The whole scene is one-sided because of the shallow arrival. The troops in Haotiancheng are not the most, but the suspected momentum is the grandest. The momentum of not giving up until the goal is reached makes people feel chilling because their goal is to kill the enemy

"Hissing ….." Fierce horses rush and move as if they had been greatly stimulated. Generally, people such as Yun Mark and Feng Qin Cang are sombre and trying to maintain the situation and turmoil. Although they look at the white face, they are different but surprised, but it is hard to hide.
Master Haotian finally appeared in front of everyone. It turned out to be a woman and a beautiful woman. This is the idea of some people
However, people who really know shallow people or have heard her name are even more horrified at the moment. Once, the ugly girl in the northern Chu State, like the toffee today, turned out to be the’ man’ who was ranked in the princes’ list!
This ….. All eyes instantly fell on the white figure, which suddenly appeared in front of everyone. Yan suspected that it was shocking and amazing, and these expressions kept appearing in front of everyone.
That’s not, that’s not … How is that possible … She is, is she your word? ! How could this happen!
Chu Hanxuan shook his head again and again, and his face was full of consternation. ! How can this happen? How can one of them be so ordinary and the other so stunning? How can she be alone? But isn’t she wearing a mask? The mask hides the beautiful face and hides it from everyone in this world.
So Ying Du was ridiculed in front of others. Did she secretly laugh at those people who have eyes … It really makes people play with monkeys. Generally speaking, it’s shallow and indifferent, but it’s imposing. It’s not like a abused prostitute should have tolerance.
If you think about it carefully, this is not the case. These two people are surprisingly similar except for their gender. It is because no one dared to associate these two people in the past.
Then think of someone’s attitude towards her, no matter what his status is, he doesn’t shy away from being ridiculous around her, and they have always been that person who is fickle and obsessed with dragons and phoenixes.
So that person will want to marry her only when she knows her true identity? ! Thought of here, he suddenly looked at the lavender robe as awesome as the gods, and a jealous color flashed across the man’s eyes. Why didn’t he know?
Sometimes people just wonder that losing is always more cherished than having it, and it’s always best to miss it. Once it happens, it’s always someone else’s fault. At this moment, Chu Hanxuan is surprised at his shallow status and secretly hates Xuanyuan. The more despicable he is, the less he knows. When she is shallow, she can’t see him, and he will not be seen by her. The paper engagement is just someone else’s chip. She is going to lift it.
Mu Sheng Xiao’s cold face and a pair of peach blossom eyes are full of cold meaning. He once guessed his shallow identity, but he never thought that her words would be the same person. How could those two people be the same person?
Now he suddenly turned down his invitation with white hair and ice cream. How can the Lord of Haotian take orders from others casually? No wonder Xuanyuan Tianyue always defends her. I don’t know if he defends her shallowly or honestly.
But in any case, today’s war situation has been pulled. Since she is a gentleman, it is just right for him to compare who will live up to the name of the princes.
"Mu, do you think she looks like a person?" If a deep voice suddenly comes behind him, there is a slight shock in the tone.
Mu Sheng Xiao’s eyes were tight and tilted, and he looked at the side of the man’s eyes and flashed a trace of doubt. "What did you say?"
Stuart first looked at the elegance and beauty, and looked at those cold eyes. His heart suddenly got a little scared. He should be thinking. How could she be her? But … When he was ready to speak, a large number of people came from afar.
The first is a dazzling brocade robe man. He has a pair of knife-shaped eyebrows and a heavy gaze. He looks at the people behind him. The Nangong Cold and others follow him, and the military forces are occupied by several people with the whole lost soul slope at the moment.
"Mu Jing prayed for the cold in the Nangong …" Mu Sheng Xiao forgot Stuart’s first words at this moment. He glanced at him and came to the people’s eyes and suddenly fell on the purple clothes. The male voice was almost gnashing. "You are a Xuanyuan Tianyue who has prepared such a skill!" It’s not just your words that he Xuanyuan Tianyue also transferred more military forces. No wonder Nangong Cold didn’t come. He should be in the original barracks. Don’t blame Xuanyuan Tianyue for appearing here. They just sent someone to stare at Nangong Cold.
Xuanyuan Tianyue looked at the white figure standing in the wind, and her eyes flashed a bit distressed. The name of Phoenix Nine Deep and Remote was her hand, but her heart should regard them as friends. All these years, ups and downs are those people around her, and those people around her are white. Her heart position is replaced by others. He came when he received the news, but he came late after all …
At this moment, the lotus flower in the bright eyes followed a strong breeze to arouse the ice chill and suddenly came to Xuanyuan Tianyue with a change of face and shouted "Shallow don’t behave in such a way …" Now she can’t bear to eat her heart.
The shallow body suddenly jumped out of the cold sound and fell again. "Haotian people listen to the order to attack!" The sudden drop of cold words and sharp swords aroused a thousand layers of icicles, and the cold wind whipped people to the bottom of their hearts.
South sorrow, romantic and others listened to orders and led Haotiancheng troops to attack suddenly in the direction of Xiyue and Nangan bei chu Coalition forces.
Yun Mark, Feng Qin Cang and others saw that if they would sit still and wait for death, they quickly ordered people to meet them in Mu Sheng Xiao, Chu Hanxuan and others to be directly protected and retreat. Because at this moment, they really saw the bravery of Haotiancheng soldiers. I heard that they could fight against one enemy and ten hearts or not, but now they can be seen. But this time, although they believed it, they accepted it more legally. Why are these royal orthodox soldiers not as good as some rural villagers?
The white figure shuttled through the crowd, and all those who wanted to get close to her fell to the ground one by one before they got close. The cold sword in her hand was dripping with blood and dizzy with blood, but her flashing figure did not stop, thinking about pulling out the source of evil little by little.
Xuanyuan Tianyue looked at the two sides have been at war. Naturally, he wouldn’t sit idly by. His eyes were fixed on the white figure that was constantly harvesting other people’s lives. Who can stop her at this time? She also needed such a fight to vent. His pale purple eyes were full of dark luck, and she hated her own method. She felt the same way and shared her heart’s anguish. He suddenly said, "If Toffee Tianyue’s soldiers can be willing to order everyone in the harem to wipe out these enemies who are trying to embezzle Toffee Toffee’s territory together" is not expulsion but elimination. Since they came here,
Coming here, South Sorrow Mujing Qi and others naturally heard Xuanyuan Tianyue ordering them to come here this time. It is not unprepared. Since I am here, this military force is naturally to be brought, and earlier, they hoarded a place not far from here. This is the moment.
"Obey the will of Taitai", all the people in Tianyue said, and the momentum was no less than that of the soldiers in Haotiancheng.
The whole battlefield, Tian Yue Guo, Hao Tiancheng, North Chu, Nan Gan Guo and Xi Yue Guo, on the other hand, was finally kicked off. Later, it was said that the war was famous for losing souls, not only because it was the worst battle in the history of the five countries, but also because the number of dead souls died. The whole lost souls slope was covered with bones and blood, and the blood fog in Fiona Fang lasted for a long time before it dispersed.
Chapter 379 The last struggle
Mu Sheng Xiao watched hundreds of thousands of days when the Yue army came over and calmed down. His face suddenly sank. What was his information? He didn’t even know there was an ambush here. ! Today, they are here to kill Feng Jiu You, but there are only 300,000 people brought by the three parties. Originally, they wanted to bring Feng Jiu You to Haotiancheng, but they didn’t expect Feng Jiu You to make a feint and bring a small number of people to touch Xuanyuan Tianyue. They were also secretly happy that they could take advantage of the chaos to clean up this time. He didn’t expect that there would be a trick behind him.
One more word, rage, to be exact. Does he still have a chance? For the first time, he was a little uncertain, but … something suddenly occurred to him.
"It’s better for you to stop your toffee." Mu Sheng Xiao suddenly looked at the man in a purple suit like an emperor, and a pair of peach blossom eyes with a winning smile.
Xuanyuan Tianyue took a look at Mu Sheng Xiao’s handsome face and said with elegance and indifference, "Mu Shi joked a little, although she is a palace princess, but she is also the duke of Haotiancheng. She now represents Haotiancheng Palace, and besides, her husband and wife are United in what she wants to do, which is naturally what the palace wants to do." So you don’t hit me with your idea. For Mu Sheng Xiao, Xuanyuan Tianyue has always felt that he is located in the list of princes, although he has some meaning, but he doesn’t like it very much when he comes to him. Of course, what he does is
Listen to this. Mu Sheng Xiao’s eyes reveal a bit of anger. You are a Xuanyuan Tianyue. It seems that you are determined today, but it is not so easy to kill him. I don’t want to think about what is going on in Haotiancheng.
"Don’t you just vast city? It’s Junyan Camp. How would she look if the world slaughtered all the old, weak, women and children in Haotiancheng? No, maybe it doesn’t matter if Taifei is cold-hearted and Leng Qing is rooted. After all, she is too equal now. In the future, it will depend on this small and vast city. " Mu Sheng Xiao chuckled and said, "But if you speak, every word will punish you. This is a scolding, coveting wealth and disregarding the life and death of the rest of Haotiancheng."
Here, the nangongshan cold took a look at Mu Sheng Xiao, and his eyes were full of disgust. At this time, he came to calculate others. It’s really worthy of being a prince’s list center machine. He thought of it most here. He unconsciously glanced at the woman who rushed to the forefront and was dressed in white. I didn’t expect her to be a gentleman. No wonder she dared to make a written pledge to fulfill a military order and said that she would seize Dongliang in three months. No wonder she dared not take Hao Tiancheng’s gentleman’s words seriously. Suddenly, he was too white and valued by her. To be precise, it was a gentleman’
"Mu Shi is overrated, even if the West Moon country breaks Haotiancheng, it will be fine." The Nangong Cold suddenly said coldly that his opponent is the most important in his life. Mu Sheng Xiao conspiracy, although he doesn’t know what it is, but Feng Jiu You is not stupid and won’t die by himself. There must be some reasons, but if he is dead after all, then his determination to avenge him is not less than that of Jun Yan. Some people don’t give birth to appreciate each other even if they have met several times. He Feng Jiu You just hates the boundless mountain. Without him, there is really no chance after a good war, so he naturally
Hearing this, Mu Sheng Xiao’s face sank, but he was used to the wind and rain and soon recovered his face. "General Nangong is confident, but don’t you think one of us is missing here today?"
"You mean Luo Baguio?" Xuanyuan tianyue took a look at mu sheng Xiao and suddenly interrupted
Mu Sheng Xiao’s pupil is tight and the bottom of my heart suddenly gives birth to something bad. His eyes are heavy and he looks at the purple man opposite. He feels that his whole body seems to be emitting some dazzling light. He is raising his hand and will be domineering.
"I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint Mu Shi. I just got the news that the necessary princess of Nangan country has gone back to Nangan with her own troops. The soldiers of the Three Kingdoms Alliance are afraid of being harvested by the soldiers of Haotiancheng at the moment." Mu Jing Qi’s sword killed a soldier and looked at Mu Sheng Xiao’s indifference and said
Mu Sheng Xiao felt a tingle at the bottom of my heart and immediately laughed and said, "The king of Qi should not fool the world to leave soldiers outside Haotian City, but there are 150,000. Is it so easy to die? Besides, the hands of Haotian City are dead. Who else can lead troops better than them? When it comes to the king of Qi, can you really be a slave to others? Don’t you want to re-promote your Dongliang Guowei? "
"I’m a slave or a servant, and I can’t raise the East Liang Guowei. You should remember that you lost today." Mu Jing qi said indifferently, and suddenly turned towards the enemy circle ahead and went to another round of fighting.
Xuanyuan Tianyue here also doesn’t want to pay attention to Mu Sheng Xiao. His eyes are fixed on the white figure, saying that he wants her to vent, but will she be fine? Well, he has recovered a lot of this force …