"I hope it’s that simple!" Xuan Lin said thoughtfully that there was another kind of yin cold in his eyes.

Chapter 8 Warm Account
"What do you mean?"
"san huang woman is crafty. If it’s as simple as a honey trap, you’re lucky." Xuan Lin said indifferently. "Don’t forget that this is the palace, not your home. Everyone here is good at playing tricks."
Invite the moon to have a headache and sigh, "Oh, why are you so serious as a child?" Have a little expression occasionally! Show me a smile … "Invite the moon to tease the porch neighbor.
"Let me get down to business with you!" Xuan Lin has a serious face.
"I know!" Invite month with a pair of koo eyes "want me to ignore him! Who doesn’t know that you are my favorite assistant minister! " Invite the moon to smile vaguely.
"Are you going to be cold?"
"Why? Why not? I am not interested in him when I come! "
Inviting the moon to go to the center of the garden and turn around happily, who will know that she will become a child again, which means that she can live as she wants again and compensate for her lost childhood. She will not be involved in the infighting in the palace. She is actively looking for opportunities. When she finds out the terrain of the palace and finds the opportunity to leave the palace, she will escape from this hellhole with a batch of gold and silver.
Xuan Lin watched the tiptoe jump and invited the moon, and the corners of her mouth slightly raised and evoked a beautiful radian.
"Xuanlin!" Inviting the moon suddenly turned his head, and Xuan’s neighbors didn’t come and put away their smiles. Inviting the moon to smile and pointing at him, "Don’t hide. I saw you smile and you smiled!"
"You are wrong about the temple!"
"What’s the matter with the smile? People should laugh and laugh when they come! Are you such a handsome man? "
Don’t overdo it and ignore the invitation to tease the moon
"Xuan Lin, I just decided that I can let you protect me better. I decided to send you out to learn from a teacher."
"What? Are you going to send me out of the palace? "
"Yes! Everyone says that you are a martial arts wizard. How can I waste my life? Of course, I will find you the best teacher to teach you martial arts so that you can protect me from injury. "
Yes, in this strange world, her kung fu is nothing more than embroidered boxing. She must also find ways to make herself stronger. The first thing to do is to escape from the palace after learning martial arts.
"Aren’t you afraid of me running away?"
"Run away! I never feel that there is anything to be reluctant to let go! "
"I won’t run away because I can’t!" Xuan Lin said and turned away.
"What a bad-tempered guy!" Invite the moon to sigh
At dusk, the assistant ministers waited on the moon and undressed. It was really uncomfortable for so many men to undress and invite the moon. She bowed her head and cleared her throat. "You all go to the palace and come by yourself!"
"It’s a temple!" The assistant ministers looked at each other or retired. After all, they had to do what the Lord said.
Inviting the moon to fade away from the brocade robe, wearing a shirt, went to the bed, and vaguely saw that the bed seemed to be half-lying. Who would invite her to bed when her heart was tight? You’re not gonna kill her, are you? But this assassin is too stupid, right? Lying in bed like this unless he has great martial arts.
Inviting the moon to think like this didn’t show any fear. She pulled the curtain leisurely and brought it into view as a beautiful figure.
Chapter 9 Shi Shi
Inviting the moon to think like this didn’t show any fear. She leisurely pulled the curtain and introduced a scene of a beautiful man. Her hair hung beautifully at will, and her white shirt hung over her shoulders to show her white shoulders.
"Temple!" Italy slowly sat up and stared shyly at the invitation to the moon.
Someone was suddenly struck by lightning-
Inviting the moon to have a headache and looking at this uninvited guest immediately wondered what he was doing here. Just a little bed. Is this Uber unable to live without a woman?
"Why are you here?"
"Meaning … is to serve in the temple."
"I know. I asked who arranged for you to come?"
"eh? ….. This is the rule. Every new assistant minister will arrange to serve the bed that night. "
"Rules?" Invite the moon to chuckle, "When will you serve your bed?"
"This … why do you ask?" The question of inviting the moon to bow his head hurt him and hurt his self-esteem.
"I’m only fifteen years old. I don’t think I need a man to sleep with me. Do you think a fifteen-year-old will have that need?" Invite the month with a sarcastic tone say
The ethereal eyes turned to the bronze mirror. "I know that I was arranged to serve the temple. I don’t ask him anything."
"It seems very reluctant to hear you say this." Invite the moon to sit at the table and look at the clothes with one hand on the jaw. "You can go out now. I don’t need you to wait on the bed."
The color in my face faded instantly, and the moonlight became paler. The slender fingers slowly pulled on the bed and invited the moon. "Is the temple going to rush out?"
"catch? I didn’t say kick you out, I said no, you’ll go back to your room. "Invite the moon with a face of koo."
Italian corners of the mouth to a bitter smile "temple don’t know? If you go out of your room like this tonight, the Four Emperors will never let go. "
I didn’t expect to move the four emperors’ daughters out. It’s no wonder that he was sent by the four emperors’ daughters as a spy. If it can’t be successfully completed, it will be very miserable to invite the moon, and suddenly there is some sympathy.
"The temple must think that the four emperors’ daughters sent you to monitor you, so you are more prepared for Italy, right?" Faint theory
"A little bit!" Inviting the moon does not deny that she is very clever, but she doesn’t like this kind of cleverness