Seeing Noah’s eyes slowly open and his arms spread out at night, "Welcome back to Noah."

Night feather …
Noah’s eyes were a little wet. "Well … I’m back." Just when they were immersed in a warm atmosphere, the door was suddenly kicked by some ignorant guy and gave off a heavy "pound". Enough! "
Xiumenkou was aggressive, but Yeyu and Noah smiled at each other …
So early the next morning, there was a sensational scream from Dana’s room
When the people arrived, they saw that they were lying on the floor foaming at the mouth. Dana was still holding a letter in his hand.
Dear uncle Dana, dear.
I’m sorry to contact you now, but when you read my letter, believe that Hugh and Noah and I have gone to the far-off Shenjie Road.
However, considering Carrie Luo Li’s urgent emergency, I ask you to capture the Principality of Tommy in a month’s commercial war and ask King Carrie Luo Li to unite against the demon army.
Kiss Saya Yujing
But it’s not these that make Dana angry the most, but the small print at the end of the back of the letter paper
PS In order to urge Uncle Dana to finish kissing Sayfeather early, I temporarily took away your favorite treasure. Don’t thank me. It’s nothing special to say that Dana’s most precious thing is a magic crystal, but what’s important is that it records the real scene of Roger’s bath!
It took him three whole mountains of gold coins and precious stones to buy a little dragon to help him shoot it!
Although it’s all foggy, I can’t see it clearly, but the image of Roger who is looming in the fog is enough for him to remember and cherish for a generation.
Every day, he has to watch it before he can sleep!
Poor uncle Dana …
Dana mourned in Noah’s heart when he saw the night feather released from the inn.
Xiu is associated with the scene of night feather escaping from marriage at that time, and his face was also covered with black lines.
"So we’re going to the celestial world next?"
"Enshenguang has a good suppression of demon plants."
"Yes, we have sent so many soldiers in the underworld. There is no reason to let the gods sit still. At least this time, let them send out the twelve angels."
Repair bad said
The Twelve Angels are selected from the most loyal and powerful angels who guard the palace of the leader of the protoss from generation to generation, and their separation represents the fall of the protoss. Feather laughed at this.
"What’s the fun, master?"
With a soft yawn, a black-and-white two-color whirlwind appeared around the feather.
A figure appeared after the whirlwind.
Black ears, tight black shorts and a white furry tail at the end don’t show that this is an orc teenager.
But I feel the familiar smell … "Little Wolf?"
"Well, kiss the master!"
A hug night feather tail wrapped around the night feather waist little Wolf happy night feather arms Ceng Ceng.
"I heard that it is true that some high-level Warcraft can directly become people …"
Noah was surprised.
Hugh snorted and successfully let the little wolf put the night feather.
Since Xiu had been controlled by a demon plant for a period of memory loss, he regained his memory again. Xiu has no longer concealed his possessiveness of night feathers.
Just as he said before, just because he can tolerate one mysterious name doesn’t mean he can accept another.
The little wolf touched his head awkwardly. "Thanks to my master, I have evolved to be not only delicious, but also human."
"This black bug can’t always laugh at me and say that I can’t even become a person."
Night feather rubbed his little wolf’s "furry" hair and felt good. No wonder Noah always likes to touch his head.