Bai Ling’s face flushed slightly because of excitement, but the excitement was different from that of the dark night, not the kind of excitement that was about to come, but full of confidence in the future.

For a long time, the apocalyptic disaster seemed to weigh on her heart like a heavy stone. No one had ever seen what it was, and no one knew how powerful it was. Although Bai Ling’s present practice has been able to call the wind and rain, every time she thought of it, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of help.
After all, 10,000 years ago, before the disaster, the whole two families of ghosts and gods were wiped out, and there were still many gods who were higher than their present state.
Therefore, it is said that the power of the altar is so strong that her heart is always a little hesitant.
At the moment, these tornadoes are just a little escape from the altar power, but they can feel scared. It is natural to imagine that such a powerful force is still difficult to fight against disaster.
Compared with Bai Ling’s excitement, Yanglingtian has a calm face.
He is different from the dark night, which is created by the two families of gods and demons praying for the gods. The savior has great power since his life.
And he came step by step from an ordinary mortal.
Looking back, Zhu Kang, who was just in the realm of Tianwu, felt different from this tornado at that time, just like the fighters in the realm of Tianwu today, and there is no difference between him and ants.
Quietly looking at the yellow sand in front of him, the young man in white also frowned gently-he actually faintly felt the breath of strength in this altar, and he seemed familiar with it.
And this power seems to be divided into two strands, one of which is grand and comparable. Although it makes him feel familiar, he can’t remember where he has seen this power.
While the other one is very weak and negligible, but he can be sure that the breath of strength is exactly the same as that of an acquaintance-the breath of being covered with body.
Meng also has something here?
Yanglingtian frowned.
Suddenly, the wind and sand in front stopped abruptly.
Then around the gas hum but a light sound a purple light impressively straight at chapter 17 shrines secular.
The dazzling purple light soars into the sky, blinding people. The sky seems to be pierced by light beams, and the flowing clouds form a huge whirlpool, like a hungry little animal sucking the purple brilliance crazily.
"Is the altar coming?" Looking at the situation, Bai Ling even trembled when he spoke.
However, no one answered her question. It is the first time to enter here whether it is sunny or dark, and I have never seen what the altar looks like. They are quietly.
Time passed slowly, and finally the purple light seemed to fail to resist swallowing and getting thinner, and finally disappeared and the sky was full, and the clouds seemed to boil, and the ancient desolate atmosphere kept rolling, filling the world, and a huge white city slowly fell from it.
At the moment when the city appeared, Wan Li was sleeping peacefully outside, but it was good to be asleep, but suddenly he woke up and his face changed greatly, and he quickly rose and flew to the desert where Yanglingtian and others lived.
At the same time, the holy and transparent sky in Kunwu Mountain, an overseas archipelago, suddenly changed
Stretching over the Wan Li Mountains, the original mottled sky became colorful and kept shaking as if it would break immediately.
"What’s the matter! ! !”
"What happened? ? ? ?”
"Is Kunwu Mountain going to collapse?"
"Did it come before the disaster?"
Several demons flew out of the ground and looked around with fear.
Although it is only a trace of resentment, after all, there is still consciousness, and when they face death, they still panic involuntarily.
The illusory figures of the Destiny King and Bai Ze appeared at the same time and looked at the surrounding changes with a dignified look.
"Finally ~ ~ ~ Finally ~ ~" The King of Destiny couldn’t help shivering, but it wasn’t that kind of fear but excitement.
What hatred spirit, his face turned red.
"What’s coming?"
Fang covered the earth with doubts.
If the present situation really indicates that the King of God will never look like this on the day before the end of the apocalypse, does this horrible situation also indicate any good signs?
"I’m sorry, I’m a little excited." Destiny God King also realized that he was rude and stretched out his hand and touched the same excitement. Bai Ze’s face was instantly restored to the state that God King Gujing did not wave.
"Don’t be nervous. This situation is a sign that Kunwu Mountain will be gone."
"What? Will Kunwu Mountain be gone? Then what shall we do? "