The other is Yi, the perfect lover in her heart.

Holding a sword hand for a long time did not move.
Huang Jun’s game sound is still so gentle as if every word is full of spoil. "Since you can’t stop, go to bed early. Aoer will forget everything when he falls asleep."
When I heard this sentence, Ziyun Ao suddenly felt heavy eyelids.
Will you forget all the unpleasant things when you fall asleep?
Will you also think of things you forgot?
Ziyun proud eyes light suddenly a ling.
There must be something wrong. 64 Chapter 64 Snow City 6
What? She suddenly wants to fall asleep! ?
The sword in Ziyun’s proud hand was cold and cut into the bed, and suddenly it was filled with smoke.
The bed was hacked by Xuanbing Sword.
She will never allow herself to fall into hypnosis.
Due to the broken bed, Huang Junyi suddenly fell to the ground. He supported his body and frowned faintly. He looked at Ziyun’s proud eyes without impatience, but there was nai, "What’s wrong with you, my proud son?"
Her eyes were cold. "Your roots are not games-"
"you’re just a phantom in my imagination-"
Each other leng leng inexplicably looked at ziyun proud "proud son, do you have a fever? Let me feel your pulse quickly. "
Ziyun proudly ignored the emperor’s indulgence and gentleness.
She can’t indulge herself!
"You are my imaginary illusion that you are a puppet … you are not real! How can yi tie the chicken’s hands? It’s because my heart is hurting me that you can’t display my skills, and even I can’t avoid falling to the ground. "
Huang Junyi still looked at her in confusion. "The proud son, what’s the matter with you? Why do you always say something puzzling? "
Ziyun proudly ignored his tender feelings, holding the Xuanbing sword with increasing strength. "It’s a natural disaster, but it’s been so long, but you have no reaction. The only explanation is that you are Byakki Smoker, and the reality should be to completely reverse the world and destroy it, so you can leave here!"
"Aoer, since you want to leave me so much, I have already said it. Come on, I want you to cut my throat and I will be hurt by you." Huang Junyi closed his eyes and pushed the choice to her.
What a heartbreaking scene it is for the teenager to close his eyes quietly and wait for her sword to pierce his throat.
Ziyun proudly fingered Ling Ling, even though he knew that the other party was fake, but he had the same face and the same sound as Yi, how could she easily get it!
"If you can’t, just stay with me and don’t go anywhere. Just sleep well and all your troubles will disappear." Huang Junyi sighed lightly. It seems that it is so difficult for her to understand what is wrong with herself.
If you want to leave him, kill him with a sword. If you want to stay, put the sword to sleep. How simple it is!
Ziyun ao, don’t be bewitched by his voice!
He is the spirit in the mirror. If you stay here and close your eyes, you won’t be able to tell the difference between reality and good dreams when you wake up. You will stay in the mirror forever until the end of your life.
And Byakki Smoker will come out and experience your life instead of you.
Are you willing to let others enjoy the game, give you warmth and enjoy your family and friendship, enjoy your life and your glory? With this false illusion! ?
No …
Can’t stay here!
Can’t indulge!
Ziyun’s proud eyes suddenly shone like a flame in generate.
At the same time, the flame arrow sends out a bright light and is ready to move with hot power
It was the flame spirit who told her it was time for her to do it!