Dong Yuling wowed. Is it possible that all the people in this world are rich except her? You can hit people with a silver ticket with one hand?

"It’s very kind of you to thank the general for me." Dong Yuling put away the silver ticket with a smile.
When the guard saw it, he was relieved. "It should be."
Mammy also breathed a sigh of relief. Is it a silver ticket or a letter?
Seeing this Dong Yuling, I knew that the thank-you gift for so many cars should be that Song Yun waved a stack of silver tickets more directly to General Le. How generous and generous!
Pretend to take out two ingots of twelve taels of silver from the cuff and give them to the guard and the nurse Dong Yuling. She smiled and said that she invited the two to drink tea and then took out some broken silver to let them drink for others.
The guards and Mammy were naturally happy to pinch and crush the silver, and their glances were surprised that one piece or two was just right for everyone to come today.
Does this girl know how many people are coming at a glance?
It’s hard to send the generals away. Dong Yulan saw the honoraria one by one and couldn’t help but sigh, "These officials or family members are rich, and it’s enough for ordinary people to live for generations with one hand."
Say that finish not see his kiddo answer Dong Wei orchid curious twist a head with black line looked at his sister is a face of avarice sample counting the silver ticket.
After counting, Dong Yuling looked up at Dong Yulan. "These things are Mao Mao rain for them, but they are family property for us. Hehe, take good care of your second brother’s small four dowry and your dowry will fall."
"That how line these words to say is also my sister’s dowry is earned back by my sister. It’s nothing with us." Dong Hanxuan took Dong Han Xiao into the door and just heard Dong Yuling’s words and immediately refuted them.
See two people come back with baskets. Dong Yuling’s eyes flash and say that the two younger brothers, Hugh Mu’s family, have disappeared. It turned out that they went to the National Temple to see Yun’s family. "Since it’s my stuff, it’s natural that I have the final say …"
Before the third hour continued to refute Dong Yuling, he diverted his attention, saying, "Come on, I brought a lot of good things back from Wangfu. Come on, take them out and taste them. It needs to be hot. I’ll tell you, the chef’s skill in Wangfu is really not worse than that of the royal chef."
"really?" Dong Wei Lan and Dong Han Xiao are children’s minds. They got excited as soon as they heard about eating, and immediately abandoned Dong Hanxuan and ran into the house.
Look at the younger brothers and sisters who just joined the same front and forget him in an instant. Dong Hanxuan can’t stand up to him, but he’s no match for kiddo, okay?
But on second thought, my sister must get married first, and then she will move the things in the warehouse. Who cares if her sister is going to do so? Dong Hanxuan corners of the mouth a hook is not depressed consciously thought of a good way.
It’s a pity that this child underestimated the "sex" of Dong Yong Ling. She doesn’t care what the rules are. Even if Dong Hanxuan moved the warehouse and made it her dowry, she would be as proud as her younger brother and sister. When she got married, she would pack it up and send it back to the east and west, and it would be hard to add another sum.
Besides, Dong Fengling has no intention of getting married at present.
The next day is a sunny day, and Dong Yuling ran home early to wait. Unfortunately, Dong Yulan has to learn or he will definitely follow.
Sunny came back early and entered the house before nine o’clock, which made Aunt Wu’s family laugh happily.
At this time, the custom is that the sooner the married daughter returns home for the first time, the better, which not only shows the importance of her husband’s family, but also looks forward to her future happiness.
Kuang Qing and her "xianggong" Yao Wang also brought back a lot of gifts, which have been given to the family to the greatest extent. Where is there any dissatisfaction with Aunt Wu?
At the beginning, Xuanfu made the Yao family do very well except that the dowry couldn’t catch up with the Liu family, which made Aunt Wu very glad that Dong Yong’s intervention didn’t confuse her to the end.
As soon as Sunny entered the door, Dong Yuling observed her face and saw that she was full of happiness except shyness. This was completely released. Chapter 146 is going to take the exam.
I know that happiness is not necessarily true when others look at it.
What’s the matter? Does Xuanfushi have a fine family and marry too many Dong Yuling or will she be worried about her specific situation?
There are many people in this family. Wu gave birth to five or two women. Except for Liu Langyun, he is a child care worker and has returned home today.
Look at the fine and carefully send gifts to everyone. Dong Yuling smiled and looked at Yao Wang.
Xuanfu is a military attache. Yao Wang doesn’t look as weak as usual. You can tell by his face that he is a healthy person with no special facial features, but he is very attractive. On the whole, he is also a good-looking talent.
No wonder Sunny didn’t like Liu Feng at the beginning, so love rat is deliberately dressed up and can’t compare with Yao Wanghan.
As if aware of Dong Ling’s eyes, Yao looked up and his eyes flashed politely and nodded at Dong Ling.
Dong Fengling smiled gently and secretly thought that he was a fine man.
Living with such men has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the means.
But married women are different. It’s only been a few days. Sunny is much more stable and has the demeanor of being a housewife.
Dong Yuling looked at all this with a smile and sighed a little. If the modern fifteen-year-old child only graduated from junior high school, this era is to support a family.
After distributing other people’s gifts, Sunny walked over to Dong Yuling and handed her a quaint box.
"Why do I have it?" Dong Yuling was a little surprised. Isn’t this kind of gift only available to her parents?

Zhang Lao six woke up from a coma and seemed to be scattered all over. "Hey? I’m not dead! " The old man couldn’t believe himself, but he was aching all over and woke up. He wasn’t dreaming.

He groped his way up, and now he has fallen off Xiunv Peak. A valley at the bottom of the peak is full of fallen leaves for many years. He is falling off this pile of fallen leaves, otherwise he would have died from that height.
Zhang Laoliu looked at the rejuvenation grass in his hand and lit it up again in his heart, hoping to find a way to go out and save his son.
But when I looked up, it was surrounded by Hei Junjun, and the mountain Tianma was about to get dark, and the rain still didn’t stop.
Touching the steep cliff next to him, he tried, but there was no way to climb the cliff like a knife, almost at a 90-degree angle.
What should we do? How to go out?
Zhang Laoliu fumbled around and looked around. Now there is a small cave over there. I wonder if I can go out from there?
He thought about slowly holding the mountain wall and walking to the cave. He took a look at the mouth of the cave. It seemed that there was a little light in it. Zhang Laoliu was eager to save his heart, and he went in no matter what danger was inside.
The cave has just been very narrow, and after walking for a while, it has gradually become wider, and even the vision has become wider. Zhang Laoliu feels that the cave has a mysterious atmosphere, but he can’t say what it is.
The cave is getting wider and wider. It’s a hole in the sky. The air here is fresh and not as dirty as expected. The temperature is a little cold. Although the temperature is already low in late autumn, the temperature in the cave seems to have been soaked in deep winter. The more Zhang Laohan feels cold and shivering.
He curled up his neck and groped for the hole in the ground. The number of frost flowers has formed. Whether the wall or the ground is white, there is a cold light. What is the mouth of the cave that saw a glimmer of light? It is probably these frost flowers that reflect the light.
Soon at the bottom of the cave, old man Zhang was disappointed that there was no so-called exit. It seems that there is no way to get through here, and he wants to go back the same way.
But all of a sudden, the ground in front of us is risking light steam.
Zhang Laohan went forward curiously and took a closer look. He was surprised that there was a hot spring in such a cold environment.
Zhang Laohan looked into the hot spring. A figure appeared in the clear spring. He rubbed his eyes and looked carefully. It was good that there was a man lying in the hot spring. He looked like a young man in his twenties. His face was angular and full of masculine muscles. He was full of strength and fitness like a sun god. His head and eyebrows were lux red, as if a fire were burning. He just curled up quietly and held his legs, lying there motionless as if asleep.
A grotesque dagger was inserted in his heart, which penetrated deeply into the young man’s left chest like a snake, revealing that the handle of the dagger was inlaid with a sparkling red gem.
Is this man dead? What is lying in this hot spring?
Lao Zhang almost forgot the cold. He looked around the hot spring. No, he had to find a way to get out quickly. Xiaorong is still waiting for this life-saving grass! Zhang Laohan wanted to walk out of the cave by the original road.
But just after a few steps, I thought that the handle of the dagger inserted in the young man’s body was inlaid with such a big red gem, which looked very valuable and could probably change a lot of silver and food! I can get a better doctor for my son and improve my family life. Zhang Laoliu decided to pull the dagger out and take it away.
I’ve made up my mind. Zhang Lao Liu jumped into the hot spring and pulled to the young man’s side. He put his hands into the water and turned the young man over. How heavy!
The young man was lying on his back in the water with a handsome red knife-shaped eyebrows and a slightly ruffled face. The lines were as tough as stones.
Zhang Laoliu clenched his teeth and touched the handle Bi. He held the handle and pulled it out with a jerk. The young man’s chest was pulled out because of too much force. Zhang Laoliu even fell into the hot spring with the Bi. It is strange that this Bi actually "sou" went up in smoke. The old man looked at the swinging hand and couldn’t help but freeze.
Fortunately, it didn’t hurt to fall in the water, but the rejuvenation grass also fell into the water and floated not far from Zhang Laoliu. Zhang Laoliu quickly reached out and touched the rejuvenation grass, but before his palm could reach the fairy grass, he grabbed the grass first.
Zhang Laohan was shocked and looked intently at the water. The young man actually reached out and grabbed the life-saving grass of the old man. Slowly, he sat up from the water. He turned his messy lux head and hand to his head and revealed his face. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and a pair of the same lux demon pupils were radiant, which was very strange and terrible.
When did Zhang Laohan live to this age and see this situation? The body in the original soaking water has actually come back to life, and there are a pair of eyes that are not human lux.
The young man just sat in the water and looked at Zhang Laohan with a strange smile. He slowly opened his mouth and four fangs appeared in front of Zhang Laohan’s eyes, and his head slowly grew a sharp corner.
"Ghosts!" Zhang Laohan quickly climbed out of the water and ran frantically to the mouth of the cave, but he didn’t run more than a dozen paces. He felt a chill in his back. Looking back, he actually shot a column of blood from his back and the other end reached the mouth of the young man in the water. He actually sucked out his own blood.
Zhang Laohan "plopped" and fell down. He felt that he had vented his anger and didn’t get into the air. His eyes protruded as if they had been drained.
He tried to open his eyes and hold his breath as he watched the young man get up from the water.
The young man walked slowly to Zhang Laohan with a strange smile on his mouth. His voice was also very secretive and arrogant. "Thank you for understanding my seal. This’ broken magic sword’ has sealed me for three thousand years. I have to sleep in this hot spring all my life! I didn’t expect you, the old man, to untie the seal for me. It’s an act of god! To thank you, I give you eternal life and a young body? How about it? "
He gently crouched down to his fangs and bit his fingers, dripping his blood into the wound on Zhang Laohan’s back. Zhang Laohan was breathing hard with his mouth open, and he was rolling painfully. Slowly, his old body was slowly restored to youth, and his face became black like a young man. His mouth gradually grew fangs. He got up, his eyes turned bright red, and he bowed respectfully to the young man. "See The Hunger Temple! Please command! "

I feel that my body is still trembling and I want to stop, but my mind is full of chaos. I cringe with my consciousness in my mouth and muttered, "I killed her … I killed her … What should I do?"

The original hugged me tightly, and I heard a voice in my ear saying, "I am here."
The sound is very light, I can’t tell who it is, but it is surprisingly reassuring.
My consciousness is gradually blurred, and I feel my eyelids are heavy.
The arms are warm and warm …
When I woke up, it was dark, and I could faintly hear the watchman playing outside.
"Gege, you’re awake." Dong Ying ran to my bed and lifted me up. I lit a pillow behind me so that I could lean half-way.
Looking back at the scene during the day, I still can’t help but shake my head and not think about the bloody scene. I hesitated or asked, "Where’s Lord Dong Ying Belle?"
"Back to Gege, Baylor just left. Now it’s time to go to the room." Winter Ying replied with a smile in her eyes.
I wondered, "What are you laughing at?"
"Gege, you’re asleep. Of course you don’t know what it was like when Lord Baylor brought you in."
I didn’t think of it until I fell asleep in his arms, so I was embarrassed to ask Dong Ying again.
"Lord Baylor kept you for a long time. Lord Nala and Lord Nian came to see you, and the handmaiden saw that Lord Nian kept biting his lips. Presumably, Lord Baylor had never been so kind to anyone." Dong Ying’s face was full of pride.
"Winter Ying" I called "I freshen up"
"Gege, you should have a good self-cultivation. Doctor Li said you were frightened …"
"I’m going to see Lord Baylor," I interrupted.
Dong Ying’s eyes immediately lit up and replied, "It’s Gege!"
Looking at her, I was really in distress situation, but I could feel that my mood was slightly brighter.
Chapter 9 Scare [3]
After washing and dressing, Dong Ying accompanied me to his door.
I stood outside the door, still hesitating for a moment, and finally pushed the door in, but it was him who caught my eye.
I didn’t react at the moment, so wait for a while stared at him
He looked up and saw that I stopped moving, and I found that he was holding a small porcelain bottle in his hand.
"Don’t you know the number of knocks?" He said coldly.
"Are you hurt? Why not call it cure too much? " I ignored his censure and asked with concern.
He smelled a cold hum, but he still replied, "A little injury like this will arouse people." He bowed his head and continued to fiddle with the wound.
"I’ll do it." I went over and picked up the gauze and said
"You?" He looked at me in a tone of disbelief. "Will you do this?"
"Well," I lightly replied, ignoring his provocation and carefully wrapping gauze around his arm.
This injury should have been scratched by the female dagger when he pulled me. I didn’t notice it at that time.
"It’s rare." He suddenly came up with such a sentence with a smile in his speech.
I looked up at him puzzled and said, "What a rare thing?"
"It’s rare that you have such a good temper," he replied.
I immediately understood what he meant. On weekdays, I met him and either hid or he talked back. I have never been so harmonious, and I thought that he deliberately provoked me. I can’t help but feel funny. Who would have thought that this cold-faced prince would have such a … cute side if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes?
I smiled even more when I thought that these two words were put in his body.
"It’s worth your while," he asked unhappily
After the wound was bandaged, I looked up at him and his eyebrows wrinkled tightly again.
"Nothing," I replied, "but I’m just having fun."
"Nothing to steal?" He repeat my words as if he were thin.
"It’s so late, don’t you rest?" I asked.
"Go back to the house by yourself." He got up and sat down in front of the case lightly.
Before I left, I turned around and asked, "Stay in the room at night?"
He looked at me and picked his eyebrows.
I looked at his look and thought about it again. I didn’t feel anything wrong with what I just said, so I still looked at him calmly.
After a silence, he said in a plain tone, "Let’s rest in your room today."

Huangfuyi interrupted him, "Impossible!"

It’s ridiculous to ask him to marry Princess Ling Yue!
Looking at the beautiful and elegant face of Jiao Jiao Yue Hua Huangfuyi, a mocking smile crossed her face.
The night wind blew his blue shirt, and the coldness in his star eyes showed.
"Xiao Jiu, I have intended to arrange for you to be happy for many years; I even thought that the secret that pressed my heart would always be kept from you. "The deep and quiet voice overflowed from Huangfuqing’s mouth. He looked slightly painful." But according to the current situation, if I keep it from you again, it will cause you to be trapped in a painful way and even endanger your life and the life of Dingguo! "
Huangfuyi suddenly said coldly, "What are you hiding from me?"
"I didn’t mean to deceive you." You sighed and Huangfuqing was very sad. "It was my father who asked me to swear before he left. If I want to protect you, I can’t confide in you for weeks." He didn’t feel a bad feeling for a long time, but he didn’t ask but waited for Huangfuqing to continue to say.
"Love between men and women in the world is a common thing, but you can’t directly cause you and your lover to get hurt because you are emotional. The final result is that you will be out of control and want to kill your lover yourself like a madman. Your heartache will gradually increase from slight tingling."
"The way to relieve heartache is to drink blood and drink fresh blood, but it can stop your pain for a while, and madness will still breed in your heart, because the more you like your lover, the more you love her, and the craziness will become stronger and stronger. It will stimulate you to lose your mind and make a lifelong regret."
"I’ll believe you if you make up this lie?" Huangfuyi’s words have no ups and downs, but her heart has been ups and downs like stormy waves.
The more I like him, the more I love him, the more painful my heart will be. The madman will kill her himself!
What logic is this?
He didn’t believe it, and he didn’t want to believe it, but …
"Xiao Jiu in addition to this matter for so many years, brother cheated you again!" HuangFuQing voice more and more appear low "I asked my father at that time? Father is shaking his head to swear to protect you for a week. "
"Because of this, you have been sending women to my backyard for years, so that I can’t talk about being emotional when I’m exhausted in Qian Fan." Huangfuyi didn’t ask, but especially affirmed.
Huangfuqing didn’t deny it. "That’s right. I don’t want to see you in pain. I don’t want to see you kill your lover yourself one day …"
"… I won’t be heartbroken if I kill her, right?" Huangfuyi moved the eyes light to the long moonlight and asked slowly
"Yes and no!" Huangfuqing closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them again. "The root cause of your pain will be dispersed because of the death of your lover, but you will fall into another kind of pain. Do you think your heart will be calm at that time?" Huangfuyi didn’t say anything for a long time. Huangfuqing’s lips moved and continued, "Once your temperament is emotional, it’s that your lover is killed by you. Will you still live alone in the world?"
Quiet silence around a copy is like gas also stagnate.
Yue Hua spilled but disappeared for a moment.
The night was as dark as the ink gallery, and the lights suddenly started to shake in the strong wind, and neither of them spoke again.
Looking at the rain curtain in front of the porch, Huangfuyi lost his hands behind him and clenched them again.
"I was tricked when I was young?" He muttered, but shook his head a moment later. "No, if someone really poisoned me, I should have solved it after eating ice fruit. So what about my symptoms?" Lip angle set off a strong wry smile.
He is white, and the stabbing pain in his heart is getting worse.
It turned out that it was because he was moved.
Yes, every time I think of her, I think of liking her and loving her, and the tingling will come.
A slight quiver HuangFuYi handsome peerless face emerge with a pale.
"Xiao Jiu, you are not in the method of" suspection.i qing painful voice "but blood curse! You have been cursed with blood! Over the years, I have consulted many ancient books to find a good way to break this blood curse. Nai Nai found only one way in the end! "
Huangfuyi said, "Did that man curse the blood?"
"Should he take off?" Huangfuqing said.
"Who is he? It’s because of the ambition to seek the great Zhou Jiangshan, but what is the reason for cursing my blood? " Take back your eyes and move to Huangfuqing Huangfuyi and quietly look at "Father didn’t tell you anything?"
Huangfuqing shook his head. "No father makes me swear to protect you all my life. Zhou Wan can’t make you emotional!"
"He should know the identity of the man and know that he gave me a blood curse!" Huangfuyi lip lick way
"Maybe." Huangfuqing’s eyes were dim and faint. "I can’t figure out what my father thought when he was killed in a frenzy. He must have known some reasons but told me when he didn’t leave."
"Father ….." HuangFuYi star eyes flashing lip Angle raised a little if there is a smile "blood curse? I don’t believe that evil! " Liancheng … I don’t believe that evil. I said I would love you, love you, protect you and spoil you all my life. I will never break my word! Liancheng, even if that blood curse is true, it can’t influence me to decide that I won’t hurt you, even if I hurt myself, I won’t hurt you!
"Xiao Jiu, you are bitter!" Huangfu Qingyu said sadly, "I forbid you to take risks!"
Huangfuyi didn’t say anything. Huangfuqing added, "Lingyue is very mysterious. I heard that there are people who can do witchcraft there. Maybe if you marry Princess Lingyue, you can solve the blood curse by another method!"
"I like her and love her. No one can replace her!" Huangfuyi word for word
HuangFuQing smell words more painful "you will hurt her hurt yourself! There are many good girls who have married Princess Ling Yue. If it doesn’t matter if you can solve your blood curse and settle the country, I will let you marry her as a princess. "
"Are you asking me to betray her feelings?" A cold smile HuangFuYi way "do you think she will be willing to? Will she be willing to her character? "
"If she doesn’t want to, then give up on her," said Huangfu Qingshen, and paused. His tone softened and urged, "What kind of girl is so big in heaven and earth that I am not the prince of Zhou Yi with your appearance and charm …" Cut off his words. Huangfu Yi’s robe sleeve swung out of a pavilion not far from the gallery and was instantly razed after a loud bang.
The strength spread. Even if Huangfuqing reacted quickly, he was still not caught by the wave. He staggered back a few steps. His mouth overflowed with blood and his eyes hurt. "Xiao Jiu!" But for a moment, he saw Huangfuyi waved one mouthful blood from his mouth, and suddenly it gushed out. He was so scared that Liushen acted quickly to help this young brother who had grown up loving him since childhood.
HuangFuYi push his eyes color firm voice cold sink a way "I don’t want you to tube! No matter how many women there are, she is the price. She is Liancheng and I am Liancheng. I want her to be my princess and marry her! "
He slowly sat down to the ground, his hands knotted, his chest slender knife-shaped eyebrows locked, his lips lost color, and his lips almost folded into a straight line as if he were trying to restrain some kind of pain! The pain spread from his heart, and he missed her. He liked her and just got angry. The damn pain came to him like a flood!
Wu Liang’s long hair hung freely over his shoulders, and his blue body was raised and dropped by the night wind, and then raised and fell again …
A light, soft, blue light concealed him, and he just sat there.
Huangfuqing looked at him quietly. After a long time, he looked up and forced back his eyes, and the wet meaning gradually poured out!
Xiao Jiu!’ Stay calm a little bit. He crouched beside Huangfuyi and said, "Hello, brother, whatever you do and say."
Huangfuyi slowly opened his eyes to disperse the blue light around him. "I don’t need you to be so kind to me," he said, and his micro-running qi shocked Huangfuqing just touching his arms and hands.

I replied cautiously, "I’ll try my best, but I can’t guarantee that I can cure your friend."

The south county king’s eyes suddenly flashed sharply and stared at me firmly. His eyes were full of oppression and warned me every word.
"Wang doesn’t know how to treat a doctor, but he knows how to look at a talented person who is superficial and who is hidden. Wang thinks he can still see me. You don’t want to expose your superb medical skills and cause trouble, but I don’t want you to keep your strength when my friend sees a doctor, otherwise even if I appreciate you, I won’t let you go. You have to believe me that Ling Mu is absolutely capable of dealing with you."
I was chilled by his sharp eyes. I’m worthy of being a battlefield warrior. He’s really welcome. The sound of language is enough to make people feel chilling.
"You will come to my house the day after tomorrow, and I want to end this wish before I go to war." The king of Nanjun decided the day arbitrarily.
Can I "…"
Qi Yun can’t stay in the palace all the time, so I will help Bai Xihuang cure the poison instead of him. I can try my best to prolong his life for a few days.
I came to Yulong Palace with silver needle medicine, but I didn’t find Bai Xihuang in the bedroom. The maids said that Bai Xihuang went to the room.
I can’t tell you how long I was in the mood at the moment, but Bai Xihuang abandoned the luxury of women. Now I have only a few days to live, but I am completely transformed and I can’t wait to break it into several parts.
Is it that people are dying and good at words and deeds?
Maybe Bai Xihuang is the real Bai Xihuang now, and there is no need to hide his sexuality because he is dying.
However, in this way, he will make people more sad and burn the last bit of vitality, and then leave this world forever with regret and unwillingness.
Hardly had I reached the room when a maid-in-waiting greeted me and knocked on the door to let me in.
Walking to the outer screen, I heard the discussion inside, both old and full of gas. From time to time, there was a heated debate. Bai Xihuang seemed to have called many ministers.
I hesitated to walk in like this, which was a bit presumptuous. I waited outside and hoped that these ministers and mothers would call them home for dinner soon.
It’s been more than an hour, and I don’t think it’s early. Even if the energy of these ministers is limited, Bai Xihuang must not consume too much spirit, otherwise it will accelerate poisoning. I can’t care so much.
I went straight in, and the discussion was in full swing. When more than a dozen ministers found out that I broke in, they immediately stopped cautiously and unanimously shot me with an eye knife.
Seeing that I am dressed in ordinary clothes and probably a maid-in-waiting, some ministers disapprove of looking at me and think I am too unruly.
I swept all the way over to distinguish the identities of these people from the differences among officials.
I can’t help secretly surprised at this. It seems that there are many officials who support Bai Xihuang, and there are more than I thought. Moreover, most of these dozen people are one or three officials, and the power in the DPRK is not small.
These people include the left commander, Feng Ye, the official department, Zhao Yue, the group department, Huang Zhaowei, the assistant minister of the Ministry of War, Dong Mi, the imperial secretary, Cheng Yun, Dali Temple Secretary, Taichang Temple Shaoqing and so on.
There are Bai Xihuang people in the political departments of the DPRK and China.
"What can I do for you? It’s really rude. Can’t you see that the emperor and we are discussing something important? " The assistant minister of the Ministry of War is a soldier, and his character is more than his civil servant’s. honest and frank disdains to look at me and scold me.
I suddenly understand these people in my heart. Maybe I’m Bai Xihuang’s pet, but I’m arrogant and unruly and broke into the room.
The atmosphere of assistant minister Dong’s room suddenly became weird, and the ministers stared at me with inquiry in their eyes, waiting for my answer.
I’m so embarrassed that I can’t let Bai Xihuang lose face among the ministers, let alone let them recognize their positions or indulge in debauchery.
What should I do? I can’t help but look at Bai Xihuang after sitting on the desk. He leans against the white fox skin to pad his face. The white fox skin reflects that his face is particularly pale and his whole body is as soft as tired.
Seeing that I was reprimanded by the assistant minister of the Ministry of War, he frowned deeper and calmed me down with a smile. He tried to help me out.
I’m afraid of Bai Xihuang, defending me from doing something inappropriate, and suddenly my brain suddenly flashes.
I said, "I’m a female official around the Queen, paying my respects to the Emperor and ministers." I have to borrow your identity from Jingyan.
Ministers look a little better, but they still look at me discontentedly. If I can’t give a reasonable reason for breaking in, they will still feel Bai Xihuang’s palace.
Bai Xihuang smiled slightly when I said this, but she still cooperated with me and asked, "What did the Queen send you for?"
I was worried and looked at the ministers pretending to break up.
"Empress knows that the emperor is discussing important state affairs with his ministers, and she dare not disturb them at dinner, but the queen has seen that it has been two hours since dinner, and the ministers must be hungry again and again. If you want to go back to the house and eat dinner again, even if it is bad for your stomach, the queen is worried about the health of the emperor and the ministers, so she wants me to make an imperial decree."
I bowed to the ministers and said with a smile, "My queen is sympathetic to the hard work of the ministers and specially set up a dinner in the East Palace to entertain the adults."
This excuse is perfect, which not only explains the reason why I broke in, but also reflects the queen’s virtue. I find that my lying is getting higher and higher
The ministers had dinner with me, and most of them were hungry, even thanking the queen for her kindness.
Feng Ye, the left-hand man, folded his sleeves and saluted me, "The old lady thanked the queen for her meal" and then looked at me kindly and appreciatively.
I was secretly surprised that Feng Ye seemed to see through my identity, but he didn’t discover it.
I laughed and said, "I must tell the Empress for Zuo Xiangye."
Zuo Xiang also said to Bai Xihuang, "The emperor took the queen’s dinner after the reform minister and then went back to the room to discuss."
Zuo Xiang left with his ministers.
I immediately called the maid-in-waiting to call the imperial kitchen for a banquet in the East Palace, and then gave Bai Xihuang an injection. Bai Xihuang was very cooperative, or he couldn’t cooperate now. After poisoning, he was like a soft-footed crab, and even if I ravaged him, I couldn’t resist it.
"Hey you endure? You don’t want to take revenge! I find that your needle is getting more and more painful. Oh, be gentle. I’m not a hedgehog. "Bai Xihuang murmured discontentedly.
I picked up a long needle and plunged it into the acupuncture point in his chest.
"Don’t look down on people. I won’t take advantage of people’s danger. I’ll let you taste the taste of being a hedgehog when you are ready." Do I still have this chance after thinking about it? I can’t help but feel sad. "Your pain is because you are poisoned more and more deeply …"
"After missing this time, there is no chance." Even Bai Xihuang’s tone is faint and lonely.

"But listen to me this time, okay? I heard that the sunrise on Mount Tai is the most beautiful. Let’s go to see it together every year, okay? I know you like it, and I like to remember that it’s every year." His slender fingers gently outlined her face, and her eyes were deep and dark, and finally she had to hold her and fall asleep.

In Luoyang Palace these days, the war situation in Dongliang has been reversed, and bei chu’s army is on a roll. The Nangong Cold has already lost to the trend. It is smooth for Mu Jing to pray for troops to attack Nangan, and several people have also come to Dongliang to help, but there has not been much change.
But even so, the defeat of Dongliang is so obvious that bei chu is too superior.
Nai Xuanyuan Tianyue has no plans to go to Dongliang for the time being, but this does not prevent him from reaching orders.
Xuanyuan Tianyue in the Hall of Supreme Harmony let go of the official document and got up and walked out directly. It’s been an hour since he came out. Think that she should wake up, too. "Go and send the toffee to Huayue Hall." The lavender figure hurried away as if she was afraid of delaying a moment, so she gave her a less look.
Although it was April, the doors of Huayue Temple were still a little cold when it was windy. He had told the doors not to be big in the morning.
Xuanyuantianyue frowned slightly and just stepped into the door of the temple. A cold breath came upon him, and his heart trembled and his face sank quickly.
Soon he came out again and shouted, "Where’s the toffee!" He has a handsome face and a cloudy face, and he smells violent and mysterious. He is manic when things are coming.
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Chapter 465 Still coming?
Road a carriage slowly while driving in a white woman with her eyes closed and her eyes rested, but the man’s eyes kept stopping her face.
It seems that I finally couldn’t help it. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at the man next to me. "The big brother has been looking at me like this, so I am not sleepy."
"Xiaoyan, are you really going to leave like this?" Stuart first frown.
The brilliance in the shallow bright eyes passed away, and she tilted her head and looked out of the window. The sunshine and beautiful birds and flowers were the benefits of spring.
"Let him always accompany my nest there? His world will be vast and a corner of peace will break his wings. He should be an eagle. How can I stop his footsteps? Besides, I have other things to deal with this time, which is that I can’t help but face people. "Shallow eyebrows crossed a undercurrent.
Looking at the shallow and dignified appearance, Stuart first sighed, "Once upon a time, when you were young, it was six years since you were old. Maybe we really missed you for too long. If we yearn for the world, we can understand your current thoughts."
"Brother, do you mean this child?" At Stuart’s first glance, Shuer smiled and said indifferently, "Nature is the only proof that I have ever been with this world."
"He is your death warrant" Stuart first sink said.
Smiling, "Brother should know whether he or not, the result is the same for me."
"But …" Stuart first frowned.
"It’s just a matter of time. Brother has been a doctor for so many years, haven’t you seen through it?" Shallow slightly shook his head and looked calm. "Besides, without this child, I would like to think of the past? Well, I owe him, and I’ll entrust him to my senior brother in the future. I always rest assured of your medical skills. "
Listen to this Stuart first hands suddenly clenched cold drink a "XiaoYan son don’t bullshit you …"
"Brother, don’t be nervous. Since I picked things out today, it means that I won’t hide it from you. These days, I vaguely feel that I’m not in good health. After having a child, I moved to the child’s body. This is also why my body is getting weaker and weaker. They helped me temporarily suppress the heart-eating method to my body, but unfortunately, as the child grew up, the heart-eating method was transferred to another body." I smiled and gently put my hand on my abdomen and flashed a soft color. "I’m sorry for him. I was too selfish after all."
"Xiaoyan son, we still eat the heart method to give you back …" Stuart gave me a dignified look at the first side. Things were worse than he thought, but one day if he didn’t eat the heart method, she wouldn’t be able to live to the present. They all know that she can live to the present because of the heart method.
Shallow nature knows what’s on his mind. Shu Er smiles and reveals a subtle color. "That’s because someone won’t want me to die and still die in this situation. If I don’t see him for a day, he won’t start work."
"That man …" Stuart said tentatively at first glance.
Shallow eyes transient sharp heart suddenly a murderous thought. She saw Stuart’s first sight, and she was silent for a moment. She turned to look at her bulging abdomen and suddenly laughed. "What’s wrong with me? I agreed to stabilize my mood. Don’t be angry." She looked up at the opposite man. "Brother said I have one thing to ask you for help."
Simply put, the topic was changed. Stuart first twisted his eyebrows. "What is it?"
"It’s a small matter for my brother, but it’s a great kindness to me." I smiled a little, but my eyes smiled a little.
Gaoshan, a man in a yellow robe, bears elegance in one hand, and his face is somewhat mysterious.
"The moon has you finally come to see me? Are you afraid that I will be injured in the war, right? I know that you are worried about me in your heart. "The man’s face unconsciously reveals a smile.
"Don’t go when you come back this time, and I won’t let you go, Moon. We can finally be together for a long time."
The man looked up at the foot of the mountain and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised. "Moon, do you like this day? If we get this day, no one can stop us from being together. "
"Don’t worry, I will give you an eternal country soon, where no one can bother us anymore."
The man’s face smiles a little and enlarges his eyes, and he unconsciously gives birth to a limited yearning.
"Tai Dian Huang invites you in the past" A little while later, a man in black came forward and saluted respectfully.

Suddenly, Kunyang was cold, and he regretted Su Yiming, a wonderful person who should be hiding something himself. Why did you put him in front of everyone? Even if you want to show up, you should wait until your good deeds are done.

Thought of here, cold Kunyang looked at everyone’s eyes a little more alert. The original cheerful mood disappeared and his face turned cold.
"Isn’t it time to announce the banquet?" The queen doesn’t know that cold Kunyang suddenly exudes a rage and her heart thumped. Chapter four hundred and thirty Buddhist was injured!
Looking around, I don’t know who annoyed the Great God Queen around me, secretly pulling Leng Kunyang’s sleeve and taking the lead in picking up the glass to signal Leng Kunyang to raise his glass.
Leng Kunyang choked back his unhappiness, raised his glass and said a few words about the scene. Everyone replied and drank a cup of this banquet.
Today, Leng Kunyang obviously spent some thoughts on this banquet. First, he gave Su Yiming some music to enjoy Khmer poetry and songs. Second, it was the last festival of Leng Yu Chen, and he wanted to leave more memories for the queen and Leng Yu Chen Er.
Su Yiming holds his head in one hand and plays with a wine lamp in the other. The corners of his mouth are radiant with evil smiles, but his eyes are somewhat dim. At this time of family gathering, it is someone else who is busy in this temple. He thought that Qiu Er and his mother hated themselves for not being able to remove all obstacles and accompany them to sing or dance at any time, which not only failed to make him feel happy, but made his heart more lonely as snow.
Cold Kunyang has always been tireless in eating fine food. Today, it is ordered to prepare exquisite Khmer specialties such as peony, orchid dragon, pearl mandarin fish, magnolia tofu, etc. Unfortunately, Su Yiming looked at it but had no appetite and almost no movement.
Xiao Bai Su Yiming pours wine from time to time behind him. Tonight, the main body gives off a breath. There is a name that is "loneliness". I know that he is treading on thin ice in this palace and cannot and should not drink too much wine. But tonight, Xiao Bai, who is monitored by cold Kunyang, dare not stop Su Yiming from enjoying himself.
Sitting next to Su Yiming are Leng Yu Chen and Tai Fei. His sons Leng Yu Chen are also in a sad mood today. It hurts faintly to think that this is the last time in this life that his family has resigned and welcomed Leng Yu Chen.
Cold rain Chen looked up and saw Su Yiming’s slightly sympathetic eyes. He saw Su Yiming slightly raising the wine lamp in his hand, and his heart moved and raised the wine lamp, echoing the two people’s hands and looked up at the same time.
This seems to have found a tacit understanding. Su Yiming and Lengyuchen frequently interacted to raise glasses, and both of them drank a lot unconsciously.
Cold Kunyang corner has been noting the scene of Su Yiming, which naturally failed to escape his eyes, but for the cold rain, he did not guard against it. If Chen’s son tried to Su Yiming, he would not recommend himself. This son is indeed the most loyal pity … Just let Su Yiming accompany him to Du Kang to relieve his worries! Better Su Yiming get drunk tonight! Thought of here, the cold Kunyang is in a strange and good mood. Look at the people in the temple and their eyes become soft.
After three rounds of wine, many emperors got up to propose a toast to Leng Kunyang. Of course, how could they neglect Su Yiming beside Leng Kunyang when they finished their worship?
It’s one thing to hear it, but it’s another thing to see it with your own eyes. Even if you’ve heard about the Buddhist style before, you know that all the beauties you’ve seen before are for nothing. This is a rare beauty.
It’s just casual. It’s just hanging your eyes and smiling. It’s just a toast. It’s the most extreme amorous feelings of people. Rao is the cold Kunyang children. They have been rolling in the beauty pile all the year round. At this moment, all Su Yiming dumped one by one. When toasting, they looked at Su Yiming’s eyes. They were so eager to hide their tenderness and eager to see the cold Kunyang secretly grinding their teeth.
Immediately, the princesses toasted before, and the daughters of Kunyang were always in the eye. I respect that no matter what the palace banquet was, there were few toasts to the Empress before leaving for so many years. Obviously, Su Yiming’s charm was too great. Toast to her father and mother was a hypothetical opportunity to leave an impression in front of Buddhist teachers and say a few words. That’s true.
Su Yiming got up one by one and replied that he didn’t speak much, but it happened that he was so nice and drunk. His eyes were blurred and his skin was a little reddish, which made him look more charming and S-curve like a spring flower full of tea leaves swaying in the wind, waiting for the lover to come to care and pick it.
The emperor or the princess, which one is not drunk? Su Yiming didn’t say anything to them, but it happened that they felt that his eyes said everything. The corners of his mouth smiled, and when he spoke, his eyes flickered with long feathers, and he was not obviously close to them, and he was not invited.
Leng Kunyang looked on coldly and looked the same, but he couldn’t wait to blow his sons and daughters out. Su Yiming was polite, but these rabbits were as excited as taking medicine, and their eyes were shining with peach blossoms and they didn’t look at themselves.
Thought of here, cold Kunyang snorted a few times, then raised his hands and patted the hall. Immediately, the hall was quiet, and those who tried to befriend Su Yiming returned to their seats.
The band Sishu floated in the night, and more than a dozen dancers walked into the temple with light steps, dancing with long sleeves and counting delicate petals. At the same time, the temple was full of flowers. Although these dancers were all quietly choosing beautiful women, at the moment, everyone thought that Su Yiming was more charming by sitting there drinking.
In the rain, the graceful dancer is dancing like a water snake, and the waist dance is light and beautiful. This choreographer is also painstaking. Every movement highlights the feminine limbs of the two women and gradually captures the hearts of everyone.
The music soared, and the dancers danced more happily. The dance formation broke up into two columns and everyone danced at the table.
The first one danced in front of the Empress Dowager, writhing and looking at Leng Kunyang with a smile. She seemed to tell and invite her soft bones to turn lightly, and her eyes were just right, which successfully made Leng Kunyang smile.
The queen secretly frowned and denounced the dancer in this palace. She is getting bolder and bolder, and dare to be so straightforward in front of her.
Then the music turned again to relieve the dancers, and the cloud sleeves were thrown to the square again, and the petals were thrown again. The petal rain instantly enveloped everyone and an extraordinary fragrance suddenly filled the air.
They just watched and saw that they gradually danced to the center, surrounded the leading dancer, and danced a budding flower in front of the Empress, stretching her arms and modeling it as [Meiyan].
"Not good! Toxic! " Su Yiming looked up and drank a little when everyone was in a state of mind, and then he was swept to the front of cold Kunyang immediately. At the same time, those seemingly weak dancers held their hands and unexpectedly held the leading dancer in their hands. I didn’t know when I had condensed a dagger, shining with dazzling white light, and stabbed it at cold Kunyang.
"There is an assassin!" Leng Yuchen drank a lot just before he tried to rescue him, only to find that his hair was dizzy and weak. He shook his head with a jerk, but he still didn’t wake up. Those dancers all set out swords and stabbed the people on both sides. Although everyone was repaired, they were poisoned. At this moment, they couldn’t help but protect the children and the harem.
Outside the temple, the body-guard heard the call and was about to rush in. I didn’t expect that there were spies among the musicians. These guys danced with their sleeves and spilled smoke, which knocked down his musicians and rushed to the front body-guard, and then they fought with the body-guard behind them.
These assassins are very good at martial arts, and once poisoned, they will take over the wind and successfully block all those who want to rescue before.
Leng Kunyang unhurriedly took the queen back, then pulled out Dan medicine from the body and fed it to herself and the queen’s mouth. The queen stared at Su Yiming in front of her with her eyes behind her.
This dancer’s skill is not low. With the dagger stabbing, it is a white ball of light, and every move is very vicious. Su Yiming did not condense his weapon, but turned around to avoid the dancer’s attack.
However, due to the warning from the mouth, everyone also inhaled poison gas and perhaps drank too much wine. Su Yiming’s finger popped up a purple ball of light. Although he successfully blocked the dancer’s attack, his body turned less light than usual. A small spirit beast appeared beside him and cooperated with Xiao Bai one by one.
As soon as the dancer raised her hand, a snake flew out of the sleeve and instantly entangled Xiaobai and the spirit beast. However, she tried to rush in several times and was blocked by Su Yiming. Seeing that she couldn’t make a quick decision, she could hear that the body guard was getting closer and closer outside. The dancer frowned and suddenly pulled out something and threw it on the ground, while shouting "Withdraw!"

Seeing Noah’s eyes slowly open and his arms spread out at night, "Welcome back to Noah."

Night feather …
Noah’s eyes were a little wet. "Well … I’m back." Just when they were immersed in a warm atmosphere, the door was suddenly kicked by some ignorant guy and gave off a heavy "pound". Enough! "
Xiumenkou was aggressive, but Yeyu and Noah smiled at each other …
So early the next morning, there was a sensational scream from Dana’s room
When the people arrived, they saw that they were lying on the floor foaming at the mouth. Dana was still holding a letter in his hand.
Dear uncle Dana, dear.
I’m sorry to contact you now, but when you read my letter, believe that Hugh and Noah and I have gone to the far-off Shenjie Road.
However, considering Carrie Luo Li’s urgent emergency, I ask you to capture the Principality of Tommy in a month’s commercial war and ask King Carrie Luo Li to unite against the demon army.
Kiss Saya Yujing
But it’s not these that make Dana angry the most, but the small print at the end of the back of the letter paper
PS In order to urge Uncle Dana to finish kissing Sayfeather early, I temporarily took away your favorite treasure. Don’t thank me. It’s nothing special to say that Dana’s most precious thing is a magic crystal, but what’s important is that it records the real scene of Roger’s bath!
It took him three whole mountains of gold coins and precious stones to buy a little dragon to help him shoot it!
Although it’s all foggy, I can’t see it clearly, but the image of Roger who is looming in the fog is enough for him to remember and cherish for a generation.
Every day, he has to watch it before he can sleep!
Poor uncle Dana …
Dana mourned in Noah’s heart when he saw the night feather released from the inn.
Xiu is associated with the scene of night feather escaping from marriage at that time, and his face was also covered with black lines.
"So we’re going to the celestial world next?"
"Enshenguang has a good suppression of demon plants."
"Yes, we have sent so many soldiers in the underworld. There is no reason to let the gods sit still. At least this time, let them send out the twelve angels."
Repair bad said
The Twelve Angels are selected from the most loyal and powerful angels who guard the palace of the leader of the protoss from generation to generation, and their separation represents the fall of the protoss. Feather laughed at this.
"What’s the fun, master?"
With a soft yawn, a black-and-white two-color whirlwind appeared around the feather.
A figure appeared after the whirlwind.
Black ears, tight black shorts and a white furry tail at the end don’t show that this is an orc teenager.
But I feel the familiar smell … "Little Wolf?"
"Well, kiss the master!"
A hug night feather tail wrapped around the night feather waist little Wolf happy night feather arms Ceng Ceng.
"I heard that it is true that some high-level Warcraft can directly become people …"
Noah was surprised.
Hugh snorted and successfully let the little wolf put the night feather.
Since Xiu had been controlled by a demon plant for a period of memory loss, he regained his memory again. Xiu has no longer concealed his possessiveness of night feathers.
Just as he said before, just because he can tolerate one mysterious name doesn’t mean he can accept another.
The little wolf touched his head awkwardly. "Thanks to my master, I have evolved to be not only delicious, but also human."
"This black bug can’t always laugh at me and say that I can’t even become a person."
Night feather rubbed his little wolf’s "furry" hair and felt good. No wonder Noah always likes to touch his head.

Du Xin son immediately chimed in after listening to the mysterious questions. "I also think it’s a trap. We’d better be careful. It’s definitely nothing good for Li Yonghao to see us. What can we talk about with him? What do you say? "

The cat took a look at the crowd and sank, "I think what would Ji Dong do if he met this situation?"
Wolf providence sink a way: "At the beginning, the young master once said that he would let Li Yonghao see us combine with them. There is no doubt that this foundation was established after the creation of the sacred island was released, and it can be said that this foundation is more stable after we killed all the dark dead guards and the dark heavenly beasts. Li Yonghao is the leader of the anti-cat organization. I am afraid he is also in a dilemma now. He will never hope that the dark cat will lead the dark army to unify the whole world. If that is not good for him, his most hope should be me." In this case, he is unlikely to help the dark cat set a trap to kill us because it is not good for his current situation. From the strength point of view, after all, the dark army is now superior to our light army, and if we are missing, the victory scale will be even more inclined, so I think this should not be a trap. "
The analysis of the wolf’s providence is obviously much more powerful than what Du Xiner said just now. It is true that the saints have nodded their heads. From the theoretical analysis, it is no good for Li Yonghao if he is annihilated. If there is no Frey, Li Yonghao may still have some hope for the dark secret, but Frey’s appearance will definitely smash him completely. He finally expects that the dark secret is not stupid. Even if he chooses his successor in cold blood, he will definitely choose his own son instead of possibly affecting his rule over the dark saint.
Yao Qian said, "I also agree with God’s will that Li Yonghao’s ambush on us may be very small, and let’s not forget that the red-violet skyfire may go out at any time. The most important thing for the dark cat is not our side, but the front line. If I were him, I would never leave the front line for a moment and I would always be ready to fight, regardless of his holy peak strength. He is the backbone of the whole dark army. If he does not doubt during the war, it will lead to a low momentum of the dark army and he will not be afraid of me if he wants to fight." If we don’t go to the front, the dark secret can even abandon the dark temple. It’s really impossible to deal with us at the important moment when the battle is about to be fought, and if I’m not mistaken, he will definitely calculate that we must have serious damage because of the dark guard, so I think we should go to see Li Yonghao’s secret and you can decide. "
The eyes of the cat quietly emerged from the eyebrows of the cat, and the light flashed without the cat slowly nodding and sinking. "Let’s go." Through soul induction, he could roughly predict the fortunes of the trip, and the result was obviously benign.
One day later
In the pub closest to the dark fortress, the heavenly saints are quietly waiting for them to come early. With the origin of the alliance against the cat, and the large amount of food and foam given this time, they can get accurate information before coming to the appointment place. Although they are short of Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, they have a certain understanding of the surrounding situation and have a little arrangement. After all, the heavenly saints are all strong with nine crowns. Their cultivation is not comparable to that of ordinary magicians with nine crowns, which makes their magic more cohesive than ordinary magicians. If the dark cat leads the heavenly saints to arrive here, they will be more attractive.
"Coming" The cat’s eyes moved slightly, and the eyes of the saints became sharp at the same time.
The footsteps sounded from outside the pub, wearing a black cloak and covering his head. Li Yonghao strode in and sat directly in front of the cat, which surprised the saints. It was Li Yonghao’s trip that he was alone, and he didn’t bring a dark saint, not to the pub, but to the city.
"Pavilion seems very confident," said the cat was light.
Li Yonghao’s eyes swept away and revealed a little surprise. He didn’t expect that there would be so many naked saints in front of him. He didn’t say the specific number of naked saints, but he soon relaxed because he didn’t see Ji Dong in the crowd.
"Didn’t Ji Dong come?" Li Yonghao asked lightly.
"I can represent him," said the cat. "He has other things to contend with. I think we will all have reservations about each other."
Li Yonghao’s eyes moved slightly and looked straight at the secret as if he wanted to see the mystery in his heart. It’s a pity that he wanted to get it from the soul Xiu Yuan’s eyes higher than his. He wanted to know if it was impossible. Did Ji Dong die in the Dark Dead World War I? This idea lingers in Li Yonghao’s heart, and his heart can’t help fluctuating with it. If Ji Dong is really dead, it will be bad for his plan, because it seems to him that Ji Dong can lead these light-hearted saints to compete with the dark cat.
"I don’t think we need to talk about it any more," said Li Yonghao, who had got up and was about to walk away.
The cat didn’t stop him, but he quietly watched him go out. His eyes were full of inquiries. Although Li Yonghao was strong, the overall strength of the saints was not comparable to that of the saints in the dark. Compared with their efforts, Li Yonghao could not run.
Li Yonghao walked all the way to the door and didn’t find any sound behind him. There was little magic fluctuation. You know, although he turned his back on the saints, he was extremely cautious. He always felt the changes behind him carefully. Li Yonghao turned around and looked at the cat and found that the cat was looking at him calmly.
"I need Ji Dong Yard. He’s still alive. It’s the basis of our discussion. He has shown me that you and I are in harmony, but without him, I think the plan is meaningless. I’m afraid you will have the same understanding yourself."
Listen to Li Yonghao’s words, the cat got up slowly and raised his right hand slowly and pressed his forehead. Li Yonghao clearly saw the cat’s eye emerge and the cat solemnly said, "I swear by the name of the cat that the holy king Ji Dong is still alive and his strength has increased or decreased compared with before. If half a sentence is empty, the light will overturn."
In an instant, a golden light flashed out of the cat’s eyes and didn’t
Li Yonghao is a discerning person and naturally recognizes that this is a contractual oath. It is impossible for ordinary magicians to make such an oath first. Moreover, this oath is said from the mouth of the light cat in front of him. Although he has no strong repair, the two continents of light and darkness are of great significance, but the dark cat is equal. I can’t help but believe Li Yonghao.
In fact, the oath of the cat was meaningless. Ji Dong was indeed alive and better than before. The problem is that they left Ji Dong but didn’t wake up. There was no Ji Dong in his oath to participate in the grand battle. It can be said that it was a word game, which made Li Yonghao have to believe in word games.
Looking at the cat Li Yonghao eyes finally some changes have taken place, the face is hard and the lines are soft, and many nods a way"In that case, I believe that we have a basis for peace talks. You should also know that we are a member of the dark five-element mainland. I never want our dark five-element mainland to be ruled by your light five-element mainland, so it is impossible for me to help you deal with our dark army. Our rebellion against the cat alliance is a dark cat. Although we are all human beings, in a sense, we belong to different races. Therefore, we have two first peace talks before peace talks. The basis must be to ensure my dark five-element at least. The second reason for the mainland’s security is that the dark cat must die. Only when he dies can I use my resources to unify the dark five elements of the mainland and improve the situation of the people’s misery. I can show our sincerity first. There is still a warehouse in the dark fortress with ordnance and grain. This time, the dark cat asked me to come here to transport these things to the front, but I can let you move the warehouse. Of course, you must give us resistance to the alliance of the dark cat to support the suffering people, and you must let me see that sincerity is to kill the dark cat. Everything will be much easier when the dark cat dies. With the strength of your light-and-dry saints and the strength of our dark-and-dry saints, with the help of twenty artifacts of light and darkness, it is possible for us to reproduce the grand occasion displayed by the holy island of the first generation of saints. Perhaps our strength is not as good as that of the first generation of saints, but it is not too difficult to create an array like that of the original holy island. It is not too difficult to re-isolate my dark five-element continent from your light-and-five-element continent, and peace will reappear. Our two continents can also avoid the death of civilians due to the battle
At this point, Li Yonghao paused for a moment before continuing to sink. "This is all I can show sincerity. I believe you can also feel my sincerity. Please consider it carefully."
Li Yonghao’s eyes looked at the secret with sincerity. The dark holy king looked very sincere and seemed as sincere as he said.
Cat quietly watching Yong-hao li slowly nodded "pavilion is really sincere, but how can we ensure that you can keep your promise after the dark cat was killed by us? Chapter six hundred and fifty Finally put out the red-violet skyfire.
Although the cat’s eye is not as sharp as Li Yonghao’s, it is deeper than him. Can you still keep your promise? When this sentence is asked, his whole temperament seems to have changed.
Li Yonghao said lightly, "I scared you to death. It is my sincerity, not my commitment. I never believed that I believe that the strength pavilion is still not as bold as Ji Dong. If it is Ji Dong, he will definitely not ask me this sentence. He will act and prove his strength. At that time, I have no chance to violate the rules."
Li Yonghao’s confession makes the cat frown slightly. The key is that he is right. He is indeed far less ambitious than Ji Dong’s master! You must wake up. Without you, a light saint is not a light saint.
Although I think so in my heart, the cat’s mouth is obviously unwilling to suffer. "In this case, we are also very sincere according to what Ge said, but the final result is not what we can guess now, and all the endings will have to wait until we really get to that day."
Li Yonghao slowly nodded, "Well, we’ll wait for that day to come. Take care, everyone." After saying this, he turned and walked away and disappeared from everyone’s sight.
Li Yonghao stayed for a short time from arrival to departure, and the answers of both sides were both in vain. It’s hard to say now. If the saints can really kill the dark cat, then everything may be possible. But as Li Yonghao said, it must be that the strength of both sides is even after killing the dark cat. Only in this way can it be possible to re-establish the sacred island as a barrier with the help of the saints of both sides like the first generation of saints. But is this balance really that easy to achieve? That is, when they deal with the dark secret, Li Yonghao and his dark saints are probably not in harmony. Without the support of the dark saints, it is obviously much easier to deal with the dark secret by isolating an individual. Of course, even so, he is still a holy peak and the overall strength is not so easy to compete.
The day after the two sides met, the Heavenly Saints had already visited the dark fortress again, but this time they were going to come in secret. Many Li Yonghao replaced the people guarding the last warehouse with himself, and he had little strength. The Heavenly Saints moved the last warehouse with the magic weapon against the cat alliance, and saved a large number of displaced civilians in the dark five elements mainland with these food.
In terms of governance, both Li Yonghao and the anti-cat alliance flash father-in-law are many times stronger than the dark cat. After controlling most parts of the dark five-element mainland, the anti-cat alliance effectively organizes people to engage in production and farming, and makes every effort to ensure that they can barely satisfy their hunger at this stage. When a new batch of food comes, the famine in all parts of the dark mainland will be effectively curbed. Of course, there is still a long way to go before the dark five-element mainland can recover its vitality.
Li Yonghao was very dark, and the saints were not in a hurry to return to the front line. He told him that the last warehouse of the fortress was moved during the rescue of the dark fortress by the dark saints, and there were more saints left than expected. He was leading the dark saints to hunt down and hope to clear these anomalies.
What Li Yonghao did can be said to be a perfect seam, and the most important thing is that the battle is about to be fought. It is impossible for the dark cat roots to leave the front line and come to the fortress to see the specific situation. He told Guangtiangan saints that they would not appear in the battle field in the early days of the war, so that the Guangtian saints could seize the time.
There is enough news for the saints of light, but they are not happy at all because their holy king has never returned
Red-violet skyfire is still burning quietly, but at this time, the whole sacred island is in a state of tension. No one knows when the red-violet skyfire will go out, but everyone knows that once the red-violet skyfire goes out, the war will break out. At that time, it will not be as simple as the loss of life. Everyone will fall into this war.
This sacred island will also be destined to become a huge game between the two sides of the meat grinder, which is the key to the victory of the sacred island. It can be said that it has laid the foundation for the victory. It seems that this moment has ended in the sacred island.
The atmosphere at night is very refreshing. Since there is no Wanlei to rob the prison, the environment of the sacred island has become better than before. I don’t know how much it is sunny almost every day, and even when it rains, the sun is still hanging high. This is all because of the red-violet skyfire. Dark clouds are forming in this sacred island.
Compared with the moment when it just burned, the gorgeous red fire curtain has become dim. Many people can see each other through the fire curtain, and some vague scenes are opposite. The magic of the ultimate killing skill is finally exhausted, and the fluctuation of the fire element in the air has become more intense. There is a layer of faint red halo in the sky.
At the same time, the strange sight attracted the attention of both sides. Although it was night, the army of light had immediately demonstrated its action. Ten thousand magic divisions first appeared on the battlefield. Every ten people were neatly arranged in a row, facing each other with red-violet skyfire, and one hand was on the shoulder of the other, and the five elements were in circulation.
The vision of red-violet skyfire tells everyone that it is about to change, and the dark army will naturally not be calm here
There is a man in front of the dark cat quietly facing the red-violet skyfire Frey, and behind him are tens of thousands of dark magic armies. Although the saints have done a lot in the dark five elements of the mainland, at this moment, the total number of dark magic armies gathered around the dark cat is still more than 40 thousand, and there are still hundreds of thousands to prepare for the dark magic army. One by one, heavy armored regiments with excellent war weapons form a solid phalanx. In a short time, both armies have made preparations for battle
Hum-red-violet skyfire suddenly shook violently. A layer of water waves came out from the guide, and a strong red moment lit up the whole sacred island, but it also rose slowly like a huge curtain. The fluctuation in the strong fire element drove his attribute magic element. The ultimate killing skill of the horizontal stalk sacred island for more than four years finally turned into a red cloud suspended to illuminate the sacred island, which also made the barriers between the two sides disappear quietly.
No matter whether it was light or dark red-violet skyfire, no one made a move at the moment when it disappeared. Both sides looked up and looked at the spread in the red halo. Both sides finally saw each other’s kind of cold gas surging out like a huge wave. Even the murderous look emitted by the original god-killing Prius was compared with the millions of dark light armies in front of us. Both sides had more battlefield troops than three million light and five elements, and there were more on one side of the mainland because they still had a large number of logistics personnel. In this respect, there were also many dark five elements in the mainland, but the six warehouses of the sacred island were destroyed by the original creation, accompanied by millions of
If you look down from it, you can clearly see that the Everbright Army and the Dark Army are completely different, just like two completely different worlds. Most of the places on the Everbright Army are swaying roots, and there are no plants, while the dark army is full of green creation at a glance except the army. All this is brought by creation.
The atmosphere of the two sides solidified as if to drop water, and the magic condensed by each other’s magic division was climbing several times. It really deviated from the balance, and the light army was suppressed. The rhythm of magic in the air here was much larger, and the overwhelming general sharp coercion made the light army feel breathless there.
The commander-in-chief of the light Coalition forces, the equal king Ji Yunsheng, is at the front of the team. His face is ugly and even his breathing is unstable. Not all the generals around him are good. The magic division and the Presbyterian church are strong, and everyone’s heart is beating faster. Don’t say that there is a situation in which millions of troops confront each other. No one in their field has ever encountered this kind of atmosphere. It can be said that they are all immersed in a grand and vast pressure, so that everyone is in a daze. This situation also appears on the other side of the mainland. This is also what happened. After the disappearance of the red-violet skyfire on both sides, no one started work. To put it bluntly, they are all in a daze. Yes, millions of troops are in a daze.

It’s unrealistic to sneak into the palace where her guards are standing and steal. It’s estimated that we can find another way before we get close.

I woke up early this morning, and I couldn’t sleep after tumbling in bed several times. I just got up early to freshen up and went to the garden for morning exercise.
I am doing gymnastics in the imperial garden while breathing fresh and fragrant flowers.
I feel as comfortable as a cloud.
Hee hee, life in sports is really good.
It’s great to exercise in leg press. I love leg press best. It can exercise my waist flexibility and make fighting more flexible.
I babbled, crossed my hands, bent down, pressed my hands and feet, and counted how many minutes I could press.
"1, 3, 4 … 11, 1 … Ah"
I suddenly saw an enlarged face from my legs. I was so frightened that I didn’t turn forward for a moment. I fell to the grass and twisted my teeth.
A handsome boy crouched beside me, bright as night, and his big eyes looked at me curiously. "What are you doing?"
In front of him, the handsome boy is wearing a navy blue arrow sleeve robe, with a light crimson sleeve, straight clothes and a gold thread around his waist to get a brocade belt.
Looking at his face again, I feel the golden light flashing in front of me.
Ah, ah, it’s amazing. This boy is about twelve or thirteen years old, shorter than me, with a handsome head, deep eyebrows, high handsome nose, delicate skin like porcelain lips, rich petals, sparkling peach eyes and a bad smile.
A few more years will be another disaster for the country and the people.
It turned out that he was the teenager who scared me just now. Seeing that he was handsome, I was a lot less angry and didn’t care about him.
"Why did you suddenly appear in front of me and scare me to death?"
Hey, hey, little handsome guy smiled. "I didn’t show up in front of you. I showed up behind you. What are you doing? I watched you do strange things all the time."
I’m choking, and I find that I’m getting more and more stupid recently. There are so many loopholes in my speech that people have caught me red-handed
I don’t care if he gets up and rubs his ass in half.
"Hey, why didn’t you answer me when I asked you something?"
The handsome boy ignored me and grabbed my arm and dragged me over.
"Can I do gymnastics?"
I suddenly lost my temper. I don’t know which minister, Jiao Guigong, said that the wind is the wind and the rain is the rain. I can’t even catch my breath and answer.
"Practice?" Handsome boy shows disbelief.
"What kind of martial arts is this? I’ve never seen you lie to me."
"Gee, kid, how many martial arts have you seen? Forget it if you haven’t seen it yourself." I proudly teased him. "I said it was martial arts, but I created it myself. Do you care?"
The handsome boy frowned. "I’m not a little boy. You little girl really have no rules. Which palace maid is it?"
Little girl?
I’m depressed. I’m seventeen years old at least, and I was called a little girl by a guy a few years younger.
Do I look so loli?
I looked down at myself because I was afraid that China would be troublesome to wear. I chose a simple dress that really looked like an ordinary maid-in-waiting and was suspected of act young.
"I’m not a little girl. I’m several years older than you. You should call my sister to listen."
If such a handsome boy is my brother, it will be beautiful. I stare at the handsome boy with bedroom eyes.
The handsome boy sneered, "Only you are not worthy to be my sister. You are as graceful as a big silly girl. You can’t compete."
Well, this handsome boy is still narcissistic, and he will spare no effort to belittle me and raise himself.
Calling me a little girl just now and calling me a big silly girl now really doesn’t take me seriously.
"Yes, yes, yes, you are handsome as jade. I can’t follow the highs." After all, I am a child and I shouldn’t care too much about him.
The handsome boy is still not happy to stare at me. "Your breath is so reluctant."
I roll my eyes. It’s really hard for this man to wait on me. I’m low-spirited and dissatisfied with picky kids.