Four more small shopkeepers are in charge of patrolling the shops by Li Si and Wang Wu respectively, and two more offices are also in two places.

In addition to hiring a small number of people who are particularly familiar with the capital and are particularly flexible and clever, the big boys and small boys buy their own people.
Pastry even fangzhou decided that the female waiter looks cleaner and more friendly, which can attract customers. Roast duck is a male waiter here.
Will require detailed said it again a few middleman also promised to go.
Make an appointment to come at noon in four days, and two people will come at noon to save them time.
Arrange all this, even Fangzhou was in a good mood and plunged into the kitchen again.
Soon, the kitchen was full of strong fragrance, which was mouth-watering.
Chunxing and Bitao tasted it when they were in Dafang Village, and they hooked up their greedy worms. They couldn’t help sucking their noses greedily. "But this fragrance is this fragrance!"
After it was done, even Fangzhou asked everyone to taste it and took a lot out for Luo Guang and others to taste.
Everyone said it was good, especially the egg tart and honey cake.
Even Fang Zhou smiled and secretly had a bottom in his heart.
In this way, raw materials have to be purchased. Let’s do it herself for the time being! As soon as the shop arrives, Li Si and Wang Wu have to take care of the decoration there and squeeze out to train new guys …
This is busy again. Chapter 71 Making money
Even Fangzhou didn’t detain Li Si and Wang Wu these days, gave them money, told them to go out and play in the streets, and told them to be generous and make more friends!
Li Si and Wang Wu know that their master must be trying to make a big difference in Beijing, and they are very aware of everything in Beijing on weekdays.
After this, it will be fruitful for nearly a month.
Now, if you do things again, you will have a lot of answers and be handy.
Li Fu was so busy in the yamen today that he didn’t come back until the evening. Even Fang Zhou saw him enter the door and immediately crossed himself. He went to the kitchen and made some egg tarts and fried some pumpkin cakes and honey cakes to show him.
Li Fu eyes a bright smile "niang do this at home today? But I have the luck to eat! "
Even Fang Zhou smiled and pinched a hot, crisp and tender egg tart and fed it to him with a smile. "This is a special addition of good polysaccharide!" Very sweet! "
Li Fu smiled and opened his mouth to eat. He was very intoxicated and laughed. "It’s the previous taste. I just want this taste this time! I am afraid that you are tired and you are not embarrassed to say it! "
Provoked even fangzhou happy and distressed and kissed him a few laughs. "I’m your mother!" Isn’t it natural for this hand-washing soup to serve your husband? Just let me know what you want to eat in the future! "
Said they both laughed.
Seeing that he tasted some of the three, he ate two egg tarts, and even Fang Zhou asked quickly, "I will make something better!" Do you think it will be good to sell in Beijing? "
Li Fu nodded and smiled "will! Niang craft is not worse than the imperial pastry chef in the palace. "
"Then I’m relieved!" Even fangzhou beamed with relief.
Although everyone tasted it and said yes with a smile, even Fangzhou didn’t believe them very much, but she knew that her husband wouldn’t lie to herself. If he said yes, it would be good.
Li Fu added, "But didn’t you say that buying is a modest shop? How many things are you going to sell? Will it be a bit insufficient? "
Even Fang Zhou laughed. "You don’t know this! When the time comes, there will naturally be a master and a second time! It is not enough to introduce one or two new species from time to time to ensure that there are eleven or two samples at the same time! Some of them are in season, so that counts! There are many doorways here! "
Li Fu listened to her serious talk and smiled, "I don’t understand these things, but I wish you had an idea!" "
Lian Fangzhou has already prepared three kinds of cakes: egg tart, honey cake and cloud cake. Each of them can make several flavors, and the others will rotate nine kinds at a time.
Of course, new species will continue to emerge.
She is already considering whether to send someone to Xinjiang to learn how to cut cakes.
"By the way," Li Fu added, "my colleague has a farm in the suburbs of Beijing that wants to sell paddy fields. There are 30 or 40 acres of dry land, but there are 200 or 300 acres of samples. Ask me if I want it. I want to ask you first. If you say yes, we will!"
Before Li Fu finished, Fang Zhou nodded and laughed. "Of course you want it! It’s not easy to buy some land in the suburbs of Beijing! Especially Zhuang! Can you not send the door? "
Li Fu smiled and said, "I’ll call him back now!" The price is not much to say, just give it as he says! We’re not bad at all! "
Even fangzhou really can’t agree with such an idea. "That’s not what I said! It’s not that I’m stingy, it’s another thing. If you start this business, will someone sell land to our family? What if there is a treachery? This kind of person is not necessarily the owner, but mostly the official. I’ll ask Li Si and Wang Wu to follow and have a look! "
He laughed again. "Speaking of which, we should have a housekeeper, but there has been no suitable candidate!"
Li Fu listened to her and laughed. "Let it be arranged at your will! I really don’t understand these things, not to save trouble. "
Even Fang Zhou smiled and promised not to.
What’s not clear about her about his nature? Isn’t it the same in Dafang Village? All farm work or business matters are decided by her, and he cares nothing about the rest.
Even Fang Zhou secretly thought it was no wonder that the house was reluctant to let him leave. How much benefit he lost this time! Well, he actually knows how to hide some private wives and hide them so well. It’s really-it’s not easy …
The man is an asshole! Everything can be ignored, and it will not be ignored if it is broken!
The husband and wife talked for a while and got bored for a while, then it was dinner time.
Neither Zhou nor Miss Qin came to dinner tonight.