Limu Lou’s punch in Christina’s country suddenly cracked, and Christina vomited blood. Lola quickly reached out with a hand and a black sword appeared in her hand, and saw Lola flicker in the country and boxing strength, swinging out of the world with a sword.

Suddenly, the boxing strength and the country were separated, and then the boxing strength was repaired and returned to Limu by the original road, and Christina’s country cracked and restored to its original state
It seems as if the punch collided with the country just now. After all this, Laura put away her black sword and came to Christina and asked, "Are you all right, Tina?"
Christina braced herself and came to "I’m fine? Thank you, Lola. "
Laura laughed. "It’s okay, that stinky little guy is not here. I promised him to take good care of you. Besides, we are still righteous Jin Lan sisters. You are a little stranger when you say this." Say that finish, you will press your hand on Christina and help her heal.
After all this, Laura turned to Liam Lou and said, "Limu Lou, are you crazy? Do you want to kill Tina?"
Limu Lou also calmed down at this moment and hurriedly waved his hand. "No, no, Lola, listen to me. I really didn’t. I just didn’t like her, but I didn’t want to kill her. She deliberately angered me. I did that."
Laura also knows that Limu Lou is not really mean and impulsive, and that’s just to scare her so that she can control her temper. After seeing the effect, Laura said, "Remember not to be impulsive again, okay?"
Limu Lou bowed his head like a child who made a mistake and said, "I know."
This contrast makes Kakashi and others look a little overwhelmed. It’s really hard to accept how Jinx was so clever just now.
At this moment, Limu Lou suddenly ran to Daitu’s side. Looking at Daitu Kakashi curiously, he was startled and hurried to Limu Lou’s face and said, "What are you going to do?"
Limu Lou, who has just been lectured, hasn’t woken up from being dominated by Lola for a while and heard Kakashi ask quickly, "I don’t have any malice. Don’t worry, I’m just curious about him. He is our dragon clan, and he is the red dragon king. Am I right?"
Kakashi didn’t know what Limu asked these people to do, but he didn’t feel hostility from Limu’s exposure, so he nodded his head. "He accepted the red dragon from the dragon clan to come to Long Mai because of the strength of Long Mai."
Limu Lou felt that he didn’t know where this place was when he came over from where he is now. Now it’s only after Kakashi said so that he reacted, "There is indeed a Long Mai here and it’s a fire. Long Mai, it’s no wonder that I just collided with the Sao Fox country with one punch and it didn’t ruin it. It turned out to be protected by Long Mai. Hahaha" After that, I was embarrassed to burst out laughing.
Christina heard that Limu Lou once again said that she was a coquettish fox, and suddenly she wanted to argue with Limu Lou, but she just got up and touched the injury, so she had to sit down again to look at Limu Lou, who was talking with Kakashi.
Laura laughed. "Okay, okay, don’t be angry. I’m so angry that heartless guy doesn’t know. It’s not like you don’t know her personality. Why don’t you ask her for it?"
Christina stared at Limu’s dew intensely. She never thought that her country could not stand Limu’s dew. Christina gritted her teeth and said, "I’m not willing."
Laura seems to know what she said she was unwilling. "I’m not willing to stop being unwilling, but what can I do?" Limu Lou is different from us. She’s as horrible as Tian Mi. Maybe Tian Mi never told you. Limu Lou is also a jealous person from heaven. She was envied by heaven as soon as she was born, and it’s even more horrible than Tian Mi. Heaven’s direct punishment didn’t hurt her. "
After hearing Lola’s words, Christina really realized Limu Lou’s horror. She was surprised to see that this girl was brought by Tian Mi to join their team and told them about Jin Lanli Mulu.
Chapter four hundred and sixty Limu dew and day Mi biggest secret.
Christina was a little surprised to see that Limu Lou knew that Limu Lou was very strong, but she didn’t expect to get such a horror. In Christina’s cognition, the gods are now sealed, and Tian Mi is the most powerful in the world. Even if the gods are not sealed, Tian Mi is also the top strong in the world. But I didn’t expect that this Limu Lou would be stronger than Tian Mi, which made Christina somewhat difficult to accept. In her opinion, Limu Lou is strong, but she should be strong. It is Lola Christina who has to believe this.
Christina asked, "Laura, are you sure you’re right? Is this Limu Lou really better than that bastard Tian Mi?"
Lola said with a wry smile, "I wish I was wrong, but the fact is how horrible she is. If I can’t stop three moves in front of her, she will kill me. Of course, she made efforts before."
Christina was surprised. "How could you just push her back with your sword? How can you not pick up her three strokes Lola? Will you be a little self-deprecating? "
Laura said, "Tina, don’t doubt that I feel that I have never made a mistake. Limu revealed that she was really that powerful before, and I was able to push her back. That was because I used the power of Heaven to seal the power of Heaven in my sword just now, and Limu revealed that the goal was not me. I made a profit, and the power separated you from her, but it didn’t push her back. This is a four-to-two-pound play and she didn’t make any effort."
Christina was surprised after hearing Laura’s words. "You said she didn’t make any effort?"
Come and nodded. "Well, she hasn’t made any effort since she met Tian Mi. It’s strange, isn’t it? Seriously, I’m not only curious about you, but it’s also true. I asked Tian Mi that she can endure even heaven because it seems that Limu broke the rules of heaven. Now she shouldn’t appear in all these worlds, but she will be rejected by heaven when she is here."
Christina wondered, "Rejected by heaven?"
Laura nodded and said, "Heaven repels God because of the main road. God created a rule at the beginning of a very special world, which evolved all the rules of the main road. This rule is the so-called heaven. You can think that there are 50 unchangeable rules in the main road, and God created one rule to evolve the main road, but this rule has a rule, so he can evolve 49 kinds of laws, because there are already 50 rules in heaven.
Christina was a little surprised to hear that this is the biggest secret of all worlds. I didn’t expect Laura to know and how well she knew it. Can this not surprise Christina?
Laura ignored the surprise that Christina continued, "Heaven is on the contrary to the evolution of Avenue, but Avenue is also evolving Heaven, and Avenue has obviously evolved more successfully because Heaven is the fruit of the evolution of Avenue."
This time Christina was really shocked and shocked. "What did you say, Lola? You said that Tiannian Avenue evolved into a natural fruit."
Laura nodded her head. "After the avenue evolved out of heaven, let this evolved rule of heaven enter reincarnation and then reincarnate into the place where the sky is now dead. Because heaven is a rule of heaven and earth, there is no life, but he has emotions to see it, and it will be jealous if there is life. At the same time, it will also destroy the laws of heaven and be rejected."
It took Christina a long time to digest this explosive information before asking, "What about Limu Dew? Is she also derived from the avenue like Tianzhu? "
Laura shook her head for five times and said, "No, but it’s also the rule that can’t be put in when Limu dew is heaven and avenue, that is, there is no way to escape to Limu dew because there is no such rule in heaven. This is the biggest secret of heaven and avenue. These are all days. It should not be wrong for Mi to tell me after knowing her own strength and Limu dew’s strength."
At this time, Limu Lou ran over and said, "What are you talking about so much?"
The sudden appearance of Limu Lou startled Christina and quickly said, "What didn’t you say?"
Limu Lou took a suspicious look at Christina and said, "You’re not going to speak ill of me, are you? I knew you were such a sly fox."
Christina heard Limu dew this mindless words suddenly angry cold face said, "I said I didn’t say anything. Believe it or not, I don’t care about you." Then Christina cold face didn’t go to see this 250.
At the same time, I thought to myself, "Is this IQ guy really the embodiment of Avenue Law? With day Mi that bastard is a gap day by day. "
Laura smiled and laughed. "Limu Lou, don’t be ridiculous. We didn’t speak ill of you. I told Tina that you were a secret with Tianzi and didn’t say anything."
Limu dew wondered, "I’m a secret with the day? Oh, you said this. It’s nothing. Heaven told us not to break the rules. Heaven won’t do anything to us. In fact, who will have nothing to do is to break the balance of heaven? I live in this world myself. It’s really a fuss. "
At this moment, a figure came out of the passage again, and the bearer was ten meters tall and muscular, wearing armor and short blond hair. After seeing Laura and Limu Lou and Christina, he laughed. "Hey, how did some beautiful women arrive early?" Well, the third brother hasn’t arrived yet. Hehe, it seems that I’m not the latest. "
When Laura saw the bearer, she smiled. "Why are you here, Alcide? Did God send you here?"
The giant named Alcide laughed. "Yes, I was fighting a huge fish in the sea. Suddenly my third brother sent me a message and gave me a coordinate, so I came over. Why hasn’t my third brother arrived yet?"
Laura laughed. "It should be soon. Since he attracted us all, it is impossible not to appear. Wait, this moment will appear. It should wait until Lao Liu comes, but Lao Liu seems to be in the pale blue continent. Did he run to the pale blue continent?"
Christina said, "No matter what that bastard does, I’ll take the dragon spirit out of Long Mai here first." Then Christina pointed her finger at Long Mai and a black magic gas came from Christina’s finger and went straight into Long Mai.
After listening to Long Mai’s underground anger, the earth trembled slightly as if something was coming out, but it soon became silent as if nothing had happened just now.
Christina laughed and said, "Hehe, you are smart enough." Then Christina withdrew the magic gas and saw that the magic gas was wrapped in a pure dragon gas. This dragon gas burst into a dragon gas that was different and more pure.
Christina looked at the dragon spirit in her hand and smiled, then put it away and laughed. "Well, this time the goal has been achieved. With this purest dragon spirit, Avril Lavigne’s strength will increase a lot."
Lola laughed. "Well, just wait until the sky shows up. There must be something in this little room, otherwise it won’t bring us all together."
Christina is quite disdainful. "I want to see what this bastard is up to."
At this time, I have been immersed in absorbing the dragon spirit with the soil, because Christina brought a lot of pure dragon spirit with her when she pulled out the most pure dragon spirit in Long Mai, which greatly increased the speed of absorbing dragon spirit with the soil and accelerated his speed.
See soil suddenly opened his eyes and burst into a very strong breath, followed by soil scales behind gave birth to two huge wings, fangs in his mouth became longer, and his head gave birth to two dragon horns. Soon the soil swelled to 15 meters, and the soil roared upwards, and Yi Long uttered a dragon’s inflammation, which turned into a red dragon.
Lin and Kakashi, who were guarding Daitu, suddenly got a fright when they saw Daitu become a giant lizard they didn’t know. Lin was worried about looking at Daitu nervously and said, "What’s wrong with Daitu? What’s wrong with you?" Lin was so anxious that she almost cried.
Kakashi is relatively calm, afraid that Lin will get too close and be accidentally stepped on by Daitu, and will quickly pull Lin back. "Be careful, Lin, now we don’t know what happened to Daitu. Let’s wait until we figure it out."