoniously threw the hoe directly to Kun.
"I! ?” Kun pointed to his dejected face. "I know. I’ll dig … I’ll dig …"
Jiang Feng is a butt sitting cross legs practice.
Mining in the central area is the first time to see someone so relaxed.
"You this practice! Old man, I walk around … "Bald cow Buddha yi tooth smiled for a moment and there was no figure.
Jiang Fenggen doesn’t care about bald cows. The Buddha continues to practice alone.
Just then, there was a sudden flurry of footsteps in the distance, and a line of seven absenteeism came screaming with hoes in their hands.
"Who is it? ? Who hurt my cousin! ?” A fine strong man came up in a threatening manner.
Many people have shown that they are practicing Jiang Feng.
"He is the little today! ?” Li Mu cold eyes looked at Jiang Feng.
Li Muyuan was also a younger brother and a younger brother.
Unfortunately, he was sent to the mining area for violating taboos, and his strength gradually became a leader here.