Watergate quickly said, "Everyone stop practicing and stop practicing."

Everyone opened their eyes and looked at Yan. At the same time, Naruto’s left eye suddenly burst into white light. Not only Naruto, but also others, where they shine, gave them rings with their fingers.
Naruto quickly checked it and found that it was the black pearl that he put in the room. Naruto immediately realized that it was preparing to send them to another world, and the door was about to open.
Naruto quickly said to his friends around him, "It’s time to take out your black beads quickly." Then Naruto took out his black beads, followed by a flash of white light and Naruto was directly sucked into the white light and disappeared.
Chapter four hundred and fifty Begins in another world
There are not only humans in this world, but also dwarves, winged people, elves, orcs, monster beasts, demons, dragons, and one of the most mysterious races, Tatan, which disappeared in a branch of giants thousands of years ago.
These nine ethnic groups rule the pale blue continent, which is very huge, more than 50 times that of the Huoying world. Among them, a huge land occupies 10% of the world and 20% of the ocean.
There is a lot of aura (natural chakra) here, and the average life expectancy of creatures is very long. It is no problem for humans to live a hundred years old easily. If you practice, it is no problem to live a 200-year-old when you first enter the world.
Because most people are addicted to cultivation, the technology here is not developed and still stays in the era of the Middle Ages of the earth, but the destructive power of the practice here is not inferior to that of the modern science and technology of the earth, so it can be said that the development direction is different
In the human world, there are three empires occupying the eastern part of the mainland, and the neighboring two ethnic groups of the Elves often have wars. The three human empires are the oldest Tianheng Empire, the first Zhou Empire and the later rising Ao Yun Empire. Among them, Tianheng Empire is the strongest, Zhou Empire is the weakest, and Ao Yun Empire is the weakest. After occupying most of the land in the eastern part of the pale blue continent, there are three hundred neighboring principalities of the Elves, large and small. These three hundred principalities are also called chaotic by the three empires, because wars often occur here.
Chaos often leads to wars to destroy the state, and because of the poor public security here, thieves run rampant and no one manages them.
Ao Yun’s three great empires of mankind are the centenary of Ao Yun’s imperial emperor Duanmu Feng, who was enfeoffed all over the empire. Duanmu Feng’s birthday has been returned to the capital one after another. Duanmu Feng has three big ones in the queen’s family. Now it is too named Duanmu Gan, the second king, Duanmu Fei and the third king, Duanmu Tian, among which san huang’s Duanmu Tian ability is the most outstanding. Ao Yun Empire is flowing everywhere, he said.
It can be said that the Ao Yun Empire can have today or it was only by san huang that it stabilized the Ao Yun Empire. Three years ago, when there was a drought in Ao Yun, the people were in dire straits. The general of Tianheng Empire even led an army of 500,000 troops to invade the southern border of Ao Yun Empire, and the garrison commander was killed. The southern border was immediately chaotic, and it was ready to receive the whole proud Yunnan territory and then take the whole Ao Yun.
The imperial court of Ao Yun was suddenly in chaos, and even the emperor Duanmufeng of Aoyun Empire was desperate. He was only thirteen years old when he was in charge. san huang Duanmutian turned the tide and led 100,000 apocalypse cavalry to the south alone to fight against 100,000 fighters, connecting 500,000 troops.
Duanmu Tianshen made a risk and was personally led by 10,000 fighters. Even the grain and grass were attacked. Because of underestimating the enemy, the grain and grass were not guarded, and 500,000 troops were burned. The next day Duanmu Tianshi continued to fall 30,000 fighters. Even the army was attacked by Duanmu Tianshi. When he was introduced into the canyon fire attack, his ranks were less than 300,000.
As soon as I got out of the canyon, it was a plain. I just escaped from the fire and was raided by a hundred thousand fighters in Duanmutian. At this time, even the soldiers were exhausted, and after a night without sleep, food, sleep and hunger, they rose up and resisted, but that was the opponent of the hundred thousand cavalry who had saved their strength and the apocalypse.
The people of Ao Yun Empire believe that no one can move Ao Yun and Ao Yun Empire because of the World War I, when Duanmutian was in Ao Yun, and no one dares to move Ao Yun’s thoughts again.
Duanmutian was also sealed because of this war. The king of Chu was in charge of the thirteen States in the south and became a proud cloud empire. At the age of thirteen, he sealed the king.
Today Duanmu Tian also set out from the south to the capital. In addition to the 10,000 apocalypse cavalry, Duanmu Lian, the fifth princess of the Empire, was born by Emperor Yun Guifei of Ao Yun. Duanmu Tian’s half-brother and sister came to the south a few days ago and now just returned to Beijing with Duanmu Tian. Duanmu Lian is fourteen years old and three years younger than Duanmu Tian. I hope to stick to Duanmu Tian since I was a child. It is also because I haven’t seen Duanmu Tian for a long time.
At this time, Duanmulian sat in the sedan chair and complained, "I’m not going back. How long has it been since I came out? I’m going back again, third brother. I want to stay in the south for a few more days."
Sitting next to Duanmu Lian, Duanmu Tianban raised his face and said, "I knew you were fourteen years old and still wanted to play like a child. My father would be unhappy if he knew."
Duanmulian rose and said, "I don’t care if you’re unhappy. It’s like you’re afraid of your father since you sealed the queen."
After hearing Duanmu Lian’s words, Duanmu Tian sighed slightly, "Your sister, you don’t understand that I’m not afraid of my father. I’m just avoiding it. At that time, I was impulsive and caused my brother. Now I’m in this passive situation. To be honest, I’d rather not be sealed. I’d rather have no light in my life. My brother was too young."
Duanmulian heard the sadness in Duanmutian’s tone and knew the difficulty of Duanmutian. He suddenly asked curiously, "Do you regret it, brother?" Do you regret pacifying the southern border? "
Duanmutian shook his head after hearing this and laughed. After laughing, Duanmutian was full of lofty sentiments and said, "I don’t regret it. If I have to do it again, I will still lead an army to pacify the southern border, even though it will be suspected by my father and feared by my eldest brother. But I won’t regret that Tianheng Empire wants to annex me. If Duanmutian doesn’t want me, he can’t step into my Ao Yun border."
Duanmutian looked at Duanmulian with latosolic red eyes and said, "Sister, did you see the terrible situation in Yunnan at that time?" Those Tianheng soldiers are all animals. No, they are not as good as animals. They are just a group of demons in human skin. They are not human beings. I will kill these animals as bad as everything, and I will not even give them surrender. "
Looking at Duanmutian’s crazy look, Duanmutian was a little scared. She had never seen such Duanmutian. Now Duanmutian is like coming out of hell. Duanmutian is afraid to say, "Brother, don’t do this. I’m afraid, afraid."
Hearing Duanmu Lian’s words, Duanmu genius quickly put away his murderous look and rage, took Duanmu Lian’s hand and said, "I’m sorry to scare you. I’m really sorry if I want to do this together, I’ll think of the terrible situation in the south at that time and I can’t control myself to scare you."
Duanmulian shook his head and said, "No, I can’t blame my brother for thinking that Tianheng Empire is not good. I can imagine my brother. You must have seen something that made you very angry. Otherwise, how could you get out of control when you think about it? You can rest assured that your brother and those people have been killed by you. Now it will be better if you manage the south."
Duanmutian said with a smile, "Well, everything will be fine. When we are strong, I will let them pay back the debt of Tianheng Empire sooner or later."
At this moment, there was a sudden loud noise, Duanmu Tianhe looked at the sky, and suddenly a crack broke out in the sky, releasing a thunderbolt, just like Duanmu Lianhua was afraid of hiding behind Duanmu Tianshi and peeking at the sky.
Duanmutian looked at the sky in disbelief. Although his strength has reached the middle of the mortal realm, he still can’t understand such a vision. He knows that this is not a natural formation, but a person. But what kind of realm does it have to be for a person to do this? Duanmutian can’t understand it, and neither can people around him.
Listen to the guards around him and ask, "Your Majesty, what’s going on?"
Duanmutian shook his head and said, "Wang can’t understand it either, but it must not be formed naturally, but people don’t know what kind of power can do it. Even Master Wang’s heavenly heart Taoist can’t do such a vision of heaven and earth."
At this time, a figure appeared from the crack, and Duanmulian curiously pointed to the figure and shouted, "Look, brother, look, there is a person appearing from the crack."
In fact, Duanmu Lian woke up, Duanmu Tian had already seen it, and when that figure appeared, the cracks gradually healed, and the vision was no longer there. Duanmu Tian said to the guards around him, "Let’s go and have a look at the boulders."
The breccia replied, "But is there any danger to your report? It’s better to let Xiao take people there. Your report and the princess just wait here."
Duanmutian frowned and said, "That’s a lot of nonsense. The king said to go and see together."
Breccia suddenly frightened and bowed down, saying, "I dare not be humble."
Duanmu Tiandao "Cut the crap and let’s go. No one blames you."
"Yes, yes, I know. Let’s go," said the breccia hurriedly.
Naruto looked at this strange world and felt that the world was natural. chakra said to Kyubi no Youko, "Kyubi no Youko is really rich in natural chakra."
Kyubi no Youko said, "Well, this world is natural and chakra is really rich. If you practice in this world, you will make rapid progress."
Suddenly, a huge roar sounded and Naruto hurried to look behind him and saw a huge black tiger eyeing him. The huge black tiger was emitting black flashes, and Naruto was curious to see Hei Hu Hei Hu watching Naruto carefully.
Hei Hu saw that this human being was not afraid of himself, and Hei Hu still felt danger from this human body. Hei Hu let out another growl in his anxiety and said, "Who are you? I will feel danger from you. Who are you?"
Naruto suddenly became curious when he saw Hei Hu suddenly speak and asked, "You can talk?"
Hei Hu replied, "Hum, I’m the seventh-order Dark Cloud Tiger King of Warcraft. Of course I can talk. You haven’t answered my words yet. Who are you and what will appear on my site?"
Naruto dug his ears and said, "You’re too noisy. My name is Naruto Uzumaki. You say you are the seventh-order demon king of Warcraft. How can you talk? There are many other talking Warcraft like you in this world?"
Hei Hu replied, "You human beings are really interesting. You don’t even know this common sense. After entering the seventh order, Warcraft can refine the bone stuck in your throat, and of course you can speak. Of course, we don’t like to say that your human language feels like bird language. If I am not interested in you, I won’t bother to talk nonsense with you. Well, I have answered your question. Now it’s time to answer my question. How did you come to my site?"
Naruto suddenly didn’t know how to answer Hei Hu’s question. He could say, "Well, I’m not sure that there was a flash of white light at the moment and then he came here."
Hei Hu couldn’t get the answer he wanted, and suddenly he was furious. "Man, you are challenging my patience. Now I don’t care how you appear in my site, then you have to die, dark thunder." Hei Hu suddenly spit out a black flash from his mouth and hit Naruto.
Naruto hurriedly hid and stared at Hei Hu. "You are too barbaric."
When Hei Hu saw Naruto easily escaping from himself, Lei suddenly became furious and said, "Hum, no matter who you are or how you came here and broke into my site without my permission, then you should be prepared to die. Well, it’s really deadly for humans to break into my site again."
Duanmutian saw them when they entered the valley, but Naruto didn’t pay much attention to it. Duanmutian found that the man who suddenly appeared from the valley was fighting with the black cloud and the tiger king, and it was only then that he remembered that this was the site of Warcraft in the seventh order.
See the black cloud king tiger use thunderous Duanmu Yun quickly said to the side breccia "protect the princess Ann I’ll solve the black cloud king tiger" and Duanmu day rushed out from the Luanjia, silver gun in his hand will be shot to strike the thunder department.
Duanmu Tian was just about to attack the black cloud and the tiger king when a stereo suddenly said, "Since you want to die yourself, it’s no wonder that I am mini spiral shuriken."
Duanmu Yun saw Naruto stretch out a finger, and then a yellow energy appeared in the finger. The energy turned into two tiny arms, and then Naruto’s finger appeared like a dart. hidden weapons, hidden weapons hit the black cloud and the tiger king suddenly became bigger, and then the black tiger king was cut in half.
Duanmu Yun never thought that the seventh-order Dark Cloud Tiger King of Warcraft would simply be killed by people. At this moment, he remembered the former vision and thought to himself, "What is the realm of this young man? Is it so horrible to pretend to be a young old monster? If it is act young, I should be able to see some clues, but there is nothing false about this young man’s appearance. This says that this appearance is the appearance of this young man. What is this Uber?"
Naruto solved the problem of the black cloud and King Tiger came to the body of the black cloud and King Tiger. After Naruto collected the body of the black cloud and King Tiger, he came to Duanmutian and held out a hand and said, "Thank you for helping me. My name is Naruto Uzumaki. Just call me Naruto."
Duanmu Yun also held out a hand and smiled with Naruto. "My name is Duanmutian, and I didn’t really help Naruto. Do you have any place to go?"
Naruto shook his head and said, "No, I just came here and I have no purpose. I came here to practice."
Duan Muyun said with a smile, "Hehe, that’s great. It’s my father’s birthday in a few days. Naruto, if you don’t mind, come with me to have fun."
Naruto is in urgent need of this world information to see that Duanmutian’s clothes are not ordinary people, so he is the best person to find out information, so Naruto readily agreed to Duanmutian’s invitation and went to the imperial capital of Ao Yun with him