Li Fu couldn’t help but sigh, "This damn weather is even more grinding than the northwest! I have never seen a lotus flower in this season! "

All the way through Shui Ze Hutang, whenever lotus roots are planted, the lotus leaves are still green and graceful, which can give Li Fu a rare time
Lian Fangzhou couldn’t help laughing. "My grandfather is in Nanhai County!"
Said Li Fu also smiled.
The two of them visited the most prosperous commercial street once, but they saw a wide variety of merchants, both with local characteristics and from the Central Plains, Jiangnan and other places.
Later, I had lunch in a family restaurant, sat in a teahouse for half a ring, listened to people talking, and went to an agricultural trading firm in the afternoon.
Nanhai County is near the sea. There are many kinds of seafood here, such as dried fish, dried shellfish, kelp and seaweed.
Even Fangzhou looked at the farmers’ market and saw that there were all kinds of rice and vegetables sold in it, and she knew it secretly.
I couldn’t help laughing at Li Fu. "This Lezheng family is generous to the rural people. I didn’t expect a remote southern town to be so prosperous and rich. No wonder that guy called their family a’ we are Lezheng Master’!"
Li Fu crooned softly, "In the past ten years, the imperial court has hardly collected taxes from Nanhai County. Instead, every year, the emperor will give these four families a lot of money. This is where the Le Zheng family roots are. Naturally, it is more generous. Even so, more than half of the city’s business is with the Le Zheng family. Even if it doesn’t belong to the Le Zheng family, it is inextricably linked with the Le Zheng family. Didn’t this money flow into the Le Zheng family pocket in the end?"
"That’s true!" Even Fang Zhou smiled and took Li Fu’s arm and laughed. "Know yourself and know yourself. There is no need to take it to heart early, husband!" Well, I haven’t seen what the wedding customs in Nanhai County are like! Let’s have a good look at a big excitement first! "
Li Fu couldn’t help laughing. "It’s up to you!"
After talking, they held her hand and went laughing.
If two people would never dare to be so intimate in Beijing, they would dare to hold hands with long and wide sleeves at night, but in Nanhai County, there is not so much attention to ten couples or nine lovers here. They are all so close. Chapter 1161 Make public the wedding.
Even Fangzhou is used to entering Nanhai County at the beginning of modern times, so he naturally followed suit and took Li Fu’s arm.
At first, Li Fu was really shocked, but at this end, he has a strong ability to accept and learn, and he is more familiar with it than she is.
In a blink of an eye, three days passed. During these three days, the two of them visited the Gongzhang City both inside and outside the city, and they all knew the situation.
The Lezheng family proved to be a local tyrant here, but its prestige in the official county government is just a decoration.
To say that today’s marriage is just the third principle of Lezheng’s parents’ room, it won’t be so ostentatious.
However, in the future, Lezheng’s family has a patriarch, the head of the clan, who is responsible for disciplining the clan and handling the clan’s things, so that no family business can be contaminated.
To put it simply, it is to manage this big family well, so that everyone can go to one place to make sure that the Lezheng family will continue to prosper.
In order to strengthen the clan leader Wei, although he can’t be contaminated with any family business, he can receive more lucrative returns than everyone else, and he has supervision over the family business. If someone reports that he is in charge of a place or a business, the clan will enrich themselves and damage the family interests, and the clan leader will send someone to investigate it thoroughly.
So the business base has nothing to do with the loyalty of Changle.
This generation of Lezheng’s parents, Fang Zile Lezheng Shanqi, encountered pirates on the way back to sea with Fujia’s seagoing ship a few years ago. In a fierce fight between the two sides, this Diji was stabbed in the chest. Although he saved his life, he remained in the soup for many years and his chest ached from time to time, so he naturally could not be the helm.
It’s just that my third son is very good at music and is very clever. He has been favored by my grandfather since I was a child. My father values years of experience. Although he has just turned 20, he is really sophisticated and reliable. If he is decided unexpectedly in the future, he will be the helm of all family businesses and the management of the grange shop. If this wedding can be held quietly?
Early in the morning, even Fangzhou took Li Fu out to watch.
It is said that the bride is the daughter of the Lin family, a landlord, and the Lin family’s daughter, virtuous Shu De, is famous in the local area. Both sides can be said to be right.
Even Fang Zhou and Li Fu didn’t think there were too many spectators!
The Le Zhengjia wedding procession passed by, and people were crowded on both sides of the road. People were all wearing new clothes and wearing gold and silver. Obviously, they had carefully dressed up their faces, laughing and talking about this sensational grand wedding. The big girls and kannika nimtragol were all envious of Miss Lin’s many lively Chinese New Year celebrations.
The wedding procession hasn’t come yet. Even Fangzhou and Li Fu can’t get near.
Li Fu is also afraid that even Fangzhou will be pushed and stepped on, and then she will be pulled back to avoid smiling. "Come on, what’s so good about this excitement?" Let’s go back to the inn! "
Le zhengjia? Sooner or later, you have to deal with their families and watch this excitement at this moment?
Besides, hearing these people’s reverence for Le Zhengjia and seeing Li Fu, a government official who kept order on both sides of the street, was very unhappy. Even the prince in Beijing didn’t dare to work when he got married. This Le Zhengjia is really hehe!
I don’t even know where Fangzhou saw the sedan chair. The sun rose so high that many people were crowded and noisy, and there were two points when they couldn’t stand it. They nodded to Li Fu and "hmm". He took his hand and walked outside the crowd.
Just at this time, I sighed, "Oh, it’s really not good to say this man doesn’t believe in life!" Miss Lin’s eldest daughter, Lezheng Sangong, is a childhood friend. Who doesn’t like them? Who knows that this young lady Linda went back to her family but fell into the water and died! This wonderful marriage is cheap for nothing! "
Lian Fangzhou immediately parted Li Fu’s hand and refused to go.
The fire of hexagrams is burning in my heart and I can’t help but listen carefully.
The young woman’s words provoked several women and girls to echo and sigh.
One person laughed. "Yeah! Miss Lin looks like that. It’s really unfortunate that people love her when they see her! "
"Otherwise, how do you say that Le Zhenggu is kind! I’d rather change my sister with the Lins without my sister! I don’t know how many people are envious! "
"Alas, Miss Linda is the only daughter in that room. This time, Fannie and Freddie got a great bargain in vain. Today, I watched my niece get married. Mrs. Linda doesn’t know what it’s like to be sad!"
"A few days ago, I saw Mrs. Lin go to Dalin Temple to worship incense, and her eyes narrowed into a line. It’s really more popular than people!"
"This is life!"
"Tell the truth!"
See phase words even fangzhou smile with Li Fu out of the crowd laughed "I didn’t know that there was such a love here! It’s really more lively than talking! "
Li Fu smiled and said, "It’s just that you like to listen to the length of the market!"
Li Fu always feels as if he is in Nanhai County, and his wife seems to have jumped off a lot of things and talked a little more, but he doesn’t mind.
However, I don’t know that even Fangzhou came here at first, which was originally suppressed in many environments compared with the capital’s loose freedom, and the modern sense of freedom was ready to move again, and it was inadvertently expressed.
Laughing and laughing, they went back to the inn. Li Fu frowned and said, "Let’s leave Gongzhang now without touching his family!"
Even Fang Zhou wants to imagine himself and Li Fu as "passers-by", even if he eats a flowing mat, he must be in the periphery. It is impossible to be with the serious guests invited to dinner by Le Zhenggu, so it is unlikely to be able to see anyone and find out what news, so he nodded with a smile.
It’s just a few clothes for two people to pack their bags. Just pack a bag and you can go.
That guy saw that the two of them were friendly and talked very well these days, chatting and getting familiar with each other a lot. He was surprised to see that they were leaving, and he was kind enough to persuade them not to leave in a hurry, so he might as well stay and eat the running water mat before leaving, otherwise it would be a big loss.
Even Fang Zhou listened funny and saw that he still talked about the trend of two people, and Li Fu was already impatient. Even Fang Zhou smiled and said that it was inconvenient to stay with that guy because of something urgent.
The two hired a carriage to go all the way to noon and passed a shady forest, so they stopped to have a rest and let the coachman unload his horse and go to drink and have a rest.
They found a shade to keep out the quiet place and snuggled up to sit on the grass and rest. Li Fu suddenly jumped his eyebrows and looked at the northeast of the deep forest. "How do I hear someone crying?" Like … Still a young woman. Chapter 116 A woman in the forest.
Even fangzhou’s first reaction was to look up at the sky, and through the branches and leaves to cover the gap, she could still see some light. Her heart was slightly relieved that there should be no ghosts during the day.
He asked quickly, "Are you sure? Listen again! "