I replied cautiously, "I’ll try my best, but I can’t guarantee that I can cure your friend."

The south county king’s eyes suddenly flashed sharply and stared at me firmly. His eyes were full of oppression and warned me every word.
"Wang doesn’t know how to treat a doctor, but he knows how to look at a talented person who is superficial and who is hidden. Wang thinks he can still see me. You don’t want to expose your superb medical skills and cause trouble, but I don’t want you to keep your strength when my friend sees a doctor, otherwise even if I appreciate you, I won’t let you go. You have to believe me that Ling Mu is absolutely capable of dealing with you."
I was chilled by his sharp eyes. I’m worthy of being a battlefield warrior. He’s really welcome. The sound of language is enough to make people feel chilling.
"You will come to my house the day after tomorrow, and I want to end this wish before I go to war." The king of Nanjun decided the day arbitrarily.
Can I "…"
Qi Yun can’t stay in the palace all the time, so I will help Bai Xihuang cure the poison instead of him. I can try my best to prolong his life for a few days.
I came to Yulong Palace with silver needle medicine, but I didn’t find Bai Xihuang in the bedroom. The maids said that Bai Xihuang went to the room.
I can’t tell you how long I was in the mood at the moment, but Bai Xihuang abandoned the luxury of women. Now I have only a few days to live, but I am completely transformed and I can’t wait to break it into several parts.
Is it that people are dying and good at words and deeds?
Maybe Bai Xihuang is the real Bai Xihuang now, and there is no need to hide his sexuality because he is dying.
However, in this way, he will make people more sad and burn the last bit of vitality, and then leave this world forever with regret and unwillingness.
Hardly had I reached the room when a maid-in-waiting greeted me and knocked on the door to let me in.
Walking to the outer screen, I heard the discussion inside, both old and full of gas. From time to time, there was a heated debate. Bai Xihuang seemed to have called many ministers.
I hesitated to walk in like this, which was a bit presumptuous. I waited outside and hoped that these ministers and mothers would call them home for dinner soon.
It’s been more than an hour, and I don’t think it’s early. Even if the energy of these ministers is limited, Bai Xihuang must not consume too much spirit, otherwise it will accelerate poisoning. I can’t care so much.
I went straight in, and the discussion was in full swing. When more than a dozen ministers found out that I broke in, they immediately stopped cautiously and unanimously shot me with an eye knife.
Seeing that I am dressed in ordinary clothes and probably a maid-in-waiting, some ministers disapprove of looking at me and think I am too unruly.
I swept all the way over to distinguish the identities of these people from the differences among officials.
I can’t help secretly surprised at this. It seems that there are many officials who support Bai Xihuang, and there are more than I thought. Moreover, most of these dozen people are one or three officials, and the power in the DPRK is not small.
These people include the left commander, Feng Ye, the official department, Zhao Yue, the group department, Huang Zhaowei, the assistant minister of the Ministry of War, Dong Mi, the imperial secretary, Cheng Yun, Dali Temple Secretary, Taichang Temple Shaoqing and so on.
There are Bai Xihuang people in the political departments of the DPRK and China.
"What can I do for you? It’s really rude. Can’t you see that the emperor and we are discussing something important? " The assistant minister of the Ministry of War is a soldier, and his character is more than his civil servant’s. honest and frank disdains to look at me and scold me.
I suddenly understand these people in my heart. Maybe I’m Bai Xihuang’s pet, but I’m arrogant and unruly and broke into the room.
The atmosphere of assistant minister Dong’s room suddenly became weird, and the ministers stared at me with inquiry in their eyes, waiting for my answer.
I’m so embarrassed that I can’t let Bai Xihuang lose face among the ministers, let alone let them recognize their positions or indulge in debauchery.
What should I do? I can’t help but look at Bai Xihuang after sitting on the desk. He leans against the white fox skin to pad his face. The white fox skin reflects that his face is particularly pale and his whole body is as soft as tired.
Seeing that I was reprimanded by the assistant minister of the Ministry of War, he frowned deeper and calmed me down with a smile. He tried to help me out.
I’m afraid of Bai Xihuang, defending me from doing something inappropriate, and suddenly my brain suddenly flashes.
I said, "I’m a female official around the Queen, paying my respects to the Emperor and ministers." I have to borrow your identity from Jingyan.
Ministers look a little better, but they still look at me discontentedly. If I can’t give a reasonable reason for breaking in, they will still feel Bai Xihuang’s palace.
Bai Xihuang smiled slightly when I said this, but she still cooperated with me and asked, "What did the Queen send you for?"
I was worried and looked at the ministers pretending to break up.
"Empress knows that the emperor is discussing important state affairs with his ministers, and she dare not disturb them at dinner, but the queen has seen that it has been two hours since dinner, and the ministers must be hungry again and again. If you want to go back to the house and eat dinner again, even if it is bad for your stomach, the queen is worried about the health of the emperor and the ministers, so she wants me to make an imperial decree."
I bowed to the ministers and said with a smile, "My queen is sympathetic to the hard work of the ministers and specially set up a dinner in the East Palace to entertain the adults."
This excuse is perfect, which not only explains the reason why I broke in, but also reflects the queen’s virtue. I find that my lying is getting higher and higher
The ministers had dinner with me, and most of them were hungry, even thanking the queen for her kindness.
Feng Ye, the left-hand man, folded his sleeves and saluted me, "The old lady thanked the queen for her meal" and then looked at me kindly and appreciatively.
I was secretly surprised that Feng Ye seemed to see through my identity, but he didn’t discover it.
I laughed and said, "I must tell the Empress for Zuo Xiangye."
Zuo Xiang also said to Bai Xihuang, "The emperor took the queen’s dinner after the reform minister and then went back to the room to discuss."
Zuo Xiang left with his ministers.
I immediately called the maid-in-waiting to call the imperial kitchen for a banquet in the East Palace, and then gave Bai Xihuang an injection. Bai Xihuang was very cooperative, or he couldn’t cooperate now. After poisoning, he was like a soft-footed crab, and even if I ravaged him, I couldn’t resist it.
"Hey you endure? You don’t want to take revenge! I find that your needle is getting more and more painful. Oh, be gentle. I’m not a hedgehog. "Bai Xihuang murmured discontentedly.
I picked up a long needle and plunged it into the acupuncture point in his chest.
"Don’t look down on people. I won’t take advantage of people’s danger. I’ll let you taste the taste of being a hedgehog when you are ready." Do I still have this chance after thinking about it? I can’t help but feel sad. "Your pain is because you are poisoned more and more deeply …"
"After missing this time, there is no chance." Even Bai Xihuang’s tone is faint and lonely.