Huangfuyi interrupted him, "Impossible!"

It’s ridiculous to ask him to marry Princess Ling Yue!
Looking at the beautiful and elegant face of Jiao Jiao Yue Hua Huangfuyi, a mocking smile crossed her face.
The night wind blew his blue shirt, and the coldness in his star eyes showed.
"Xiao Jiu, I have intended to arrange for you to be happy for many years; I even thought that the secret that pressed my heart would always be kept from you. "The deep and quiet voice overflowed from Huangfuqing’s mouth. He looked slightly painful." But according to the current situation, if I keep it from you again, it will cause you to be trapped in a painful way and even endanger your life and the life of Dingguo! "
Huangfuyi suddenly said coldly, "What are you hiding from me?"
"I didn’t mean to deceive you." You sighed and Huangfuqing was very sad. "It was my father who asked me to swear before he left. If I want to protect you, I can’t confide in you for weeks." He didn’t feel a bad feeling for a long time, but he didn’t ask but waited for Huangfuqing to continue to say.
"Love between men and women in the world is a common thing, but you can’t directly cause you and your lover to get hurt because you are emotional. The final result is that you will be out of control and want to kill your lover yourself like a madman. Your heartache will gradually increase from slight tingling."
"The way to relieve heartache is to drink blood and drink fresh blood, but it can stop your pain for a while, and madness will still breed in your heart, because the more you like your lover, the more you love her, and the craziness will become stronger and stronger. It will stimulate you to lose your mind and make a lifelong regret."
"I’ll believe you if you make up this lie?" Huangfuyi’s words have no ups and downs, but her heart has been ups and downs like stormy waves.
The more I like him, the more I love him, the more painful my heart will be. The madman will kill her himself!
What logic is this?
He didn’t believe it, and he didn’t want to believe it, but …
"Xiao Jiu in addition to this matter for so many years, brother cheated you again!" HuangFuQing voice more and more appear low "I asked my father at that time? Father is shaking his head to swear to protect you for a week. "
"Because of this, you have been sending women to my backyard for years, so that I can’t talk about being emotional when I’m exhausted in Qian Fan." Huangfuyi didn’t ask, but especially affirmed.
Huangfuqing didn’t deny it. "That’s right. I don’t want to see you in pain. I don’t want to see you kill your lover yourself one day …"
"… I won’t be heartbroken if I kill her, right?" Huangfuyi moved the eyes light to the long moonlight and asked slowly
"Yes and no!" Huangfuqing closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them again. "The root cause of your pain will be dispersed because of the death of your lover, but you will fall into another kind of pain. Do you think your heart will be calm at that time?" Huangfuyi didn’t say anything for a long time. Huangfuqing’s lips moved and continued, "Once your temperament is emotional, it’s that your lover is killed by you. Will you still live alone in the world?"
Quiet silence around a copy is like gas also stagnate.
Yue Hua spilled but disappeared for a moment.
The night was as dark as the ink gallery, and the lights suddenly started to shake in the strong wind, and neither of them spoke again.
Looking at the rain curtain in front of the porch, Huangfuyi lost his hands behind him and clenched them again.
"I was tricked when I was young?" He muttered, but shook his head a moment later. "No, if someone really poisoned me, I should have solved it after eating ice fruit. So what about my symptoms?" Lip angle set off a strong wry smile.
He is white, and the stabbing pain in his heart is getting worse.
It turned out that it was because he was moved.
Yes, every time I think of her, I think of liking her and loving her, and the tingling will come.
A slight quiver HuangFuYi handsome peerless face emerge with a pale.
"Xiao Jiu, you are not in the method of" suspection.i qing painful voice "but blood curse! You have been cursed with blood! Over the years, I have consulted many ancient books to find a good way to break this blood curse. Nai Nai found only one way in the end! "
Huangfuyi said, "Did that man curse the blood?"
"Should he take off?" Huangfuqing said.
"Who is he? It’s because of the ambition to seek the great Zhou Jiangshan, but what is the reason for cursing my blood? " Take back your eyes and move to Huangfuqing Huangfuyi and quietly look at "Father didn’t tell you anything?"
Huangfuqing shook his head. "No father makes me swear to protect you all my life. Zhou Wan can’t make you emotional!"
"He should know the identity of the man and know that he gave me a blood curse!" Huangfuyi lip lick way
"Maybe." Huangfuqing’s eyes were dim and faint. "I can’t figure out what my father thought when he was killed in a frenzy. He must have known some reasons but told me when he didn’t leave."
"Father ….." HuangFuYi star eyes flashing lip Angle raised a little if there is a smile "blood curse? I don’t believe that evil! " Liancheng … I don’t believe that evil. I said I would love you, love you, protect you and spoil you all my life. I will never break my word! Liancheng, even if that blood curse is true, it can’t influence me to decide that I won’t hurt you, even if I hurt myself, I won’t hurt you!
"Xiao Jiu, you are bitter!" Huangfu Qingyu said sadly, "I forbid you to take risks!"
Huangfuyi didn’t say anything. Huangfuqing added, "Lingyue is very mysterious. I heard that there are people who can do witchcraft there. Maybe if you marry Princess Lingyue, you can solve the blood curse by another method!"
"I like her and love her. No one can replace her!" Huangfuyi word for word
HuangFuQing smell words more painful "you will hurt her hurt yourself! There are many good girls who have married Princess Ling Yue. If it doesn’t matter if you can solve your blood curse and settle the country, I will let you marry her as a princess. "
"Are you asking me to betray her feelings?" A cold smile HuangFuYi way "do you think she will be willing to? Will she be willing to her character? "
"If she doesn’t want to, then give up on her," said Huangfu Qingshen, and paused. His tone softened and urged, "What kind of girl is so big in heaven and earth that I am not the prince of Zhou Yi with your appearance and charm …" Cut off his words. Huangfu Yi’s robe sleeve swung out of a pavilion not far from the gallery and was instantly razed after a loud bang.
The strength spread. Even if Huangfuqing reacted quickly, he was still not caught by the wave. He staggered back a few steps. His mouth overflowed with blood and his eyes hurt. "Xiao Jiu!" But for a moment, he saw Huangfuyi waved one mouthful blood from his mouth, and suddenly it gushed out. He was so scared that Liushen acted quickly to help this young brother who had grown up loving him since childhood.
HuangFuYi push his eyes color firm voice cold sink a way "I don’t want you to tube! No matter how many women there are, she is the price. She is Liancheng and I am Liancheng. I want her to be my princess and marry her! "
He slowly sat down to the ground, his hands knotted, his chest slender knife-shaped eyebrows locked, his lips lost color, and his lips almost folded into a straight line as if he were trying to restrain some kind of pain! The pain spread from his heart, and he missed her. He liked her and just got angry. The damn pain came to him like a flood!
Wu Liang’s long hair hung freely over his shoulders, and his blue body was raised and dropped by the night wind, and then raised and fell again …
A light, soft, blue light concealed him, and he just sat there.
Huangfuqing looked at him quietly. After a long time, he looked up and forced back his eyes, and the wet meaning gradually poured out!
Xiao Jiu!’ Stay calm a little bit. He crouched beside Huangfuyi and said, "Hello, brother, whatever you do and say."
Huangfuyi slowly opened his eyes to disperse the blue light around him. "I don’t need you to be so kind to me," he said, and his micro-running qi shocked Huangfuqing just touching his arms and hands.