It turns out that marble is really collected here

Sun Ningyan suddenly nodded with a dark shout and turned to ask, "But the rules of your fishing village are really a little strange. It’s okay to catch cuiyu once a month, even if you collect marble, why don’t you think it’s troublesome to walk around?"
"Not by the river?"
The fisherman looked at Miss Sun with a puzzled look, complaining all over his face, and suddenly smiled, "Hehe ~ ~ ~ This lady doesn’t know that Dongchuan River is here."
Here? ? ?
Sun Ning Yan rubbed his eyes and looked carefully, but it was still a piece of green grass
Even more clearly, she took a deep breath, and her body flew high, overlooking the Fiona Fang for several miles. Except for a hill full of exciting people, there was nothing else, not to mention the Dongchuan River, and there was not even a shadow of an ancient well.
Suddenly, when she landed on the ground, she immediately put her hands into her waist and said coldly, "Are you and I blind? Is there any river in Fiona Fang?"
"A little girl is too fierce to get married." It seems that the fisherman who likes Sun Ning’s straightforward personality is joking like an elder.
It was not until Miss Sun’s chest was high and her face was filled with anger that she was about to reach the critical point of explosion. He just smiled and reached out to the hill behind the village head of Shitang Village in the distance. A smile instantly converged. "The girl didn’t know that this Dongchuan River is really a dark river. You can see it from the cave on the hill."
Everyone turned around in order, and sure enough, there was a dark cave ten feet square behind the village head. When you look carefully, you can also see the dense water vapor floating in the darkness.
See the cave at the same time, and everyone is happy at the same time.
Jade feathers cover the sky and want to go east.
Cuiyu cuiyu
Cover the sky and hide the dark river.
Xiangdongchuan River
Every word of the first sentence seems to have been answered in this cave.
Excited to wait for a long time, finally a crowd of people cheered and rushed to submit marble into the cave.
Because there are too many fighters here, the entrance of Dongchuan River is spacious, but not so many people go into the world together. After paying marble, they can go into the cave to catch cuiyu in groups of five.
The original Sun Ningyan and others finally came to the queue, and they should finally enter at noon. However, the gray fisherman, the "local strongman", led the people to get some points, and even divided the people into the cave behind the villagers in the fishing village.
It’s cool to enter the cave, and immediately the Dongchuan River is like a long jade belt embedded in the dark, and the cave is charming and dizzy.
"Ha ha ~ ~ The people in Shitang fishing village are so stupid that they don’t send people to guard them. How do they know if others come in and catch a few?"
Look at the surrounding environment, Sun Ning’s smoke is not cold.
"Hehe ~ ~ ~ Little girls come here and people won’t catch more."
Sun Ningyan’s words just fell, and an old man with a fair hair and a shiny crutch came out of the shadows.
"Hum stingy is just a few fish and send someone to guard it."
Sun Ning snorted contemptuously, but forgot that he had just shouted "conspiracy" when he raised his head.
"Hehe ~ ~ ~" The old man smiled faintly. "The girl is wrong. I’m not here to monitor how many cuiyu you catch, but to wake you up not to destroy the Dongchuan River environment."
"Sleep letter stingy is stingy! !” Sun Ning smoke her hands rested on her hips and looked up to the sky with disdain.
"Really," the old man shook his head naively. "The girl didn’t know that this cuiyu is delicious, but it must be cooked immediately after it is killed. If the cuiyu is dead for half a quarter of an hour, it will not only taste very bad, but also be highly toxic. Even the five-level summit fighters in SHEN WOO may not be able to bear it. After it is caught, it must be taken out in a basin, which cannot be hidden."
"People don’t know how to put the birdbath in the bag." Sun Ning’s smoke disdains cold hum, but it seems as if he remembered something and stopped immediately-you can’t put the living creature into the bag and die for a moment.
Deep and remote black mountain cave instantly became quiet, and Sun Ning bowed his head in smoke and workplace.
"Alas ~ ~ ~"
For a long time, the old man looked a little dim and carefree and sighed, "Actually, it used to be outside to explain the rules to people. There is no one to guard this cave, but I don’t know how this time, I finally feel what will happen to Dongchuan River during the fishing festival this month. I generally have to move my old bones to come in and see Chapter 19 Fishing Village."
The dark wind blew from the mouth of the cave and rippled gently with the old man’s deep and distant voice.
"And when you came in, I felt that the bottom of Dongchuan River seemed to fluctuate-I had a hunch that the change was probably yours."
Sun Ningyan and others looked at each other, but they didn’t come here to catch what cuiyu came to find the entrance to the overseas islands. Now the first sentence has been finished, and the old man also said that changes are about to happen here, which may be related to himself and others. Is the entrance to the overseas islands really here?
No, the old guy said that there was movement at the bottom of the river as soon as we came in. Can the entrance still know that people are excited when they come to find it?
Thoughts flashed through Sun Ning’s eyes with a narrow smile and looked at the old man. "You don’t mean to say that we can’t catch cuiyu in view of this," she said, and she also held her hands in a bold and disdainful tunnel. "Hum! We made marble! ! !”
"Of course not," the old man smiled and shook his head. "Rules are always rules. Since you have made marble, it is natural for you to catch."
"Hum! This is almost the same. "
Sun Ningyan snorted with satisfaction, and at the same time, the old man’s face suddenly became solemn. He took a dignified look at the quietly flowing Dongchuan River and said, "But you should also follow the rules of Shitang Village. First, you are not allowed to hurt him when fishing. Second, you don’t need fish. Therefore, the river is led by villagers, and you can’t enter the river for pollution."
Sun Ningyan was slightly stunned. They came here to explore the entrance to the overseas islands. According to her idea, this entrance is likely to be at the bottom of the river, but people in Shitang Village will not allow them to cross the river. This should be like looking for it.
"Hey we don’t river that how to catch fish! ! !”