"I don’t know who shot him, but he died inexplicably anyway. His territory immediately fell apart and was divided up by several forces."

"Could it be that he deliberately released false news and gave up his territory to protect his high strength and then made a comeback after mastering the sword of hades?" Duanmuming guessed
"I thought so, too, but I soon dismissed the idea." Speaking of this, Han Wentian took a sip of tea and sold it. If Duanmu Ming asked him in a hurry, he would definitely sell Duanmu Ming and ignore him.
"The weather is good today!" Han Wentian looked out of the window in the dark and couldn’t see his fingers. He said to himself
Duan Muming said grumpily, "Where can we see the weather now? Don’t blame me if you don’t say it again! "
"Good" Han Wentian smiled and then the topic continued just now, "I saw the sword of hades in another person’s hand"
"What person?"
Han Wentian didn’t speak but rushed Duanmuming to reach out his hand.
"What do you mean?"
There was no response, but the finger moved.
"Afraid of you," Duanmuming threw two small boxes to Han Wentian. "Take two pills of Dan medicine inside and you and your wife will be cured."
"Ha ha, I wish it had been so early." Han Wentian looked down on Duanmu inscription, and his wife couldn’t look at it and pulled his sleeve. Han Wentian nodded and returned to seriousness.
Duanmuming and Ruer smiled at each other. "Now it’s time to talk."
Han Wentian nodded. "It’s not very strong to get the sword of hades, but it’s strange that he can master the sword of hades, even several monarchs are no match for him. But this man is deeply hidden, and the vampire king also blocked the news. The specific situation is not clear whether this man snatched the sword of hades from the hands of ethereal gods or not."
Duan Muming was silent for a moment and slowly asked, "With this man’s help, maybe the vampire king can rule the whole underworld?"
"Not before I left." Han Wentian gently picked up his wife’s hand and put it in his big hands. "But it’s not far from that day." Mrs. Han felt her husband’s affectionate heart moved regardless of shyness, and a warm current flowed with her husband holding his hands.
Ruer looked at Han Wentian and his wife Duanmuming with envy, but her eyes narrowed slightly and she stared at the living room outside. At that time, it was quiet.
It took Duan Muming a long time to breathe out a sigh of relief. "The general trend of the underworld has been decided. It is estimated that the underworld has unified. This time, it is very powerful to intervene!"
"Do you know this man?" Han Wentian also woke up from the warm atmosphere and asked
"Even if know? Ha ha "Duanmu Ming suddenly inexplicably laughed. Others looked blank and even Ruer didn’t know what he was laughing at.
"That man is a demon who has gone to the underworld. The nickname is Earl. This man is a vampire. If there is no accident, it will definitely control the vampire king and unify the underworld. But it is not so easy to base there …?"
"Since the underworld is unified, what can’t be controlled?" Han Wentian is not white.
"Don’t forget that there is another natural enemy in the inferno, and that natural enemy will not sit idly by."
"protoss?" Han Wentian eyes a turn "you mean the underworld also have protoss agent is it …"
"Yes, that’s him!" Duan Muming sneered and said, "This is still what you told me."
"Oh," Han Wentian suddenly realized, but he squinted at Duan Muming. "Don’t you feel a little uncomfortable? After all, he has some with you but secretly with you. "
Duanmuming shook his head. "It’s just a pole that can’t hit relatives. What’s so sad? Besides, it’s not the first time that I’ve been betrayed by relatives, and it’s nothing. "
Duan Muming was a little disappointed, and everyone knew it was hard to say. Ruer gently held his hand and comforted him silently. Actually, Duan Muming himself didn’t make them so disappointed as if he were sad.
"It seems that the day when the underworld attacks the underworld is not too far away, and the underworld has also appeared. If there is no accident, I am afraid it will fall into the hands of the underworld." Duanmuming seems to say that there is nothing with his roots
"You don’t sell? I’m afraid inferno won’t be so easy to conquer the demon world if you make moves. "
"Even if I don’t make moves, others will make moves." Duanmu Ming turned his ring face to Gherardini and looked away. "Don’t be cheated by the young master. The young master has sent many people to the demon world." He also took a white look at Duanmu Ming.
Duan Muming hey hey smiled. "This is not my nonsense. People I sent were protecting their castles and didn’t mean to fight."
"What if they enter your territory?" Han Wentian said with a smile
"Then you can’t blame me. Of course, you have to teach them a hard lesson." Duan Muming said with a sly smile that two people smiled at each other tacitly. Two bad guys thought of a place where Duan Muming had to keep his objective position out of his own identity, but secretly helping a weak person also hurt.
"Master, I’m afraid you don’t want to help this time." The voice sounded that Europe came up from another room with Xu Shui and Angry. Xu Shuier met something and Duanmuming said it again. Han Tianhe Ruer’s face has changed a little.
The remoulding people have never appeared and the world has never stopped, including Duan Muming, many of whom are remoulding people and even artificial people. But listening to Xu Shuier’s experience, this yin Confucianism has reached an extreme. If he is not contained, I am afraid that the whole world will go crazy because of him!
It’s scary to think that you can constantly devour others, absorb others and transform people!
Duanmu Ming was about to burst in from the outside. "Young Master, it’s not good. Something happened to the Xue sisters!"
"Something wrong?" DuanMuMing shout up frowned "how didn’t feel they have different shape? Besides, didn’t I give them an escape sign? "
This time Duanmu Ming was really anxious and never showed a strong breath. I firmly subdue the opposite Juan. If it wasn’t for his fit, I’m afraid he would have collapsed. In the same room, others also felt the soul-stirring spiritual storm. In addition to Duanmu Ming’s woman, there were Han Wentian and Xu Shuier, but Han Wentian took his wife’s hand and Xu Shui’s hand, and there was no gaffe.
Ruer didn’t get a frontal attack on her side, and she was also the strongest. When Ma pulled Duanmu Ming’s hand, Duanmu Ming immediately woke up from her rage and took back her breath.
Although the whole process lasted for a very short few seconds, several people have been shocked by the powerful power displayed by Duan Muming, especially Xu Shuier, for the first time, she had a desire to be a minister.
"I didn’t expect you to have reached this point." Han Wentian said with a wry smile that Duanmu Mingnai smiled with a wave. Now is not the time to discuss it.
"What’s the matter?" Duanmu Ming came forward to inform Juan and asked him about it. At the same time, his eyes showed a trace of apology. Although Juan was shocked by his powerful breath, it was also because of his love for his woman. Duanmu Ming would behave like this if he thought about it. Of course, Juan would not be angry with him.
"Master, because the Xue sisters are closely attached to you, we have been surrounded by the Xue sisters. Ten minutes ago, the Xue sisters’ dormitory seemed to be invaded by something, and then the early warning device inside lost contact with the outside. We wanted to rush in, but we met a strange barrier that could absorb power. After three minutes, we broke the barrier and went in, and there was already a trace of fighting in the whole dormitory."