"You can put me at home. I know how to protect myself from touching those dangerous things." Chenli’s expression is very serious. "You can’t just give people doors, you can’t go to fire, you can’t climb windows, you can’t touch them casually. I just watch it here."

Qingchen hooked her lips and joked, "Hey, our children in the school are very sensible."
"Just let me stay here. I don’t want to go to kindergarten." Chenli looked at Qingchen with great expectation.
Unexpectedly, Qingchen turned down "still no, you have to go to kindergarten for a day today"
"Why don’t you let me stay at home!"
Qingchen smiled deeply, "because even if you know what to touch and what not to touch, I still can’t trust you."
Chenli angrily said, "Cousin, you have changed. You are just like my cousin now!"
"What’s the same?" Chen Chi Yin is also faint to make Chen Li quiet immediately.
Qingchen asked him patiently, "Why don’t you want to go to kindergarten?"
"It’s so naive," Chen Li replied. "They just teach them some living habits and how to play. I don’t want to go surfing."
"Then how about playing with Ruirui?" Qingchun Chunchun is good at seduction. "You see, if you go back to China, you will see Ruirui very rarely. Don’t you want to cherish being with this good friend?"
A child is a child after all. After thinking for a while, Chenli finally agreed, "Well, just one day."
Chenli promised to go to kindergarten, and Qingchen was a stone in his heart.
Chenchi asked Chuningzhao to help him say that it was easy to agree to Chenli’s past in a kindergarten.
So today, in Chenli, I went to kindergarten with Ruirui in a Chuningzhao car.
When I left, I said, "How about pretending to have fun even if you think the teacher teaches those things too much?"
Otherwise, Qingchen really doubts that the teacher will say "chat" with a look of disgust after talking about something.
That would be awkward.
Chen Li saw Qing Chen begging himself and agreed, "Well, since I’m my cousin, I’ll listen to you."
"How lovely!"
Qingchen didn’t come to watch the news last night, so she went to bed. At this time, she finally watched the news while humming a song and watching her mobile phone. She felt that life was really comfortable and pleasant.
"By the way, I’m going back to my dad tonight. Do you want to come?" Qingchen hasn’t been to Qingfu’s place for a while. She wanted to go back before she came, but Qingfu said that the restaurant business was good recently, and she didn’t have time to talk to her when she went back.
How can "going" to Chenchi miss such an opportunity?
Especially this is a very formal visit after being met by a green father.
Green morning saw Chen Chi agreed, so there would be no more talk. Anyway, Green Father now knows that she and Chen Chi don’t worry about anything themselves.
I didn’t know until I went to the TV station Qingchen that Fei Song had gone through the formalities today.
Fei Song’s return to the news channel of the former Industrial International Channel can be regarded as a return to his old line, and Fei Song has accumulated a lot of contacts after staying there for some years. Maybe there will be better development when he goes back this time.
It’s a pity that Qingchen thought of Fei Song leaving like this.
If you don’t know that Fei Song likes you, the Youth Morning Club has always regarded Fei Song as a very good friend. After knowing that Fei Song likes himself, Youth Morning deliberately alienated Fei Song.
Qingchen knows that his reaction will hurt Song Fei, but he can’t give him what he wants and will continue to let him have unnecessary thoughts?
Long-term pain is better than short-term pain, but it may really hurt people.
Actually, people are selfish. If Qingchen doesn’t like Fei Song, he can’t give him what he wants. Fei Song should not continue to fall in love with herself because she thinks it is also a kind of trouble for herself, so she will hurt Fei Song cruelly.
But that’s the reality
People’s feelings are really a mysterious thing. Qingchen and Fei Song were already very good friends in college. Fei Song didn’t say that Qingchen really didn’t find it dull.
She never thought that Fei Song would like herself, perhaps because she really never had a crush on Fei Song.
Before I met Chenchi, Qingchen never thought about what it would be like to like someone, but when she liked Chenchi, Qingchen felt that there was such a person in her life that she could be tempted.
I feel very lucky to like Chenchi.
Qing Chen wants to be in a trance and hears someone calling himself to turn around and find that the person behind him is Chai Weiwei.
"Sister Wei Wei?" Qingchen was somewhat surprised to see Chai Weiwei. I don’t know how this man came to see himself again.
She should draw a boundary between Chu River and Han River with herself, and don’t go back and forth in this life, which is to come to find herself again.
Chai Weiwei’s big red lips look particularly aura. She replied faintly and said, "I have something to tell you. Do you have it now?"
Chai Weiwei’s eyes wandered around and said, "Yao Hui will be back soon" after making sure there was no one else.
"What?" When Qingchen heard the name Yao Hui, it took a little while to digest it.
"Her child didn’t keep the miscarriage and was going to come back after a break."
Yao Hui left the TV station to have a baby because she was pregnant with a business tycoon’s child. Perhaps she also expected that her mother would squeeze out the business tycoon’s official position with her child, and then she would dream of seeking a rich wife.
However, things didn’t work out, and it was discovered by the main office that Yao Hui was a mistress. When the business tycoon went out, he took a group of people to punish and push Yao Hui, and finally the child failed to keep the abortion.
Yao Hui has been in the hospital for a long time and almost recovered soon, so she is going to set up a viewing platform.
The business tycoon huotang legally is a very powerful woman, of course not. Yao Hui’s life has been very bleak recently. If there are still children in his stomach, it will be all gone. The business tycoon is also a proud person. Yao Hui and huotang legally have a direct falling out, which is a disgrace to him. Therefore, Yao Hui is now temporarily thrown into the cold house by the business tycoon, and her husband has repeatedly promised that he will just play with Yao Hui and never take it seriously.
What can Yao Hui do? It’s just that she revived after crying. Anyway, she also believes that her charm will be slightly seduced after this period of time, and that business tycoon will come back to her sooner or later.
I have been recuperating in the hospital for a long time, and finally I will recover my body. Since Yao Hui can’t be a rich man for the time being, she can come back to work without having children now.
Taiwan’s overall attitude towards Yao Hui’s return is still recognized. Yao Hui is also a good host, especially Yao Hui is a business tycoon. Although they are embarrassed now, there is still no official division. Who knows if the business tycoon is in contact with her in private?
But Yao Hui’s return is a great threat to Qingchen.
"Although Yao Hui is coming back, you also know that the programs in Taiwan are saturated in the near future and she is not suitable for being an anchor live news station. She still can’t sit still. How can she get back to the audience as soon as possible?"
"Everyone will know this news soon. I just didn’t mean anything to say to you before. Think about it yourself."
Chai Weiwei really seems to have left without any other meaning, leaving Qingchen to think about it herself.
Section 15
Chai Weiwei’s news today really gave Qingchen a wake-up call. If Yao Hui really comes back, Qingchen will certainly be hit again if she finally consolidates her position.
In particular, Yao Huilai is Qingchen. Now Qingchen, the host of this program, is still worried about whether Yao Hui will want to get this program back when she comes back, so she has conflicts with herself.
Qingchen squinted and worked hard to pull this program from the end of the ratings to the top few now. If this Yao Hui wants to enjoy it after she comes back, she will never agree.
No matter what Chai Weiwei wants to tell herself, no matter what her heart is, Qingchen is slightly more vigilant. Many people know that they robbed Yao Hui’s position, even if they explained it later, they don’t know how many people believe it.
However, this woman suddenly went to have a baby and threw the show away. She was ordered to come to the rescue when she was in danger, and she worked hard to make achievements, so it is impossible to let this show slip away from her hands.
No, this program has brought her much benefit, even if it is worthy of her hard work, she should keep this program in Qingchen.
There is no second watch today, everyone. Happy 52!
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