"But listen to me this time, okay? I heard that the sunrise on Mount Tai is the most beautiful. Let’s go to see it together every year, okay? I know you like it, and I like to remember that it’s every year." His slender fingers gently outlined her face, and her eyes were deep and dark, and finally she had to hold her and fall asleep.

In Luoyang Palace these days, the war situation in Dongliang has been reversed, and bei chu’s army is on a roll. The Nangong Cold has already lost to the trend. It is smooth for Mu Jing to pray for troops to attack Nangan, and several people have also come to Dongliang to help, but there has not been much change.
But even so, the defeat of Dongliang is so obvious that bei chu is too superior.
Nai Xuanyuan Tianyue has no plans to go to Dongliang for the time being, but this does not prevent him from reaching orders.
Xuanyuan Tianyue in the Hall of Supreme Harmony let go of the official document and got up and walked out directly. It’s been an hour since he came out. Think that she should wake up, too. "Go and send the toffee to Huayue Hall." The lavender figure hurried away as if she was afraid of delaying a moment, so she gave her a less look.
Although it was April, the doors of Huayue Temple were still a little cold when it was windy. He had told the doors not to be big in the morning.
Xuanyuantianyue frowned slightly and just stepped into the door of the temple. A cold breath came upon him, and his heart trembled and his face sank quickly.
Soon he came out again and shouted, "Where’s the toffee!" He has a handsome face and a cloudy face, and he smells violent and mysterious. He is manic when things are coming.
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Chapter 465 Still coming?
Road a carriage slowly while driving in a white woman with her eyes closed and her eyes rested, but the man’s eyes kept stopping her face.
It seems that I finally couldn’t help it. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at the man next to me. "The big brother has been looking at me like this, so I am not sleepy."
"Xiaoyan, are you really going to leave like this?" Stuart first frown.
The brilliance in the shallow bright eyes passed away, and she tilted her head and looked out of the window. The sunshine and beautiful birds and flowers were the benefits of spring.
"Let him always accompany my nest there? His world will be vast and a corner of peace will break his wings. He should be an eagle. How can I stop his footsteps? Besides, I have other things to deal with this time, which is that I can’t help but face people. "Shallow eyebrows crossed a undercurrent.
Looking at the shallow and dignified appearance, Stuart first sighed, "Once upon a time, when you were young, it was six years since you were old. Maybe we really missed you for too long. If we yearn for the world, we can understand your current thoughts."
"Brother, do you mean this child?" At Stuart’s first glance, Shuer smiled and said indifferently, "Nature is the only proof that I have ever been with this world."
"He is your death warrant" Stuart first sink said.
Smiling, "Brother should know whether he or not, the result is the same for me."
"But …" Stuart first frowned.
"It’s just a matter of time. Brother has been a doctor for so many years, haven’t you seen through it?" Shallow slightly shook his head and looked calm. "Besides, without this child, I would like to think of the past? Well, I owe him, and I’ll entrust him to my senior brother in the future. I always rest assured of your medical skills. "
Listen to this Stuart first hands suddenly clenched cold drink a "XiaoYan son don’t bullshit you …"
"Brother, don’t be nervous. Since I picked things out today, it means that I won’t hide it from you. These days, I vaguely feel that I’m not in good health. After having a child, I moved to the child’s body. This is also why my body is getting weaker and weaker. They helped me temporarily suppress the heart-eating method to my body, but unfortunately, as the child grew up, the heart-eating method was transferred to another body." I smiled and gently put my hand on my abdomen and flashed a soft color. "I’m sorry for him. I was too selfish after all."
"Xiaoyan son, we still eat the heart method to give you back …" Stuart gave me a dignified look at the first side. Things were worse than he thought, but one day if he didn’t eat the heart method, she wouldn’t be able to live to the present. They all know that she can live to the present because of the heart method.
Shallow nature knows what’s on his mind. Shu Er smiles and reveals a subtle color. "That’s because someone won’t want me to die and still die in this situation. If I don’t see him for a day, he won’t start work."
"That man …" Stuart said tentatively at first glance.
Shallow eyes transient sharp heart suddenly a murderous thought. She saw Stuart’s first sight, and she was silent for a moment. She turned to look at her bulging abdomen and suddenly laughed. "What’s wrong with me? I agreed to stabilize my mood. Don’t be angry." She looked up at the opposite man. "Brother said I have one thing to ask you for help."
Simply put, the topic was changed. Stuart first twisted his eyebrows. "What is it?"
"It’s a small matter for my brother, but it’s a great kindness to me." I smiled a little, but my eyes smiled a little.
Gaoshan, a man in a yellow robe, bears elegance in one hand, and his face is somewhat mysterious.
"The moon has you finally come to see me? Are you afraid that I will be injured in the war, right? I know that you are worried about me in your heart. "The man’s face unconsciously reveals a smile.
"Don’t go when you come back this time, and I won’t let you go, Moon. We can finally be together for a long time."
The man looked up at the foot of the mountain and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised. "Moon, do you like this day? If we get this day, no one can stop us from being together. "
"Don’t worry, I will give you an eternal country soon, where no one can bother us anymore."
The man’s face smiles a little and enlarges his eyes, and he unconsciously gives birth to a limited yearning.
"Tai Dian Huang invites you in the past" A little while later, a man in black came forward and saluted respectfully.