And Su Moxiao strode to Anshun Day, patted him on the shoulder and smiled at him for a long time. "Brother, I admire you."

Par518 brothers and sisters are deeply in love.
There is Su Moxiao, who is fairly calm. Xia Mu pities Jin Ba Xing Linsheng along three people who have long been shocked and speechless.
"Owl, I want to talk to you alone!" Anshun day sincerely looked at Su Moxiao.
Su Moxiao didn’t reply but agreed to nod his head.
Two people went out of the kv private room in tandem. Before leaving, Anshun Tian told him, "Xiaoxiao, you should go to the shopping mall next to Mu Lian first!"
"Well, good!" Lin Zixiao nodded his head.
Then she went to the shopping mall next to Xia Mu Flow, dragging and still shocked.
"Owl!" Anshun took Su Moxiao to the rooftop. He leaned against the railing and stared at the distance and said, "I know you like Lin Zixiao."
"Well," Su Moxiao decisively nodded his head.
Anshun Tian stretched out his hands to block the dazzling sunshine and sighed, "You haven’t said a word to me since Lin Zixiao and I officially got together last year."
"I’m sorry, I’m not reconciled." Su Moxiao’s eyes became dark and his voice was hoarse than a mouthful.
"You don’t have to apologize," Anshun Tian said with a smile. "I know you think I deserve it!"
"Well, the reason is that you and I both misunderstood what she gave me. He didn’t choose me. I don’t think anything, but she chose you who once hurt her the most!" Su Moxiao nodded his head in a gloomy tone.
There seems to be anger in everything you say.
Hearing his words, Anshun Tian dropped his eyes a little sad and wanted to speak again. Su Moxiao changed his attitude and said with a gentle smile, "But today, I don’t think you hesitate to kneel down and your face hasn’t been wronged. I know that Lin Zixiao’s choice is right. If it were me, I’m afraid I can’t let go of my arrogance!"
Anshun took a deep breath and half-narrowed his eyes for a long time before he asked, "Are we still brothers?"
"Brother?" Su Moxiao laughed a few times.
Then Yizheng said, "It has never changed!"
Over there, Lin Zixiao and Xia Mu Lian are shopping in full swing. They are crazy about trying to be the most popular clothes and some new styles.
Lin Zixiao simply sent a text message to Anshun Tian saying, "God, Mu Lian and I are shopping for clothes. Go home first. Anyway, I’ve sung enough. I’m going shopping with Mu Lian. Go home first and don’t wait for me! !”
Anshun replied with a smile when he read the text message one day. "Come back soon when you know that my home is waiting for you!"
Lin Zixiao went back to Anshun the next day and tried on the clothes with Xia Mu’s family.
What she asked Anshun to go back first was that she didn’t want him to wait too long. After all, boys don’t like shopping very much!
And Anshun day nature is also white. Lin Zixiao’s mind did not refute but tried to cooperate.
The tacit understanding between two people is getting deeper and deeper …
[Text Ending] Let happiness go on