"I’m going to L.A. for business." The old man made no secret.

"I’m going to Los Angeles, too!" Green slave is laughing …
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233 panic-whipping method
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It’s late.
A face of plain and low-key carriage in the road slowly before.
Car Zi Xuan snuggled up in Duguying’s arms and slept soundly.
However, Duguying is sleepless and frowning with a heavy face.
The soldiers in their hands have almost arrived in northern Xinjiang, but the snow mountain situation is not happy.
The venerable Baili of Baili clan died at the hands of Master, and the virgin Baili Xuan died at the Qing Temple, while Baili Xuan’s elder brother Baili Yunxi not only took charge of the deity of ice and snow for the high priest, but also took charge of the Chinese University.
Baili Yunxi actually removed the throne of the kings of the dugu royal family in the ice and snow temple!
The carriage jolted gently, but Zi Xuan frowned, but he didn’t wake up. He continued to be quiet with a small hand around him.
Duguying carefully put away the secret letter in his hand, and now he can send it to his confidant. Nothing else can help him. The desertion of the army has been blackened.
No one will remember how the high priest found the lucky people one by one, and he didn’t know that he was working hard to keep this plateau from being invaded by the Chinese.
I will remember that he abandoned the army and made De Yi lose his clock in vain.
It seems that this will be a tough battle and it must be iron!
Think this eyes sharp across the scar handsome face cold evil color more and more, the bosom person seems to perceive the strange didn’t wake up is hug his hand tighter.
It was such a subtle movement that it calmed the rage in his heart.
At this moment, however, the carriage slowly stopped.
"I won’t go in front of the guest officer. Go by yourself!" The driver is low outside the curtain.
“?” Duguying is also asked in a low voice for fear of waking up the person in her arms. It seems that Xuan’s son is getting more and more sleepy, and he is so distressed that he is willing to disturb her sleep all the way.
"There are a lot of bandits cutting diameter in front of the guest officer. We all send them here a few steps away. There is an inn. Why don’t you stay for one night before you go?" The driver kindly woke up and kept his voice low.
Duguying carefully put Xuan’s son in a warm place and put a thin quilt on it for her, so she withdrew.
Looking ahead, there is a lantern with high lights. The word "inn" is very clear
"This is not a road? If there will be a diameter cutter? Then the post was changed into an inn? " Duguying asked incredulously
"Guest, you haven’t been here for a long time, haven’t you? After the war, many official roads in the north have been like this. The great grandfather of China hasn’t been rectified here so soon!"
"The inn man?" Duguying understood at once.
"If you don’t know it when you are young, wake up the guest officer and keep an eye on it." The coachman looked cautious
Dugu Yingxin sneered, but took an ingot of gold and handed it to the coachman. "Leave the carriage."
"This ….." The driver is hesitant.
Duguying didn’t say much, but she threw the whole bag of silver to him.
The coachman was so happy that he repeatedly said, "Don’t drink tea in the guest officer’s shop!"
Duguying’s lips flushed with a sneer, and he drove slowly to the second front. He was very careful and had no bumps at all.
Car Zi Xuan is still asleep soundly, without alert and anxiety.
It was agreed that he would protect her and she would protect the children.
After a while, the carriage slowly stopped in front of the inn. This is an inn converted from a post. The door of the inn is open and seems to be waiting for guests to come, but the store is one person.
"The guest officer is sharp or staying in the hotel?" A young man with a small two appearance quickly greeted him.
"Shh …" Duguying squints at a face of evil confusion.
"What’s the matter?" The bartender asked inexplicably.
"Wife and children are asleep" Duguying is also low.
The bartender nodded again and again and said, "Is the guest officer sharp?"
"Well," said Du Guying, then the car went to the store.
The bartender saw the carriage with a sneer in his eyes and turned to go in.
As soon as I got started, another small two greeted me, not as tall as the one behind me.
Duguying saw his one eye and sat with his back to the door.
"The guest officer fatigue all the way to drink a cup of tea first, and what dishes will be sent by the horse later?" He said respectfully and poured a cup of tea for Duguying.
"Just copy a few side dishes and a pot of wine." Duguying said with a smile that when she picked up the tea, she raised her hand, and the tea in the cup suddenly went straight to the door like a sharp weapon and went straight into the throats of the men who came near the carriage.
So sad that I couldn’t even shout, so I went straight down and didn’t even scare the horse.
Two small two immediately dumbfounded.
"Not immediately? What are you still doing? " Duguying eyebrows asked.
"Yes, yes, I’m going!" Two small two panic nodding nasty then toward the fire room.
A smile appeared on Duguying’s lips, turned around and looked out the door. His wife and children slept soundly.
It’s time to hurry, but I can’t bear her to rush around and think for a moment, or go out to the carriage. It’s not bad to delay one more night, is it
However, when he lifted the car curtain, the whole person was instantly stunned
one person
"Xuan son … Zi Xuan …"
Kuang Kuang courtyard suddenly all a fear at a loss to look around is a person.
Just now, the attention root has never been away from the carriage root, and no one is allowed to approach it.
How could this happen! ?
He lost her again.
It’s like this again. I have it around but I easily lose it! 、
"MuZiXuan …"
Suddenly there was silence.