"Just now, I cleared his breath and cried. The breath has passed."

An Yudan nodded, still worried. "After all, he was born almost two months ago and looks so weak. Will he be okay?"
"The princess is not too worried about letting the maids who are experienced in taking care of babies take turns to look after him day and night, and pay attention to the fact that Xiao Gong’s body is cleaned and kept clean. Be extra careful when cleaning up. He is too weak, so he must not be too strong. It is not necessary to touch such fragile places as eyes, nose and mouth."
"And it’s best to have a doctor check on him every morning and evening to make sure he’s true."
"Good, good …" An Yudan smiled and shed tears involuntarily from her eyes. She hastily raised her sleeves and wiped away the tears. "Thank you for curing too much."
"Princess is polite"
Cure too much put the baby back in the basket and handed it to An Yudan, who carefully reached out and caught it.
An Yudan looked at the basket and moved lightly because of crying. Tears flashed in the baby’s eyes, which was a little sad and a little lucky.
Liang Wu patted her shoulder gently to appease.
An Yu Dan looked up at him and squeezed out a smile.
When Qin Yuan turned and walked out of the room, Liang Yannian saw his one eye and hesitated for a moment.
After Qin Yuan left the room, he strode to the gate, as if to leave Liang Yannian and trotted out to call him "Taidian, please stay."
Qin Yuan’s body stopped at a pace.
Liang Yannian saluted her at his side before chasing, and then said "Taidian".
Qin Yuan sighed and turned to face her. "What do you want?"
"I have something to say to Taidian." Liang Yannian looked into his eyes. "It’s from my home in sister."
Qin Yuan leng eyebrows tiny cu.
Liang Yannian added, "This is not a place to talk. Please come with me to sister Jing Courtyard, where there are sister and Xiao Fei. I said that you may not believe it, but Xiao Fei has been with sister. If you have any questions, she can ask whether it is true or not."
Qin Yuan looked at Liang Yannian.
Her face was tired and bright, and her eyes were covered with a layer of red blood, and her eyes were slightly reddish. There were also tears flashing in her eyes. She should want to cry, but she tried her best not to shed tears in front of Qin Yuan.
Qin Yuan took a sip of his lip. "The palace should help you believe what you said."
"In that case, please come with me."
As the night deepens, the dark clouds gradually disperse after the wind surges up.
In the second half of the moon, a little light silver moonlight slowly shines on people.
When the blue flare burst, Bai Qi immediately sent someone to the palace to find out the news. Only then did the talent return to the house to inform Miss Liang Jiaer that Liang Zhaoxin had committed suicide in Weiyang Palace, and was shocked to hear that Miss Liang Jiada, Liang Jiaoyue, was born prematurely.
I waited anxiously for a long time before I got the news that Miss Liang Jia gave birth to a baby boy. Fortunately, the process was difficult but the mother was safe in the end.
It’s a rough night tonight
Bai Qi told Bai Juan and Qiu Huiye all the things about Su Wangfu. They sat in the room and looked at each other with emotion. Just hearing this kind of thing made them feel heartbroken. It was more sad than talking about this kind of sad thing about Su Wangfu.
I didn’t expect so much to happen in just a few hours this evening.
They know that everyone has a life, but they still sigh and feel sorry.
Qiu Huiye sighed and shook her head and said, "It’s a pity that Miss Liang Jiaer seems to be only seventeen if she remembers correctly."
Bai Juan and patted her hand. "It’s inconvenient to go to Su Wangfu to disturb you. Go to Su Wangfu to comfort them and see if they need any help."
Qiu Huiye nodded "good"
Bai Qi looked down at half the tea cup in front of her, her eyes narrowed slightly, and her fingers reached out and stroked thoughtfully on the edge of the cup.
Bai Juan and Bai Qi looked different and asked, "Qi Er, what are you thinking?"
Bai Qi recovered from her thoughts after listening to Bai Juan and her words. She looked up. "Dad, do you think what happened recently is a little strange?"
Bai Juan and touched Hu. "It is really strange in terms of the timing of things. Since the Southern Yan Mission entered Beijing, something has been happening."
"First, the emperor suddenly handled several old ministers, then Miss Liang San was poisoned in the palace, and you and Lu Tiao were assassinated in the Xia Dynasty Festival. On the other hand, there was actually a’ hidden dragon’ organization in Southern Yan. Now Miss Liang Er died in the palace, and Miss Liang Jiada almost hurt her life because of premature birth."
Bai Juan and sighed, "All the people involved in these things are the root of the palace and our white house …"
"It’s with Wang Dianyou."
Qiu Huiye turned to look at Bai Juan and frowned, but her eyes couldn’t help showing some concern.
Bai Qi thought for a moment and suddenly lowered his voice. "Dad, do you think these things will all come from the hands of the emperor?"
Bai Juan and Qiu Huiye are all one leng.
Bai Qi added, "Or the emperor plays an extremely important role in these things. How could those things happen in this Kyoto city without him? Some even didn’t notice it in time. Who else in Kyoto except the emperor has such a thing? "
Bai Juan and frowning lips sip into a straight line Bai Qi’s remarks are speculative but reasonable.
It is very likely that this is the case.
To some extent, both the Su Palace and the White House are concerned about the Wang Dian, which will involve something more or less 17 years ago, and the emperor will never allow it to be revived in those years.
Thinking about this, Bai Juan and the eyebrows screwed together and his face became more dignified.
Bai Qi blinked and thought and suddenly changed the subject. "Dad, do you think the emperor is too temple?"
Bai Juan and one leng hurriedly cough two "ahem …"
He glanced at Bai Qi and frowned, "Qi Er is cautious."
"There are three of us here to talk about?" Bai Qi bluntly looked Bai Juan and her eyes. "My daughter wants to know what she really thinks in her father’s heart."
Bai Juan and "…"
Bai Juan and his hands were placed on the tablecloth, which was wrinkled and showed the vicissitudes of life. His hands were slowly clenched into fists. He looked at him with his lips pursed, but Qiu Huiye didn’t answer bluntly.
This question …
Actually, it’s not easy to answer
Bai Qi did not urge to wait quietly.
Qiu Huiye reached out and carefully covered Bai Juan and lightly pressed his fingers on the back of his hand.
Bai Juan and looked at Qiu Huiye again before turning to Bai Qi. He asked, "Did Taidian ask you to ask me?"
Bai Qi frankly said, "I want to ask myself."
Bai Qi winked and added, "My daughter wants to know which side you will choose if the Emperor Taidian falls face to face in the future."
"This …" Bai Juan sighed. "I … I don’t know how we foreign ministers can interfere if their father and son face each other?"