It is worth noting that Orpheus’s appearance is a petite black-haired girl, which is quite unexpected.

Soon after, with the first opening ceremony, the contest between Lilias and Cangna finally began. The result did not seem to be unexpected. Although Cangna worked hard to lay out the layout, the absolute gap in strength still made her lose to Lilias.
However, just when Cangna was frustrated by the implementation of the dream law, Lilias made a move that surprised many demons. She took Jimongli as the main identity to support Cangna’s ideal and set up a RaingGae school that treats everyone equally.
When asked about his sister’s behavior, Sasakes smiled and said that her sister had grown up and it was time for her to deal with the Jimongli family.
In this way, it represents the support for Cang Na’s desire to send a camp, which has two big families, Jimongli and Sidi, and then there are two demon kings, so that those old-school demons can’t help but be silent.
At the end of the younger generation RaingGae, Ye Yu suddenly pulled the black song and hurried over at the venue.
"What happened to Ye Yu?" Looking at Ye Yu’s bringing black songs here, Sasakers knew that something important must be happening.
"The next game is Lilias against the Astalotts, right?" Ye Yu said and frowned slightly.
"Where’s Elias? She’s not already in, is she?"
"That’s right … what’s the matter?" Sasek asked.
"Hurry over, it’s a disaster trap!"
Say such a thing is the black song Sazex stared at her with some suspicious eyes, while Ye Yu nodded on the other side.
"The Astalotts have taken refuge in the evil group, and it is Wali who sent this news. Although he doesn’t know what his purpose is, I don’t think he has any reason to deceive us."

Leah’s vision recovered from the dazzling flash of the magic circle and she opened her eyes.
This is a simple open space.
Columns must stand side by side at intervals … It’s made of stone. Look around, there is a huge temple entrance at the rear.
That’s because of the architectural style of temples in Greece, and suddenly it was found that none of them were destroyed, showing that it was just built and it was as white as ever.
It seems that this is the position, but I waited for a long time, but I didn’t wait for the referee to start ordering.
"Strange," said Leah, frowning.
Just when Lilias and her family were puzzled, the Rubik’s cube array opposite the temple appeared!
What would be that position? Does it mean that this competition is a close-range melee? ?
Lilias has a sense of crisis! Family members are also ready!
But there is more than one magic circle! With more light in the surrounding area, it appears as if it is to surround Lilias and others!
"Not the Astarot coat of arms!" In the alarm of Leah silk.
Yuuto Kiba, Genova and Irina set up swords.
Himejima Akeno hands thunder scurrying at the same time said.
"All magic circles have nothing in common, but …"
"Department is the devil’s magic circle and if I remember correctly …"
Lilias wrapped herself around the red aura and cast her grim eyes around her.
There are a lot of demons emerging from the magic circle! The member came on stage with overflowing murder and hostility! At the lilias and others surrounded by passionate blunt come over!
"As far as the magic circle is concerned, these are sent by the old demon king who defected to the’ disaster group’." Li Yasi said with serious eyes that there are hundreds or even thousands of enemies in front of her, and the situation is not optimistic
"The hateful false demon king’s blood heir Jimongli disappears here!"
Surrounded by demons, one of them defied Elias! Sure enough, for the demon who supported the old demon king, the current demon king and his relatives are both eyesores.
Many demons get together to launch magic bombs, although they are all intermediate demons, but the number of volley people is not underestimated, right?
However, just before their attack was launched, hundreds of people were demonized to ashes in a red ripple full of destructive power.
"Brother … brother?" Look at that figure that suddenly appeared in front of him, Li Ya Si said in surprise.
"It’s a good thing to catch up." Sasakers breathed a sigh of relief after easily destroying the demons in front of him.
"Brother, how did you get here?" Li yasi strange said
"Well, it’s a long story. In short, the’ disaster group’ tampered with the game."
"Ashtarot secretly joined hands with the old demon king faction to take refuge in the disaster group. Ye Yu got the news and came to inform us, but it seems that when we entered here, the other side launched a strong boundary. Now it is estimated that it is a mess outside, and it seems that sending the array is also random!" Sasek said distressfully.
"You go back to the temple first and leave it to me here." Looking at the surrounding area, it is flashing to send the array sign. Sasakes hurriedly said.
"I know, brother." Li Yasi nodded and immediately retreated with her family. She wanted to attack Li Yasi and his party along the way. The Ministry of Demons was ruthlessly crushed into pieces by the breath of terror and destruction.
Chapter 34 Behind the scenes
As Sasakes said, the entire stadium transfer array was distorted to varying degrees. The original came in with Sasakes, and Ye Yu was sent to a strange place.
"Oh, I didn’t expect to see you here, soldier Jimongli?"
A little disturbing sound rang from the beginning, and soon an elegant figure slowly emerged over his head.
"I didn’t introduce myself at the party that day. I think you are no stranger to me when I am in charge of the Diodora Astalott family?"
"My family has gone out of the demon king, but it’s really hard to help the old demon king and his family to go out of the demon king’s adult."
Ye Yu crooked a little funny to say so.
"Maybe it’s because it’s boring to be the master and it’s more interesting to be someone else’s dog?"
Ye Yu said so casually that Diodora’s face suddenly became ferocious
"Hum just a soldier what do you know! A mere devil is nothing compared with Orpheus’s adult! Look at the strength I have now. After I got the’ snake’, my strength is getting stronger and stronger. Even surpassing the devil is not difficult! "
Diodora spread out his hands in the middle of the movie and laughed so arrogantly, and then a black energy slowly appeared and began to surround him.
"Rumble rumble! ! ! !”
Black terrible energy burst is several times stronger than before, and fluctuations emanate from Diodora.