The next morning, after the morning break, Jack went to Chen Palace to talk about Su Xiuwen’s being in a coma. He was immediately scolded, but she went to Luoyixuan House with him out of the palace. After careful pulse diagnosis, it was determined that Su Xiuwen was in a temporary coma due to excessive blood loss, which made her feel more at ease.

For Su Xiuwen Liancheng, she thinks that people are quite nice, but she didn’t expect that Jack would humiliate a woman like that. Even if the other person is wrong, the man should be generous, right?
Yeah, it’s hard to bear to put a woman in this era by humiliating her first with words and then with actions.
It is not difficult to understand that Su Xiuwen will go to a dead end.
The sun was shining all over the floor, and neither of them spoke when Jack and I walked along the long path in the imperial garden.
For a long time, Jack couldn’t resist saying, "Boss, do you think I did something wrong?"
"Go and sit in the front pavilion for a while" Liancheng didn’t answer his words, but casually said a sentence and walked towards the nearby pavilion.
After she stepped into the pavilion, Jack added, "I hate being calculated and I hate being threatened, boss. You know that."
Liancheng greeted him and sat down with a serious face. "No one in this world likes to be calculated and threatened, but Miss Su Er is your aunt anyway. How can you not show any respect?"
Jack said, "I stayed because she didn’t love herself enough. Can you blame me?"
"Jack wants me to say that Miss Su is at fault, but the fault is more about your parents and yourself." Liancheng took a look at him. "Especially, your mother and a girl are close to each other without picking words, which led to yesterday’s incident."
"I think my attitude is really good for my mother, and she is also good," Jack blurted out.
"Your attitude is true, but it doesn’t mean that the other party can see it." White one eye is priceless, and it’s not urgent or slow. "Su Xiuwen knows that she can marry you as soon as she throws a girl. From this point of view, she is not the kind of mind in your mouth. It is because she feels ashamed to live in this world after being humiliated by you. Chapter 376 Solution
I heard that Jack’s face changed slightly. "Can’t you see that it’s her own business?" Hum, he continued, "But I won’t humiliate her again and again when she is enough. It’s even more exasperating to calculate me and then threaten me. If this woman’s mind is not malicious, what is it?"
Liancheng threw him another dirty look. "Didn’t you listen to what I just said?" Jack looked at her with a sip of his lip and saw that she didn’t good the spirit tunnel. "Miss Sue is bent on marrying you. It’s really wrong for you, but you don’t have to humiliate others in that way, do you? She is a girl and she is in this era. Do you do that to make her live with face? " Jack is still silent, and she can’t help sighing. "Maybe it’s not a threat to make you regret it, just to make you remember her."
"But I was a little reckless at that time, but I couldn’t control my emotions at that time." How did he kiss her at that moment? Jack lowered his eyes and recalled the scene when he kissed Su Xiuwen yesterday.
If there is a feeling, there is doubt, but the subtle feeling he had for women in his previous life is too small.
He was … baiwan?
As soon as the idea crossed Jack’s mind, he suddenly jumped twice.
"Jack" is a whisper.
Look up at her thoughtfully. Jack’s mouth moved but he didn’t say anything.
"Do you still face up to your heart?" When Liancheng’s words were first spoken, Jack was shocked, and his face changed a few times. He muttered, "I, I …" What should he say? Face up to your heart. Does the boss want him to face up to his heart and ask him to find that person?
Liancheng stared at him and frowned when he saw that he had been silent for a long time. "So you are almost open to all the women around you, and Miss Su Er is also a beauty and has a good talent. You are not only unable to give birth to her, but also extremely disgusted. It is not difficult to say that you can’t let Haiyan know your news or go to Forgotten Island to find him?"
"I like women" was silent for a long time, and Jack’s lips and teeth slowly overflowed.
"Really?" Liancheng recalled his lips and smiled, "I know you very well. Don’t tell me anything, I won’t know what you think."
Jack said, "I don’t have any ideas."
"Really not?" Liancheng eyebrows asked
"No" eyes looked at the spring scenery outside the pavilion. Jack said softly, "I want to be a good son and father on a quiet day now." He didn’t want to set foot in that place again, even if he often thought of small fish, he wouldn’t go there. It was very powerful. "Jack, I want to see you happy and don’t want to see you alone." If you don’t wear it, you will still live happily like that. How can you be so preoccupied and see it in people’s hearts?
"Boss, I’m not alone. I have parents and children. I live a full life every day. You don’t care about me." Jack turned around and pulled his lips and smiled lightly.
However, his smile fell into Liancheng’s eyes, but he barely smiled without comfort.
"Sue home there is not difficult for you?" Feelings are two things. If the parties always escape and don’t want to face up to their hearts, even if she persuades them and is impatient, it won’t help. She shakes her head and turns back to the topic of chaos.
"I didn’t ask me not to say anything about Su Xiuwen." Su Xiuwen didn’t go back to the office yesterday. After Sue’s parents got Zhou Mu’s words, she didn’t think deeply about clinker. After knowing the real reason why her daughter didn’t go back to the office today, she was simply ashamed. Although they are not bureaucrats, they are also fragrant. I didn’t expect her daughter to do that. She asked Jack to keep his mouth shut and never force her brother-in-law to be humanitarian.
They won’t blame Sue and Jack if their daughter can wake up.
Speaking of which, do they blame it?
After all, Su Xiuwen is already an adult, and no one forced her to do something wrong. She felt ashamed to see people choose to hit the wall and commit suicide.
"In that case, don’t worry. At the latest, Miss Nisuke will wake up and I’ll untie her and you won’t see her again!" Gently soft voice raised Liancheng got up. "Let’s go and sit in Chen Palace. Three little guys even woke up." Jack followed the silence and didn’t follow her out of the pavilion.
Su Xiuwen woke up in the evening and found herself in a strange place. free from worry stayed in the room for a short time and then struggled to get up from the bed.
"You’re awake!"
After being called by Jack to Luo Yixuan House, Su Xiuwen brought people into the palace to settle down in Xiang Yuge’s middle workshop. Bad gossip affected Jack and Luo Yixuan’s reputation. Of course, Su Xiuwen’s reputation is also under consideration.
Didn’t you hear her when you didn’t talk?
"You’d better lie down because your forehead hurts badly." Liancheng, who walks slowly beside the bed, urged with a smile.
Yes, the bearer is Liancheng. She just wants to see if Su Xiuwen woke up and changed her forehead wound by the way.
Su Xiuwen didn’t listen to the advice. She sat up with difficulty and her eyes fell dead. She asked, "Where is this?" Her voice is hoarse and her expression is callous like a lifeless doll.
"This is the palace. I brought you in." Sitting by the bed, I looked at her with a gentle look.
"the palace?" Su Xiuwen murmured
Liancheng moment said, "You can call me Princess Yu or Princess Yi. I’ve heard what Lord Zhou said about you."
"Zhou adult brother-in-law … said he told you what you are? What does he want to tell you about me? " Su Xiuwen stared at the pain in her dead eyes. "Are you laughing at me together? Laugh at my overreaching, laugh at my self-affection, and deserve to be humiliated by him? "