I feel that my body is still trembling and I want to stop, but my mind is full of chaos. I cringe with my consciousness in my mouth and muttered, "I killed her … I killed her … What should I do?"

The original hugged me tightly, and I heard a voice in my ear saying, "I am here."
The sound is very light, I can’t tell who it is, but it is surprisingly reassuring.
My consciousness is gradually blurred, and I feel my eyelids are heavy.
The arms are warm and warm …
When I woke up, it was dark, and I could faintly hear the watchman playing outside.
"Gege, you’re awake." Dong Ying ran to my bed and lifted me up. I lit a pillow behind me so that I could lean half-way.
Looking back at the scene during the day, I still can’t help but shake my head and not think about the bloody scene. I hesitated or asked, "Where’s Lord Dong Ying Belle?"
"Back to Gege, Baylor just left. Now it’s time to go to the room." Winter Ying replied with a smile in her eyes.
I wondered, "What are you laughing at?"
"Gege, you’re asleep. Of course you don’t know what it was like when Lord Baylor brought you in."
I didn’t think of it until I fell asleep in his arms, so I was embarrassed to ask Dong Ying again.
"Lord Baylor kept you for a long time. Lord Nala and Lord Nian came to see you, and the handmaiden saw that Lord Nian kept biting his lips. Presumably, Lord Baylor had never been so kind to anyone." Dong Ying’s face was full of pride.
"Winter Ying" I called "I freshen up"
"Gege, you should have a good self-cultivation. Doctor Li said you were frightened …"
"I’m going to see Lord Baylor," I interrupted.
Dong Ying’s eyes immediately lit up and replied, "It’s Gege!"
Looking at her, I was really in distress situation, but I could feel that my mood was slightly brighter.
Chapter 9 Scare [3]
After washing and dressing, Dong Ying accompanied me to his door.
I stood outside the door, still hesitating for a moment, and finally pushed the door in, but it was him who caught my eye.
I didn’t react at the moment, so wait for a while stared at him
He looked up and saw that I stopped moving, and I found that he was holding a small porcelain bottle in his hand.
"Don’t you know the number of knocks?" He said coldly.
"Are you hurt? Why not call it cure too much? " I ignored his censure and asked with concern.
He smelled a cold hum, but he still replied, "A little injury like this will arouse people." He bowed his head and continued to fiddle with the wound.
"I’ll do it." I went over and picked up the gauze and said
"You?" He looked at me in a tone of disbelief. "Will you do this?"
"Well," I lightly replied, ignoring his provocation and carefully wrapping gauze around his arm.
This injury should have been scratched by the female dagger when he pulled me. I didn’t notice it at that time.
"It’s rare." He suddenly came up with such a sentence with a smile in his speech.
I looked up at him puzzled and said, "What a rare thing?"
"It’s rare that you have such a good temper," he replied.
I immediately understood what he meant. On weekdays, I met him and either hid or he talked back. I have never been so harmonious, and I thought that he deliberately provoked me. I can’t help but feel funny. Who would have thought that this cold-faced prince would have such a … cute side if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes?
I smiled even more when I thought that these two words were put in his body.
"It’s worth your while," he asked unhappily
After the wound was bandaged, I looked up at him and his eyebrows wrinkled tightly again.
"Nothing," I replied, "but I’m just having fun."
"Nothing to steal?" He repeat my words as if he were thin.
"It’s so late, don’t you rest?" I asked.
"Go back to the house by yourself." He got up and sat down in front of the case lightly.
Before I left, I turned around and asked, "Stay in the room at night?"
He looked at me and picked his eyebrows.
I looked at his look and thought about it again. I didn’t feel anything wrong with what I just said, so I still looked at him calmly.
After a silence, he said in a plain tone, "Let’s rest in your room today."