Dong Yuling wowed. Is it possible that all the people in this world are rich except her? You can hit people with a silver ticket with one hand?

"It’s very kind of you to thank the general for me." Dong Yuling put away the silver ticket with a smile.
When the guard saw it, he was relieved. "It should be."
Mammy also breathed a sigh of relief. Is it a silver ticket or a letter?
Seeing this Dong Yuling, I knew that the thank-you gift for so many cars should be that Song Yun waved a stack of silver tickets more directly to General Le. How generous and generous!
Pretend to take out two ingots of twelve taels of silver from the cuff and give them to the guard and the nurse Dong Yuling. She smiled and said that she invited the two to drink tea and then took out some broken silver to let them drink for others.
The guards and Mammy were naturally happy to pinch and crush the silver, and their glances were surprised that one piece or two was just right for everyone to come today.
Does this girl know how many people are coming at a glance?
It’s hard to send the generals away. Dong Yulan saw the honoraria one by one and couldn’t help but sigh, "These officials or family members are rich, and it’s enough for ordinary people to live for generations with one hand."
Say that finish not see his kiddo answer Dong Wei orchid curious twist a head with black line looked at his sister is a face of avarice sample counting the silver ticket.
After counting, Dong Yuling looked up at Dong Yulan. "These things are Mao Mao rain for them, but they are family property for us. Hehe, take good care of your second brother’s small four dowry and your dowry will fall."
"That how line these words to say is also my sister’s dowry is earned back by my sister. It’s nothing with us." Dong Hanxuan took Dong Han Xiao into the door and just heard Dong Yuling’s words and immediately refuted them.
See two people come back with baskets. Dong Yuling’s eyes flash and say that the two younger brothers, Hugh Mu’s family, have disappeared. It turned out that they went to the National Temple to see Yun’s family. "Since it’s my stuff, it’s natural that I have the final say …"
Before the third hour continued to refute Dong Yuling, he diverted his attention, saying, "Come on, I brought a lot of good things back from Wangfu. Come on, take them out and taste them. It needs to be hot. I’ll tell you, the chef’s skill in Wangfu is really not worse than that of the royal chef."
"really?" Dong Wei Lan and Dong Han Xiao are children’s minds. They got excited as soon as they heard about eating, and immediately abandoned Dong Hanxuan and ran into the house.
Look at the younger brothers and sisters who just joined the same front and forget him in an instant. Dong Hanxuan can’t stand up to him, but he’s no match for kiddo, okay?
But on second thought, my sister must get married first, and then she will move the things in the warehouse. Who cares if her sister is going to do so? Dong Hanxuan corners of the mouth a hook is not depressed consciously thought of a good way.
It’s a pity that this child underestimated the "sex" of Dong Yong Ling. She doesn’t care what the rules are. Even if Dong Hanxuan moved the warehouse and made it her dowry, she would be as proud as her younger brother and sister. When she got married, she would pack it up and send it back to the east and west, and it would be hard to add another sum.
Besides, Dong Fengling has no intention of getting married at present.
The next day is a sunny day, and Dong Yuling ran home early to wait. Unfortunately, Dong Yulan has to learn or he will definitely follow.
Sunny came back early and entered the house before nine o’clock, which made Aunt Wu’s family laugh happily.
At this time, the custom is that the sooner the married daughter returns home for the first time, the better, which not only shows the importance of her husband’s family, but also looks forward to her future happiness.
Kuang Qing and her "xianggong" Yao Wang also brought back a lot of gifts, which have been given to the family to the greatest extent. Where is there any dissatisfaction with Aunt Wu?
At the beginning, Xuanfu made the Yao family do very well except that the dowry couldn’t catch up with the Liu family, which made Aunt Wu very glad that Dong Yong’s intervention didn’t confuse her to the end.
As soon as Sunny entered the door, Dong Yuling observed her face and saw that she was full of happiness except shyness. This was completely released. Chapter 146 is going to take the exam.
I know that happiness is not necessarily true when others look at it.
What’s the matter? Does Xuanfushi have a fine family and marry too many Dong Yuling or will she be worried about her specific situation?
There are many people in this family. Wu gave birth to five or two women. Except for Liu Langyun, he is a child care worker and has returned home today.
Look at the fine and carefully send gifts to everyone. Dong Yuling smiled and looked at Yao Wang.
Xuanfu is a military attache. Yao Wang doesn’t look as weak as usual. You can tell by his face that he is a healthy person with no special facial features, but he is very attractive. On the whole, he is also a good-looking talent.
No wonder Sunny didn’t like Liu Feng at the beginning, so love rat is deliberately dressed up and can’t compare with Yao Wanghan.
As if aware of Dong Ling’s eyes, Yao looked up and his eyes flashed politely and nodded at Dong Ling.
Dong Fengling smiled gently and secretly thought that he was a fine man.
Living with such men has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the means.
But married women are different. It’s only been a few days. Sunny is much more stable and has the demeanor of being a housewife.
Dong Yuling looked at all this with a smile and sighed a little. If the modern fifteen-year-old child only graduated from junior high school, this era is to support a family.
After distributing other people’s gifts, Sunny walked over to Dong Yuling and handed her a quaint box.
"Why do I have it?" Dong Yuling was a little surprised. Isn’t this kind of gift only available to her parents?