Djinn or Liu Yuekou said, "You and Jacques go to save Frank first, and I have to do something at the gate later." The voice was hoarse and metallic.

Collins nodded silently and took Jacques with him. After this period, they also formed a certain tacit understanding. If they don’t meet Roger, they really don’t pay attention to ordinary people.
Liu Yue looked up and looked around. The prisoners who were shot by his eyes were not confined by themselves. The noise dropped a lot. Listen to him and say, "Do you want to get out of here alive?"
The sound is not loud, but it is clearly sent to everyone’s ears. These prisoners are thinking about leaving this hellhole day and night, but it is a bit difficult to decide one by one if they really have such an opportunity.
"What reward do you want for helping us?" A sharp sound also resonates with most people.
"reward?" Liu Yue laughed in a low voice. "Good. I like talking to Cong people. I want it to be simple. I just want you to be willing to sign your real names and swear allegiance to me."
"You are dreaming."
"Fuck you, asshole."
The prisoners have made a hullabaloo about, and some unruly people have denounced them.
"Shut up, all of you." The owner of the shrill voice seemed to be very prestigious. Soon the noise stopped, and the surrounding area was calm. You could faintly hear the screams of fighting from the floor. Obviously Collins and his guards had handed over.
"Loyalty to you seems to have a big appetite, but how can you promise not to regard us as sacrifices?" This sentence also asks the vast majority of people’s hearts. No one can underestimate the accumulated power of Li Dian for so many years.
Liu Yue sneer at a way "guarantee? Haha, haven’t you idiots figured out the situation yet? You have two choices. First, stay in this cold and humid place and wait for the day when you are abused and die or burned at the stake. Second, swear allegiance to me and bet your luck. Frankly speaking, I’m not interested in you garbage. If you don’t trust me, forget it. Anyway, you live and die. "
"We can repay you in other ways, such as treasures or …" The shrill owner also tried to bargain.
Liu Yue said impatiently, "Enough nonsense is enough. I’ll count to ten. If you can’t make a choice, I’ll leave. I don’t have that much time. You are one, two, three …" The facts are indeed as he said. The prisoners here may be vicious monsters for ordinary people, but in his eyes, they are just ants, living or dead, and they are just thinking about things. How can there be any bargaining room?
As he counted the prisoners, one by one, they showed signs of struggle and hesitation. Finally, someone couldn’t help it. "I want to be loyal, I want to be loyal, I want to go out."
With the first leader, I couldn’t hold back immediately, and I rushed to shout for fear that I was one step behind.
"Don’t make any noise, everyone read after me …" The sharp-voiced master sighed and seemed to have made up his mind. "My ancient contract god swore allegiance to …"
"Totem master" Liu Yue added
After a messy oath, several points of light flew out from Liu Yueshen and quickly disappeared into these human bodies. The sharp-voiced master exclaimed, "Are you …" He was alert and shut up and expelled some dangerous thoughts from his mind.
Collins suddenly fell from the sky in front of Liu Yue and said, "Teacher, we have searched everywhere and I don’t know why I can’t find Uncle Frank."
Liu Yue shook his head and said, "It seems that your experience is still insufficient, but it is good not to hone one more." Looking up at heaven, his voice did not fall and suddenly shot two red lights.
Seeing a twist, a huge semi-transparent ball emerged. Collins looked intently and shouted, "It’s Frank. Oh, my God, I finally found him."
Liu Yueyue half stretched out his finger and pointed to the ball. The ball was broken like a soap bubble. It looked like Frank was in a coma and fell into Collins’ arms.
Then Liu Yue casually waved his mouth and said, "Goddess scattered flowers and silver lotus break the law!"
A few palm-sized silver lotus flowers flew out of his palm. Those dark creatures felt lighter and were sealed by the church, which instantly disintegrated. Those impatience could not wait to break out, and the scene was chaotic to the extreme.
"All right," Liu Yuekou said after they vented, "We haven’t noticed the change here for a long time outside, but they will react soon. Now, everyone line up at the top gate. Who dares to run around and watch his ass?"
By the time Liu Yue and the others came to the front of the magnificent Jingjin Palace, the prisoners had lined up. Looking at it, it was dark, and the appearance was getting worse and worse. Looking at it, the number of human beings in the thousand-person team was probably less than one tenth.
At this time, a huge and strange creature came out of the prisoners. The prisoners seemed to be very afraid of him, and they automatically let him know that his body was a handsome drow elf with long silver hair hanging down his waist. Compared with those skinny elves, his body looked much bigger, but his body was an ugly giant spider.
"Spider elf?" Liu Yue was surprised and said, "It’s strange that you smell like purgatory."
This spider-like elf bowed down respectfully and uttered a shrill voice, "Great Totem Master, I am Aslo, your most loyal servant. As you can see, I am indeed a spider-like elf, but those wastes are different from me and are a hunting spider."
It turned out that he was not a natural product, but a demon alchemist. The hunting spider was originally created by Tare inferno to construct life, but this crazy six-armed snake demon unexpectedly combined it with a drow elf. Those elves who were turned into spiders by Rose because of the test of Dharma were different. This warlock named Aslo drow gained extraordinary power. Although he was able to escape from the abyss to the main material world, it was mostly due to luck, but it also had great strength with his earth.
"You damn heretics, I will personally send your department to the stake." A huge roar came in from the outside and there was a "rolling door". Obviously, Andro and others have discovered the abnormality of Shenwei Prison. Those prisoners suddenly had some riots. Even after the former power was restored, Andro still left a huge shadow in their hearts, which made them unconsciously afraid.
Liu Yue stretched out his hand and pointed forward that the gate was slowly rising and immediately fell down and made a loud noise. There was a noise outside and then a "rumbling" hit the door.
Glancing at the team behind him, Liu Yue calmly said, "Let’s go out."
Chapter 45 Dark Sacrifice
Archbishop Steve is almost ready to cry when he looks at the mess all over the place. Although Andro is furious on the surface, there is a little secretly pleased at the bottom of his heart. What Liu Yue did was exactly what he wanted to do for many years but didn’t dare to do. Of course, he will never let those prisoners out.
According to statistics, 42 judges have died in the hands of prisoners, which can be said to be the most serious crime in the past hundred years. Steve immediately let people block all the news, and rarely threatened in a stern tone, "Whoever dares to leak anything about this will be burned at the stake!"
Careful scrutiny of Liu Yue’s action has too much luck. If Andro didn’t leave or the deputy warden didn’t "happen" to be drunk, of course, this guy’s ability is quite good except for drinking a few drinks every day, but because of this, the effect of abstinence from alcohol in Shenwei prison cell will be very remarkable, right?
If it weren’t for these factors, Liu Yue would never have been so relaxed. Most of the powerful defense bases in Shenwei prison didn’t work, and nothing was activated.
"Big trouble, big trouble." Archbishop Steve was worried and walked around the spacious conference hall. One after another, the disappearance made this weather-beaten old man lose his hands and feet, and the most strange thing was that all these events had one thing in common, that is, there was no trace. Those people seemed to suddenly evaporate.