It turns out that Heilian’s secret book is pity son stealing, and he wronged Ziyun at the beginning.

He admitted that he was stubborn and pedantic, and never really thought about other people’s position, but his daughter …
His only treasure was just like this. He died before his eyes.
And he can’t be weird.
He will jade flow son slowly in his arms glassy-eyed "ziyun proud is long-term wrong at the beginning wronged you sorry …"
With that, he suddenly yelled, and the whole body became pieces, such as dust, and disappeared in a gust of wind.
"Husband-"Ziyun proudly called one.
But he has disappeared.
And never come back.
"The truth of the matter came out. Ziyunchen and Yuliuer colluded with General Lan to frame Ziyun proudly, which led to all the tragedies later."
Long overdue, Zi Xuanye saw everything on the spot. There were so many people at the scene today, but I didn’t expect things to develop like this!
Ziyun morning is this game to blame?
"Dad" Ziyunyao was relieved to see that he was finally willing to come. She waved Zixuanye "Let’s take my sister home."
Whatever the truth is, she will always be her sister.
But …
Purple XuanYe coldly smiled a "things have been clear about the morning son that is to blame! Father is really ashamed of her! "
Six Kings and Taidu Ziyun Ao’s Ziyun Morning has lost its value. If you don’t offend the Six Kings, they said, "Chener is really a waste. You will be proud but didn’t expect it to be a shame!"
Ziyun ao is a little tired of listening. Tell him to shut up! "After all, is his daughter! How can you fall like this! "
"What daughter? I, Zi Xuanye, don’t admit that there is such a daughter. From today, Ziyun Chen cut off her father and daughter from me, and since then she has been with me!"
Then he waved his sleeves and left! It’s as if that person is not himself at all. He didn’t look at it again if he didn’t throw garbage!
Everyone can’t believe that even Ziyunchen’s father doesn’t want Ziyunchen!
Although I deserve it, I still feel so miserable.
"You don’t take care of her, I take care of her!" Ziyunyao Zi Xuanye roared behind him, "I really didn’t expect that my father, who I worshipped for fifteen years, was such a villain!"
But Zi Xuanye paused slightly but didn’t stop.
Ziyunyao felt that the whole person was shaking in the wind. The truth came out. My sister deserved it. Even my father tried to escape responsibility and cut her off. Didn’t it kill her? She deserves to be punished, and she has been punished. Why should they do this to her?
"I’m sorry for my sister. If you’re not satisfied with me, just come to me for trouble. Since I chose to take care of her, I’m ready to be excluded." Ziyunyao said and picked up the incomplete Ziyunchen. "If you want to find her trouble, just come at me. Chapter 7 Never leave."
Ziyunchen sobbed that she was no longer concerned. As a result, she admitted that she had it coming. She really didn’t want Ziyunxi to escape the law …
She used to live by herself to see Ziyun Creek Field, but at this moment, she suddenly felt that everything was no longer important, because she had forgotten to cherish Ziyunyao, the best sister in the world …
I didn’t expect that time has changed and her life has become like this. There is another person who is willing to leave her!
Not a word was said in Ziyun’s pride.
Although I thought Ziyunyao was very annoying before, she was the most sincere, and she decided that things would always be done, and it was just what she did for herself.
How many people in the world can really never leave? Ziyun Chen couldn’t do it, but Ziyun Yao did it.
I don’t know how long it took Ziyunyao to hold Ziyunyao in her arms before Ziyunyao slowly said behind her back, "The past grievances are so broken!" Said to break the silver needle.
Ziyunyao remembered that once Green Crocodile Pond himself said the same thing and cut off Ziyunchen.
But at this moment she couldn’t help meddling in her affairs.