Mr. Jiao suddenly smiled and leaned close to Ru Xiaonan. "Do you think teachers are not as good as green ink?"

The other side laughs at absolute beauty but can feel a murderous look.
RuXiaoNan Yu Jingqi all stay leng there.
Sir, where exactly are the details?
"It’s … it’s okay …" Ru Xiaonan shivered and shrank her shoulders. "I’m here to read, not to seduce Mr."
Hearing this, Mr. Jiao couldn’t help but look at her carefully and turned cold. "I don’t care what you’re here for, whether you want to seduce the teacher or seduce the teacher secretly, you must abide by the teacher’s rules and not fight in the school!"
RuXiaoNan low head corners of the mouth can’t twitch.
How much do you want to be seduced by female students?
After some training by Mr Jiao, both of them finally returned to school honestly like two plague chickens.
In addition, the sadness and joy in the school set off a heavy atmosphere.
Mr. Jiao’s elegant folding fan knocked on the desktop, and then he stopped and was relieved.
"Today, we have a new student here, and everyone can know each other well." Mr. Jiao evoked a loving smile from his lips with a radiant smile.
All eyes were attracted by Mr. Jiao. In the past, even more girls learned to be shy, and it was like being unable to extricate themselves.
Ru Xiaonan looked around and felt that everyone here was abnormal. No, there was a person with a black face like her, even if she was bathed in Mr. Jiao’s loving light, her face was cold.
Yu Jingqi tilting his head to hide his face and despise his expression.
Mr. Jiao gently shook the folding fan in his hand and came to Ru Xiaonan with a smile. "What’s your name?"
"RuXiaoNan" RuXiaoNan brittle answer nice children’s voice jiao soft end twirling as if falling into a honey pot.
Mr. Jiao’s face is even more smiling. "Teacher Jiao Zilai will be responsible for teaching you piano and chess from today."
"Ah?" Ru Xiaonan looked blank. "What are you calling?"
"Teacher’s name is Jiao Zilai"
"Why do you ask me? How can I know your name?" RuXiaoNan said confidently.
There was a sudden silence in the school, and even Yu Jingqi looked at her with incredible eyes. Is this girl really coming to learn? She is coming to die!
Chapter 11 She was sent by Jiao Zilai’s enemies to torture him, right?
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Everyone in the school looked at RuXiaoNan dumbfounded.
This girl … is crazy? How dare you talk to Mr. follow focus like that?
You know, Mr. Jiao’s temper is notoriously eccentric in college, and he has to peel off his skin if he dares to provoke him to die.
Mr. Jiao’s face is still smiling, but the whole person is petrified.
"Say it again, the teacher’s name is Jiao Qilai," he said faintly.
RuXiaoNan felt the evil wind behind her. At this time, if she was still a fragrant raccoon, her hair would probably stand up.
Why does this smile look so horrible?
Looking at kindness is more amiable than gentleness, but there is a chilly feeling.
"Call what?" Ru Xiaonan moved her little mouth and almost cried, feeling "Don’t ask me, I don’t know."
Yu Jingqi, don’t look away. He really can’t bear to look again.
"The teacher’s name is JiaoQinLai! Listen clearly! "
The school suddenly roared like a landslide.
Birds living in the courtyard are frightened, flapping their wings and flying away in a panic. Rats are squeaking everywhere in the hole in the corner.
In the school, it’s like being hit by a shock wave, blowing a whirlwind on the ground and blowing everyone’s hair and clothes in the same direction.
When the high winds come and go, even the people can’t breathe when the school calms down again.
Everyone trembled and held their own piano eyes to show their respect to RuXiaoNan.
The establishment of Baihe College for so long can make Mr. Jiao so angry that students can probably count it in one hand.