Seeing everyone urging their eyes, Branna wiped her sweat and coughed a sign that Night Feather could go out to talk with him.

Night feather and bran hospital consider a word bran this just mouth.
"That … I said night feather …"
"that … you are not small now is an adult (have children > _
Chapter VII
In view of the fact that the enemy is dark and the number of our enemies is very large, it is not clear to what extent the other side assimilated human beings. Night Feather simply made a series of preparations to seek information and promote Carrie Luo Li’s strength to prepare for the future.
The activities of the principal’s office of Kari Luo Li Orendo College set up by the Ministry of "Preventing Humans from Assimilating by Demons" are in full swing all over the world.
Now that Datan has fallen into the dependency of Terta, other countries are also eager to move, but everyone has no time to care about national contradictions. Now each of them wants to have a job, which is really too busy.
Yan was sent by Ye Yu to train new recruits, but let him train millions of new recruits by himself. Forget it. What do you want Heather to do? She has to sleep in the dreamland every night, and she is devastated by those green people!
Moreover, those demon families have to be cut into dozens of pieces before they die. They have a thick smell of blood and will turn into human beings. Their recruits can’t sleep well every night, and they have to eat a medium-rare steak with bloodshot blood when they get up early! Rao Shiyan also feels that he can’t stand two dark circles hanging every day and complaining.
Fortunately, being so busy allowed him to think about his feelings about the night feather in his spare time, and Heather could be happy with him.
Aoben, such a big guy, was dragged to give a lecture by Ye Yu …
Carrie Luo Li is a rare soldier, but she is a military student.
Anyone who studies military strategy, marching and disposal theory, and age has been compiled into the study class by Ye Yu. Aoben, these days, every day, his head is cracked with strange faces and strange questions.
He is not good at words when he comes. It is enough for him to deal with the problems of the students in the military academy. Night Feather also asked him and his mercenary group to show actual combat with the students. The students in the class dressed up as generals at all levels to conduct the command. The flame trained the recruits to conduct the guest training process step by step. We should fight wits and be careful not to hack people to death in the battle … For several days, Aoben would rather fight a group of dragons than face such a radish head again!
Rosfer was instructed by Night Feather to train a new ninja with Xuanlei because of his wind posture.
Although Xuanlei is always cheeky and unpretentious, he is unambiguous when it comes to business.
First, Carrie Luo Li selected suitable ninja talents from the applicants, and then conducted closed training. Ninja is really important, but it is also necessary to correctly judge the situation and escape. The posture method can not only help a lot when you escape, but also be very helpful when you are on your way or listening for news.
It is for this reason that Yeyu sent Rosfer to form a small group of students with wind attributes, who can conduct news exploration at any time.
It used to be a very easy job, but the problem was that he had to go through Xuanlei education with the students on the principle of sharing weal and woe with the students.
There is nothing in the dark. Stay in the room for three days. No water, no food, crossing mountains, no weapons, swimming across the long river full of predators …
It’s a miracle that Rosfer thinks she’s still alive!
Bran, the two great magicians who combine light with the necromancer, is not a wave!
Night feather not only made a series of plans for him to train necromancers, but also asked him to come back every night to display the city-wide healing magic for all the trainees.
It takes a lot of magic to stop positioning and sending stones every day, not to talk about dissecting corpses day and night, not to talk about it
He was also asked by the night feather to hold several positions!
Teach future necromancers, light wizards, deal with college affairs, re-plan college structure, compile magic experience and so on.
Yu Xuanlei once rescued the princesses and the Xuanren escort also arrived at Carrie Luo Li (Xuanlei came back first) and met Lyon without a burst of affectionate greetings. Except for Qiu, both of them were shocked by the changed appearance, but forced by the situation, they were immediately thrown into the army by Night Feather.
The second sister Lan went to organize the female army, and the second brother Cyril was sent to support Aoben’s third sister Freya, and was sent to the treatment group.
Night feather although grateful to Freya saved his heart, but it is impossible to treat the other eye.
Unfortunately, big princess Datan was occupied and executed by the demon king together with the royal family.
Lyon, on the other hand, took Xiaoqiu, led by White Dragon and Green, on a journey to find the "best" green beast …
Lasso and Kororo took some business students to rectify together.
Combine large and small businessmen to form a business alliance, and preach to the nobles the truth that they are cold and bitter, saying that they are generous and so on.
What about night feather?
To say that a month ago, he was training the army of Warcraft in the misty forest.
A week ago, he abducted aliens and slaves from other countries.
To say that three days ago, he was looking for veins everywhere.
What about now? He’s at Carrie Luo Li Harbor.
Carrie, there is a huge ship full of gold coins and treasures parked by the Luo Li harbor, and the harbor is also full of several seas.
From the inferior octopus monster to the advanced fisherman warrior, each one is well equipped and prestigious in the harbor.
Not far from the harbor, huge shells are floating on the sea, tall warships are floating on the sea, and the jellyfish army is constantly flashing!
Not far away, you can see the ships piling up treasures, huge shells, pearls and jellyfish, the army is covered with crystals, and the harbor is covered with all kinds of gems …