Tongren took a step back again, and the sword fended off ph and stabbed other people. The sword became dignified gradually. It was only a wave of unskilled temptation attacks that made him realize that both of them were difficult people, and he was not much weaker than him.

Now, Tongren is not far from each other in terms of strength, so Tongren is doomed to fall in the wind when he faces ph and Black.
"Ha ha"
Blake laughed wildly and greeted Tongren’s wrist as if he were not afraid that Tongren would stab his throat sword at any time, and the ph was not as radical as Blake’s, like a poisonous snake lurking in the corner for a moment, which could kill people. Just because he was making Tongren pay more attention to Argo’s safety, he soon added several wounds.
"What happened to your gesture just now?" Seeing that Tong Ren could escape from the Lord, Blake couldn’t help laughing.
Tongren ignored it and secretly thought that he couldn’t go like this again. At this moment, he noticed out of the corner of his eye that Baka went to Argo and was caught by ph for a moment. Fortunately, the damage caused by the poor quality of the dagger held by ph was not high.
"We have to stop the knife man first, so …"
Tongren refrained from paying attention to Argo’s situation, and most of his attention began to focus on Black.
"If the skills derived from the body art should be able to control the knife, it’s a try to make the dagger man hurt less anyway."
Suddenly, a coping method was formed in my mind, and gradually Lang began to worry, and his mood also came with calm.
The three men had a good fight. Baka didn’t expect the war to be deadlocked and frowned. Preventing big sleep was a murder to Argo.
He thought of squatting in front of Argo as before.
"I didn’t expect the situation to turn into this, and I didn’t expect that the person who followed me turned out to be a famous intelligence dealer, which surprised me."
Staring at Algobaka with a glare, he looked indifferent, holding the sword in his right hand and putting the tail side of the sword in the palm of his left hand. "I don’t think you will tell the name of your employer, but if you die, I believe there will be no second intelligence provider in this world."
Argo gritted his teeth to smell speech and glared at Baka. Although he didn’t want to talk to this person in front of him very much, he was buried in his heart. Doubt made her want to verify that it was cold. "The team of sword and fire will be destroyed because of you."
Baka slightly zheng and then some suddenly corners of the mouth hook up and say with smile "so that’s the sword fire team lucky person to buy my information? It must be a sparrow. It is not impossible that human nature will collapse at any time and easily lose teammates. "
"I see." He smiled again and clapped his hands with relief, but his tone was suddenly cold. "But where did he get the courage?"
Baka guessed that the bearer was a sparrow, but he was wrong about the informant who bought him. It was a man he had never contacted before.
It’s like this, but the chill in Argo’s heart is getting deeper and deeper. She looks at this simple-looking but ruthless person and is silent.
This man is terrible …
Even if she dies today, she won’t say anything about Xiang, so she can be silent so that the other party can be wrong about her. This is the default.
Baka did so, too, and the sword was slowly lifted off the palm, and pity came out of his eyes.
"I’m different from those two people. I don’t want to kill people by myself. It will dirty my hands, but …" He suddenly glanced at Tong Ren and smiled. "I’m not stubborn either …"
Laughter is instantaneous and convergent, so it is necessary to get rid of Argo’s sword, which just moved but solidified because of a fierce friction all over the field.
Baka looked around in disbelief and saw a pale and handsome young man wearing a white leather and a pair of red heavy armor boots fifty meters away from him, which looked neither fish nor fowl.
But Baka didn’t despise him at all. He looked at the two scorched eyes on the grass and slowly opened them wider, which made him feel even more horrified. As the glass broke and the stereo was worn on the young man’s feet, the pair of well-looking heavy armor boots suddenly became many pieces and slowly danced around the young man, which was particularly dazzling in the bright green light.
Being attracted by the sound, Tongren three people also saw this scene. What did a pair of high-durability heavy armor boots say when their feet were broken?
Boots are not weapons …
This man came from far away to polish the durability of a pair of armor boots …
Tongren is also shocked. Looking at people is more of a sigh of relief.
Chapter 13 Insistence
Algofa turned around and didn’t know what happened behind him, which made all four people present look at the back direction with a shocked face, but obviously something unusual happened to make their faces show this expression and that fierce friction …
Although fa saw what happened, she vaguely guessed who caused this situation.
It’s Xiang, right …
I don’t know what he did, but it’s great.
At this moment, even if Baka’s sword pierced her neck, she would no longer feel the slightest fear because she knew Xiang would protect her.
Although that person is not as strong as a bear and pale as a sick seedling, being around him can make people feel inexplicably at ease, but it is not brought by attribute level equipment.
Polygonal fragments fluttered in Zhongxiang, and the fragments disappeared one after another. Then the palm hanging in the middle suddenly became a fist. He looked at Argo’s eyes, full of happiness and terror. Look at the silvery white sword hanging on Argo’s back neck, and the chill suddenly appeared from his eyes like a surging stream in the rainy season.
If you come late … the consequences are unimaginable.
The thought that Argo might disappear in this world, that strange real world, suddenly made him want to kill, which was restrained by the impulse method after rage.
Take a step forward barefoot with cold eyes staring coldly at indecision. Baka never moves a trace. In the middle of walking, he opens the menu with his left hand. Without visual observation, he turns on the prop bar and reassembles the previously unloaded equipment into the character bar.
A burst of white light flashed across Xiang, and it took only five steps to complete the task, from opening the prop bar to equipping a column, holding a ferocious boar head shield in the left hand and a perfect light green sword in the right hand, and walking barefoot step by step towards Baka.
"Stay away from her or die!"
After Baka’s indecision, he frowned and never imagined that just Argo would involve so many things. However, he was not an ordinary person. Seeing Xiang coming step by step, he smiled coldly in Xiang’s eyes, and his straight sword suddenly stabbed Argo in the back of his neck.
Xiang Zheng’s eyes are slightly chilly, and the murderous look is that the handsome face is slightly ferocious.
One-handed straight sword short-distance dash skill was driven by him like an arm, and his figure was suddenly a sword stabbing Baka’s neck that was not covered by Kaijia.
Poof …
It was Baka’s sword that first pierced Argo’s neck and listened to Argo’s pain. If he didn’t confirm whether this sword could directly kill Argo, he quickly drew his sword and retreated to hide Xiang’s one-handed straight sword so that Xiang could fall into a long hard straight because of his skill drop.
Seeing Baka’s sword pierce Argo’s neck, Xiang’s eyes turned red, and he was full of anger, taking up a surge of pitfalls and rampaging in his chest. How could Baka retreat so easily? When a straight sword with one hand drove him to the final distance, he suddenly jumped up, raised his sword and stood in front of him, and made a wave leap in the middle.
Baka’s abacus fell because of Xiang’s brilliant performance, but his reaction was also very quick. He immediately used the most skilled defense skill, an iron wall, which can be blocked by a shield to eliminate a damage effect.
Only to see him raise his shield across Xiang and come to him. The silvery white shield with high quality flashed yellow light.
Xiang’s skill has been recovered, and he can cut a sword on the yellow shield. Baka’s body has a slight skill effect, which makes him suffer no harm at all, but Xiang is caught in a hard straight.
Baka laughed coldly, while Xiang was stuck in a rigid position, his arm lifted with the one-handed sword, and the body gave off red light, that is, the sword pierced Xiang’s chest through the gap between the wind foil and the wild boar confession.
The penetrating form of single blow causes great damage to the target, which is regarded as an excellent single attack skill.
Xiang stuffy hum a blood volume immediately dropped by ten points. Although he was defeated, he didn’t take it easy. After the rigidity passed, the sword was stabbed to Baka’s neck.
Baka and Xiang almost recovered from the hard straight at the same time and disdained to smile. A sword blocked Xiang’s sword, but Xiang’s sword was not a skill, but an ordinary straight stab. There were no restrictions.
Xiang eyelid slightly lifted and then retracted to stab the wind foil, and when Baka’s face showed consternation, he waved a sword at his plate.
Duan chop!