Zhang Lao six woke up from a coma and seemed to be scattered all over. "Hey? I’m not dead! " The old man couldn’t believe himself, but he was aching all over and woke up. He wasn’t dreaming.

He groped his way up, and now he has fallen off Xiunv Peak. A valley at the bottom of the peak is full of fallen leaves for many years. He is falling off this pile of fallen leaves, otherwise he would have died from that height.
Zhang Laoliu looked at the rejuvenation grass in his hand and lit it up again in his heart, hoping to find a way to go out and save his son.
But when I looked up, it was surrounded by Hei Junjun, and the mountain Tianma was about to get dark, and the rain still didn’t stop.
Touching the steep cliff next to him, he tried, but there was no way to climb the cliff like a knife, almost at a 90-degree angle.
What should we do? How to go out?
Zhang Laoliu fumbled around and looked around. Now there is a small cave over there. I wonder if I can go out from there?
He thought about slowly holding the mountain wall and walking to the cave. He took a look at the mouth of the cave. It seemed that there was a little light in it. Zhang Laoliu was eager to save his heart, and he went in no matter what danger was inside.
The cave has just been very narrow, and after walking for a while, it has gradually become wider, and even the vision has become wider. Zhang Laoliu feels that the cave has a mysterious atmosphere, but he can’t say what it is.
The cave is getting wider and wider. It’s a hole in the sky. The air here is fresh and not as dirty as expected. The temperature is a little cold. Although the temperature is already low in late autumn, the temperature in the cave seems to have been soaked in deep winter. The more Zhang Laohan feels cold and shivering.
He curled up his neck and groped for the hole in the ground. The number of frost flowers has formed. Whether the wall or the ground is white, there is a cold light. What is the mouth of the cave that saw a glimmer of light? It is probably these frost flowers that reflect the light.
Soon at the bottom of the cave, old man Zhang was disappointed that there was no so-called exit. It seems that there is no way to get through here, and he wants to go back the same way.
But all of a sudden, the ground in front of us is risking light steam.
Zhang Laohan went forward curiously and took a closer look. He was surprised that there was a hot spring in such a cold environment.
Zhang Laohan looked into the hot spring. A figure appeared in the clear spring. He rubbed his eyes and looked carefully. It was good that there was a man lying in the hot spring. He looked like a young man in his twenties. His face was angular and full of masculine muscles. He was full of strength and fitness like a sun god. His head and eyebrows were lux red, as if a fire were burning. He just curled up quietly and held his legs, lying there motionless as if asleep.
A grotesque dagger was inserted in his heart, which penetrated deeply into the young man’s left chest like a snake, revealing that the handle of the dagger was inlaid with a sparkling red gem.
Is this man dead? What is lying in this hot spring?
Lao Zhang almost forgot the cold. He looked around the hot spring. No, he had to find a way to get out quickly. Xiaorong is still waiting for this life-saving grass! Zhang Laohan wanted to walk out of the cave by the original road.
But just after a few steps, I thought that the handle of the dagger inserted in the young man’s body was inlaid with such a big red gem, which looked very valuable and could probably change a lot of silver and food! I can get a better doctor for my son and improve my family life. Zhang Laoliu decided to pull the dagger out and take it away.
I’ve made up my mind. Zhang Lao Liu jumped into the hot spring and pulled to the young man’s side. He put his hands into the water and turned the young man over. How heavy!
The young man was lying on his back in the water with a handsome red knife-shaped eyebrows and a slightly ruffled face. The lines were as tough as stones.
Zhang Laoliu clenched his teeth and touched the handle Bi. He held the handle and pulled it out with a jerk. The young man’s chest was pulled out because of too much force. Zhang Laoliu even fell into the hot spring with the Bi. It is strange that this Bi actually "sou" went up in smoke. The old man looked at the swinging hand and couldn’t help but freeze.
Fortunately, it didn’t hurt to fall in the water, but the rejuvenation grass also fell into the water and floated not far from Zhang Laoliu. Zhang Laoliu quickly reached out and touched the rejuvenation grass, but before his palm could reach the fairy grass, he grabbed the grass first.
Zhang Laohan was shocked and looked intently at the water. The young man actually reached out and grabbed the life-saving grass of the old man. Slowly, he sat up from the water. He turned his messy lux head and hand to his head and revealed his face. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and a pair of the same lux demon pupils were radiant, which was very strange and terrible.
When did Zhang Laohan live to this age and see this situation? The body in the original soaking water has actually come back to life, and there are a pair of eyes that are not human lux.
The young man just sat in the water and looked at Zhang Laohan with a strange smile. He slowly opened his mouth and four fangs appeared in front of Zhang Laohan’s eyes, and his head slowly grew a sharp corner.
"Ghosts!" Zhang Laohan quickly climbed out of the water and ran frantically to the mouth of the cave, but he didn’t run more than a dozen paces. He felt a chill in his back. Looking back, he actually shot a column of blood from his back and the other end reached the mouth of the young man in the water. He actually sucked out his own blood.
Zhang Laohan "plopped" and fell down. He felt that he had vented his anger and didn’t get into the air. His eyes protruded as if they had been drained.
He tried to open his eyes and hold his breath as he watched the young man get up from the water.
The young man walked slowly to Zhang Laohan with a strange smile on his mouth. His voice was also very secretive and arrogant. "Thank you for understanding my seal. This’ broken magic sword’ has sealed me for three thousand years. I have to sleep in this hot spring all my life! I didn’t expect you, the old man, to untie the seal for me. It’s an act of god! To thank you, I give you eternal life and a young body? How about it? "
He gently crouched down to his fangs and bit his fingers, dripping his blood into the wound on Zhang Laohan’s back. Zhang Laohan was breathing hard with his mouth open, and he was rolling painfully. Slowly, his old body was slowly restored to youth, and his face became black like a young man. His mouth gradually grew fangs. He got up, his eyes turned bright red, and he bowed respectfully to the young man. "See The Hunger Temple! Please command! "