Although knowing that such a "secret" trip would definitely put the world at risk, Dong Yuling was worried that Dong Er-di would refuse in real terms.

Sitting in a carriage, Dong Yuling took the initiative to ask, "When did you say the medicinal materials would be delivered a few days ago?" I owe you too much, and I can try my best to pay it back.
"I’m ready to send someone to send it to the girl when the case has the result." If Zi said that her voice was a little low but unusually gentle, it was like a spring breeze.
"Mm-hmm!" Dong Ling nodded.
When the carriage arrives at the destination, Dong Yuling has a little idea of unfair trial, but it is not the yamen court, but the Royal Guards headquarters.
Moreover, the trial office chose a small courtyard instead of the Royal Guards to handle the case in court.
If purple quietly brought into the next wing, although you can’t see the scene of the trial, you can clearly hear the sound.
Beside the hall, Lian Yan Jing, Lotte Club and Shendu are already present.
In addition, Prime Minister Su Jiumen supervised punishments, and so on.
The place is a little worse, but the scene is still a regular trial scene, even the recording staff and so on, so there should be a lot of configuration
A guest official of Royal Guards brought Feng Ze and all his staff in.
It’s been half a month since the dark room, which has brought people a bit of a trance, but Dong Hanxuan is not affected at all.
However, as soon as Dong Er’s brother Cong came out of the room and saw other people’s situation, he immediately pretended a similar situation, which made it difficult to see the abnormality.
People who have entered the prison can’t be glamorous. They are brought with a group of students. Their clothes are tight and their faces are messy. They have lost their cleanliness and temperament in the past. One by one, they are either too decadent or their spirits are not right. A group of officials sit next to each other and frown.
If the officials of Shenglian, who were selected by imperial examination, were so unlucky, the dynasty would be in danger!
However, after half a month, the spirit collapsed somewhat, and it was too weak. Isn’t it easy for officials to be led astray if their minds are not strong?
In addition to Lian Yan Jing and Lotte, there is also the official who commanded him by the Royal Guards. Although he knew that the prison grinds people, he did not know the hidden power of the small black room. Youzi lamented that the readers in the prosperous times were really worse than the generations.
However, Lian Yan Jing, three people, although they knew the meaning of the cell, still have this sigh. In those days, the prison was full of felons during the period of the Saint-Zu, but it was really invisible that the spirit was so bad after half a month.
Melancholy looked at a Dong Hanxuan Lian Yan Jiing’s sharp eyes and found that the little thief’s fine clothes were messy, but it was just a trance, and it was not so conspicuous in a group of suspects.
Heart relieved Lian Yan jiing chuckled a mouthful of white water in the tea lamp. You Zi thought that Dong Er-di was as clever as his sister, and he was an official.
Just as you adults are crying and lamenting that the future of the dynasty is worrying, Feng Ze, the advanced door, immediately went to his knees and cried out in front of Lian Yan Jiing. "Adults and Wang were wronged. I really didn’t know that was when the scientific research questions got the test paper. Wang was also very surprised …"
Listen, Feng Ze, let’s go, let’s go, let’s cry. All the adults have eyebrows and eyebrows. Okay, they’re wrong. There’s a vicious person here. That vicious person is really not afraid that his knee will be broken directly.
Besides, seeing Feng Ze crying in a coherent way, you can’t see any trance-like collapse emotions. That mind is quite firm, but it’s a pity that this person has been crooked, otherwise the dynasty will have another pillar!
Lian Yan Jing didn’t speak, and others didn’t interrupt casually, watching Feng Ze’s performance while drinking tea, waiting for him to "cry".
Dong Hanxuan didn’t have any special reaction. He looked at Feng Ze and saw that he was a mess in appearance, but there was no problem, so he knew that he was wrong. This man is still a talent!
At least the average person dares to copy a yuan from the imperial examination? He doesn’t say that it’s natural to be timid, and the dark room in the prison won’t have much influence on him for a short time
Listening to Feng Ze’s aria, Dong Yuling took a sip and was surprised to find that it was milk tea. It’s … It’s so modern all of a sudden. She’s easily shocked, okay?
"This ….." Dong Yuling helped her forehead. Can she say that she tastes strawberry?
If purple smiles, "this is milk tea. It was only available in the palace when the holy father drank it. At present, there are five flavors of strawberry, orange, lemon and apple chocolate in the handmaiden’s hand. I wonder which flavor the girl likes? These are all given to the world by the emperor and given to the princess by the imperial concubine. "
"Chocolate?" It’s rare for Dong Yuling to pitch a point, mainly because I haven’t been so surprised for a long time and I’m a little out of control.
This kind of disorderly into the feeling is too messy in the wind. Chapter 98 can’t wronged a good man.