Suddenly, Kunyang was cold, and he regretted Su Yiming, a wonderful person who should be hiding something himself. Why did you put him in front of everyone? Even if you want to show up, you should wait until your good deeds are done.

Thought of here, cold Kunyang looked at everyone’s eyes a little more alert. The original cheerful mood disappeared and his face turned cold.
"Isn’t it time to announce the banquet?" The queen doesn’t know that cold Kunyang suddenly exudes a rage and her heart thumped. Chapter four hundred and thirty Buddhist was injured!
Looking around, I don’t know who annoyed the Great God Queen around me, secretly pulling Leng Kunyang’s sleeve and taking the lead in picking up the glass to signal Leng Kunyang to raise his glass.
Leng Kunyang choked back his unhappiness, raised his glass and said a few words about the scene. Everyone replied and drank a cup of this banquet.
Today, Leng Kunyang obviously spent some thoughts on this banquet. First, he gave Su Yiming some music to enjoy Khmer poetry and songs. Second, it was the last festival of Leng Yu Chen, and he wanted to leave more memories for the queen and Leng Yu Chen Er.
Su Yiming holds his head in one hand and plays with a wine lamp in the other. The corners of his mouth are radiant with evil smiles, but his eyes are somewhat dim. At this time of family gathering, it is someone else who is busy in this temple. He thought that Qiu Er and his mother hated themselves for not being able to remove all obstacles and accompany them to sing or dance at any time, which not only failed to make him feel happy, but made his heart more lonely as snow.
Cold Kunyang has always been tireless in eating fine food. Today, it is ordered to prepare exquisite Khmer specialties such as peony, orchid dragon, pearl mandarin fish, magnolia tofu, etc. Unfortunately, Su Yiming looked at it but had no appetite and almost no movement.
Xiao Bai Su Yiming pours wine from time to time behind him. Tonight, the main body gives off a breath. There is a name that is "loneliness". I know that he is treading on thin ice in this palace and cannot and should not drink too much wine. But tonight, Xiao Bai, who is monitored by cold Kunyang, dare not stop Su Yiming from enjoying himself.
Sitting next to Su Yiming are Leng Yu Chen and Tai Fei. His sons Leng Yu Chen are also in a sad mood today. It hurts faintly to think that this is the last time in this life that his family has resigned and welcomed Leng Yu Chen.
Cold rain Chen looked up and saw Su Yiming’s slightly sympathetic eyes. He saw Su Yiming slightly raising the wine lamp in his hand, and his heart moved and raised the wine lamp, echoing the two people’s hands and looked up at the same time.
This seems to have found a tacit understanding. Su Yiming and Lengyuchen frequently interacted to raise glasses, and both of them drank a lot unconsciously.
Cold Kunyang corner has been noting the scene of Su Yiming, which naturally failed to escape his eyes, but for the cold rain, he did not guard against it. If Chen’s son tried to Su Yiming, he would not recommend himself. This son is indeed the most loyal pity … Just let Su Yiming accompany him to Du Kang to relieve his worries! Better Su Yiming get drunk tonight! Thought of here, the cold Kunyang is in a strange and good mood. Look at the people in the temple and their eyes become soft.
After three rounds of wine, many emperors got up to propose a toast to Leng Kunyang. Of course, how could they neglect Su Yiming beside Leng Kunyang when they finished their worship?
It’s one thing to hear it, but it’s another thing to see it with your own eyes. Even if you’ve heard about the Buddhist style before, you know that all the beauties you’ve seen before are for nothing. This is a rare beauty.
It’s just casual. It’s just hanging your eyes and smiling. It’s just a toast. It’s the most extreme amorous feelings of people. Rao is the cold Kunyang children. They have been rolling in the beauty pile all the year round. At this moment, all Su Yiming dumped one by one. When toasting, they looked at Su Yiming’s eyes. They were so eager to hide their tenderness and eager to see the cold Kunyang secretly grinding their teeth.
Immediately, the princesses toasted before, and the daughters of Kunyang were always in the eye. I respect that no matter what the palace banquet was, there were few toasts to the Empress before leaving for so many years. Obviously, Su Yiming’s charm was too great. Toast to her father and mother was a hypothetical opportunity to leave an impression in front of Buddhist teachers and say a few words. That’s true.
Su Yiming got up one by one and replied that he didn’t speak much, but it happened that he was so nice and drunk. His eyes were blurred and his skin was a little reddish, which made him look more charming and S-curve like a spring flower full of tea leaves swaying in the wind, waiting for the lover to come to care and pick it.
The emperor or the princess, which one is not drunk? Su Yiming didn’t say anything to them, but it happened that they felt that his eyes said everything. The corners of his mouth smiled, and when he spoke, his eyes flickered with long feathers, and he was not obviously close to them, and he was not invited.
Leng Kunyang looked on coldly and looked the same, but he couldn’t wait to blow his sons and daughters out. Su Yiming was polite, but these rabbits were as excited as taking medicine, and their eyes were shining with peach blossoms and they didn’t look at themselves.
Thought of here, cold Kunyang snorted a few times, then raised his hands and patted the hall. Immediately, the hall was quiet, and those who tried to befriend Su Yiming returned to their seats.
The band Sishu floated in the night, and more than a dozen dancers walked into the temple with light steps, dancing with long sleeves and counting delicate petals. At the same time, the temple was full of flowers. Although these dancers were all quietly choosing beautiful women, at the moment, everyone thought that Su Yiming was more charming by sitting there drinking.
In the rain, the graceful dancer is dancing like a water snake, and the waist dance is light and beautiful. This choreographer is also painstaking. Every movement highlights the feminine limbs of the two women and gradually captures the hearts of everyone.
The music soared, and the dancers danced more happily. The dance formation broke up into two columns and everyone danced at the table.
The first one danced in front of the Empress Dowager, writhing and looking at Leng Kunyang with a smile. She seemed to tell and invite her soft bones to turn lightly, and her eyes were just right, which successfully made Leng Kunyang smile.
The queen secretly frowned and denounced the dancer in this palace. She is getting bolder and bolder, and dare to be so straightforward in front of her.
Then the music turned again to relieve the dancers, and the cloud sleeves were thrown to the square again, and the petals were thrown again. The petal rain instantly enveloped everyone and an extraordinary fragrance suddenly filled the air.
They just watched and saw that they gradually danced to the center, surrounded the leading dancer, and danced a budding flower in front of the Empress, stretching her arms and modeling it as [Meiyan].
"Not good! Toxic! " Su Yiming looked up and drank a little when everyone was in a state of mind, and then he was swept to the front of cold Kunyang immediately. At the same time, those seemingly weak dancers held their hands and unexpectedly held the leading dancer in their hands. I didn’t know when I had condensed a dagger, shining with dazzling white light, and stabbed it at cold Kunyang.
"There is an assassin!" Leng Yuchen drank a lot just before he tried to rescue him, only to find that his hair was dizzy and weak. He shook his head with a jerk, but he still didn’t wake up. Those dancers all set out swords and stabbed the people on both sides. Although everyone was repaired, they were poisoned. At this moment, they couldn’t help but protect the children and the harem.
Outside the temple, the body-guard heard the call and was about to rush in. I didn’t expect that there were spies among the musicians. These guys danced with their sleeves and spilled smoke, which knocked down his musicians and rushed to the front body-guard, and then they fought with the body-guard behind them.
These assassins are very good at martial arts, and once poisoned, they will take over the wind and successfully block all those who want to rescue before.
Leng Kunyang unhurriedly took the queen back, then pulled out Dan medicine from the body and fed it to herself and the queen’s mouth. The queen stared at Su Yiming in front of her with her eyes behind her.
This dancer’s skill is not low. With the dagger stabbing, it is a white ball of light, and every move is very vicious. Su Yiming did not condense his weapon, but turned around to avoid the dancer’s attack.
However, due to the warning from the mouth, everyone also inhaled poison gas and perhaps drank too much wine. Su Yiming’s finger popped up a purple ball of light. Although he successfully blocked the dancer’s attack, his body turned less light than usual. A small spirit beast appeared beside him and cooperated with Xiao Bai one by one.
As soon as the dancer raised her hand, a snake flew out of the sleeve and instantly entangled Xiaobai and the spirit beast. However, she tried to rush in several times and was blocked by Su Yiming. Seeing that she couldn’t make a quick decision, she could hear that the body guard was getting closer and closer outside. The dancer frowned and suddenly pulled out something and threw it on the ground, while shouting "Withdraw!"