It’s unrealistic to sneak into the palace where her guards are standing and steal. It’s estimated that we can find another way before we get close.

I woke up early this morning, and I couldn’t sleep after tumbling in bed several times. I just got up early to freshen up and went to the garden for morning exercise.
I am doing gymnastics in the imperial garden while breathing fresh and fragrant flowers.
I feel as comfortable as a cloud.
Hee hee, life in sports is really good.
It’s great to exercise in leg press. I love leg press best. It can exercise my waist flexibility and make fighting more flexible.
I babbled, crossed my hands, bent down, pressed my hands and feet, and counted how many minutes I could press.
"1, 3, 4 … 11, 1 … Ah"
I suddenly saw an enlarged face from my legs. I was so frightened that I didn’t turn forward for a moment. I fell to the grass and twisted my teeth.
A handsome boy crouched beside me, bright as night, and his big eyes looked at me curiously. "What are you doing?"
In front of him, the handsome boy is wearing a navy blue arrow sleeve robe, with a light crimson sleeve, straight clothes and a gold thread around his waist to get a brocade belt.
Looking at his face again, I feel the golden light flashing in front of me.
Ah, ah, it’s amazing. This boy is about twelve or thirteen years old, shorter than me, with a handsome head, deep eyebrows, high handsome nose, delicate skin like porcelain lips, rich petals, sparkling peach eyes and a bad smile.
A few more years will be another disaster for the country and the people.
It turned out that he was the teenager who scared me just now. Seeing that he was handsome, I was a lot less angry and didn’t care about him.
"Why did you suddenly appear in front of me and scare me to death?"
Hey, hey, little handsome guy smiled. "I didn’t show up in front of you. I showed up behind you. What are you doing? I watched you do strange things all the time."
I’m choking, and I find that I’m getting more and more stupid recently. There are so many loopholes in my speech that people have caught me red-handed
I don’t care if he gets up and rubs his ass in half.
"Hey, why didn’t you answer me when I asked you something?"
The handsome boy ignored me and grabbed my arm and dragged me over.
"Can I do gymnastics?"
I suddenly lost my temper. I don’t know which minister, Jiao Guigong, said that the wind is the wind and the rain is the rain. I can’t even catch my breath and answer.
"Practice?" Handsome boy shows disbelief.
"What kind of martial arts is this? I’ve never seen you lie to me."
"Gee, kid, how many martial arts have you seen? Forget it if you haven’t seen it yourself." I proudly teased him. "I said it was martial arts, but I created it myself. Do you care?"
The handsome boy frowned. "I’m not a little boy. You little girl really have no rules. Which palace maid is it?"
Little girl?
I’m depressed. I’m seventeen years old at least, and I was called a little girl by a guy a few years younger.
Do I look so loli?
I looked down at myself because I was afraid that China would be troublesome to wear. I chose a simple dress that really looked like an ordinary maid-in-waiting and was suspected of act young.
"I’m not a little girl. I’m several years older than you. You should call my sister to listen."
If such a handsome boy is my brother, it will be beautiful. I stare at the handsome boy with bedroom eyes.
The handsome boy sneered, "Only you are not worthy to be my sister. You are as graceful as a big silly girl. You can’t compete."
Well, this handsome boy is still narcissistic, and he will spare no effort to belittle me and raise himself.
Calling me a little girl just now and calling me a big silly girl now really doesn’t take me seriously.
"Yes, yes, yes, you are handsome as jade. I can’t follow the highs." After all, I am a child and I shouldn’t care too much about him.
The handsome boy is still not happy to stare at me. "Your breath is so reluctant."
I roll my eyes. It’s really hard for this man to wait on me. I’m low-spirited and dissatisfied with picky kids.